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January something, 2005

-It's been A bit too long. I apologize. The Oblivion of Midnight is updated because Neveada told me to update SOMETHING...

Name: Krikoris

Age: Older than kids that were born today.

Grade: I'm a junior...I think.

Hobbies: Whatever you don't like doing. I hate running, any physical exercise is frowned upon. Yes, that means I am fat. If only you knew...*cackle*

Fav band: Transtic Nerve!

Phrases that you might find at the bottom of your reviews:
"Insanity makes the rivers flow."
"Survive and be strong or die, cornered by your
prey, trembling because the night is dark."

Song of the Week: Lust for Blood by Gackt
Book of the Month: Gravitation Vol.9 Bout time the new one came out!

Quick summaries larger than the space given...mostly because I am bored out of my bloody mind!

In The Forests Of The Night Fics

Disturbing Awakenings: Well, it is about a 14 year old girl named Nada who is sold by her non blood relative into Midnight and is beaten by one of the most fierce vampires, Adrian. Jaguar buys her, cleans her up, and lets her go around and piss off some vampires that came from New Mayhem. Then one of those vampires falls for her but she is falling for a human. COMPLETE!!!

Pure Flame (sequel to Disturbed Awakenings)- Linaein De Fiaro has been kept under lock and key for most of his life, becoming one of the strongest human vampire hunters ever known. One night he and another hunter go to Las Noches, but find more than they expected. The real story of Nada and Korbin is told, along with the years lost to the young hunter. And here he finds love, but will he let it go as easy as his parents?

Recollected Humanity- A certain antagonist got jealous of the human (Nada) and decided to tell his story. His past comes to him and he lets it known to you for one reason. To show you why he hates humans. He says he is like us in two ways. He hates and loves. Or he did. See what made him the way he is now, from a young age to present day. 400 years of emotions come out in this story that started out with only one word. Hate.

Reluctant to Kill: Cairbre, a direct fledgling artist of the Kendra line tries to unlive his life in perfect peace, away from most vampires and even his own Line of bashes. He is one of the few Kendra vampires that live in New Mayhem, but no one ever pays attention to him because he is so weak. But one day he realizes that his strife to stay in the human world can only get people he loves killed. And so he has to fight to stay grey, in the middle of the two worlds. He has to stay the grey paint on the canvas (That will explain itself in a later chapter)So basically this is a one POV story pre and post DIMV. COMPLETE!!

Embracing Immortality: This is the sequel to Reluctant to Kill. Kairbre goes to a bash where he meets Sarah Vida. And that is where all the changes start. After recieving a spying job from a certain person, Kairbre finds out more about his human life, stuff he had no idea about. Rayne and Rabe are all but his sidekicks in this twisted second chapter of Kairbre's life that will lead him through more twists and pain than ever before.

The Oblivion of Midnight- Yep, another Amelia Fic. I don't know why I do these kind of things, no one likes them. Anywhoz, this is about the slave that Jaguar bought to piss Jeshickah off. Well, this story tells of her life as far back as she can remember as flashbacks during the months before the destruction of the orignal Midnight. Then it goes into how she escaped her death, and briefly after Midnight is brought down. And she is blind! Eep. Anyway, that is basically what it all is. Sorry for another ITFOTN fic!

Wandering Innocence- Risika once wondered what her life would have been like if she was born into the present. It's MY turn to do some twisting... It is now 1999 and Rachel lives with her father, half sister, and lost brother. She fears for him. He blames himself for so many things, it makes her ache.One day Rachel meets a young black eyed boy named Aubrey. And from there, her life will change forever. And not for the best.


Bring Me To Life - Yes, another ITFOTN thing. This is my first songfic ever. It's about Jazlyn and Monica the night Monica dies and brings Jazlyn back to life in the process. The song is the coolest ever! Wish me luck on this songfic, and I hope that people like it. I don't think I have a future in songfics, but this song fits the situation perfectly. Enjoy! COMPLETE!!!

Contradicting Thoughts of Love- I wrote this songfic in like 15 minutes, but I am really proud of it! This is what Christopher goes through after the fight with Sarah at Nikolas's house. He loves her, he hates her. Which will overcome? I didnt pull spell check because I had to post this mighty fast, so forgive me for any slight grammar and spelling mistakes. COMPLETE!!!!

