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I decided that it was high time that I update this profile of mine, seeing as how the last time I wrote the whole "about me" thing was nearly two years ago. And a lot can happen in just two years, especially when you're in high school, and everything is changing all about you. So I decided that, this Christmas, it was time to update the world (otherwise known as on me.

I suppose much of what was once me still is much of who I am. I still love sci-fi and fantasy, love reading and writing (to the point where people actually begin to worry, I think), enjoy sketching and working on my art skills (as minimalistic as they may be), as well as playing my flute and singing. School takes up way more time than I think it should, and I'm pretty much always on the edge of complete drop-dead exhaustion. I enjoy watching TV, and I have what is probably an unhealthy dependence on the internet: tumblr, youtube, facebook, and, of course, fanfiction. But hey, what American teenager isn't? (and please don't feel the need to prove that statement wrong. I know there are exceptions to the rule!).

Over the years, however, as I have slowly begun to grow into who I am and something more of who I will be for the rest of my life, there are certain things that have changed. Some things have become more important to me, while others have faded away into the fringe of importance.

Music and writing have become two of the four most important things in my life.

First off, music. My taste in music ranges all over the place, from rock to classical, from theatrical to alternative. Really, it all depends on my mood. Yet I always find myself drifting back to theatrical music--music composed for movies, TV shows, etc. Yes, this is the music that is playing in the background of your favorite scene of your favorite movie, the music that can bring you to tears just by listening, and that moves your soul. That music is my inspiration, and the foundations of my writing. Without that music, what you read on here (and hopefully, eventually, through other mediums) would never be.

And now for writing. Writing is my catharsis, my way of expressing myself when all other words fail. As an extreme introvert in real life, I generally find it very difficult for me to put my feelings into words. I don't do well around a lot of people, and as soon as you throw me into a room with more than four people (unless they are all very good friends or family) I tend to clam up and withdraw. And so I use my writing as my outlet. I have always found safety behind written words, for you can shape and manipulate them in any way you like, make them say anything you wish. You can take time to sculpt and craft, and you can always take them back and change them, even after they've been written. You can't do that when talking to someone.

As for what I write, well that really all just depends. As I've grown as a person, I've also grown as a writer. I now am proud (I think?) to say that I can write romance, although it generally strays much closer to the cute fluff/cuddle kind rather than the steamy. More often than not, though, I prefer to stick to the tried and true adventure, mystery, action, whump. And yes, I do whump my favorite characters a lot. In fact, probably more than is quite healthy for them. Ah well, I say it's just how I show my affection...I'm not sure that they believe it, but oh well...

When it comes to fandoms... Well, that's another thing that's changed since I started out in the business of writing fanfiction. As some of you may know, my fandom used to be Stargate, with a little dabbling in Sanctuary for All. However, just about a year ago (actually quite close to a year...) I began to slowly shift. I now am shamelessly a Tolkiendil--a fan of Tolkien and all of his works, not just the Trilogy and the Hobbit. Because of this, that fandom is where my writing now takes place.

Now, I said earlier that writing and music were two of the four most important things in my life. So you might be wondering what the other two are. First is my family. I love my family, both my parents, my sisters, and my dog, and I would do near anything for them. And lastly, although most importantly, is God. I admit it, and freely, that I am a believer in God and Christ, and I do my best to live for Him. However, that doesn't mean that I'll treat any of you differently, or judgmentally. There's enough hate in this world already, and it doesn't need anymore from me, especially when I, as a Christian, have been charged to love others. If anyone has questions, though, or would like to talk to me about anything, please don't hesitate to shoot me a PM, and I'd be more than happy to talk to you.

Wow...well thus far this has been way deeper and such than I had intended. Oops... Ah well. Anyway, here are just a few extra little tidbits about me, tidbits that most people include in their profiles.


Book: The Silmarillion, by JRR Tolkien. Yes, call me crazy, call me weird. Whatever.
Other favorites include Spindles End, The Blue Sword (both by Robin McKinley), the Memory, Sorrow, and Thorn Trilogy (The Dragonbone Chair, Stone of Farewell, and Journey to Green Angel Tower), and Tailchaser's Song (both by Tad Williams), The Redwall Series (by Brian Jacques), and the Protector of the Small Quartet (First Test, Page, Squire, and Lady Knight, all by Tamora Pierce). There are others, but just far too many to name...

Author: Tolkien, Robin McKinley, Tad Williams, Tamora Pierce, Suzanne Collins, Brian Jacques, and others that I just can't remember right now.

