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Author has written 5 stories for Mario, Digimon, Sailor Moon, and iCarly.

Name: digimaniac/dm

Age: 10-30 (the range also indicates fluxuation of maturity)

Home: massachusetts

Fav. quotes (these are from anything. ill add quotes as i find them. ill give the thing i got it from, too. i would like to warn you, however, that my quote pile is extremely long now. good luck. also, the quality of quotes ranges. some are quite amusing. others are fairly awesome. a few are things that i found quite amusing, but havent found anyone else who does. and a select few must have spawned out of nothingness, cuz i have no idea why theyre here, but im not removing them. oh, and if you find any mistakes, please email me the corrections. i try to keep these as accurate as possible. oh, and ill randomly switch from dub to japanese names in animes according to where i got the quote from and what it says within the quote. normally, ill use whatever im used to, which ends up being dub (although recently i have been watching more subbed, and in some series, i will refuse to use dub names )coughcardcaptorsakuracough(). current fixing obsession: fixing this formatting style so the new quotes i add dont come out as a giant block until i fix them. this one aint gonna happen.) (last count: 513) (spoilers now abound for a possibly large number of series, especially umineko no naku koro ni, since i dont know how much you can quote from that series or the people who discuss it without spoilers, and mahou sensei negima, as its gotten to a very awesome point with many quotable things, but its also gotten rather spoilery)

"Where have you been?"-Rika
"Watching you from over there,"-Renamon
-The Icemon Cometh

"Malfoy, what were you and Hermione doing?"-Ron
"Making mad, passionate love across the room. We Malfoys are a very talented family."-Draco
-Draco Malfoy, the Amazing Bouncing...Rat?
(hilarious fic, it is here, you should go read it right now.)

"I mean, blue oranges? That's an oxymoron in itself!"-myself
-a retelling of an...interesting dream

)indirect quote(
"Do you know why Inuyasha always wins in a fight? Nope, it isn't cuz he's got half-demon powers. Ain't got nothing to do with a sword made from daddy's teeth. The real reason? MC Hammer pants. Bright, red Hammer pants."-anonymous
-adult swim card for inuyasha.

)indirect quote...again(
"But why is the rum gone?"- Jack Sparrow
"Because it's bad for you and that signal fire's smoke is over 1000 feet high!"- Elizabeth
"...But why is the rum gone?"- Jack Sparrow
-Pirates of the Carribean-The Black Pearl

"Time travel. It's a cornucopia of disturbing concepts."-Ron
-Kim Possible: A Sitch in Time

)yet another indirect quote cuz im too lazy to look it up(
"I don't think that is a real word."-Eliar
"Did you understand what I meant?"-Gher
"Then it's a real word."-Gher
-The Redemption of Althalus
(dm: really is a marvelous novel. david and leigh eddings' first standalone book, i think. go check it out of your library right now. i can wait.)

"Non la può uccidere, troppo testimoni."-Izumi
Translation: "Can't kill her, too many witnesses."
-A Drop of Wind, by Alannabanana, it is a great takumi fic that i liked a lot, so you should read that, too.

"Ph34r my l33t n3kkid skillz!"-Largo
Translation:"Fear my l33t naked skills!"
-Megatokyo (dm: webcomic, domain is www.megatokyo.com, theyve been working for three years now)(more like six now-2006)

"Not all who wander are lost."-J.R.R. Tolkien
-Adult Swim card

"I haven't failed. I've only found ten thousand ways that don't work."-Thomas Edison
-one of my odd friends at school

"Goths don't wear Tinkerbell."-WRTD
-do you really want to know? oh, and Winged-Racoon-The-Dragon has that statement copyrighted now, so you have to ask her permission to use it. her account is on ff.net. in fact, shes in my favorite author section.

"Not bad for a gogglehead."-frontier announcer)coughrikacough(
-Lobomon:Warrior of Light

"It had to be something I pressed. begins pushing buttons randomly Come on, digivolution start! Operation turn me into a digimon-"-Takuya
"Fractal code rendered."-)Ophanimon(
-Lobomon:Warrior of Light

"By the way, I'm Bokomon, keeper of The Book, at your service."-Bokomon
"And I'm Neemon, keeper of my pants, also at your service, you awesome human!"-Neemon
-Lobomon:Warrior of Light

"Wolfboy has some pretty sweet moves. But what's with the attitude?"-)Rika(
-Lobomon:Warrior of Light

"Chaos shall always defeat order because chaos is better organized."-Terry Pratchett (sp?)
-really weird friend after pe.

“So we have half a dragon living with us and the other half chasing us. What fun.”-Raven
-Crimson Dragon (WRTDs fic, teen titans, go read it.)

"This rates pretty high on a scale of one to stupid!"-Takuya
-All Aboard

"It's a human!"-Bokomon
"You think everything's a human!"-Neemon
"Oh, be quiet!"-Bokomon
-All Aboard

"Hey, Kari, what luck! You're in my class again!"-Davis
"I wouldn't call it luck."-Kari
-Enter Flamedramon

"Move aside, this is a woman's job."-Kari
"Too bad we don't have a woman here to help!"-T.K.
-Enter Flamedramon

"The coldest winter I ever spent was summer in San Francisco."-Mark Twain sounds right...
-ehh...somewhere? i really cant remember.

"Duct tape is like the force. It has a light side and a dark side and it holds the universe together."-somebody said it...
-a person...i cant remember.

"Not all scars show, not all wounds heal, sometimes you can't see the pain someone feels."-firehotquotes.com(now fhq.com on this bio)
-a friend at school wrote it down for me.

"If electricity comes from electrons, does morality come from morons?"-a person noone knows...
-came to me through my sister...

"The flying hamster of doom comes and rains coconuts upon your pitiful city."-shirt
-erm...someone was wearing it at school

"Chaos, panic& disorder - my work here is done."-Rika
-Troubled Girl, the most hilarious fic i have ever read! i laugh as quietly as i can, cuz my parents are usually asleep at the time, but its hard! man...im gonna read that now!

"Not all men are annoying. Some are dead."-whoever you want
-white tiger claws bio, who is an awesome person! go read their stories now!

"Early to bed, early to rise makes people suspicious."-gee, i dunno...
-whitey is back! however, staying up late makes people suspicious as well...eh

"I've got just the pick-me-up!"-Rika
"All right!"-Kyuubimon
-Homeward Bound (dm: only here cuz i laughed out loud at kyuubimons tone.)

"Are you out of your chicken-fried mind?"-Kazu
-Homeward Bound

"You can't boss me around! I am a Tamer! Nyah!"-Kenta (yes, Kenta)
-Homeward Bound

"Still hungry, but too sleepy to eat..."-Guilmon
-Homeward Bound

"Why are they even bothering? Shooting at that thing isn't going to do any good."-Rika
"Hey, I don't see us doing any better. Please, if you know the way to defeat it, I would love to hear it!"-Henry
"Well, we're not going to get anywhere with that kind of attitude."-Rika (yeah, rikas lecturing someone on their attitude. scary, neh?)
-Beelzemon's Big Day

"You're sure they're not just here to weird us out? Cuz they're doing a great job of that!"-Rika
-Beelzemon's Big Day

"Guilmon, what are you doing?"-Takato
"Staring contest."-Guilmon
"Come on!"-Takato
"But I was winning!"-Guilmon
-Beelzemon's Big Day

"They're not following! Maybe they're afraid of us!"-Rika
"Or so unconcerned about us that we're not worth chasing."-Renamon
"Way to stay positive, Renamon!"-Henry
-Beelzemon's Big Day

"We can make something!"-Takato
"Yeah, but will that something kill us?"-Rika
-Beelzemon's Big Day

"Well, it's official. We're all going to get food poisoning."-Rika
-Beelzemon's Big Day

"Yeah, I'm talking to myself. So what?"-Impmon
-gasp! Beelzemon's Big Day, for what seems to be the first time! )coughnotcough(

-probably almost any tamers eppy with terriermon in it...

"Aw! Curses wonderfully!"-WRTD
-some point where she lost something. and yes, she actually said curses wonderfully. when you know youve been writing g fics too long...

"Raven, no more going Super Saiyan."-Director
-inughosts teen titans outtakes, a hilarious story/author, go read his fics, too.

"Evil hath no fury to a woman scorned, and nowhere near as many friends to help make your life miserable."-InuGhost
-Behind the Scenes of Teen Titans, some odd ideas, but still funny.

