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About Myself

Hi. My name is Namigi, not really it’s just my username which I have created myself. I lLive in Western Australia, Perth. Love adventure and romance novels, it has to be a great story to get me to want to find out more. I am still in school and planning on becoming a lawyer when I’m older. I have a great imagination, which my mum encourages and I love her for it. I don’t mind it when people talk to me or criticize my work, as long as it is about advice towards my stories on where I can improve, so I look forward to reading feedback. I’m interested in girls, so I’m not gay. I love gaming: adventure, action, shooting and racing games. I love; Final Fantasy, Spyro the Dragon, StarFox and Assassin’s Creed. I class myself as an Assassin.

My Own Characters: ( If you want to use any of my characters, PM me for my permission first.)



Cynder’s Story: The new life.

Cynder's Story: A New Beginning




Darkness Dragon


A black dragon with a red chest, has blood red eyes, red wing membranes, tail blade is much like Cynder’s but is larger and a bit curvier. He also has a bonding mark on his neck.


Keeps to himself a lot due to a horrible experience from his past, but opens up to Cynder. Namigi treats other dragons and creatures as if they didn’t speak or look at him. The only dragons he trusted; were the ones he either grew up with or raised him. Namigi has a soft spot for hatch-lings and can always be found playing with them. Namigi may appear to be cold hearted to dragons his age or above, but that’s just his way of saying he has no time for them.

Love life;

Mate: Cynder

Ex: Krystal: Deceased

Relationship status: Sealed


Parents: Both KIA

Guardian: Volcanica: KIA

Siblings: None


Fire, Ice, Air, Shadow, Fear, Convexity, Darkness, Time and Death


Namigi developed a skill that allowed him to mix his abilities to form new powers.

Giga Slave: Fire Darkness.

Effect: Destroys enemy’s abilities, movements and ability to breathe.

Dark Beam: Fire Shadow.

Effect: Instantly wipes things out on impact.

Ultimate Terror: Fear Darkness.

Effect: Causes enemy to have emotional breakdowns and freezes them in fear.

Supernova: Fire Air.

Effect: Self explanatory.


Strength: 9.5/10

Speed: 10/10

Magic: 9/10

Defense: 10/10

Fire: 10/10

Ice: 7/10

Shadow: 9/10

Fear: 6/10

Convexity: 3/10

Time: 10/10

Darkness: 10/10

Air: 5/10

Death: 9.25/10

Jessy L. Wolf


Being from a different galaxy

Burning Desires

Stars in:

Away From Boyfriends (By Yamagata

Race; Human/ Wolf




Archangel, First Class


Human: Light blue eyes, Short Black hair, looks like a normal Human.

Wolf: Black Fur with a white trim down his torso, the end of his tail is white, Eyes are Light Blue


Takes orders very seriously, but will toss them aside if he doesn't like them. Loves fighting and can always be found in the front lines of battle. he tries to keep his kind hearted side hidden, afraid he would be taken advantage of.

Weapon of Choice:

Swords. carries two swords with him at all times, his favorite sword is as long as him and looks a lot like Zangetsu from bleach, except it has Jaggered teeth running up the blade.

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