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Author has written 22 stories for Harry Potter, and Kingdom Hearts.

Name: Kaylee

Hair: Dark Blonde
Eye: Blue
Nationality: Canadian and proud of it!

Favourite Movies: The Lion King, Jurassic Park, The Avengers, The Hunger Games, Harry Potter, How To Train Your Dragon, and most Disney movies in general.

Favourite Songs: I'm pretty fond of The Goo Goo Dolls, but my favourite one by them is Black Balloon, and All That You Are (Transformers 3 album). I'll listen to almost everything from Linkin Park, to David Gueeta, to Taylor Swift, to Bon Jovi, to Skillet. Some of my favourite songs at the moment are Safe and Sound (Taylor Swift), Lucy (Skillet). I'm also a huge fan of movie scores as it says below.

Favourite Movie/Television/Game Scores: The entire How To Train Your Dragon album, many Kingdom Hearts ones, many songs from the Harry Potter soundtrack, and specifically Omnimon Born by Udi Harpaz from the Digimon movie (Hardest song ever to find in okay quality)

Favourite Video Games: Kingdom Hearts II, Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep, Kingdom Hearts 3D, Epic Mickey, Pokemon (just in general because they all amuse me), all Mario Karts, DDR, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, Super Mario 64, and Super Mario Land 3D.

Favourite Books: Harry Potter series, The Hunger Games & Catching Fire (not a huge fan of Mockingjay though), Angels and Demons, Deception Point, and most books by Dan Brown, Michael Crichton and Andy McDermont.

Favourite Television Shows: The Big Bang Theory, Bones, Castle, Supernatural, Grey's Anatomy, The Walking Dead

Favourite Genre: Drama with romance and adventure mixed it. Sometimes a bit of horror too.

Cartoons that have stuck with me: Digimon, Pokemon, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Legend of Korra, a lot of Disney Cartoons (who remembers Timon and Pumbaa's show?)

Couples (listed from favourite to the ones I tolerate):

Kingdom Hearts: Sora/Kairi, Roxas/Namine, Riku/Xion, Aqua/Terra, Roxas/Xion
Harry Potter:
Harry/Hermione, Ron/Luna, Neville/Luna, Neville/Ginny, Harry/Luna, Hermione/Neville, Ron/Lavender, Ginny/Dean
The Hunger Games:

Characters that I like/That amuse me (both now and my favorites from childhood):

Kingdom Hearts: Sora, Roxas, Ventus, Aqua, Riku, Kairi and Vanitas.
Harry Potter: Luna Lovegood, Neville Longbottom, Hermione Granger, Albus Dumbledore and Voldemort/Tom Riddle.
Avatar: The Last Airbender/Legend of Korra: Aang, Sokka, Toph, Zuko, Katara, Suki, Meelo, Lin, Tenzin, 2 seconds of Bumi (LoK) know...almost all the characters from these shows are awesome...
Pokemon: Ash Ketchum, Misty, Brock, Jessie, James, Meowth, Mew and Mewtwo.
Digimon: Taichi “Tai” Kamiya, Koushiro “Izzy” Izumi, Takuya Kanbara, Guilmon, Agumon, Gomamon, Taiki Kudou, Akari Hinomoto & Shoutmon.
Pirates of the Caribbean: Jack Sparrow
Disney (In general): Simba (The Lion King), Ariel (The Little Mermaid), Aladdin (Aladdin), Genie (Aladdin), Stitch (Lilo & Stitch), Mickey Mouse & Oswald the Lucky Rabbit (I’ve grown fond of him while playing Epic Mickey).
TV Shows (in general): Chase & House (House), Miranda Bailey (Grey’s Anatomy), Lance Sweets, Zach Addy, Hodgins (Bones), Sheldon (Big Bang Theory), Rick Castle & Det. Ryan (Castle), Sam, Dean & especially Cas (Supernatural)

20 Random Facts About Me:

1. In general, I hate most chick flicks and romantic books. Strange isn’t it? Since I prefer writing romance. However, there are a few mushy movies and books I enjoy, but they have to be really good.

2. I tend to daydream a lot, but then I get distracted by shiny things.

3. I can predict the outcome of most movies five minutes in. There are a few exceptions to this, like Inception.

4. I own every single Disney Movie that was released on VHS and I have almost all of them on DVD (with the exception of some crappy sequels, a few live-action ones, and the really old ones).

5. As a baby/toddler I hated Barney. Instead I watched Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

6. I cried the very first time I saw Star Wars III: Revenge of the Sith. To be fair, I was sick, but I still cried at the end. Actually, I cry in a lot of movies.

7. I could count to ten in French before I was a year old (too bad I stopping trying to learn French).

8. I am actually extremely quiet and shy. I don’t talk to anyone first.

9. On the flip side of that, I like to observe people (in a non-creepy way).

10. Despite being shy and quiet, to my friends, I am extremely opinionated, loud, and I like to talk.

11. I own four dogs.

12. I am extremely stubborn, to the point that even if I realize I’m wrong in an argument, I won’t back down and will continue to argue until the person believes me.

13. The thing that irritates me is stupid people. I don’t necessarily mean people who don’t do well in school. I mean people that throw common sense out the window and do the stupidest things ever.