“HOLY SWEET MONKEYS, BATMAN!”-Terriermon (terriermon, as in digimon, as in not robin)
-Digimon Tribute (havent even finished the first chapter yet, but its already a really good read. you should read that now, its by AnT)

"Do not try to hold a friend's left shoe hostage...Trust me, they WILL find a hose and they WILL use it on you."-WRTD
-her bio...man that was a fun day...

"Sure, Taiora is a stereotype, but it's a GOOD stereotype."-any taiora fan, i tell you...
-AnTs bio, hes a pretty good author, you should check out his stories.

"When in doubt, blame Tyson. It works for Hilary!"-Dizzi
-Beybattle at the Bit Beast Corral (long eppy name, no?)

"The last time I ate a ball of cotton, it was white and did not taste very-"-Starfire
"This is different."-Robin

"See? She thinks I'm funny."-Beast Boy
"Statistically, i suppose someone had to."-Raven

"Your sister's poetry is surprisingly dark."-Raven

"This party is pointless."-Raven
"Everything's pointless. Wanna go talk about it?"-Random Goth Dude
")shrug( )walks off with RGD("-Raven

"Toodles. Noodles. Poodles. Snoodles...where did that come from?"-Thundara
-her bio, id have her in my fav authors list if she actually wrote anything. of course, im not one to talk...

"And that's why shiny things are a hazard to the public!"-Isilwen
-Crimson Dragon, dont ask about context

“Never insult a girl’s cooking if she has ready access to anything she can use to throw at you, unless you have a friend you can use as a shield to hide behind.”-Inughost
-Behind the Scenes of Teen Titans

"God?"-C. (sisters friend)
-some restaurant in europe...

"This is the woman of his dreams, the woman he could spend the rest of his life with. I don't consider that personal."-Cory
-Chasing Angela (Boy Meets World)

"She's in a deathy mood today."-Nuriko
-one of my reviews for some fic

"The Deva has arrived!"-Owl
"Oh, yeah! Oh hail to the Deva! He who drinks the life out of the plant and expands himself and looks like a bright big chicken!"-Owl
"He who drinks the life out of what?"-Henry
"A bright big chicken?"-Takato
"Yes. The bright and mighty chicken vengance that shall rule all of us!"-Owl
"Chicken vengance? Isn't that Kung Pow Chicken?"-Takato
"Why do you want to be ruled by a Digital Chicken?"-Henry
"Because he is a DEVA!"-Owl
"Well, can't argue with that."-Henry
-w00t! finally saw this eppy. okay, but now i forgot it...hehe, gomen. did anyone else find it amusing that he called the deva a big bright chicken? just wondering...

"You cannot defeat me with a blade that does not sparkle with the power to defeat evil!"-Ganondorf
My take on it:"You must have a sparkly sword to beat me! No! The sparkles!"
-Wind Waker, i swear, thats the most fun line to make fun of in the entire game so far...

“If, in this world, deadly and nuclear weapons are considered toys for kids, then I gotta move there.”-Shibumi
-Digital Fever, another of AnT's crossovers, medabots and tamers, obviously.

"I'm gonna go ahead and leave during this awkward silence."-Twitty
-Surf's Up (Even Stevens)

"How did-Where are-What just-...Why are you wearing pink?"-Beast Boy
")giggle( Cuz it's my favorite color!"-Raven
"...it is?"-Beast Boy

"Um, I know this isn't my style, but we just kicked Slade's butt. Shouldn't we celebrate or something?"-Raven
"O_o"-Cyborg and Robin
"Yeah!"-Beast Boy
"All you can eat..."-Cyborg
"Free form..."-Beast Boy
"BREAKFAST EXPLOSION!"-Beast Boy and Cyborg
"Sorry I asked."-Raven
-erm...i think its Apprentice, part 2, but dont make any bets on it, kay?

"Is there any meat in the tofu?"-Cyborg
-Apprentice, part 2, but again, dont make any bets on it.

"Then, we really are friends?"-Beast Boy
"Mmm, hm."-Raven
"And you really think my jokes are funny?"-Beast Boy
"Don't push it."-Raven

"I want to be awake to experience my near death experiences!"-me
-this sleepover where i found out that i had been in peril from a threatening ps2...

"I like my misery."-WRTD
-she was playing jak and daxter 2

"What are you guys talking about?"-WRTD
"The flowosity of pudding."-me
-during one lunch

"Do we trust a ping-pong ball with wings?"-Joe (not sure, though)
-The Piximon Cometh

"Maybe you digivolve into something like this. Porkymon! With super strong oink attack and the power to, um, oink!"-T.K.
"Well, how about Hogmon? Super hog smell and the power to snort up enemies in a single sniff, like this! snorts really loudly"-T.K.
"I am not a pig, T.K.!"-Patamon
-Digibaby Boom

"Where did those fish come from? How could they just come out of there like that?"-Joe
"I dunno, but if it's not broken, don't fix it."-Gomamon
"It's really elementary, Joe. There's probably just a dimensional vortex rift in the water."-Izzy
-The Arrival of Skullgreymon

"What's the difference between Wicken and Catholism?"-me
-dinner, we were discussing religions for some reason, and if i spelled a religion wrong, sorry, ive never seen either of them

"dm's mind is a scary place that none but her can contemplate."-Nuriko
"Which reminds me. My walls are white."-me
-my review for...er...a fic! yeah, thats right...

"ph34r /y l4c Translation: fear my lack of life!
-yet another review for a fic, seeing a pattern yet? (okay, sorry, apparently ff.net is not a friend of l33t. you can take the quote at face value, if ya want)

"Cry me a river, build me a bridge, and get over it!"-Rika
-sigh. sadly, i cannot remember the fic i got this from. maybe digimon tribute. something like that. if you know, email me.

"Who are you, Test Tube Boy?"-Kyra
"Actually, these are technically called beakers."-Walt
"Fine, Beaker! Hiya Beaker! You related to the Muppet?"-Kyra
-Here Comes Tomorrow, fic by legend maker, also the author of black and white, which is in my favorites pile

"Y’know, kicking their asses was fun. We should form our own super-gang, so that we can do that more often!”-Kyra
“And fight for truth and justice, right?”-Donar
“Maybe, if it looks fun."-Kyra
-Here Comes Tomorrow

"Dude, that was SO FREAKIN CLICHÉ! That was a Cliché Burger With Extra Cliché with a side of Cliché Fries!”-Beast Boy
-Wings of the Eagles, also by legend maker

"Your World, my World...What's the difference?
There is none. Our worlds are all connected by the same sky...The same Destiny...
We all share the same heart, don't we? A heart that will forever beat in our lives, and that of our children...Forever and ever...
It's beginning...A War...
A War that will collide the Destinies of all Worlds together...A War that will ensue within all our hearts...
But when the time comes, whose side will you be on?
And whose side will Fate favor?
Only time will tell...Time is of the essence...
Your Quest for Destiny is underway, my friend...
But will you find the path that suits you within the chaos of War...?"
-an email i got from an author here

“Good morning friends and stranger who is attacking them. I would sing all ninety verses the song of greeting, but I need some coffee. Excuse me.”-Starfire
-The Epic of Gauntlet, the most hilarious, not all humor fic on teen titans ive ever seen, by BobCat

"There is no such thing as too much mustard!"-Starfire
-Crazy Little Thing, romance fic by noriaki kakyoin

"What's that?"-Pippin
"This, my friend, is a pint."-Merry
"They come in pints? I'm getting one."-Pippin
"But you've had two already!"-Sam (dm: i think)
-LOTR:Fellowship of the Ring

"He shoots, he misses, and he hits a pole!"-Daxtar
-Sphinx The Gatekeeper of Time, wrtds jad fic, go read

"Help! Help! I'm being repressed!"-Political peasant
-Monty Python and the Holy Grail, that line is so much fun to shout out at random times cuz everyone begins to fall from laughing so hard

"Don't mind me, I'm just going crazy..."-dm
"Point, very good point."-dm
-this is a normal conversation that occurs in many of my reviews. fun, eh?

