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My name is neoneco and my lucky number is eight.

I'm an agnostic. I'm a girl, and too lazy to take a stupid class in order to get a license. Make of that what you will. I also frequently confuse myself. I love Doctor Who. I love Rise of the Guardians. I love Sherlock. I love Harry Potter. I love Hetalia. I love everything, really. Also, Deadpool. Man, Deadpool is the best.

You may think Wolverine is the best. You would be wrong. Deadpool kicks that guys ass.

Also, I would like to emphasize that any shippy thing that may eventually come up on here, will probably be G/K rated. Because I just can't write porn. Also, my personal opinion of sex is 'ick', so even if I were to attempt, the outcome would not be very nice.


Priority - Well, it can either be a One-Shot, or not, I haven't decided yet. I've been watching a lot of Supernatural recently, and I'm a bit disheartened what with every character I like dying.

A Sigh In The Breeze - Yay! It's In Progress, but no worries guys. I've got a couple chapters holed up for rainy days. This is going to be a multi chaptered adventure. (I can show you the world, shining, shimmering, splendid... Oh, Disney. Why are your songs so catchy? I wasn't even talking about that... Maybe I'm just crazy? ... Sounds plausible.)

Durere - Has been ERASED.

Canticum Mortis - Has been ERASED.


Lily's Middle Name - It's done. Over. Finito. You're welcome to it, if you want to make it into a story. It's primarily a oneshot, first and foremost though.

Esme's Fall - Is over. I am never again writing one of these. I can't believe I wrote a Twilight fanfiction. At least it's over and I can bury my shame with ice cream. Lots of it. This is all miraeyeteeth's fault. Also, visit her profile, her A Home for Fear is pretty awesome.


( Copy and paste if any of these apply to you! ) You know your a Doctor who fan when ...

1.Your entire Saturday evening is organized around Doctor Who.

2. . You do not leave the sofa until the very, very end of the credits.

3.You own at least one Doctor Who DVD.

4.You wonder exactly why people are still staying in London at Christmas.

5.You buy any and every magazine or newspaper that has a Doctor Who related article.

6.The weeks after a series ends, you find yourself automatically checking BBC 1 on Saturday evening – just in case.

7.You have cried at some point over the death/departure of one of the main characters.

8.Just because Doctor Who has finished it doesn’t mean you can have the TV – I’m watching Confidential

9.You would consider moving to Cardiff just for the chance to see it being filmed.

10. At least 10% of your Facebook groups are Doctor Who related.

11. You have, at some point, read or written Doctor Who fan fiction.

12. You secretly hope that you will one day see the TARDIS parked somewhere.

13. You get very irritated if you see someone write “Dr.Who”.

14.You have defended Doctor Who in an argument

15. You have won said argument.

16.You exercise extreme will power, wait and save for the box sets for each series because know they are much better than the individual DVDs.

17.You practically live on the official Doctor Who website.

18.You have a Doctor Who related screensaver/desktop picture/avatar/cursor/username/password

19.You spend endless hours on BBC i-player re-watching that week’s episode.

20. You have forced family/friends to watch Doctor Who.

21.You know it is a crime to write any of the following: Tardis, tardis, trds, tARDIS. it should be TARDIS !!

22.You are considering buying a sonic screwdriver. You don’t know why. You just want one.

23. You know who Murray Gold is and you think he’s a genius.

24. You have resorted to YouTube in order to watch Doctor Who.

25.You like to quote Doctor Who at unexpected times and grin to yourself when no one realizes.

26. Most of your conversations lead to Doctor Who.

27. you've been too see Doctor who live.

28.You know exactly when it is repeated and you make time to watch them. Even if you own them already.

29.You get very excited when you see actors from Doctor Who in other programs.

30. You accept that, although Torchwood is amazing, it can never quite beat Doctor Who.

31. You spend a large portion of your time planning how to be cast as the next companion, even though you can't act to save your life or alternatively, devising ways to break onto the set to watch it being filmed.

32.You want to try/ love Jelly babies, simply because they are mentioned by both the Doctor and the Master.

33.At Christmas you tell two of your friends to go outside, then you burst out of your front door, stumble into their arms, say "I have to tell you something important, what was it ...oh yes... Merry Christmas!" and pretend to pass out.

34.Everytime you go to the beach you can't help but think of Bad Wolf Bay.

35.You have become convinced you're a fob-watched Time Lord. Or your friends say you are.

36.You have in depth discussions about whether or not Gallifrey survived the Time War.

37.You start taping the master's theme when you get nervous.

