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Name; Chikane

Age; ...=3=...i..u...n...n...o... 8D

Gender; Fe to the Male

Languages; English, Indonesian, Japanese

Instruments; Piano, Guitar, Bass, and a tad of Drums (Mainly learning Piano and Guitar though OAO)

Fangirls over...

Jellal (Fairy Tail)

Gerza (JellalXErza;Fairy Tail)

Plue (Fairy Tail; Rave Master)

Syaoran ( Tsubasa Chronicles)

Valshe, Wotamin, Halyosy, Clear ( Nico Nico Douga)

Haruna and Yuko ( AKB48)


Megurine Luka, Kagamine Len & Rin ( Vocaloid)

MioXRitsu (K-ON)



ah. i forgot bacon and cheese o3o;;;



Update Corner 8D ~

Alteration; Chapter 2 [99%, Chapter 3 [30%]

Structure; Chapter 2 [5%]

Enter Reset Install Delete : Chapter 1/Chapter 2 [5%]

Frozen; Chapter 2 [0%]

New Stories idk; IDK D8


Desc Tiem 8D

YOSH~ My name is Chikane. People call me Chika, Chiaki, Chiii, and many other names xD. I perfer being called Chikane here though o3o. I'm an AMV editor, a Fanfic writer, artist, athlete (NOT REALLY XD), a singer, and your easily inspired musician~..and an armature in BBoy/Dancing OAO. I love to write even though my grammar sucks ducks xD. Edit is fun as heck when I get inspirations xD. Especially those Mitsu ones xD. I love to sing among all though, I sing at church, I sing in my room, I sing in the car, I sing while cooking, I sing while reading (WHAT XD) AND OTHER PLACES YOU WUD IMAGINE XD. I liek to dance too see 8D. Dancing is fun but...I almost slipped like 25456456416514654165 times XD. I used to play Basketball but I twisted my foot once and I lost my speed when I play, and I can't really dribble that well anymore D8. I ARE LIEK AN ARTIST, I DRAW TREES. Jk, i dont even remember the last time I drew something o3o. Among all, I AM A MUSICIAN 8D. I LOVE TO PLAY NEW INSTRUMENTS. I LOVE ZEE BASS AN DRUMS THOUGH. SCREW EM GUITAR AND PIANO. Actually, I like Guitar but, my acoustic hates me OAO. IF YER WONDERING WHY I LIEK THE BASS AND DRUMS THE MOST BECAUSE ITS LIKE MIOXRITSU SMEX YER WRONG. JK YER RIGHT, HALF RIGHT LOL. ITS SERIOUSLY EASY XD. The drums, i get exercise and the bass, I LOVE EET. ITS SO EASY. FUDGE, GUITAR IS HARD AS HECK, PIANO TOO OAO. For those of you who ees wondering, OAO, I own a maestro acoustic and will soon SOOOOON own a Squier 8D. (STILL WANTS A TELECASTER OR A JAZZMASTER FUDGE) ...OR I CAN BE AZUNYAN AND USE A MUSTANG 8D. NO. OK. I WILL SOON OWN A P-BASS OR A JAZZ BASS. IN LIEK. A MONTH. I WISH OAO. MOMMY, FOR MY BIRTHDAY PRESENT, I WANT A JAZZ BASS OAO. THE ONE LIEK MIO'S oAo. I CAN BUY THE SQUIER ON MY OWN OAO. I OWN A YAMAHA PIANO I THINK LOL. AND OWN NO DRUMS. thats eet. D8. I do play around with my mom's bf roland electirc drum though o3o. xD. Anyways, for those of you who are reading, I just wanna ask you a favor. THOSE WHO LIVE IN THE US AND DOESN'T NEED THEIR ELECTIRC OR BASS OR DRUM SET OR PIANO, ILL BUY EET FROM YEW. 8D.

New Stories & Planned Stories 8D

Fragile on the Inside : It's part of 'Alteration' and I will post this every two chapters should I say? This fic just give you a little taste on what happened before Alteration LOL o3o. This fic is on Mio's POV 8D.

Running and Hiding; In this fanfic, Ritsu is being chased by...people...idk how to explain eet but...It's somewhat and somewhat not like Alteration. Ritsu stays with HTT but she's also part of the Yakuza BUT, her uncle is the leader, she is in line on becoming the next head because all others that were supposed to be in line were murdered by rival companies and stuff... Badass Ritsu runs away from Japan and moves places to places for the next 5 years. Beautiful yes xD ? This will be told in Ritsu's POV 8D. Basically, 70% of this is MITSU LOL D8.

Cannibal;The many Mitsu fanfics I'm writting LOL. This is just one of those fluff..jk there will be hardcore yuri YAY (must improve details and stuff LOL -is reading a lot of 'M' fanfics, and hardcore eroge games oh geez-)IT WAS VIOLENT SEX. i mean ahem. This story basically goes liek this. Mio just realized her feelings for Ritsu. After realizing, she doesn't feel confortable sleeping in the same room with her and told Ritsu to sleep in the living room for a week so she can calm down and stuff o3o. Mio tends to masturbate when Ritsu's not around and she tend to have wet dreams too 8D. On the other hand, Ritsu always had feelings for Mio but she tried to hold it in because she doesn't want to ruin their friendship but...Sittuations for worse for her after her 'hot' dreams of zee Seme Mio. Apparently, Ritsu just can't take it anymore and rapes her. In her dream that is LOL. Will go in Mio POV, then Ritsu POV, and probably the last chap will be Third POV

Moe Moe Kyun?; STOP EET WITH THESE MITSU IDEAS LOL (SERIOUSLY OBSESSED) GEEZ LOL. ANYWAYS... Ever since Mio and Ritsu moved to an apartment for their Uni days, Mio and Ritsu decided to take on them Part Tiem Jobs 8D. Ritsu decided that she would work in a French Restaurant and a bar.Mio in the other hand...decided to work in a Maid Cafe. Ritsu suggested along with the other HTT members. They said it was for Mio to gain confidence. One day, Ritsu cross-dressed to see Mio working. It seemed that the 'Maid Cafe' isn't you typical one. OAO RITSU WAS SUPRISED AND WHAT WILL SHE DO (sorry i wont put any more info cuz itll ruin zee story D8) RITSU POV 8D


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