")dm rides newly evolved greymon out of conviently placed giant hole in wall to go to city("-that third unnamed person in all my reviews who tells you what im doing
"Yeah, you're just as insane as she is."-Nuriko
-i think it was a review for all in a days insanity

"Boy I’ll never eat birds again for as long as I live. I swear.”-Gatomon
"Then my mission is complete."-Pidgeot )translated, so you know(
-Mon Wars, another incomplete AnT fic

“You’re sick, you know that?”-Hiro (gold/silver pokemon character)
“Yes, I know.”-IceDevimon
-Mon Wars

"Are you a good witch or a bad witch?"-Glinda
"Well I'm not a witch at all! Witches are mean and ugly!"-Dorothy
"Why are they laughing?"-Dorothy
"Because I am a good witch. Only bad witches are ugly."-Glinda
"Oh- Hey wait! You just asked me if I was a bad witch!"-Dorothy
-id assume wizard of oz...

"Will one of you be a great friend and shoot me?"-Izumi
"No one is dying before me."-Kouji
"We could all just shoot each other at the same time."-Kouichi
"What's wrong with you? I thought you wanted her to stay?"-Izumi
"You can only pretend to be nice for so long."-Kouichi
-A Drop of Wind

"Maybe the pointlessness of it is the whole point!"-Sora
-Seasick and Tired, so far my fav quote from adventure

"If I were a less evolved person, I'd say cram it, Brillohead."-Topanga
-The Play's the Thing (Boy Meets World)

)indirect quote. im lazy. sue me.(
"Hi, Robin!"-Larry
"Didn't see that coming."-Raven

"Cool! I mean...oops."-Raven

"Everything looks so joyous and wonderful!"-Raven! no, Starfire. itd be creepy if rae said that...
"Yeah! Any chance we could change it back?"-Raven, for real
-Fractured, is it just me, or did rae get some awesome lines in this one?

"Zelda asked me to come get you guys."-Sheik
"She said, and I quote: It's a surprise! Mwahahahahahahaha!"-Sheik
-Super Link Bros.! by iceprincess L.L

"Lasciate ogni speranza, voi ch’entrate."-Kanashimi
Translation: Abandon all hope, ye who enter.
-Rurouni Outtakes, by narrator, an awesome writer. go read her fics

“She’s just a defenseless damsel in distress.”-Terriermon
"Need I remind you that I still have Renamon with me?”-Rika
“Did I say defenseless damsel in distress? I meant a Queen of Digimon with a kick-butt partner. Eh heh heh...”-Terriermon
-Tamers of Time

"I'm still mad you named me after a crossdresser."-Nuriko
-ah, one of my reviews

"A quote cannot be defined by quotation marks alone."-Kevin
-a website, im not sure who kevin is though...

"In the end only you have the power to decide your fate, there may be seemingly insurmountable odds but one small act can generally tip the balance. The only thing certain in life is the uncertainty of it all."-Kevin
-the same website

“So…how did you know that was the entrance, Goggles? It looked like wall to me.”-Rika
“Call it OmniTamer’s instinct.”-Takato
"Just plain luck, huh?"-Ruki('s thoughts)
“Just plain luck, huh?”-Rika
“Oh, dear God…”-Takato
“What’s wrong, Takato?”-Guilmon
"I need to do something with your personality algorithm, Ruki…"-Takato's thoughts
"Did I tell you it is unchangeable?"-Ruki('s thoughts)
-Forget the Y2K, This is Madness, daneel rush

“How the heck do you know my name, you freak?”-Rika
"Ladies and gentlemen, Rika Nonaka…"-Takato's thoughts
-Forget the Y2K, This is Madness!

"Man, what I’d do for a pencil and paper right now!"-Takato's thoughts
"Gee, don’t be so desperate, Gogglehead……I’ll memorize that for you."-Ruki('s thoughts)
"Would you be that kind?"-Takato's thoughts
"I think I’m gonna puke…"-Ruki('s thoughts)
"You can’t, Ruki…"-Takato's thoughts
"Touche."-Ruki('s thoughts)
-Forget the Y2K, This is Madness!

“So……how are you?”-Henry
“My head still hurts after releasing the Hazard, my whole body aches; Rika just broke like 10 of my ribs and I’ve been through a very humiliating moment……I couldn’t feel any better.”-Takato
“Well, look at it from the good side.”-Henry
“Which good side?”-Takato
“It’s not happening to me.”-Henry
“Thanks for the support, buddy.”-Takato
“That’s what best friends are for.”-Henry
-Forget the Y2K, This is Madness!

"Oh, it's just a bird. A large bird, I grant you. A large, angry bird! AAAAAAH!"-Phantomon
-Flower Power

"I brake for no apparent reason."-me dont know...
-bumper sticker

")in tiny letters( If you can read this, I can hit my brakes and sue you."-eh, that person...
-bumper sticker

"Clear the road-I'm 16."-you know, that person again...
-bumper sticker

"Sora told me to be brave, no matter how scared I get."-T.K.'s thoughts
"Looks scary, you go first."-T.K.
-Piedmon's Last Jest

"Sounds like you two are falling for each other!"-Piedmon (evil villains are so perceptive...)
-Piedmon's Last Jest

"I fear this time his brain is gone forever."-Starfire
"Beast Boy had a brain?"-Raven
"Hahahahahaha! )realizes( Dude! That's not funny! I totally have a brain! )pauses( I just don't use it often."-Beast Boy
-Mad Mod

"Fascinating. Our bodies are being broken down into little pieces of digital information."-Izzy
-Apocalymon Now

"This may be a stupid question, but how come we're not still falling?"-Izzy
-Apocalymon Now

"I am the ultimate evil, complete with hot and cold running water!"-Apocalymon
-Apocalymon Now, sometimes, one must ask...

"Some weren't up to the challenge and simply disappeared."-Apocalymon
"That makes sense. Even in Earth, some species became extinct during the process of evolution. In fact, the Tasmanian tiger wolf was one of the-"-Izzy
"Ah!"-everyone, basically
"Who's the one telling this story, anyway, me or you?"-Apocalymon
"All right, go ahead."-Matt
-Apocalymon Now

"As for you, Matt-"-Gabumon
"You don't have to say anything, I know."-Matt
"There was that time when-"-Gabumon
"Yeah, that's right, I remember."-Matt
"And you and I-"-Gabumon
"I know."-Matt
"Remember when we-"-Gabumon
"Didn't you hear me? I said you don't have to say anything."-Matt
-Apocalymon Now

"Crests? We don't need no stinkin crests!"-Kari, amazingly
-you know what? this is the first quote from Apocalymon Now! )coughnotcough( :P

"Okay, I choose Abnormal Female Behavior for 300."-Ruki('s thoughts)
“Alright! Rika is looking at Takato with big glowing eyes and a dreamy look as if our Gogglehead were so sort of white knight in shining Goggles. What’s wrong with that picture?”-Chaos
-Theory of Chaos, yet another fic by daneel rush

"So you’re older than the Big Bang, huh?"-Takato's thoughts
“Yeah, pretty much...hard to believe, huh?”-Chaos's thoughts
"Yeah, anyone would think you’d have matured by now..."-Ruki('s thoughts)
“Hey!”-Chaos's thoughts
-Silent Sorrow, another fab fic by daneel rush

"I don’t think you came here just to make fun of us, Terriermon.”-erm, think it was Goddramon. total guess, though
“Oh, of course not! First I’ll share some of my infinite knowledge with you. Then, I’ll make fun of you."-Terriermon
-Silent Sorrow

"Blessed are the meek, for they make great scapegoats."-that person i dont know...
-a fortune cookie

"DC learned a valuable lesson that moment...no, make it two lessons. The first one being, of course, that there is no more frightening force in the Universe than an angered woman. The second was much simpler. Never, ever, insult Matsuki Takato when his sister's in hearing range."-narrator type person, i guess...
-Book 0: Introduction to Gospel, drs latest fic, comes after the tamers forever series

"Seven days without pizza makes one weak."-a pizza sign
-wrtds bio

"They say that truth will set you free. Then why is it whenever i tell the truth I get sent to my room?"-eh, someone had to say it
-wrtds bio

"I'll kill you untill you die!"-somebody with a temper, but not many brains
-wrtds bio

"Clean laundry helps the confidence level, which helps the self image, which helps um, you win games, which makes you rich, which leads to greed, which leads to more money, Which causes immense spending, which then triggers high anxiety, which causes a heart attack at the age of 31 and puts you in a coma for 10 years while you lose all of your money and you start at the beginning again!"-ooh! i actually know this one! its Benjer Peterson!
-wrtds bio

"You'll earn thousands of dollars daily by doing nothing."-sigh, this one i do not know...
-fortune cookie that wrtd had

"Watch out for the idiot behind me!"-eh, someone...
-bumper sticker that, whaddya know, wrtd saw

"RUN! The Furbies have found the Barney Store!"-i dunno, but wouldnt that be scary?
-wrtds bio

"I swear! I am perfectly sane! Shut-up in there...shut-up in there..."-oh, anyone on ff.net with a sense of humor
-wrtds bio

"Simpson...Homer Simpson! He's the greatest guy in history! From the...town of Springfield...he's about to hit a chestnut tree-AHHH!"-Homer Simpson, of course
-wrtds bio, man they have a bunch of quotes...