38.You start to wear converse just because the 10th Doctor makes them look incredibly hot and they're good for running!

39.People say something, you go 'hey, that's a good idea for a fanfic' and you end up writing it.

40. You've stopped dreaming about Doctor Who itself and started dreaming about meeting the actors.

41.You know, deep down, that there really is a Doctor.

42.When you're sitting in a physics lesson and you're asked what you know about atoms and you reply with the answer "I know how to reverse the polarity of the neutron flow".

43.Hearing the news about David Tennant ruined your day/month/LIFE but in your heart you know you respect his decision.

44.You can answer historical questions thanks to Doctor Who.

45.You have made it your goal in life to convert people to the show.

46.You start to have Doctor Who withdrawls, and start to count down the days till Saturday. Then when it comes you sit yourself down in front of the tv and glare at anyone who inturrups you.

47.When someone asks"whats a Dalek?" you roll your eyes and are speechless.

48.You can relate every aspect of your earth existence to a Doctor Who episode

49.You have seen an episode, doesn't matter which one, over 10 times, and you wouldnt mind watching it again some time.

50.You've noticed that the Master's drumming actually fits with the main theme tune, and every time you watch the credits you automatically tap along with it.

51.If any traffic hold-up you're forced to alter your journey you wonder, just for a moment, if this was caused by some parallel version of yourself committing suicide in order to save the future of humanity.

52.It snows you wonder if its real or if The Doctor has caused it.

53.Every time you enter a building you say, "Have I been here before?" and if no one jumps in to join you, you continue, "OR am I yet to come?" And dash in, grinning to yourself, oblivious to the stares around you.

54.You know you're a Doctor Who fan when the word "honeymoon" brings to mind a carnivorous not-quite-moon that is made of something that's not exactly honey yet has lovely views.

55.You know you're a Doctor Who fan when you're not ashamed to admit it.

56.When you go right in front of an electric fan and say, "Ex-ter-mi-nate" or "Delete" to make your voice sound more like a Dalek or a Cyberman

57.You get a really warm fuzzy feeling when you read this, because you know you are not alone. And if when you read that you immediately thought of The Face of Boe.

58.You know you're a Doctor Who fan when you complained about the end of 'The Time of Angels' being ruined by the advert for Over the Rainbow

59.You consider trying Fish Custard

60. You wish that Gallifreyan was a real language and therefore available in your school's language courses

So, here's how it works:
1. Open your library (iTunes, Winamp, Media Player, iPod, etc)
2. Put it on shuffle
3. Press play
4. For every question, type the song that's playing
5. When you go to a new question, press the next button
6. Don't lie and try to pretend your cool... and alot of the songs fit with the setting

Opening Credits:

Waking Up: Really Might Be Gone - Bowling For Soup

First Day At School: I'm Not Your Boyfriend - 3OH!3

Falling In Love: Fading - The Title

Fight Song: Nine In The Afternoon - Panic! At The Disco (This is much too chill for a fight song, yes, but it would probably scare the crap out of whoever I'm fighting if I started singing an upbeat pop [Is it pop? I'm ashamed of myself as a PATD fan, but I'm really not sure.] song in the middle of the fight. Like, 'Whoa, this chick is crazy. I better GTFO here!')

Breaking Up: Two Times - Dorcia

Prom night: Cabron - Red Hot Chile Peppers

Life: I Put The 'Metro' In Metronome - Cute Is What We Aim For

Mental Breakdown: No One Really Wins - Copeland

Driving: Don't Stop - Innerpartysystem (Haha. 'Don't stop', indeed. Should I just hit pregnant lady in front of my car, then? The song says not to stop...)

Flashback: You Have My Attention - Copeland

Getting back together: Handlebars - Flobots

Wedding: When You Were Young - The Killers (Awww, this is nice! 'Talks like a gentleman, like you imagined when you were young.' How sweet is that? I really do want that to be a song at my wedding. [I hope I never get married. Having babies looks like it sucks.])

Birth of Child: Knock You Down - Keri Hilson ft. Kanye West and Ne-Yo

Final Battle: Slow Me Down - Emmy Rossum

Funeral Song: Only One - Smith Westerns

Final Credits: Only Ashes - Something Corporate

Replying to Anonymous (sort of) Reviews - A Venture Into Explaining My Confusing Headcannons For My Own Damn Story. [This Is For A Sigh In The Breeze.]