Fanfiction Author: I honestly don't really know...There's Crookneck, Ragnelle, Mirnava, Skyfire2, and Earendilion. And of course Shirebound and lindahoyland :)

Character (book or movie): Elrond. Elrond Half-elven, from JRR Tolkien's Legendarium. I won't go into all of the reasons that I love him here, because that would take a very long time, but just suffice it to know that he is my favorite character in all of literature, as well as television/movie. And I am more than willing to defend him if the need arises, so please don't insult him or bash him. And that includes just to make me angry, because that just gets annoying. (Yes, people slander him just to see me get mad, because that is one of the few things that can actually get me legitimately angry). If you do want to find out more about why I love him so much...just go read some of my fics ;)

Movie: The Lord of the Rings Trilogy, Princess Bride, Ever After, How to Train Your Dragon, Battle: Los Angeles (the 2010 version), Tangled, Star Trek (2011)

TV Show: Legend of the Seeker, Stargate SG-1, Sanctuary for All, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (don't ask), Supernatural, White Collar, Nikita

Actor: Hugo Weaving, Viggo Mortensen, Ryan Robbins, Sean Bean, Richard Dean Anderson

Actress: Amanda Tapping (my favorite actress of all time), Cate Blanchett (a very close second for favorite)

Music (Bands/Groups/Composers): Michael Bergerson, Immediate Music, Two Steps from Hell, Globus, Howard Shore, Nightwish, Within Temptation, Epica, Evanescence, Linkin Park, Seether, Muse, Mumford and Sons (and too many more to remember/list)

School Subject: Language Arts and History

Food/Drink: pretty much anything Italian, and Dr. Pepper or Pepsi

I realize that this is getting rather long, so I suppose I should sign off and stop bothering you with needless information about me that you probably didn't even really want to know in any case. I'm really not that much of an interesting person, after all. In any case, I hope you enjoy snooping around my profile, and perhaps even reading some of my stories! I would love to hear from you sometime, even if it's just a casual hello, or an anonymous comment. I do like getting to know long as it's from safely behind my computer screen ;) Thanks for reading!

Bado go Eru mellon nin,
(Go with God my friend)

Seren Lyall

Concerning my Lord of the Rings canon:

My preferred canon, unlike many fans (or so it seems), is a lovely mix of both Tolkien's actual writings (yes, I have read many of them, including the Trilogy, The Hobbit, the Silmarillion, about half of the first volume of the Book of Lost Tales, and random excerpts from other history volumes), and Peter Jackson's movies. So yes, I suppose one could say that I follow an AU, however it stays quite close to actual canon. For the most part, I generally splice how I view it into two categories: pre-and-post-Second War of the Ring, and the Second War of the Ring. For the pre-and-post category, I stick with Tolkien as closely as possible. Concerning the Second War of the Ring, however, I generally adhere more closely to the movies. People, places, etc. all look the same as they are portrayed in the movies. I do, however, have a few altercations. If they are not listed below, or made mention of in a fic, then please assume that I follow how it transpired in the movies.

My altercations are as follows: (and there will likely be more added on as I think of/remember them)

-Elrond is not a jerk. Despite the fact that I love Hugo Weaving, and his performance of Elrond, I just don't like how they wrote him. Aragorn was his adopted son for goodness sake. I understand that he has had plenty of tragedy in his life, and I'm sure he didn't want to lose Arwen. But, in my mind, this is (kinda) how Elrond and Aragorn's conversation went when Elrond found out about Arwen/Aragorn. "...What? No! ...*long silence* Fine. But you have to be king first."
-Glorfindel does exist. I'm not entirely sure if, in my opinion, he or Arwen goes and collects Frodo, and in my fics, I might bounce back and forth. But, to be honest, I'll probably stick with Arwen, simply because I want to and, one of these days, I plan to write a tale about how she steals Hadhafang, has a very long talk with Asfaloth (and finally convinces him to take her), sneaks out of Rivendell, and rides out to get them, meanwhile Elladan, Elrohir, and Elrond are freaking out, Glorfindel is super angry at her (and Asfaloth), and when she comes back, and Frodo is all safe from dying and such, she gets a VERY loud and long lecture from numerous members of the household.
-Sam's not really a bully. It's always sorta bothered me how he treated Gollum so poorly in the movies. I'm not sure if it was just Sean Astin's portrayal, or how it was written.
-Frodo stabbed the Witchking on Weathertop. I mean, come on movie-Frodo...did you really just drop your sword?
-While Aragorn doesn't particularly want to be king, or want the power that goes along with it, he's not quite as adverse to the fact as he is in the movies. He does go through the whole 'accepting the burden' thing, but it's more from a 'I didn't know when it was going to happen, and I really would prefer not to have to do this...' sorta aspect rather than an 'I'm afraid to do so' point of view.
-The Elessar (the Elfstone (aka the necklace that Arwen gives Aragorn)) doesn't break. Honestly, I've never really been sure if it shattering was just another vision, if it was symbolic, or what my book, it doesn't break. I think it would be rather difficult to break a gem that has survived thousands, upon thousands of years that was either a) likely made by the elves in Aman, and was subsequently brought to Middle-earth as a sign, or b) was shaped by Celebrimbor (the smith of the three Elven Rings)