"You are...really weird, Tohya-san."-er...i forgot
"I am?"-Tohya-chan, of course

“Ow...why do I feel like I’ve been hit by a truck, beaten by baseball bats and then hugged by a boa constrictor?”-Steel
“Uh...XANA did it.”-Odd
“Fine with me.”-Steel
-Crystals, wrtds code lyoko fic, its actually pretty cool

"Look at me, I'm invisible!"-me, hehe
-oh, whenever anyones ignoring me, it took me a long time to realize this was an oxymoron

"Who are you!"-Robin
"If I wanted you to know, I wouldn't have worn a mask."-Red X
-X, man, red x was an awesome villain

"Evil villains are so perceptive."-me
-my notes about the quote of piedmon from piedmon's last jest...im quoting my quotes pile... yep, im sad

"They go together like ham and eggs… peanut butter and jam… chocolate mix and milk… Mmm… I’m hungry…"-kamehameha
-their author notes for just for you about rukato

"Perfection is heading for hospital."-Crow
-Crimson Dragon author notes

"Rika! You do have a heart!"-Henry
-Out of the Blue, i swear terriermon is rubbing off on him

"Told you we'd win you a prize."-Beast Boy
"A giant chicken. I must be the luckiest girl in the world."-Raven
-Sisters, i just realized i have a lot of quotes from sisters...meh

"Don't knock on death's door. Ring the doorbell and run instead!"-WRTD
-one of our random conversations

"’Thought’ is the mother of all mess ups.”-Raven
-Crimson Dragon

"I know the Heimlich manuever, so I can hurt you."-Edison friend
-during lunch

"Good morning, cardboard box. )looks again( Ahem. Ahem. Ah, student, shouldn't you be in class?"-Principal
"I in a box."-Guilmon
-Digimon, Digimon Everywhere

"Do you think I should thank her?"-Lily
"Yeah, let's go find a 'Thanks for saying something nice and proving you're a human being' card. You can find them in the overly long, awkwardly phrased humor section."-her friend...parker? something...
"Maybe when I'm there I'll pick up a 'Thanks for being my personal superhero when I was sucking out loud at the show' card."-Lily
-gah...forgot the name of the eppy...radio free roscoe

"Two little monkeys, sitting in a tree.
One is blind and the other can't see.
All day long, they throw their coconuts down.
I know because one hit me on the crown.
Upstart silly little monkeys, be nice to me.
Upstart silly little monkeys, come on, let me be.
Upstart silly little monkeys, be good to me."-erm...singers?

"Now would be a really good time for you to start listening to me."-Takato
-cant remember...

"It's you!"-Takato
"It's me! It's him! And aren't you happy to see us!"-Terriermon
-see above

"It's not very smart to mouth off to someone bigger than you."-Henry
-see above

"Did you find a home for that cardboard box?"-Mr. Matsuki
-see above

"Sorta like Kari, with a punk, you know, sort of edge."-random dude on the streets talking about rika
-Now You See It, Now You Don't

"I still have a full and complete minute of your precious time and I intend to use every second of it."-Mrs. Asagi
")sigh( Apparently to tell you I still have a minute of your time."-Mrs. Asagi
-Now You See It, Now You Don't

"Where does she live? I need her."-Takato
"Dude, I can't believe what you just said. Did you just say you need a girl?"-Kazu, i wonder if i can find a kazu shrine somewhere...
-gah, see above

"Are you guys gonna fight?"-Guilmon
"Who? )indicates himself and Rika("-Takato
"She's a girl! And she'd kick my butt."-Takato, oh so honest
-see above

"Stop pushing."-Guilmon
"Move faster, then."-Renamon
-see above, i love this one

"The heart is not a plaything, the heart is not a toy. If you want it broken, give it to a boy."-some person on gaia
-a friend at school told it to me...

"Have you ever seen her this happy?"-Cyborg
"Dude, I didn't even know Raven could do happy."-Beast Boy

"Hey, I know where we are! We're in that place where I didn't know where we were before!"-Cyborg

"I wish there were someone around here who understood that, someone I could talk to. Someone more like me."-Raven...sniffle...
"There is."-book (technically Malchior, who should die, but eh)
")gasps, drops book("-Raven
"Ow."-)Malchior( (he deserves it!)

"If you're gonna rebel, do it right."-Mrs. Lunt, a teacher at school
-ah, one of my friends told me

"I'm wearing tear-wide pants and I'm not afraid to use them."-Ray
-I Am Question Mark (RFR)

"Peace, quiet, tranquil-)blows up car("-Starfire
"We are so doomed."-Raven

"Raven, we have done it! )hugs Raven("-Starfire
"You're hugging me...!"-Raven

"Are you avoiding me?"-Daria
"Uh...not anymore?"-Jane
-The Misery Chick (Daria)

"Did you bozos just have a good idea?"-Rika
"Can it, Rika!"-KazuKenta
-No Mon is an Island

"My mom and grandma...must be pitching a fit."-Rika
"I bet they're both doing just fine. I mean, I did send them that email letting them know you were okay."-Takato
"What? You sent them an email? When did this happen?"-Rika
"Oh. Well, it happened a while back. We got seperated from you guys. We got email from the real world and so...I kinda...Well, I guess you could say that I..."-Takato
"Pretended to be me and sent an email to my mom and grandma, that sum it up?"-Rika
"Whoa, hold on there, calm down. I only did it cuz if I said you weren't with us, your mom and grandma would've gotten worried, so...okay, go ahead and hit me."-Takato
"Thanks for doing that. pauses Wait, you didn't put a girly heart or something after it, did you?"-Rika
"Did you?"-Rika
"What? I don't even know what a heart looks like..."-Takato
"Hey! You did, didn't you? Oh, man, when I get through with you, the Devas will seem like cuddly little kitty cats!"-Rika
skipping henry...not that i dont like him
"A heart! Oh, even a smiley face would've been better!"-Rika
"Um, yeah, that's what I put, a smiley face!"-Takato
"You used a smiley face? Are you kidding me?"-Rika
skipping zhuqiamon...the git
"A smiley face!"-Rika
"We're here."-Guilmon
-No Mon is an Island, that is easily the longest quote ive ever written down

"You'd think we'd learn to move away from danger instead of towards it."-Takato
"Some of us are just thickheaded, I guess."-Rika
"She means you, Takato."-Guilmon
"Yeah, yeah, I know."-Takato
-No Mon is an Island

"Okay...I'm trembling over here."-Takato
"Yeah, trembling sure looks like the thing to do right now."-Rika
-No Mon is an Island

"Two sad girls..."-Kazu
"Hey! Kazu!"-Kenta
"Hm...I haven't even started dating and I've gotta deal with two sad girls."-Kazu
"Once you start dating, I'm sure you'll make many girls sad."-Guardromon
"Won't you?"-Guardromon
-No Mon is an Island

"Do you guys have a plan?"-Matt
"Well, this is for when your plan fails."-Matt
-erm...the christmas special with aaron carter... (Lizzie McGuire)

"Respect is hard to earn, but easy to destroy."-Inughost
-meh, an email

"So, WRTD, what's your definition of scary?"-me (names were changed to protect our identities, so you know)
"Omigosh, she's cheating on him! How could she?"-WRTD (who was reading a book, not paying attention to our conversation at all)
-man, once when we were hanging out...perfect timing there

"Maybe the guy thought you were laughing at the idea of you making out with anyone."-me
"Yeah...hey!"-friend who wishes to remain anonymous
-phone conversation...we talk about the weirdest things, huh?

"Where do you come from all the time? Do you just wait around to scare us?"-Takato
-Not as Seen on TV, this regards to renamon, of course

"You speak French?"-can't remember...or care
"Si."-me, sadly enough
-tap lessons, this is why you never talk to me about languages. or anything, for that matter.

