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Hi everybody!
Guess waht I have one story on Fanfiction now and I'm so happy. Its taken me this long to get it on!
Its a story I started last year during one of my exams. And I'm so lazy I still haven't finished it. I hope you read.

Ok since u can't read my fabulous fics I'll recommend sum here on Fan Fiction.

There is 'Dark Angel' by my dear friends Camaro, luv ya honey.
Thats on Anime - Dragonball Z.

Then there's 'The Story of Amber Larson' by my bestest fwend in the world Lilly Briefs, luv ya chicken.
Thats on Games - Kingdom Hearts.
Don't worry you'll find them=D

Sorry 'bout the bloody long Bio but I couldn't resist even tho no one will eva read this Bio. Oh well.
Luv ya any one who dares to read this (lol)
Luv Teesh.

Due to constant demand wif ppl wanting to know the amazing me (what bullshit, no one know who the fuck I am when Lilly tlks bout me in her fic, LUV YOU BABE, CHICKEN!!!)

Anyways here is me.

Name: Teesha Breifs (married name Son) (not telling my real one.)
DOB: 20th (can't remember my DBZ one, o well.)
Eyes: Blue, (only closest friends know their true colour.)
Hair: Dark Brown (actually true, no shit. It's long too.)
Mom: Bulma Briefs (I wish sooo bad!)
Dad: Vegeta (I wish with all my heart!!!)
Big brother: Trunks Breifs (hehhe I wish, go bro!)
Twin sister: Bra Breifs (I don't wish, go to hell you peice of shit bitch!!! I apologise in advance to all Bra lovers.)
Bestest fwend: Lilly Son (This is tru too, I luv ya girly chicken!!)
Guy of dreams: Goten Son (hands up all those who agree!!...fine be that way bitches I luv him anyway!!)
Fav tv show: Dragonball Z!!!!!
Fav game: Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy 8 & 10 &102, when it cums. I think Cloud looks sooo ugly and bad in FF7!! Other wise I luv Cloud. AHHH AMBER RUNNING AFTER TEESHA WITH AXE!!)
Fav Fanfiction: Dark Angel by Camaro. I love you girl sooo much.
The Story of Amber Larsen by Lilly Breifs.
Anything by Vegetasmate 18, especailly I'll miss you for eternity, The Legacy...I bawled my eyes out with that one..*sniff, sniff.
Fav thing to do: Laugh, eat, sleep, burp, dance like a chicken then laugh a whole heap more,




bye bye ppls...-_-' *snort again
* raotflmao. he he I like that.

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Posted.... again.
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