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Stand By Me:

Throwing Credits at people:

Thorlain convinced me to give fan-fiction a chance. Before that, I dismissed it as not appealing to me.

SawyerSeville19(TrueAlvonFan19)raised my standards for the genre significantly. Honestly, I had lowered my standards a lot before that, but somewhere along the line I actually started to get invested in her stories. That was unexpected, and showed me that fan-fiction can be powerful sometimes.

Simon_Seville gets credit for getting me interested in giving chipmunks fan-fiction a shot. There wasn't any direct interaction, but she got me to think that I should try to contribute to a community that I'd ended up getting enjoyment from. If I could give the community even a little boost, it seemed worth a shot.

Hibikins is the reason I had the motivation to actually go through with that thought. I highly doubt I would have gotten anything finished and uploaded without his encouragement.

And predictably, you Reviewers. It sounds corny, yes, but it's pretty amazing how encouraging it is to see people paying attention to a story, especially when I expected next to no response. You people make the time and effort seem worthwhile.

Let’s list through my opinions of the various Chipmunk movies, shall we? Sorted by favouritism:

Tier 1
Alvin and the Chipmunks Meet Wolfman
– Fantastic movie. After I got dragged back in to the Chipmunks, I rewatched Frankenstein and enjoyed it, although felt it was a little childish. I expected the same when rewatching Wolfman...and then it totally lived up to the nostalgia. It genuinely surprised me how much I ended up enjoying this, despite how much time had passed.

Tier 2
Alvin and the Chipmunks Movie
– Ok, so it gets a lot of flak, and maybe some of the acting is questionable...I still thoroughly enjoyed it. I honestly don’t see where most of the complaints came from, and it did make me jump back in to the Chipmunks series, so Tier 2 Favourite it is!

Alvin and the Chipmunks Chipwrecked – This was completely set up for failure...David Cross was acting out pretty fiercely, it was filmed during a cruise as what appeared to be an after-thought, and the trailers were a bunch of copy-paste. But surprisingly, it ended up being adventurous, funny, and the touching moments greatly outweighed the cringe-inducing ones. It’s unbelievable how critics can be dismissing this one.

Tier 3
Alvin and the Chipmunks Meet Dracula
– This one always had me a little conflicted. It’s slow to get into things, and even when it does, it just feels like you’re waiting for everyone to catch up, but once they do it actually ends up making for a surprisingly dark and touching story. It’s a shame that it didn’t get much exposure.

The Chipmunk Adventure – This one really holds its own through nostalgia for me. Some of the songs still give me that little glimmer of childhood memory, and I do love the quirkiness of the animation. However, it runs into the issue of having the Chipettes steal the spotlight while the Chipmunks are pushed to the side. It’s the fault of a rushed schedule and cuts in editing...but it feels entirely too unbalanced by the end.

Tier 4
Alvin and the Chipmunks Meet Frankenstein
– This is the clear weakling of the animated movies. It has some nice moments, to be sure, but the production-quality and pacing are noticeably inferior to the others. Pair that with Frankenstein being made childish and the movie ends up coming across as, well, juvenile.

Alvin and the Chipmunks Squeakquel – Plot-holes aplenty, abandonment of grounding elements, ignoring established animation principles...the Squeakquel is by far the weakest of the CGI movies. I would have assumed it was the Chipettes being added that broke focus, but as Chipwrecked showed, they can actually be used to good effect. No, the Squeakquel was just a bad movie that roped in good characters to make itself watchable.


Fanfiction.net is a lovely archive and all, but it's not a very social setup. I can't even set up my profile page properly, post alerts or respond to reviews outside of PMs, which really puts me off. If you'd like to make contact without having to use PMs, or would just like to stalk/rant at me, head to twitter @LawlessSquirrel, or my DeviantArt listed above.

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