"The girl's crazier than a soup sandwich."-Kazu
-Song of Sakuyamon

"Those who love me are enemies; Those who hate me are friends."-Evil World Leader
-i think-email or somethin...

"She was going to find the Gogglehead, and beat him to a pulp. Then probably kiss him."-er...Narrator, sorta...its about Rika
-Running, pretty cool fic, its in my fav list, too

"We're now out of school, so you have to use small words. SMAAAAAALL words, like antibacterial!"-WRTD
-phone convo, yes she said that, no, i dont know whether she was kidding or not.

"Never look the enemy straight in the eye- you'll miss what his hands are doing."-kayono
-her fic, Tributes

"Just remember, do not underestimate the power of beans."-Evil World Leader
-some email of his. i cant remember any more.

"It's not polite to criticize other people's dimensions."-Iori
-Dream Fever by SilvorMoon, one of the most amazing digimon writers i have ever seen

"Scenic design is like architecture, only cheaper."-my sister
-she was talking about her college choices

"I don't know my computer, but I know my keyboard!"-my sister
-i think shes been on the computer too long...

"Isn’t hacking illegal?”-Yolei
“Not in the digital world.”-Patrick
“Why not?”-Yolei
“Because nobody’s ever done it before.”-Patrick
-The Crest of Rage, by Combat Master. did i put this on my favs yet...? well, if i didnt, you have the title, you have the author, find it yourself and read it, cuz its good.

“Henry, give me a good reason not to kill your Digimon.”-Rika
“The defense rests.”-Henry
“What? Henry, I’m your partner! Ouch! My ears are fragile, Rika!”-Terriermon
-Book 0: Introduction to Gospel, daneel rush's latest rukato fic. sequel to his tamers forever series. he still hasnt updated it.

"Is anyone lost, confused, or otherwise disoriented?"-Mrs. Stahl
-my summer school math teacher

"It takes real effort to screw yourself up this much."-Takato
-Perfect Hazzard, one of Black's fics

"Nothing says 'welcome home' like fresh baked Marine Angemon."-Takato's thoughts
-Perfect Hazzard

"Fire when ready; or should I say, hammer when ready."-Bottle (it makes sense in the story)
"I say, be quiet or I might miss."-Link
"Shutting up."-Bottle
-The Way the Winds of Time Blow

"Revenge is a kind of wild justice."-Sir Francis Bacon (Of Revenge)
-This Kiss, fic by Cyberwolf, awesome rukato

"Happiness is like peeing yourself. Everybody can see it but only you can feel its warmth."- Unknown

"By the final arc of the series, Toei had managed to turn the goggle boy into Sailor Daisuke, champion of justice and ramen noodles. And in the name of the Deus Ex Machina, he will punish you."-this person...on a website...
-website, as i said. it was just too funny to pass up.

“Everyone is the architect of their own fortune.”-Renamon
-Omnia Vincit Armor, dont ask about the title, even i dont get it. fic by rukator. love the name. :P

"The end is only a place where someone got tired of writing."-anonymous
-Fated, amazing rukato au by the extremely talented Angel-Chan

"I keep waiting for this thing to flop, but it sure is taking its time. I guess I'll have to try harder."-Piro
-one of his rants for his comics (hes the guy who writes and draws megatokyo, the most amazing webcomic ever invented)

"Boredom and Fatigue are my muses. Fatigue gives me plotlines, and Boredom makes me write them."-Demigod
-his (her?) bio

"This chapter is late because I kept getting distracted by real life. It'll go away eventually."-Demigod
-author notes for HOAGIE, knd fic

"I'm a Rukato type myself, but I used to believe in Ryuki."-me
"Why is it you talk about relationships like they're religions?"-Nuriko
"...They aren't?"-me
")falls down("-Nuriko
-my review for...what was it...oh, some fic

"Today I got lost on the road of life."-RyanMonX
-signature (digimon message board)

"My sadistic side is coming out...buwhahaha..."-WRTD
"What? Can't I be evil?"-WRTD
"Why not?"-WRTD "Because you're WRTD, simple fact of nature."-Thundara
-aim convo

"I thought only fictional characters and schizophrenics have conversations with themselves..."-Motoko
-First Love, Second Chance, its a love hina story, and i suggest you read it

"Why Did Ruki use a pom-pom cell phone?"-gamefreak202020
"Perhaps she is a girl after all."-sergio4652
-message board (ask a stupid question, get a stupid answer board, in fact. and yes, that is the real name.)

"Miyako was tempted, for several heartbeats, to bang Daisuke's head against the brick wall of the school. Then reason reasserted itself and she decided that it probably wouldn't do any good. Daisuke had a ridiculously thick skull."-erm...narrator, technically
-Bed of Nails, hilarious miyako-centric fic, although it is extremely mature

"If Ryo's story was a car and the other Digidestined were standing on the sides of the straight road of continuity then they would have to run for their lives because they wouldn't know which way Ryo was going in his car."-Mark, a (supposed?) producer
-a forum about digimon 05

"Oh, are you a prefect Percy? You should have said something, we had no idea."-one of the Weasley twins...
"Hang on I think I remember him saying something about it, once..."-obviously the other one
"Or twice-"-first twin
"A minute-"-second twin
"All summer-"-first twin
-The Sorcerer's Stone

"So-after that obvious and disgusting bit of cheating-"-Lee Jordan
"Jordan!"-Professor McGonagall
"I mean, after that open and revolting foul-"-Jordan
"Jordan, I'm warning you-"-McGonagall
"All right, all right. Flint nearly kills the Gryffindor Seeker, which could happen to anyone, I'm sure..."-Jordan
-The Sorcerer's Stone

"Real cartoons come from Japan!"- TearsForgotten (deviantart person)
-signature, i think

"Being able to disable all opponents with mints seems like a big advantage."-Raven
-The Epic of Gauntlet

“Don’t die for your country! Make the other bastard die for his!”-Soldiers
-Wings of the Eagles

“…That has got to be the craziest, if not stupidest thing I’ve ever seen."-Jeri
“Unfortunately for all of us she’s a pre-teen. Thus, stupid and crazy actions come with the territory.”-Renamon
“I thought I told you not to talk to that rabbit.”-Rika
“Uh…guys… dragon…over there…”-Jeri (i assume)
“I’m on it, I’m on it.”-Sakuyamon (dual voice)
-High School, go figure by lonewalker

"Gals get so hung up on my astonishing good looks that they completely fail to appreciate my staggering intellect..."-Vox
"I'm sure lots of people fail to appreciate your intellect."-Lux
-Background Music, on fp.com (fictionpress.com) by Silvormoon

"Better to ask forgiveness than ask permission."-Pax
-Background Music

"Who says that OoT's plot is shallow?"-Twilight_Prince12
-a board discussing whether the sages died or not. way too deep for me to join in.

"BOMBS: 20 rupees
RED POTION: 68 rupees
BLUE RING: 250 rupees
Single-handedly taking down SIX BLUE DARKNUTS: Priceless"-IronKnuckle524
-ign.com on the zelda boards

"Love your enemy, it'll drive him nuts."-Team MGS
-kiera2, yet another ign user

“What did you call me?”-Cree
“You heard me—you’re unfairly prejudiced against mayonnaise.”-Chad
“Clearly you’re insane."-Cree
-disconnection, knd fic about the teenage runners and maurice

"So Chrysalimon drops Yolei out of its mouth-"-Kari
"I was just too good for him."-Yolei
"You probably tasted like Mrs. Kamiya’s leftovers."-Davis
"Leave my mom alone! It isn’t that bad!"-Kari
"Kari, you’re supposed to defend me! Not your mom's food!"-Yolei
-The Chrysalis Dialogues, you have to read it to understand

"Wow, those are some gorgeous violet eyes she has... she really is kinda cute...""-Takato (either thinking or talking, not sure which)
"The redhead wondered why she felt the urge to blush."-Narrator
"...even if she is something of a tomboy..."-Takato
"The redhead wondered why she felt the urge to bash somebody."-Narrator
-The Wild Tamer, random fic i found on the web, really quite funny

"Man, when you write a fantasy story about dreaming about dreaming, you really mess your mind up."-Jmaster512
-ign.com (his fanfic thread)

“Well, following the path of destruction, they should be around………”-Justimon
“Oh, there she is.”-Justimon
-Book 0:Introduction to Gospel, which was finally updated! yay! the wonderfulness continues!

"Maybe it's just my personal bias, but I don't consider anything involving Yolei unusual."-arpulver
-Digimon forums. yes, i visited ff.net's forums.