Stupid Human Innocence- Another songfic. *beats self* Anyway, this is based on the song by Cold called 'Stupid Girl.' Jessica is leaving New Mayhem and Aubrey is following. What is he thinking? This is what he was thinking, actually. Did this in 10 minutes, this really sux. But do I care? Not really...COMPLETE!!!

Illusioned Innocence Contained in a Vampiric Mind- Yeah, long title, so sue me. This is a songfic using Evanescence's 'Hello' from her CD 'Fallen'. It involves Risika and her lost innocence. Not my best work, not at all, but I had to put it up here because it got my inspiration flowing.

Lord of the Rings Fics:

Millenium Fellowship: I havent updated this in a loooong time... Its about how the ring is somehow tossed into the future and replaces a fake ring that a girl named Naomi wears around her neck, And a group of friends from Middle Earth (not the original Fellowship) have to get the ring and destroy it for a second time. But the question is, can Naomi, being human, keep the ring under control? Or will the ring consume her? I must say that I do not read the LOTR stories. This is all based on the small rusty wheel in my head and what my friends inform me. Dont be offended if something is a bit out of it...

Moulin Rouge Fics:

Twist my heart and let it bleed (odd title isn't it?)- My first Moulin Rouge fic. It's about a wealthy young girl who goes to Moulin Rouge to find out about her parents, or at least her mother. When she has to go to a broken down hotel, she stays in the room right next to Christian. She dresses like a boy and after a bizarre chain of actions, everyone assumes she is one. Then she has to disguise herself in order to find out more about her mother. The Duke's son begins to suspects something odd going on and he begins connecting things his father old him about a beautiful young woman named Satine with the newest member of the writers circle for the Moulin Rouge. It is going to be sort of weird, but that is as far as I had gotten in the plot in my head. Heh, sorry! It's not a romance, more of a discovery of a young girl who has to pretend she is something else in order to unveil her true self.

For my bestest friend Neveada- you are always there for me and I love you! Peaches peaches peaches!! Yep. You help me through everything and whether you know it or not you have kept me more sane than I would if you werent here.

She has an AAR character that I used in Reluctant to Kill. The story behind this entrancing character is called Rabe's Story. It is sooooo good. You need to read it. Now there is a sequel, which is making me jealous. My sequels are never as good.

Then there are her Labbie fics which are just dazzling. Lost and Lonely is a major hit (which is humorous cause I inspired it with a can of peaches) and it's written wonderfully! You must read that as well!

I wanted to (or try to) make a personal effort to thank several reviewers who are practically my friends. I consider them friends, or allies. Depends on your perspective.

Moonlitdemon- You have reviewed me so many times its mind boggling. I have reviewed you alot so it makes us even. Your writing is dazzling and you say mine is good...whatever you wanna think. Anyway, you say your writing isnt good, its great! Don't forget that!

ShadowBlaze- The Darkest Realm is wonderful! You are great at picking out grammar mistakes and it makes me green with envy(Shakespeare!!). But since I like the color green, I'm ok. You are hilarious, you truly are.

Chelsea-Raye- I dont know you too well, but you are one hell of a reviewer! You seem to like Disturbed Awakenings, which is good. Anyway, I always look forward to your reviews. Just reading them puts a smile on my face!

Lynsey- I apologize for not reading your fic ma'am, many apologizes. But I will read it when I have the chance. You reviewed me for the first time I believe it was chapter 21 and you said DA was the first fic you read for Amelia's books. I was greatly flattered that you enjoyed my writing, and I love how DA didnt turn you off to I can only assume it does that to some people.

Midnight Scribbler- Now, how can I forget you? I didnt, really. Swear. Anyway, I enjoyed helping you out on your fic. Talking to you gave me something for my sanity and muse to grab onto. I really hope you plan to continue that fic, if not, I'll bite you! Or get Adrian to do it...I love him too.

Now for my selfish promotion. I uh *hiccup* was thinking that if any of youz people actually enjoy my writing, I have a few original fics that I believe that you will find enjoying. Click down at that link to get my profile which has summaries such as on this profile.

Sorry, but I thought since Megan and Tom enjoyed them, that maybe some of youz would like them too.

Er...I wanted to say something, but it slipped off the tip of my tongue...damn.

Until my muse enlightens me with new reason,

Krikoris Kriticos

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