Question: What will eventually pull him out of this darkness? - Sheeijan

Answer: Honestly, I don't think he'll ever be 'pulled out of the darkness'. I mean, being left alone, or at least what you perceive as being left alone, is just ridiculous. I mean, I'd be crazy, I'd be really, really crazy, and I don't think I'd ever be un-crazy again. Some things just can't be healed from. He's always going to be a bit on edge, have abandonment issues, have trust issues. I mean, he's a kid, right? Kids who suffer neglect get messed up, even in the best circumstances. A lot of young adults who've suffered neglect as a child identify, and are diagnosed, with at least one psychiatric disorder at the age twenty-one.

This fic is sort of both wish fulfillment fluff and heart crushing cynicism. It mixes weird, and it's definitely painful, but that's life, you know?

Question: Is this the Blizzard of '68? Or is this before '68? -Nicki K

Answer: Yes, this is the Blizzard of '68. But you should ask yourself, "What year that ended in '68 was this? Was it 1968? Was it 1768? Was it 1868?" That's the question you should be asking. I don't even know, to be honest. Take it as you like, the timeline is quite fluid.

Question: Was that the Easter of '68? The one that Bunny said ruined Easter? -yaoilover4

Answer: Yes, it's around those parts. I wrote this because I figured that a kid left, seemingly, on his own for 300 years or so would go a little crazy. The way I see it, it works in cycles. The first is, "Yes, I'm alone, I can do whatever I want, no one's the boss of me! Life is good!" The second is, "When I go home, there's no one there... I wish I had someone there for me. Just one person would do!" The third is, "Well, fine! See if I care! I'm alone, and I like it! I wouldn't want anyone anyways! Just leave me alone!" The fourth is, "I hate everything and everyone and let's see if they like leaving me alone after all the humans on this planet are dead." And the fifth is, "I'm just so tired. Just let it stop. Let me just... go to sleep, and not wake up." And hopefully, eventually, there will be some rehabilitation.

We are currently on the fourth step, so there's that to look forward to.

Question: When are you going up to date? -yaoilover4 I applaud your username, btw. Good for you.

Answer: Honestly? The reason I wrote this was because, A) I didn't want Jack to be alone for 300 years. (Yet he ended up basically alone anyway. Damn.) And also because, B) 300 years has so much potential. Like, I don't even want to get near the blizzard of '68, but someone said that they'd like to see some of the Guardians, sooo... Yeah, but if it were up to me, there would be absolutely no ties to the movie whatsoever. I would have the two of them, Jack and she, would be running about causing shenanigans until I run out of things to write about.

Question: Why does it [The desire for believers] bother Jack and not seemingly others? (Others such as the other Seasonal Spirits.) -Nicki K This question was actually quite hard to answer coherently due to my not exactly knowing what it is I'm writing or how it is I'm writing it. Thanks for liking it though, I guess.

Answer: Well, let me give you some headcannon background first. Mother Nature is not a nice lady. Sure, she's nice enough, but she's fair, and she's got a wicked sense of humor. Her way of picking who becomes Seasonal Spirits? Pick the most ironic sucker you can. Irina, the Spirit of Summer, died in a house fire. The Spirit of the season of hot things burned to death. Digest that for a moment.

All she wanted was someone who liked the season and who she could laugh quietly to herself about the circumstances in which they received their position. Contrast this to the Man in the Moon, who, while he did stumble across someone dying in extraordinarily ironic and painful manner, did not necessarily bring him back for that reason. Honestly, I think the Man in the Moon just has a soft spot for kids, and seeing Jack do that for his sister made him feel a bit of a connection to him. So when he went to Mother Nature with his candidate for the Spirit of Winter, Jack's ironic death just sort of made a good deal sweeter, because MIM knew that Mother Nature was a sucker for those ironic deaths.

So, yes, I do think it has to do with the Man in the Moon. I think he always intended Jack to be a Guardian, to be more than just a Seasonal Spirit, it's just that without Pitch stirring up trouble, there was really no call for Jack to be introduced to the team.

I think it also has a bit to do with the Man in the Moon's parentage to Jack instead of the Sun. Because, while the sun is a burning ball of gas and the moon is essentially just a hunk of rock, the Sun is sort of made of energy, so it doesn't need belief, whereas the Man in the Moon does need the belief since he doesn't have any alternative energy sources.

So while Jack has plenty of energy, due to Mother Nature, he won't ever really feel complete without believers because of the MIM's need for them has been passed onto him.