There are two changes (of varying significance) between my canon and Tolkien's writings.

1) In my 'verse, Gilraen died shortly after Ararthorn due to illness while journeying to Rivendell with Estel and a few remaining Dunedain. Elladan and Elrohir found them wandering in the wilderness, practically delirious with fever and hunger, and brought them home to Imladris. Why did I do this? Because I want to, but more importantly because I do not think Aragorn would have had the relationship with Elrond, Elladan, and Elrohir that I've envisioned him having, and want him to have, had Gilraen lived and stayed with her son through the early years of his life.

2) Elrond and Celebrian met prior to the founding of Imladris. I will eventually be writing about how they met and fall in love, etc. so I won't go into needless details here. Mostly I did this because I think Tolkien was rather lame at writing romance, and I got this sudden lightning strike of inspiration on how I wanted them to have met. So...yeah. I hope that doesn't bother you all too terribly much.

A couple of other random side notes:

-Legolas is an only child.
-Elrond and Thranduil are old friends, however they argue and fight over the littlest things. When push comes to shove, however, they are always there to back each other up.
-Elrond did have the right to take the Noldorin throne, had he so wanted to. He, however, did not wish to.
-The other rings of power (particularly the three elven rings Vilya, Nenya, and Narya) have minds/wills of their own.
-I'm pretty sure it would get pretty boring to be an elf who lived for eternity, and I'm fairly certain that embroidery and weaving, etc., would get dull after the first few millenia. Thus, it is my opinion, that the female elves also knew how to fight (most of them in any case). I mostly just chalk up their general lack of interesting hobbies in the books to the fact that Tolkien was writing in the early-ish twentieth century, and it was pretty break-through for him to even have Eowyn be a super duper amazing warrior woman who saved the day. It's actually sorta hinted at that they did some pretty cool stuff in other books like the Silmarillion. For example, Galadriel (yes, beautiful, serene, elegant, kinda quiet Galadriel) lead many of her people, alongside her brothers, across a giant expanse of shifting, grating ice. They were on foot, and many of the elves died in the attempt.
-Sindarin and Silvan elves are pretty much synonymous, due to the merging of the two peoples during Oropher's reign, and the forming of Galadriel and Celeborn's kingdom(s).
-Also, unlike most of his portrayal in fanfiction, Elrond is not a pansy, a melodramatic sop, OR an immoral, degrading person, whose only good is to patch poor ol' Leggy-lass and Estel-kins up when they get back from their gallivanting in the wilderness and adventuring. He was Gil-galad's herald, for goodness sake! He was born in the first age, to Earendil and Elwing, two of the MOST important figures in history, as well as the culmination of (pretty much) every royal household of elves and elf friends in history! ...okay, Elrond rant done.

I generally write my fanfiction as close to actual canon as possible, and so many of my tales can fit in with the movies or the books without disrupting or disputing anything. There are, of course, the differences I mentioned above, which does make my canon slightly AU. All fics (except for some of my vignette series such as A Season to Love) will always fit in with my own, personal AU canon, however.

The only exception to the above stated parameters will be for my Daehir Chronicles, which are most definitely AU. All tales related to that, however, are still only in the planning stages, so don't expect anything from that to be coming out any time soon.

Lord of the Rings tales in chronological order
(Please note that there will be more stories added in between, before, and after the ones listed below. What I have already written is by no means a complete set, and is set only in a loose timeline, the better for you, as a reader, to understand the context.)