"You know that rule on ff.net banning song lyrics from being posted? Yeah, that one. Can I switch to being in favor of that now? Thank you."-arpulver
-same forum, on which he was totally owning

"Izzy! What are you doing here?"-Ken
"Being a product of your imagination, I wouldn't know."-Izzy
-Dreaming of Yolei, hilarious and random dream sequence story

"Don't die, Yolei. I don't think I could take it, even in a dream."-Ken
"Well, I'd really like to not die, but it seems to be a bit out of my hands."-Yolei
-Dreaming of Yolei

“The skilled player does not fear his equal, or the one whose skill is second to his...he fears the novice, because he has no idea what to expect.”-Cody
-Zero 2:A Revision

"Growing old is inevitable... Growing up is optional!"-...actually, i dunno...
-Yume no Anime's bio

“Kari, this is Jeri… she has issues.”-Rika
-Grim Reality, anime crossover reality show with a very cool way of eliminating people. its by arpulver, though, so what do you expect?

"Swimsuits… used for girls to show themselves off like a peacock with its feathers."-Rika
"Did you bring one Rika?"-Yolei
"Hell yeah."-Rika
-Tai Kamiya Presents Gatekeepers, found on arpulvers website

"Glamour is what makes a man ask for your telephone number. It's also what makes a woman ask for the name of your dressmaker."-a friend, but i cant remember which one...
-first period (our free block, which is insanely fun)

"Speak your mind, even if your voice shakes."-actually, it might be a quote, but if it is, i have no idea who said it
-one of the teachers at school had this sign on their door

"It's due by last Friday."-Michelle (one of my best friends)
-English class, and you can tell were hardworking students, huh? ;;

"I've got great time management skills. From this time to this time, I put off doing my English, from this time to this time, I put off doing my math..."-Michelle
-English class, which we always paid attention in, of course...

"Give or take a small bathroom."-Michelle
-okay, i swear this has context! really it does! we were doing homework of some sort during first period...erm, actually cant remember the context...hehe...

"Does the whole polygon have to be concave?"-Girl in Geometry (think it was honors...)
-Michelle, well, it was in her class, at least

"They live to be forty seven? But that's less than fifty!"-Girl in Global Studies
-Michelle, who gets all the fun people in her classes (and this was about the life expectancy of people in yemen or somethin...)

"I just brought two pieces of bread."-Michelle
"Bread and fish."-me
"No, no fish...wait, what?"-Michelle
-apparently about breakfast, or rather former breakfasts decisions, and why i really should stop paying attention in religion class

"Meth. You can smoke it, inhale it, eat it, inject it...wait, I don't know if you can inject it..."-Peer counselor
-Michelle, this was her peer counselor

"Try drugs in college! )laughter( That didn't come out right, no! Cuz, if you're going to, then your brain isn't still developing and..."-Peer counselor
-Michelle, as i said, she gets all the fun people...

“I don’t like arrogance unless it comes from me."-Rika
-Ice Queen, have i mentioned this fic before? well, anyhoos, its a great story, playing on the fact that kari and rika have nearly the same name and rika gets mistaken for her once

"I like him, of course. I mean he’s easily the kindest person I’ve ever met. Plus he’s courageous if need be, persevering, caring and emotionally warm…”-Ruki
“Not to mention almost outrageously handsome.”-Renamon
“Are you making fun of me!”-Ruki
“Certainly not. I merely discovered that humans tend to pile up superlatives when they are… infatuated with someone. Or, as the widely known philosopher Terriermon would say: Takato and Ruki, sitting in a tree…”-Renamon
“Why you little…”-Ruki
-Phoenix, yet another rukato fluff from rukator. seriously, go to their profile and satisfy your cravings.

"Come on, you weren't that frightened of Din."-Shalin
"Do you know her?"-Ari
"Yeah, do you?"-Shalin
"Yes, I… that’s obvious."-Ari
"Now, now, don’t give me that tone or I won't show you what you want."-Shalin
"What is what I want?"-Ari
"To what?"-Ari
"To questions, duh."-Shalin
-The family of a Hero, great fic by dan heron. ill warn you of a few things, though: dan heron is not a native english speaker, so grammar is slightly off, he writes about homosexual characters (which might offend some zelda players), and he uses made up races. oh, and his storylines slightly confusing.

"I am Sailor Pluto and I cannot worry about dessert!"-Setsuna
-Betty Crocker Liveth Not in Sailor Pluto's Kitchen (no explanation is worthy...)

"I’m in love with you Usagi.”-Rei
“Really? Well, like, zoinks, I’m really flattered Rei, but I’m straight.”-Usagi
“You sure you wouldn’t be interested in dating another girl? Not even for a Luna Snack?”-Rei
“Rei, please. Sure, Usagi’s clumsy, a whiner, not that bright, and often thinks more with her stomach than her head, but not even Usagi would switch to being gay for a…”-Luna
“Make it two Luna Snacks.”-Usagi
-Mamoru Must Die, series of vignettes dedicated to rei/usagi (throwing in some other pairings) and killing off mamoru. this scene is from a spoof of scooby doo, if it wasnt obvious.

"I'm not jealous. I just can't allow you to look at anyone else besides me."-Haruka
"Haruka, that's called jealousy."-Michiru
-Art is the explosion of love! Chibi-Usa's first love (Sailor Moon, sometimes i really hate japanese episode titles...)

"What do you get when you take a mega-playboy and add a pill guaranteed to turn any female into a lesbian?"-Becka
"Well, what do we get?"-Juri
-Blood Soaked and Honor Bound, hilarious utena fansite with special mini fics around the content of the page (this page was the chick speech in several languages)

"I know it’s dangerous and it can be scary… but so were you and Rika when we first met you. No offence.”-Takato
“Actually I take that as a compliment.”-Renamon
-After Thoughts, fic by black about after runaway locomon

"Tokyo. Where the most dangerous individuals are schoolgirls."-Sanjuro
-Absence (sailor moon fic, totally amazing epic almost on par with daneel rush. almost.)

"We're officially screwed when you decide you don't care about continuums."-Haruka
-Queen of Angst, third story in a small series of one shots about my favorites couples of the sailor moon universe (ami/makoto, rei/usagi, and minako/setsuna, even though im sure that last one has next to no real evidence...) written by dreiser at the shoujo-ai fanfic place

"A friend will help you up when you're down, but a best friend was the one who tripped you in the first place."-this is just one of those things that gets circulated...
-polka-dotted-penguins's profile, and yes, that is their name

"I'll get back to you in a few days."-Minako
"Do you think one of us should go along with her?"-Makoto
"How much trouble could she get into at a school club?"-Rei
"I really wish you hadn't asked that question, my imagination is already running wild."-Ami
-Other Disguises, fic by shanejayell (Sailor Moon, of course)

"She's adamant in her beliefs… or lack there of."-reason 51
-a list on an utena site (blood soaked and honor bound) titled 101 reasons why juri kicks ass

"Life is like a rosebush…you gotta avoid the pricks."-Anonymous
-same list

"She's the voice of reason in a show that just makes no sense."-reason 3
-same list

"My parents said I could become anything, so I became a lesbian."-signature
-Ailey on shoujoai.com forums

"I won’t torment the Stump any more than before, although I shall do so with renewed purpose."-Neal
)skipping some pieces of dialogue cuz im lazy...(
"Purpose can only be renewed if it was there to begin with."-Kel
-Paper Trail, au fic by Salma-sol set in tortall exploring what wouldve happened if kel hadnt been allowed to continue training after her first year

"Did you see that person fall like 8 times in a row?"-Catherine
"Yeah! That was sooo freakin' hilarious!"-Michelle
-GoldenFlither's bio, too funny to pass up. and i dont actually know these people, but gf named them in their bio

"Reality doesn't matter, it's psychology that does."-Me (yes, i can sound marginally impressive...)
-last day of backpacking, we were discussing why the nutritional facts say calories instead of kilocalories

"Mr. Cascini, can I have an extra sheet?"-Sean
")gives him sheet( Is there anything else I can get you, Sean?"-Mr. Cascini, of course
"Maybe a cup of tea?"-Sean
-GoldenFlither's bio, gotta admire that kid

"Four episodes in and I'm already killing off half the cast."-lynnxlady
-her (his, think its her...) livejournal, context being her fanfic in the avatar show that...well, kills off half the cast for a pairing

"I'm supposed to get you to adulthood ALIVE, not uncorrupted."-Kakashi
-Bedtime Stories, story by Sunfreak about when kakashi decides to try to act paternally towards his team...in his way...