Question:If Tooth hasn't been out in the field in 400 years, and jack's only been around for 300, wouldn't that mean that "the Bird Lady" stopped venturing out way before Jack was born? Is the wind confined to winter before Jack? -Nicki K

Answer: Yes, "the Bird Lady" did stop coming out before Jack was 'born'. I've always intended for the wind to be specifically the Winter Wind, with her "siblings" being the other seasons' winds.

Question:Who is Irina? -Nicki K

Answer: She's the OC I introduced as the Spirit of Summer, who was then promptly never mentioned again. (I'm still a bit iffy on that whole idea, but whatever.)

Question: Has Jack ever been struck by lightning? -Nicki K

Answer: I don't know. That certainly has interesting prospects. I'll see if I can write anything up for it. I imagine it wouldn't be a life altering experience for him, since he is sort of dead, but maybe shocking in that he hadn't really been thinking of the storms' destruction qualities before then? Hmmm...

Question: "The days when she longed for her frost child?" Wait, did Jack go missing at some point? -Nicki K

Answer: Jack didn't necessarily go missing, more that he was missing from her life before he was born. Something she didn't exactly know she needed, even if she knew that she wanted him with her. From realistic standpoint, the wind has existed since as long as the sun heated the earth and caused the air currents to differ in temperature. So she's been alive for a very long time without him. I like to think that she got a bit tired of being alone.

Question: (Not exactlya question...) Ah, so like that feeling you get when you realize that Finding Nemo came out in 2003 - 10 YEARS AGO? -Nicki K

Answer: Girl, I feel your pain. Really. I do. *sobs*

Question: So the Wind simultaneously dubs herself Jack's mother and yet not his mother? -Nicki K

Answer: I like to think of her relationship in terms of Jack as a surrogate mother, sister, and best friend all smooshed together. He's her everything, and I mean that in a non-romantic way. If they were both human beings, I would be writing fluff about them being best friends, living together, finishing each others' sentences, and just generally going about like Abed and Troy from Community. They're a brOTP. Or, at least, the wind is. I'm not sure if Jack is aware if she exists, yet. I'd like to think he does but, eh, the characters do what they want.

Question: (More rhetorical than anything but I'd like to respond anyhow.) So Jack's grandfather is the SUN? That's a new twist. -Nicki K

Answer: Thank you! I like it. I was thinking about it and I figured, well, Joyce has gone and personified the moon, the earth, and fricking winter already, why the hell not?

Question: Are the other Guardians going to be included at any point? I'd love to see what the Wind thinks of them. (And especially if she's ever bothered North's sleigh to try to get his attention.) -Nicki K

Answer: Heh heh heh. I have plans for them, trust me. It goes past "the Bird Lady". Heh heh.

Question: Jack has actually met Pitch before or if he's simply been TOLD about him? -Nicki K

Answer: Well, Jack's met Pitch, but before he met him, I imagine Mother Earth was telling him to 'be wary of the Boogeyman'. And then later, when Pitch showed up, he heard the first name, "Pitch" being thrown around, and associated "Pitch" with the Boogeyman, and not "Pitch Black". This is my headcannon for why, in the movie, he says, "The Boogeyman?" after Tooth says, "Pitch Black!", for reasons beyond being Mr. Exposition, and explaining why we should care about some creepy shadow guy lurking around the North Pole.

Welp, that about covers it. It goes from most recent questions to less recent questions, so you may have to go back and remember what the question was about to understand what I'm saying (Lord knows I had to.), but I think I did an alright job of this one sided correspondence. I've been meaning to do this in author's notes, but I didn't want the author's notes to be longer than the chapter.

I apologize if you asked a question and I didn't get to you, most of the questions have been resolved, and I was trying to reply to the anonymous (semi-anonymous, anyway) questions primarily. If you have an account, feel free to private message me.

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Calvin & Hobbes - Rated: K - English - Drama/Angst - Chapters: 1 - Words: 2,516 - Reviews: 687 - Favs: 1,822 - Follows: 133 - Published: 9/7/2004 - Calvin, Hobbes - Complete
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A Sigh In The Breeze reviews
He's never been alone, not really. Jack Frost has always had a Guardian.
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Priority reviews
Dean wakes up in the middle of the night, shivering, only to find that he and Sam aren't alone in their motel room. Pre-Season 5 Finale.
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Esme never wanted to live forever. She had a life. And unlike the others, she wanted it to end. (I depress myself sometimes.)
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It's kind of Harry/Luna fluff. They're cannon pairings, don't worry, and it's more friendship fluff than anything. We hear what happens after our hero saves the day and more on our resident Loony. Why Harry's daughter's named after the dreamy blond.
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