Title - Status; Rating; Category; Main characters (not pairings); Warnings (if any)

Oh Lord, Give Me Wings that I May Fly - Complete; K; Drama/Hurt/Comfort; Elrond/Elros/Maedhros/Maglor; Mild Peril

Poisoned Star - In Progress; Teen; Suspense/Angst; Elrond/Glorfindel/Galadriel/Celeborn; Violence/Torture/Language

Rave at Close of Day - Complete; Teen; Angst; Elrond; violence

The Guardian - Complete; Teen; Angst/Supsense; Elrond/OC-Cuilnoth; Violence

Shifting Shadows - Complete; Teen; Suspense/Supernatural; Elrond/OC-Cruston/OC-Galchyl; Violence/Peril

Awake - Complete; Teen; Romance; Elrond/Celebrian; none

I Fear, Oh Father - Complete; K; Family; Elrond/Elladan; none

Dolor Patris - Complete; Mature; Angst/Hurt/Comfort; Elrond/Elladan/Elrohir; Torture, Violence, Language

Silent Strains - Complete; Teen; Romance/Angst; Elrond/Celebrian; none

Dance With Me - Complete; K; family; Elrond/Arwen; none

And So Night Fades to the Light of an Evening Star (a sequel to Poisoned Star) - Complete; Teen; Family/Angst; Elrond/Arwen/Celeborn/Celebrian/Elladan/Elrohir; slightly disturbing images, oblique references

One Bright Summer's Day - In Progress; K; Hurt/Comfort/Family; Elrond/Erestor/Arwen/Elladan/Elrohir/Celebrian/Colalph; Mild peril and danger

Count the Cost - Complete; Teen; Hurt/Comfort/Romance; Elrond/Celebrian; Violence, Nudity (no smut)

Darkness in the Forest - In Progress; Teen; Adventure/Angst; Legolas/Elrond/Elladan/Elrohir; Violence

Tears Will Come - Complete; K; Angst/Tragedy; Celeborn/Galadriel; none

The Stars Will Be Your Witness - Complete; Teen; Angst/Romance; Elrond/Celebrian; Implied rape, Violence

I Can Hear You - Complete; K; Family; Elrond/Aragorn/Celebrian; none

Monsters in the Dark or: Why the Lizard Failed (crossover) - Complete; K; Family/Hurt/Comfort; Aragorn(Estel)/Elrond/Randall(from Monster's Inc.); mild violence

White Scars (a sequel to Poisoned Star) - Complete; K; Angst/Family; Aragorn(Estel)/Elrond; oblique themes of torture and violence

A Tale of Riddles, Peace, and Good Food - In Progress; K; Humor/Friendship; Merry/Pippin/Aragorn; none

Vesta - Complete; Teen; Supernatural/Tragedy; Aragorn/Haldir/Legolas/Gimli/Theoden; Violence/Character death

Unto My Dying Breath - Complete; Teen; Tragedy; Unnamed Elf; Violence/Character death

Come That Day - Complete; K; Angst/Romance; Elrond/Celebrian/Erestor/OC-Faellach; none

Abandoned - Complete; K; Adventure/Fantasy; Vilya/Elrond; mild violence

My sincerest apologies to everyone from the Stargate and Sanctuary fandoms. I simply cannot seem to get any inspiration for any writing in either fandom any longer. I do indeed hope that, someday in the future (likely far), I will eventually come back to my ongoing fics and finish them. However, despite what I may have said before, I'm afraid I can't promise anything, and there may be a few more unfinished fics floating around for an eternity. Again, my apologies.


Holy crow, it's been FOREVER since I gave y'all an update. My sincerest apologies.

First of all, I want to say sorry for the long silence I've given you all. I've been dealing with some stuff (school/college, family, health) and haven't really had that much of a chance to write. I am still working on stuff, and I promise you all that I fully intend to finish all of my ongoing works. I just have to sit down and make myself write, and try to find time. I also need to sort out the whole review mess that I've found myself in...

And speaking of the review mess, I'm going to say here and now that I apologize for not having replied to reviews, but quite frankly, I don't intend to. I will start again (replying to reviews that is), but only new reviews that I get. I am literally drowning in more than a hundred that I haven't replied to (mostly due to poor time management on my own part), and quite frankly, I simply do not have the time to reply to all of them. Plus the fact that I can't recall which I have replied to, and which I haven't. I hope you will all forgive me. And if there is anything particular you would like me to answer/address, please PM me.

Thank you all so very much for sticking with me through this whole deal. All of my flightiness, my bad author habits (which I promise I'm trying to break), and the extraordinarily long silence in updates. Updates are coming soon...I promise!

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