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Okay...I Edhellen Muinthil literally means The Elvish Sisters, and that is what we are. We being myself, the Bride of Legolas, and my edhel-muinthel Anon E. Mus, who is a world a way from me and yet my twin. Basically this account is so that we can post our joint stories without having to post the damn things tiwce and end up annoying the lords and ladies of ff.net to no end with our double posting. Lór will probably add something...or this could change. Either way, enjoy our psychotic ramblings and silliness...and hopefully our seriousness too, whenever that decides to show up.


Laicúiel and Lórcúiel


Reviewers And Faithful Fans Please Note: CHAPTER TWENTY-NINE IS UP!

I finally finished chapter twenty nine. Thank all things holy! And, I've actually started chapter thirty-one, though I don't know how long that one's going to take. I know Lór's got a chunk of chapter thirty done, but I haven't beta-ed it yet, so I can't tell you how close to completion it is.

In the mean time though, I want to reiterate what I said at the beginning of chapter twenty-nine, which is...we want to see your artwork! Hell, it doesn't even have to be fanart of our story, or even LOTR! Both Lór and I like artwork so we want to see yours! So, if you have a deviantArt profile, or the equivalent, or want us to post your art, or link to it, or mention it, or something...let us know! I'll be uploading some more art to our profile on DeviantArt (~iedhellenmuinthil, for those of you wondering), because there's only one up there at the moment.

So yeah. Let us know what you think of that.

Anyway, I can't thank you enough for your patience. I know our rate of updating has decreased somewhat in the last five years, but I swear we're still working on the chapters, whatever life throws our way. Hugs and cookies for all who are still with us, and for all who have just found us!

~Lai (BoL)

PS: I've changed the chapter title of chapter twenty-nine from 'Thunderstruck' to "Ooops...", because I felt the second fit better. I think you will too.

PPS: We've been writing this story since 2002...oh my...time certainly sneaks up on you, doesn't it? I must say that it is largely due to you, the reviewers, that this story is still going. You guys are great! You may have also noticed palpable changes in our writing styles as we go on in chapters. Funny how that happens, eh?

Battle's Cry is rated for language, vague mentions of violence and implied adult situations.

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