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Card Captor Sakura

What if - Updated Fridays (Not every Friday, but when I update, it will certainly be on a Friday): I know what you're thinking. "Hey! You keep posting new stuff and you don't post what if! You bloody scumbag!" Well, you're right, but writing for what if is much harder than the other stuff cause it has a much more complex plot, which means I can't just start writing whatever comes to my head. I promise you that what if is still my top priority in fanfiction and I will do this to the end!

Card Captor Sakura: Our Firsts Series

It comprises only one-or-two-shots, all based on all the canon from the anime or the manga, whichever I find more convenient. They all suggest how Sakura and Syaoran would actually handle real life situations that every couple may go through, all of that in Syaoran's point of view. They are NOT part of the same story and/or time line. Just because one thing happened at one story it doesn't mean it will have happened at the other. The only thing binding them in the same series is the theme. It has no definitive end, so sooner or latter something new might pop up.

The Greatest Thing - COMPLETED: Focused on Syaoran's confession to Sakura (Starts a bit before the end of the manga.) and the fact that he'll have to leave for Hong Kong just a few days after confessing.

The Next Stage (In Our Relationship) - COMPLETED: Set several years after the canon events. It's a story of a date between S&S that explores new sides of their personalities, putting Sakura and Syaoran to deal with sex in their relationship.

Our First Date - COMPLETED: It's an exception to the "Our Firsts" series cause it has two chapters, but it's a really short story anyway so it's kinda lika a one-shot. The title is pretty much self explanatory

I might or might not write a multi-chaptered sequel to Our First Date. I have some ideas for a fic that could use some elements introduced in Date, but it's just an idea and it's a long way from becoming an actuall fic. Right now I'm giving priority to thinking about the next one-shot for the our first series.

Figure 17: Tsubasa and Hikaru

One Last Letter - COMPLETED: This one is unlike my usual stuff... Mainly because it's not CCS. Secondly, because it was written in the spur of the moment. I usually take my time to plan my fics. This one just showed up out of the blue. Thirdly, it's ridiculously short which is also unlike me. I enjoyed doing it and though I don't feel it's exactly my best fic, it means something to me. Maybe I'll try doing really quick fics like this one again. Quick fic... That has a nice ring to it. If I ever do more of these I'll definitely create a "Quick Fic" Classification like "Our Firsts".

Bonded - No predictable updating pattern: - My first attempt at a long story other than my main one. I'm not hoping to get many readers since Figure 17 is not very popular around here, but I like it enough to keep going nevertheless. Currently struggling to keep that thought alive cause I really wish more people would check this out.

Let's talk about Figure 17: Tsubasa and Hikaru

This is a great anime, and when I say great I mean REALLY great. I fell in love with it instantly and was very moved by the plot and the characters. I already wrote two fics for it so if you wish to read them I highly recommend watching it if you haven't. If you don't want to read them I still recommend watching it cause it's just great. The reason I'm putting this here is because there are very few fics of it here on the site besides the ones I wrote and I believe the series is being underrated. So if you're looking for something new to watch I say that's what it should be. I'd write a summary here but it'd be kinda pointless. Wikipedia has a good summary which is as spoiler free as it can get so check it out. Thanks for the attention. I guarantee you won't regret it if you watch the anime, even if it feels a bit slow paced.

Avatar: The Last Airbender

Shattering - Updated Fridays (Not every Friday, but when I update, it will certainly be on a Friday): The first chapter of this just wrote itself using me as it's medium, so I'm not sure how the rest of it will turn out. I am taking a liking to it though. Hopefully I'll have accomplished something like a good fic when it's done.

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