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I'm back!

Hey everyone,

Happy summer! Or not summer depending on where you live xD.

So I'm back! I took a break from writing for a while and now I'm back to write non-lemon stories for a bit. I'm going to write some fanfictions and try to break out of my comfort zone. Up until now I've only ever written lemons. I have read tons of fanfictions and decided that I might aswell give writing a shot.

So as I write I do want to make progress as a writer. So please If you are reading a story of mine and notice a mistake please let me know what to fix. Just let me know what I can do to make my stories better. I'm writing for myself, as something productive to do. But if people do decide they would like to read my writing, I want them to enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

But if my poor grammar and spelling skills get too in the way I'll ask my previous beta to assist me. That is if she doesn't mind. (By the way if you are reading this Thank you for all the help so far!)

-Sexy Rainbow aka. Natalie.

In case you don't know about me heres some backround info:

When i was born, I was a baby...

Okay too far back xD

But I'm a previous lemon writer (mostly of Yuri). I may go back to writing Lemons later.(I probably will but they will be uploaded onto my livejournal)

Since my Lemons were deleted by admins for their content I have moved them to my livejournal account which I will link below.

Another thing.. My username

Please don't think that I am conceded, because I'm not or atleast I try not to be. My username is Sexy Rainbow because it ended up becoming a nickname for me. It was given to me by some very close friends. Part of their reasoning behind it is I am bisexual. Hence the Rainbow part. [PRIDE]

That's just a little about me and if you ever have any suggestions for me or want to know more about me or just want to talk pm me! I love talking to new people,so please feel free to!

Important message to all previous requesters!

To anyone that has requested a lemon from me in the past. I'm sorry that I haven't gotten them done! A LOT has happened and I had started most of them but I lost all my files. That made me so mad, now I have to start them over.

I have just recently gotten all your requests together (if you already requested a lemon) and have all the pairings written down. Now I'm beginning the rewriting of all the lemons. They will be posted onto livejournal when they are finished.

I realize that some of my requests are from YEARS ago. I know some of you may not be into lemons anymore. So if you have requested and are now reading this and still want me to write the lemon please pm me and let me know you are still waiting. I will write all my requests but if you pm me I will know which lemons to work on first. Thanks for being so patient with me!

I'm still so very sorry. I will eventually get them done. I hope some of you don't mind having just a bit more patience with me. And if not I am EXTREMELY SORRY! When I do post them I'll let you know and I'll post them on my livejournal. I love you all and once again i am so terribly sorry!

My Livejournal:

Stories on here.. [nonlemons]

Chivalrous delinquent (amuto)

Stories moved to live journal... [Lemons]

Yummy sleepover (AmuxYayaxUtauxRimaxNadeshiko)

Three is better than one (AmuxUtauxIkuto)

Watch this (RimaxYaya)

Alonetime (Amu) [I'm thinking of rewriting]

Just another Friday (AmuxIkutoxKukaixRimaxNagihikoxUtau) (YayaxKairi)

Alone in the locker room (AmuxUtau)

Hotel heat (IkutoxAmu)

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