"I reject your reality and submit my own!"-ShinjiShazaki
-signature of theirs on deviantart

"It's your God. They're your rules. YOU go to Hell."-Zombie-Pip
-signature on deviantart...hm, been spending lots of time away from ff.net and actual stories...

"Hide me!"-Irma
"Umm...aha! The closet! It's cliche for a reason. I'm going for it!"-Irma
-Excuses, fic by Racewing in W.I.T.C.H. universe. man, thats an annoying name for a series...

"I'm what they call an Emergency Broadcast Princess. I'm only a test. If I were a real princess, I'd be a whole lot better-looking."-Will
-same fic, different chapter

"Frustration, thy name is Alex Trying To do Math Homework."-Alex, i think...
-Teaching Techniques by Racewing in Totally Spies fandom...i dont even watch the show!

"Fanfics are like LEGOs."-Disclaimer beginning
-A New Dimension, fic by Black-Cat-Max

"I KNOW! I'M A POOR COLLEGE STUDENT!"-Jeremy (villain of the week)
"...oh. Sorry."-Clover
"No problem. I get that a lot anyway."-Jeremy
-Cinematic Chaos, fic on racewing's site...seriously, i dont know why i keep reading their totally spies fics...i just cant get away...

"... and may I ask who you are?"-Greed
" One reason why Izumi rules. ();;"-Za Paper
-no idea what the quotes from, but thats za papers sig on shoujo-ai forums...probably fma, now that i think about it...

"All right, so let me get this straight. A guy was walking behind you, and then he kept walking."-Irma
")pause( Scaaary."-Irma and Hay Lin
-A is for Anonymous (W.I.T.C.H.), second season episode names are horrible

"Well, that was irritatingly heroic."-Nerissa (is she named at this point? meh, whatever.)
-H is for Hunted

"Wow, it’s like, nine-hundred shades of brown."-Irma
“No it isn’t silly, there’s some yellow mixed in too.”-Hay Lin
“Leave it to you to correct my oh so misguided color palette.”-Irma
-What Price Loyalty by babywhale512

"Ahhh…have you introduced yourselves?”-Uncle Iroh
“She tried to kill me with earth-bending. Does that count?”-Zuko
“Ah excellent. That’s how I met her."-Iroh
-Just the Girl by Hotspur (mmmmm...toph rocking-ness...)

“Quiet. I want to hear sound of pain, not whining."-Toph
-Just the Girl, this to her student

"I'm extremely strange in that flames amuse me greatly. They show I'm pissing off the right people."-fangses
-one of his comments on livejournal, responding to something about ff.net, i think

"Why get high when there are other ways to achieve a smug sense of superiority? Sarcasm: my anti drug."-fangses
-this was his icon, sarcasm being in the anti drug box logo thingy

"The universe is giving me strong hints that it's time for a career change."-Ty Lee
-Return to Omashu (Avatar), im amazed at her diplomacy

“If the world didn’t suck, everyone would fall off.”-hm...technically cornys mother...
-What Price Loyalty, absolutely beautiful WITCH fic by babwhale512, does an amazing job with the characterization

"You've lost your mind."-Naruto
"Don't be silly. I've just misplaced it. It'll turn up eventually."-Kakashi
-Bedtime Stories

")looks at mounds of chocolate boxes addressed to her("-Haruka
"I hope you're proud of yourself."-Michiru
"You know, I think I am. )gets whacked on head by michiru( Ow!"-Haruka
-Silly Assed Utena Crossover Fic!...really, do you need an explanation with a title like that? tis by shanejayell

"It's engrossing, like a train wreck."-Maggie
-buddy at school while reading my quotes pile with me...i didnt tie her up to do so...not this time...

"I promise I'll be on my best behavior. Scout's honor."-Juri
"Were you ever a girl scout?"-Setsuna
"Well, no, but it sounds better than butch's honor or something."-Juri
-Arisugawa's Locket by shanejayell

"You know you've gone crazy when your fanfic induced alter ego hates your cat."-Return-of-OCL
-their signature on deviantart

"There are two kinds of people in the world, those who love Demyx, and those who have not played Kingdom Hearts II."-Return-of-OCL
-signature again

"Atheism: Non-Prophet Organization."-Arikata
-signature on deviantart, can you tell i like reading peoples signatures?

"Art is anything you can get away with. And I get away with everything."-Sunfreak
-their bio on ff.net, oddly enough, i read this after a long discussion in french about the definition of modern art

"Your half-assing is better than my whole-assing."-brokensocks
-comment on deviantart on an awesome toph pic...i have no obsession...

"Some people are like Slinkies. Not really good for anything, but you can't help but smile when you see one of them tumble down the stairs."-...them...
-Firebend's signature on deviantart

"They have not so much issues as a lifetime subscription."-fangses
-note about the hyuuga clan after one of their drabbles (yes, i realize their and they is grammatically incorrect when referring to a singular person!...heh, sorry, grammar nazi english teacher...)

"I stuck to my Sirius/Remus. It's still my happy place... like comfort food... only... slash."-fangses
-conversation these guys were having after one of fangses's fics about harry potter ships

"The king is having a party at his palace tonight for his pet bear."-Katara
"You mean platypus bear?"-Aang
"No, it just says bear."-Katara
"Certainly you mean his pet skunk bear."-Sokka
"Or his armadillo bear."-Toph
"Gopher bear?"-Aang
"...This place...is weird."-Toph
-City of Walls and Secrets, i think this sums up the oddness of avatar

"Because the world needs more digimon fanservice."-narrator/authorical comments
-The Penultimate Bizarre Digimon Humor Fic, that line really sums up any reason for reading this fic

"Were Hikari a normal person, this would have provoked a reaction of some sort. Then again, if Hikari was a normal person, Mugen Dramon would still be terrorizing the Numemon, and Dagomon, while still single, would have to find someone else to bug."-same thing as above
-same fic...this also sums up any reason for reading this fic...

"Right now, I just want to sell myself as a nightlight and eat tapioca. NOW. HA HA HA HA!!”-Kari
“Apologies. I’m afraid she’s gone a bit insane after all the attention evil’s been giving her. Anyway, she’ll be fine by the time the title comes in. Carry on!"-Shaun (sonics oc, not gary stu in any way)
-Zero 2: A Revision, episode 49, the basic recap of the last episode, in which kari muses for a few minutes on the upsides and downsides to being the incarnation of light, one of the pros being a nightlight...ive never tried to understand karis logic...

"Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me."-meh, probably some famous person...
-The Whale Pit, forum by babywhale512 pretty much devoted to What Price Loyalty?, which i still love, adore, and pimp beyond all else...gods, i just used the word pimp...

"What? I thought that I was supposed to design the lost Appa poster! I've been working on my Appa all day! )shows picture("-Sokka
"Sokka, Appa's arrow is on his head."-Aang
"That is his head!"-Sokka
"Why are there feet coming out of it?-Katara
"Those are his horns! ...Look, I haven't seen him in a while!"-Sokka
"It looks just like him to me!"-Toph
"Thank you! I worked really... )pauses, remembers Toph is blind( Why do you feel the need to do that?"-Sokka
-Lake Laogai, i love it when she jokes about her blindness

"Me, I shall be an autocrat: that is my trade; and The Good God will forgive me: that is His."-Catherine the Great
-Wikiquote, my new favorite site

“I was momentarily disoriented.”-Luba
“And I was momentarily a pancake.”-Yan Lin
-What Price Loyalty?, really is amazing

“Curative Mist.”-Wizardmon
“I feel…great!”-Ken
“YOU ARE MY NEW BEST FRIEND.”-Tatsuki Tamashiro (aka leader of kens fan club, the rocketeers)
“HOORAY! HE FIXED KENNY!”-The Rocketeers
-Zero 2: The Comeback Tour, which is of course written by ultra sonic 007

“Because I’m a good guy. We ALWAYS have an ace up our sleeves.”-Davis the Magna Warrior (thats the exact phrase used to describe davis in that sentence, so i figured i oughta carry it over)
-see above

"My Karma ran over my Dogma."-apparently a bumper sticker
-thetrueavatard's deviantart signature

"God is a comedian playing to an audience too afraid to laugh."-Voltaire (1694-1778)
-issues09's signature on deviantart

"A dagger can be concealed in a smile."-Chinese Proverb
-see above

"Roses Are Red
Violets Are Blue
In Soviet Russia
Poetry Writes YOU!"-obviously, a sov rus guy...
-cosmicangel84's sig on deviantart

"Murphy might surprise me by showing up in drag."-vampirecheetah
-commentary on pic about frustration against modern technology failing while making bb/rae pic (comic universe)

"Let’s get married and have lots of babies that will throw boomerangs and rocks at people."-Sokka
-Chocolate Chip Cookies and Bruises, story about a drunk sokka. this comment is aimed at toph (her being the only girl who can throw rocks right now...)