14. I’ve been told many times that I have a ‘omg you’re so effing stupid’ look. My friends and my sister tell me that when they see the look on my face they instantly know they’ve been a dumbass.

15. It’s impossible to tell that my sister and I are related unless you’re told. We are exact opposites in looks, talents, interests, everything. For example, I’m short with pale skin, blonde hair, blue eyes, I have high grades and I enjoy things like English, Art and Media, while she’s tall with tanned skin, brown hair, brown eye, she’s good at sports, and she likes things like biology, gym and psychology.

16. I listen to movie scores to concentrate and get inspired while doing homework, studying and writing.

17. I know more facts about Disney than any person I know.

18. My first memory is being two-years-old and bragging to my uncle that I got a chocolate bar and he didn’t.

19. I actually have a really good memory for the most mundane things ever. I can retain random facts that will never help me in life and if I try I can remember nearly anything if someone else brings it up. The one thing I cannot remember is being 6-years-old and seeing Mr. Dress-up live.

20. I am very impatient.

Pet Peeves of Fanfiction (much of which I am guilty of):

1. When people, anyone, bash a story because of a certain couple in it. It doesn't matter if the couple isn't likely to happen or will not happen (an example is H/Hr from Harry Potter), this is fanfiction people! It doesn't have to be realistic. People should just learn to respect different opinions and, if reading a story with a couple they don't support, just comment on the quality of writing, not bash the story simply because someone likes (for example) H/G but it's a H/Hr story. I make it a point to just accept that people like different ships and not make a big deal out of it like some people, even if I really really hate it.

2. Netspeak in stories or any type formal writing at all. I don't care if in a text message or instant messaging, or even author's notes, if there are things like 'lol' and 'u' instead of 'you' or 'r' instead of 'are', but seeing it in stories (or essays like some of my friends used to do in High School) is very angering. I can't stand it, and if someone is doing that they really are not ready to write and post something.

3. Author's Notes in the middle of stories. Yes I know I used to do it something bad, but I refuse to interrupt a story with a useless (lol) or anything else like that. Not only is it annoying (I've read several stories where a person interrupts every second or third line) but it also makes a person want to skip over any set of brackets that may hold important information (that is actually in the story and pertains to it, like this little note right now). If there is something a writer wants to explain, they should put a number by the word or phrase and explain it in a separate AN.

4. Keep Author's Notes at the beginning short. Some people will look at this one and say, "Wow, she is such a hypocrite". I know mine can be a little bigger, but I mean don't put replies to reviews and everything BEFORE a story. Save them for author's notes at the end so people can just happily skip them over if there's nothing important. If there is something important I suggest making it stand out in bold and italics or maybe spaced out more than the rest.

5. People who review and say, "This story sucks, stop writing" or something else to that effect. That's just useless flaming. You don't have to like what I write, but if you don't just clearly tell me why and suggest what I can do better. (I know that I make typos and I always make stupid grammar mistakes, but I don't have a beta reader and I'm not really that trusting in other people.) I support constructive criticism, but flaming is the most useless thing anyone can do. Half of the time flamers themselves don't even know how to write very well.

6. People who beg for reviews or only say they'll update if they get so many reviews. I know it may seem frustrating at first if you don't get many reviews (I feel your pain) but believe me, begging isn't going to get you any more. Many people (I know from discussing this with other people) would rather read and review a story that they know is going to keep going and get finished. So to all the newbies who may read this (not many probably) or anyone else, if a story gets no reviews or only one or two in the first chapter or two, don't give up. Keep pushing yourself and keep working. Just please, don't beg for reviews. Once again, I know I sound like a hypocrite.

7. People who post author's notes as chapters saying WHY they haven't updated. For the love of heavens people, please don't do this anymore. Not only do you get people's hopes up thinking there's another chapter (if it's a good fic), but you also get those same people pretty angry when they look at the chapter and realize it's an author's note. I thought stories that did this were supposed to get deleted off of the site, but maybe I'm wrong. Again, I know I was guilty for this once upon a time, but that ended awhile ago.

8. Self-Inserts. I just, don't enjoy them. Some are well written, yes, but most of them aren't. I don't really have a big spiel for this, I just really don't like them.

Pictures to go with Shadows of a Dream:

Midori & Crysita

Savior Keyblade

Sacrifice Keyblade

Twilight Keyblade

Chain of Memories Keyblade

Midori Naito

Updated Pictures as of April 9, 2010

Savior Keyblade Redone

Sacrifice Keyblade Redone

Chain of Memories Keyblade Redone

Twilight Keyblade Redone

Way to Dusk Keyblade (New - August 2012)

Keyblade Bearers







If anyone wants to contact me, PM me on this site or send an email to [email protected]. I might not get around to replying right away but I promise, I will reply eventually.

I dislike writing disclaimers in my fics, so I'm writing one on my profile that applies to everything I write. Do you honestly think that I would spend my time writing here if I was getting paid by Square Enix to make the plot line for Kingdom Hearts, or if my name was JK Rowling? No. Moral of the story: I own nothing but my ideas and my OCs.

Krystal Lily Potter

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