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Hello! Fellow fandom enthusiast here! Don't be afraid to shoot me a roleplay request even though I may not have updated anything in a while! I'm always up for an rp and thanks to the email alerts I won't miss a beat. I roleplay any of the transformers series from Beast Wars on although I prefer TFA, TFP, RID2015, and Rescue Bots right now. I can also rp in Twilight, Sonic (Preferably Sonic X. I was SO obsessed with that series when I was little.), Skulduggery Pleasant, Doctor Who, Torchwood and several others I can't name off the top of my head.

If I message you please don't shove me off as being creepy. I don't like roleplaying in forums with school, work, and social anxiety. I never know how to get my characters into the plot line and people might not like them.

Also, if you ever happen across my page I now have one warriors forum up. I find that it's difficult writing so many cats between so many clans so I decided to make my own set of four clans.

The Wings of Cats

Speaking of my OCs, here's the ones I currently have.


Beast Wars

Victory is a Maximal who has taken the form of a large Gypsy Vanner mare. She is rumored to be the first Maximal known to have been created. She comes from the alternate reality of Transformers: Prime originally Starscream. The issue being is that when the ground bridge went haywire and sent her/him across dimensions is that she lost most of her memories from her previous life as the Air Commander. Little is known about her since she's mostly been top secret until now.

Transformers: Animated


In Transformers: Animated Hydra was created as apart of the same project that generated the Jet Twins. Except this time they took some of Omega Supreme's genetic material and combined it with Ratchet (since he was already compatible with the bot) and added in what little they had left from Starscream. The new spark refused any of the protoform molds and Ratchet offered to carry it (Based off of one of my head canons). A year later Hydra was born.

It was soon clear however, that Hydra was slightly delayed in development. She didn't really speak for the first few years of her life and when she did it was to something that wasn't there which freaked out a lot of the bots who worked with her, Sentinel included. Hydra grew fast. In a fourth of a time it'd take for a normal Cybertronian sparkling to mature. Later on it was recognized that she was speaking with Primus. On the battlefield Hydra was a stone cold killer. She hated it though and often visited sites of skirmishes or even the wards where wounded and dying bots lay to help ease the transition of their sparks to the AllSpark.

In Transformers: Prime

In Transformers: Prime Hydra has somewhat a similar back story. That is to say she was apart of an effort to create the first flying Autobots. The only change is that she was discarded once it was learned of her delay. She was dying on the streets as a toddler and amid a pile of scraplets when Ratchet found her. He took her with intentions of only nursing her back to health and then giving her to someone else to raise. She grew on him though and he became her caretaker.

Transformers: Animated


Echo had her starts similar to Sari. That is, she was a protoform found by a human who accidentally imprinted on her and she became half human, half Cybertronian. The only difference being between Sari and Echo is that Echo's protoform was found by Porter C. Powell, the evil man with ambitions only associated with wartime. It was a tough life being the plaything of the military. Echo though, found strength in being associated with the Air Force and soon earned her nickname, the Angel of Death. This was mostly thanks to her metal wings that showed while human. They were similar to that of a bird's and could be completely folded up into boxes on her back or folded like a bird's. She often kept them folded to her back though because she just loves to show off.

In Transformers: Prime

(So shoot me for doing this, I don't care.)

In Transformers: Prime Echo is actually apart of the Burns family from Rescue Bots. When she was ten she was kidnapped by MECH and taken off Griffin Rock to one of their facilities where her DNA was combined with the CNA found at one of the ancient Cybertronian battlefields. She was eventually rescued by the Wreckers when they happened to raid the lab she was at.

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