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Update on progress: Well guess what everyone? As if things couldn't have gotten worse- they just did. I no longer have a computer. Poof- gone. My dearest brothers downloaded a virus than when the computer wouldn't boot up they ripped it out thinking they could fix it. Well they just made it worse. What that means is until I can work out an agreement with Raven to type what I write all my fics are on standstill. Really, I'm looking for a way to fix it.

As for Twist of Fate, if it was saved on my computer, it isn't anymore. Raven suspects I had saved it on a disk since I couldn't orginally find it on my computer. Give me a break, that is CRS working. I'm now searching my disks, and if I can't find it, I'll see how many people want me to leave it off where I'd stopped before, I mean you wouldn't see the first chapters. I'm working on that, email us any thoughts, suggestions, or comments.

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Known for: Being a dangerous pyromaniac who can think of revenge tactics in a matter of seconds. Otherwise I'm known for the books I write (they all happen to be better than my fanfictions)

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Past writing: I write books, and publish them on the side, in short I often write a lot, except fanfictions prove to be more difficult for me


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Past writing: I haven't wrote many stories before-hand, just came up with ideas

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Tie it Even Tighter reviews
Something mysterious happened in the past, causing Kagome to flee. Now she has 4 kids, all twins when she is forced back to the shrine. Her son falls into the well, and Kag must get him back while the other demons wait to attack.
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A/U: Kagome has been dying girl in a mental institution all her life before at the age of 15 she is allowed to leave, and adopted by a rich family. Which just happens to be Inu's who despises his parents decision greatly.
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Sorry, Raven accidently got rid of this & lost reviews. Hate can be a very dangerous thing, and this is what hate did to Kagome. R&R please!
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Au: Kagome finally returns to her home after 3 years at a boarding school. Her older sister Kikyou, and InuYasha now engaged. She however, fails to tell them that there are people out to get her, dangerous people...C note 4 4 inside
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