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Grafting Roses is my first story, started in January 2003. It has been a joy to write, but it isvery difficult to relinquish it to the world, for it is dear to my heart. (as is every author's tale!) I do not know what audience it will find; it doesn't quite 'fit' into the usual LotR ff segments - there's angst, and adventure, and hurt/comfort, and a love (not physical) between Frodo and Sam, which is 'romantic' for its depth and the epic proportion of what it will accomplish for their world. But mostly, it's a canonical 'what if' the Ring had stirred, seizing upon chance circumstance to set its malice free...

So, here it is, my much loved first. May it give pleasure to those who see, and find a home in the hearts of some.

I've written many other stories and poems since starting Grafting Roses;some are for an adult audience, theirratings labeled clearly. (general and slash, G-NC17 - stories other than G-PG13 are not for minors) Additional stories and poems, all about Frodo and Sam, are posted at:

Fireside Tales (my website) " target="new">

West of the Moon fiction archive" target="new">

Also at Samnet, and my LiveJournal, in Memories (Drawings, photomanips, and otherartists' illustrationsfor my stories, as well as the texts, are posted on LiveJournal - username:Notabluemaia)

Discussion, dialog, and comments are most welcome! Contact me, please, by leaving a review here at or West of the Moon, or at my LiveJournal; I will respond individually to any Livejournal comments or by email, if possible.