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Author has written 4 stories for Nightmare Before Christmas, Victorious, Tangled, and Teen Titans.

Heyy! I'm just a teenage girl who loves to read and write. Please be aware that I may seem a little childish based on my choices of watching and reading, but each person is different and I'm very mature for my age.

"IN THE END, as we fade into the night, who will tell the story of your life? And who will remember your last goodbye? Cause it's the end and I'm not afraid-I'm not afraid to die." "In The End" by Black Veil Brides



Red Riding Hood
The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod
Vampire Kisses
Mortal Instruments
Vampire Academy
Between Shades of Gray
Fallen Angel
and a lot more that I can't think of.


Iron Man(1 and 2)
Final Fantasy VII
Captain America
The Nightmare Before Christmas
Spirited Away
Howl's Moving Castle
Beauty and the Beast
and a lot more that I can't think of.


Vampire Knight(I just hated the ending)
Ouran Highschool Host Club
Death Note
Black Butler


Teen Titans
Iron Man
Captain America
and a lot more I can't think of.


Teen Titans
Looney Toons
Spongebob Squarepants
Winx Club
Avatar: The Last Airbender
Legend of Korra
Invader Zim
and a lot more.


Good Luck Charlie
Zoey 101
Playful Kiss(Korean Drama)
My Girl(Pinoy Drama)
Be Careful With My Heart(Pinoy Drama)
That 70's Show
and a lot more.


Black Veil Brides("In the End")
Pierce The Veil("Bulletproof Love")
Sleeping With Sirens("If You Can't Hang")
Every Avenue("Where Were You?")
The Summer Set("Girls Freak Me Out")
Three Days Grace("Time of Dying")
Fall Out Boy("What a Catch, Donnie")
Panic! at the Disco("Mercenary")
My Chemical Romance("I'm Not Okay(I Promise)")
The Downtown Fiction("I Just Wanna Run")
The Offspring("You're Gonna Go Far, Kid")
Tonight Alive("Let It Land")
SS501("Love Ya")
Escape the Fate("Not Good Enough for Truth in Cliche")
Falling in Reverse("I'm Not a Vampire")
A Day to Remember("If It Means a Lot to You")
Sum 41("In Too Deep")
Papa Roach("Scars")
Green Day("She's a Rebel")
Marianas Trench("Cross My Heart")
The Cure("Pictures of You")
Cute is What We Aim For("Newport Living")
The Academy Is...("Classifieds")
Dead By April("Promise Me")
Evanescence("Bring Me To Life")
Linkin Park("What I've Done")
Stereo Skyline("Tongue-Tied")
Nevershoutnever("Big City Dreams")
A Day to Remember("If it Means A Lot To You")
Sum 41("In Too Deep")
LUDO("Love Me Dead")
All Time Low("Break Your Little Heart")
Anarbor("Without You")
All American Rejects("Swing, Swing")
Bowling For Soup("When We Die")
Blink 182("I Miss You")
Blood on the Dance Floor("Believe")
Boys Like Girls("Heels Over Head")
Breaking Benjamin("Diary of Jane")
The Cab("Take My Hand")
He is We("Blame it on the Rain")
Cash Cash("Party in Your Bedroom")
Cartel("The Fortunate")
David Choi("This and That is Life")
Forever the Sickest Kids("Hip Hop Chick")
Mayday Parade("Kids in Love")
Runner Runner("Hey Alli")
Relient K("Who I am Hates Who I've Been")
New Found Glory("My Friends Over You")
Friday Night Boys("Give It Up")
Gym Class Heroes("Faces in the Hall")
Hey Monday("6 Months")
The Hush Sound("Weeping Willow")
The Killers("Human")
Maroon 5("Payphone")
Paramore("Brick by Boring Brick")
A Rocket to the Moon("Just Another One")
Simple Plan("Untitled")
Vampire Weekend("A-Punk")
We the Kings("Check Yes, Juliet")
Goo Goo Dolls("Iris")
Switchfoot("Meant to Live")
The Script("This=Love")
Asking Alexandria("A Prophecy")
We Are the In Crowd("Kiss Me Again")
Red Jumpsuit Apparatus("Your Guardian Angel")
Automatic Loveletter("Hush")
and sooo much more!


