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Last Jedi review: just wanted to at least get a few thoughts down about the movie. Overall the movie was very well done and we enjoyed it emmensly. Of course there were a few things we didn’t like and several things we were completely surprised by. There are several shots/scenes that were phenomenal. Johnson did a great job of putting it together and can’t wait to see where JJ Abrams goes with episode 9. Both Mark and Carrie had their best performances or one of their best. The porgs are sooooooo cute. I want one, a real one. Lol anyway great addition to the Star Wars franchise and we can’t wait to see it again!! Hopefully we will post a specific review later.

Star Wars Anthology Movie Update: Obi-Wan Kenobi!!!!!!!
The announcement we have been waiting and waiting for is finally coming!!! An Obi-Wan movie, we are totally freaking out!!! If you have not heard, the Hollywood Reporter has issued that an Obi-Wan solo movie is in the works with director Stephen Daldry in early talks. It of course is not from Lucasfilm or Disney but after all the rumors for months flying around, it probably is accurate and this past spring Kathleen Kennedy stated they would be making an announcement of the next stand alone movie in the summer. The article said there was no script and is in early development but to get a good director on board, there probably is a script or at least a script treatment. I think with the drama from the Han Solo movie, it may be further along than they want us to know! So hopefully soon we will hear more! It didn't announce Ewan being on board but check out any of his interviews in the past two years and he is constantly stating he would love to return. We would be beyond shocked if he wasn't reprising his role. Anyway, check out the article on Star Wars or the countless videos being posted on youtube.

Rogue One Review (Spoiler Free): Just saw the movie this morning and we are still processing it and are very much looking forward to seeing it again soon to get a deeper opinion on it. Overall it felt like a Star Wars movie, was well done and fits into the Star Wars universe. All the actors did great in each of their roles, though it would have been nice to get a bit more background on some of the characters. Of course there was some cheesy lines, but what would a Star Wars movie be with out them? LOL! We are watching A New Hope right now and they did a great job of blending in elements from it into Rogue One and scenes from both movies just blend perfectly together now! They were able to include things without it being overly too much. There was some shots from the trailers that wasn't seen in the movie but sometimes things do get cut or the reshoots might have changed some things. It did very much have a war feel to it that hadn't been in the other movies. We definitely liked it and think Disney did a good job with the first stand alone film.

Fantastic Beasts Review: (Slight spoilers). Overall we thoroughly enjoyed it and we both want a niffler as a pet! He was so cute, though slightly destructive! Anyway, they did a great job adding to the wizarding world without it being over the top with too many references to Hogwarts or Dumbledore. The beasts were incredible and we liked it that Newt was trying to return the creatures to their natural habitats as well as educate the public about them. The main four did a great job together and there was good chemistry with them and with the couples. Colin Ferrell did a phenomenal job but was disappointed Jon Voight's role was not more and was really kinda cheesy. As for Johnny Depp as Grindelwald, perfect casting. We had always discussed Johnny was one actor who could pull off being a wizard from England/Europe and glad we finally could see it. As for his part in it, we will let you see the movie first! But looking forward to where Yates and Rowling go with these movies. Think the next one comes out in two or so years.

Force Awakens Review: (Slight spoilers.) We've seen the movie couple times now and still overall think it was good, well done. Very much liked the references to the originals and had just the right amount of humor. ("You're cold.") The movie felt like Star Wars, blended in well with the others in looks, costumes, music, sounds, the opening crawl, etc. However, it left us with questions we hope the next movie answers, who Rey is, what really happened with Luke, etc. On that note, we think Rey is more likely Luke's than Leia's and a good possibility she is also a Kenobi. It would be great if they did that, all the interesting possibilities.

Meagan and I(Sasha) are sisters who love to hang out together and we also love Star Wars. I was hooked when I saw the originals in the theaters when they were re-released and then I got Meagan hooked. From Earth to Star Wars was our first fanfiction and is the result of two over active imaginations and of course that has stretched onto other worlds. Let's see here, we also enjoy reading/watching Lord of the Rings, Chronicles of Narnia, Anne of Green Gables, Jane Austen, Shakespeare, Scrubs, Reba, Murdoch Mysteries, game shows, and much more. We spend hours discussing this stuff!

The Star Wars concert was totally the best!! It was worth the ticket prices. We were close enough to hear the music and Anthony Daniels. It was pretty cool with the big screens and sound and light effects. The videos you can find on youtube don't do it justice! We of course took pictures of the props they had on display and even R2D2 was spinning around and beeping!! Great time!!! Certainly was the best concert we've been to, even rivaling the one with George and Reba!

The Earth to Star Wars stories are about an Earth woman, Meagan, that magically comes to the Star Wars world to accomplish a goal. Along the way she meets many new friends and eventually she and Obi-Wan Kenobi fall in love and marry. Follow their lives together as they strive to uphold their values in a changing galaxy while protecting their family. These stories are an AU and does take some twists and turns. Part one is completed and part two is in progress. (It is recommended to read part one before starting part two.) We are now completely into the Clone Wars! We are quite excited about what we have planned for during the war, you'll just have to wait to find out what! We have watched the Clone Wars series, so you might be seeing things that seem familiar, but yet different.

The Covered Past: A Harry Potter story that centers around our character Lizzie as she travels to Hogwarts, becomes friends with the famous marauders as well as Lily Evans. As she gets older, she does become closer to a certain young man! The story will go through at least the first war, maybe somewhat beyond that, depending on the ending! It is an au, so anything might be possible. Currently they are in their sixth year at Hogwarts and it will be a big year in more ways than one! So stay tuned!

Welcome Home, Obi-Wan: Is a short story about what might have happened if Obi-Wan had left the Order as a teenager and never returned, leaving Qui-Gon stinging from it. So after ten years, the two meet again, getting the chance to reconcile. Since there has been such a great response, there is a sequel, called The Killing Game, which is now posted! The basis of the story is with a dangerous criminal breaking out of prison, vowing revenge on Obi-Wan and his family! Qui-Gon, of course makes an appearance as well as two other Jedi. Hopefully there will be an update coming soon, but not sure when!

The Lady and the Lord: Here is the first attempt at a Lord of the Rings story. The idea came from watching The Two Towers recently and Kelley walked into the picture and refused to leave! The story is a series of snippets about a Lady of Rohan and her journey before and through the events of The Two Towers and Return of the King with maybe a little afterwards. The main story line stays the same, but it is a slight au. It is a combination of book and movie verse, taking the best of both worlds. We really hope you enjoy this journey to Middle Earth with us.

Videos: We have gotten into making videos about our stories and posting them onto YouTube. We'd love for you to check them out and enjoy! Our Harry Potter video was pulled off and now it's back up, but it still might not have access for everyone...Anyway, we have also had the thought of making a video about the Welcome Home Obi-Wan stories but haven't found someone that could possibly be Deidre, so that might not ever get off the ground! There might also be some more Earth to Star Wars stories for after the Clone Wars!

From Earth to Star Wars videos:

Preview of the upcoming Clone Wars:

See a version of Obi-Wan and Meagan's love story:

Thanks again to all our readers as we greatly appreciate them and always enjoyed your thoughts about our stories! Have a blessed day!

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From Earth to Star Wars: Part Two reviews
Another update! Meagan Kenobi is surprisingly pregnant again and she and Obi-Wan are continuing deal with her unexpected condition. How are they going to handle becoming parents again during the middle of a galactic wide conflict, especially as they leave planet for Meagan to help with ongoing relief efforts? Thanks again to all our readers! Have a happy New Year!
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