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Author has written 7 stories for Dirty Dancing, and Merlin.

Hello! My name is April and I write fanfictions for Merlin!

I love Arthur and Morgana as a pairing, so all of my stories will be of the ArMor shipping. I love to read fanfictions as well as write them and as you can see I have a few stories underway! I love Original Arthurian Legend ArMor and Modern AU Merlin stories! I also love stories in the angst/hurt&comfort/tragedy genre!

Feel free to PM me if you have any questions about my stories or anything at all. :)

Please Note: That it may take me longer than usual to update my stories, I apologise for that; school is getting in the way at the moment. Please know that I am constantly writing whenever I get some free time and I will update whenever I can!

You will most likely find me here: http://www.youtube.com/user/ElectricEnchantment?feature=mhee on my YouTube account where I make fanvids.

Or on my Tumblr account;

Also, I take my time updating my stories. Simply because I hate updating the next day because it normally takes me a while to perfect a chapter to my liking, normally when I post a chapter I'm not entirely happy with it either. However, I hate when people are rude and pushy for updates. I'm aware of how it annoying it is waiting for an update, I read LOTS of fanfics myself; but as you'll know, everyone is different. If you like my stories, you'll wait and be kind and understand that I'm not a machine. I love all my reviewers, but I hate when a review feels they have any right to judge me as a writer because I take my time updating. Also I hate when people feel the need to judge me on updating because I write a lot of stories. I can keep up with what I write and I plan to update all of my stories, I will just take my time going about it as I prefer to be happy with a chapter than rush, I hope my reviewers understand that I take so long to please them. All reviews are loved and the more I get the more likelyl I am to update, if I get a slightly hurtful/rude one however, I'll take longer. :) I'm sorry if this comes across as rude or arrogant, it's just been bugging me lightly at the amount of negavtive feedback iIve been getting based on my updates and people who assume I cannot keep up. I love you all nevertheless, 'cept those damned haters. ;)

My Current Stories Status

Secrets of the Heart; A new story, so it's in progress. Chapter 2 is currently underway and I hope for the next chapter to be posted within the next week.

Retribution of Hurt; my PRIORITY story, chapter 7 is underway, however it's a rather difficult chapter to write, I'm working on it nevertheless and an update should be expected in the next week also.

The Truth in your Lies; A slightly longer update, but I will hope to update by the end of the month (Februrary).

The Cruel Web of Sin; Hopefully I'll update this mid March. I have what I consider a good plot for this story, so I want to take my time in perfecting it. I will update whenever I can, and as soon as I can, but for now it's not my top priority.

Inevitable Suffering; Hopefully mid March also, I have lost all or most of the muse for this story, some more reviews might help that though. ;) Although I'm not particulalry happy with my writing there...

Agonizing Despair; I do not know when there will be an update for this story, I have the next chapter planned but I have zero muse for it. Again some reviews might speed it up and give me some inspiration.

Love is Strange; (DD fic) Not mine I'm afriad, a friend posted it on here back in May I think. She has said nothing to me about an update, I will try and ask her however, but please be aware that I do inform her of every review, favourite and alert she gets for that story.


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April. x

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The Retribution of Hurt reviews
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