CloTi(Cloud and Tifa from Final Fantasy VII)
RaeBin(Raven and Robin from Teen Titans)
Batman and Catwoman(Batman)
Kyoya and me XD (Ouran Highschool Host Club)
Tamaki and Haruhi(Ouran Highschool Host Club)
Mori and Honey(Ouran Highschool Host Club)
L and me(Death Note)
Sebastian and me(Black Butler; yes, I ship myself with so many people. XD )
Jack and Sally(The Nightmare Before Christmas)
Yuffentine(Yuffie and Vincent from Final Fantasy VII)
Rapunzel and Eugene(Tangled)
Riven and Musa(Winx Club)
Tony Stark and Virginia "Pepper" Potts(Iron Man)
Julian and Jasmine(My Girl)
Aang and Katara(Avatar: The Last Airbender)
Zuko and Mae(Avatar: The Last Airbender)
Sokka and Suki(Avatar: The Last Airbender)
Dimitri and Rose(Vampire Academy)
Christian and Lissa(Vampire Academy)
Korra and Mako(Legend of Korra)
Bolin and Asami(Legend of Korra)
Asami and Tano(Legend of Korra)
Yuuki and Zero(Vampire Knight)
InuYasha and Kagome(InuYasha)
Sango and Miroku(InuYasha)
Rin and Sesshomaru(InuYasha)
Naraku and Kikyo(InuYasha)
Cyborg and Bumblebee(Teen Titans)
Terra and Beast Boy(Teen Titans)
Aqua Lad and Starfie(Teen Titans)
Kid Flash and Jinx(Teen Titans)
Draco and Luna(Harry Potter)
Hermione and Harry(Harry Potter)
Misaki and Usui(Kaichou! Wa Maid-Sama)
Seung Jo and Oh Hani(Playful Kiss)
Hae Ra and Sunbae(Playful Kiss)
Pucca and Garu(Pucca)
Abyo and Ching(Pucca)
Ring Ring and Dada(Pucca)
Aerith and Zack(Final Fantasy VII)
Aerith and Sephiroth(Final Fantasy VII)
Beck and Jade(Victorious)
Andre and Tori(Victorious)
Cat and Robbie(Victorious)
Hyde and Jackie(That 70's Show)
Eric and Donna(That 70's Show)


Alive[IN PROGRESS. Story May Have No End]
Won't Ever Let You Go[IN PROGRESS. Expect Long Delays]
The Princess and the Bandit[IN PROGRESS]


Alive[Mondays and possibly Wednesdays]
Won't Ever Let You Go[Every Other Thursday]
The Princess and the Bandit[Every Tuesday]


Makorra Story
CloTi Story
Raven and Robin Story
Dimitri and Rose Story
Tony and Pepper Story
Riven and Musa Story
Possibly Misaki and Usui
Possibly Batman and Catwoman

A few months ago, I was called "weird" for putting pictures up of my favorite bands and funny things they did, which are displayed on my profile on another website. She told me she would report me, even though there was nothing wrong with them, as they were not doing anything inappropriate. I am not naming names, nor am I complaining. I just have something to say. If you believe that things on my page are Satanist types of things, then, so be it, but remember that they aren't. Appearances are nothing. Have you ever seen "Beauty and the Beast"? The purpose of that movie was not to make a romance, but to teach a lesson. Just because someone looks a certain way does not mean you can "label" them. Just because they look that way doesn't mean that they are against God. I don't get how EVERY SINGLE band/song/artist has to get linked to religion. Music is made to make people relate, to unite people together; not to be criticized based on what they look like, how they sound, or the lyrics in their songs. They're artists because they wanted to be something, to be an influence on your life. They aren't made to guide you into a certain religion because if they were, the world would be in turmoil. At this point, I'm ranting, yes, but all I'm saying is that if you don't want people labeling you, calling you names, or making fun of your music, why should you do it? I think the world should listen to my advice, for, it is not healthy to keep making fun of people based on what they look like, how they act, their differences from you, their imperfections, or their music because we ALL know that you wouldn't want someone doing that to you. Just take my advice and don't be that one kid/teenager/adult that will ruin another's life. Be the one kid/teenager/adult that will make someone's life better, even if just a little bit. Thanks for reading my LONG rant, but I thought that I had to share that because I've had my fair share of people who label, name callers, etc.

I have an obsession with Andy Biersack. We will soon get married, but he does not know that yet. It's a surprise for him, so don't tell him just yet.

I always have dreams with music. I think in music, I always think about music, I always listen to it, and sometimes, I base my chapters/stories on music. It's just something that I can't get over. I love it too much to let it go. A few times, I have written some songs and I may post a stanza from each song.

"WE ALWAYS want the one that we can't have 'cause love isn't always fair." "Love Isn't Always Fair" Black Veil Brides


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