"It's the new love hate!! Love free, twice the hate!"-WRTD
-email, cuz that jerk got monday and tuesday of thanksgiving as half days (out before noon) and got wednesday through friday off, while i have two normal days and a half day on wednesday, which i have to go to liturgy on...gr...

"Guess she must’ve been a whore in her spare time.”-Teela
“I call it as I see it. And she apparently liked to dress as a whore.”-Teela
-Final Fantasy X3: Dreams and Nightmares, sequel to x and x-2 by ultra sonic 007, with all the same amazing attention to detail from his digimon fics

"Threats of physical violence, how I’ve missed you."-Teela

"We heretics need love too!"-Teela
-FFX-3, if you cant tell, i love teelas lines

"Sometimes I think the Marvel universe is kind of like a giant role-playing game with a very inattentive gamemaster."-Sunfreak
-livejournal entry (hm, actually, their name is suzukiblu on livejournal...)

"I appear to have accidently developed as a person somewhere along the line."-muffytaj
-livejournal comments

“Tomo and I are getting an apartment.”-Yomi
")lifts Yomi's bangs and looks at forehead("-Osaka
“Uhh, Osaka? What are you doing?”-Yomi
“Lookin’ for the brain transplant scars.”-Osaka
“They did a pretty good job hidin’ ‘em.”-Osaka
-You Make Me Live, by LaTragicomedia

"Hey, if Ruto ate Nutella, would she become queen of the Zoras?"-me, or my sister, cant remember who said what...
-playing the newest zelda, and if youve played it, i hope you get that joke and realize just how horrible it truly is...

"I'm so freakin' strong right now i'm like a cheat code"- Evangeline
-Nodoka-koi's sig on deviantart (although technically from negima in some form)

"Hon, we're gonna stay this close forever, right?"-Paige
"That depends, are you gonna scream at me from behind any bathroom doors?"-Alex
"Ah, but see, I did that and three days later you're making me a couch bed. I'm crazy and you are so strong."-Paige
-Free Fallin', i think part two

"Oh, I forgot... you get horny when you're sleepy."-Maddie
"No I don't."-London
"Senior year in high school, you French kissed a pillow during a sleepover."-Maddie
"That pillow was hot."-London
-Requited, by LaughLoveLive

"You know, technically, if you got into the closet with her, that would suggest you'd be hiding your interest in girls as well."-Elliot
"Given that I'd be in the closet with another girl, I don't think I'd be doing a very good job."-Ellen
-El Goonish Shive (particular comic from feb 8, 2006)

"...Why am I opening up to a puppet?"-Susan
"We're nature's psychiatrists!"-Mayberry? some puppet guest star from another webcomic...
-El Goonish Shive, newspaper editions, aug 10, 2006

"Maybe you'd better stay here."-Kim
"No problem. I hate cops."-Shego
"And we wouldn't want to expose these officers to your anger management problems."-Kim
"I don't have anger management problems. I manage my anger very well. I don't keep it bottled up inside. I let it out. It's very therapeutic."-Shego
"Not for whoever you let it out on."-Kim
-Green, Black, and Blue by Allaine

"I don't really like guns."-Vivian Porter (remember, hot girl scientist that no one took seriously? somethin to do with the robot wars episode, i think...)
"If it makes you feel any better, when you shoot somebody, they like it less than you do."-Wade
-Under the Milky Way Tonight, by Allaine

"There are risks in everything. Like crossing Picadilly Circus with all those Muggle cars milling about, for example. Or even taking the Knight Bus sometimes, especially on a full stomach. Even now a meteorite could come crashing down on our heads at any moment..."-Luna
"Oh come on, we're talking about some pretty long odds, there."-Hermione
"That's right, but it could still happen. Yet here we are, outside and braving the meteorites."-Luna
-Two Worlds by michelle-31a

"Who are we except the sum of our biases?"-Substance
-Sunday, Serial Experiments Lain story on shoujoai.com

"There must be at least one crazy pairing you'd like to input."-Star
"Hm... Tomoyo and Yamato- the couple that not only defies categorization, but is good for you: Tomato!"-Thinker
"Extra points of you can actually hook the two up."-Arpulver
"That- that isn't right! I'm a forty year old unhappily married astronaut and she's a ten year old sexually confused schoolgirl! Even if we could work it out, it'd be illegal!"-Yamato
-Mole 2: Anime Edition, Side Story 7, and yes, it was a make-up-a-random-couple game, which now seems like a good party game to me...

"If you find yourself falling into madness... Dive."-Malkavian proverb
-Harlequin's signature on shoujoai.com forums

“Surprised? I mean they are dating. It’s not like Sora’s sleeping with Davis or something.”-Izzy
“Yes, Tai. Sleeping. As in resting during nighttime hours in order to feel refreshed the next day. Sora is apparently accomplishing that process in Matt’s room. Nothing more.”-Izzy
“Spooning, Izzy. The correct term, then, is spooning.”-Tai
“I’ve never heard that term before. Spooning is what you do with your cereal the next morning after sleeping.”-Izzy
“You need to get out more, Izzy.”-Tai
-Grim Reality by arpulver

"Smoking kills. If you're killed, you've lost a very important part of your life."-Brooke Shields
-gmail random quote thingy, man i love these kinds of people...

"Sofia officially reserves the right to be cocky. Cuz it looks WAY too damn good on her."-half_life33
-livejournal...somethin or other, and this is sofia from csi, who really does reserve the right to be cocky...

"Some people prefer to have these intimate moments of relaxation alone; Sofia Curtis has them in the crime lab with two panting lesbians watching."-Narrator, really, i gotta figure out a better way of notating these sorts of quotes...
-Turf Wars by snuff on some random website

"I refuse to have a battle of wits with an unarmed opponent."-person
-flarinite's signature on deviantart

"It's hard to be humble when you're as great as I am."-same

"We'll get along fine as soon as you realize I'm God."-same
-same (yes, im lazy right now, get over it...)

"I don't pop the pills! I take them and eat them!"-Felicia (school friend)
-wrtd on email, dont ask how we got onto the subject (it wasnt anything illegal)

"A flying limo? Now I've seen everything!"-who knows...
"Really... Have you ever seen a man eat his own head?"-another unknown
"No..."-first unknown (id assume)
"Well then you haven't seen everything. And neither have we!"-either second unknown, or third (or fourth, if the third is silent :P)
-hobnovrev's sig, but cant remember which forum...

"Do not meddle in the affairs of slashers, for you are cute, and look good with other men."-anonymous (feel like being smart :P)
-modestyavaunt's sig on some forum, cant remember

"Get your minds out of the gutter people; it’s crowded enough down here already."-Ambrant Arandel, author notes
-A Day Indoors, negima fic, pretty good

"Yaoi vs. Yuri, only one can win - we, the audience"-Macha's signature
-some mahora academy forum...

"Screw normal foods, Pocky is a food group!"-everyone (and you know it)
-actually, this was on a lot of sigs on mahora academy

"I upset people, but then I get them too drunk to remember why they were upset."-Ann
-A Good OldFashioned Lynching, by Rhianwen, its a harvest moon:mineral town fanfic that is insanely amusing, even though ive never really played any harvest moon games...

“Why are you all wet?"-Shego “I went into the river."-Kim
“The river? Why?”-Shego
“Well, when you go over a bridge, there’s really the only way to go."-Kim
-Walking the Line, a kim possible fic (duh) thats au. id explain the plot, but youd never believe me. oh, and its based on some manga called Tramps Like Us.

“Is it that place you took me when I was like seven?”-Shego
“Yes, I’m stunned you remember that. I would have thought you’d repress that memory. I did think you were traumatized by the trip.”-Isabel Gooding, aka shego's mom
“It’ll take more than a damn rock, a fucking tree, and an avalanche to traumatize me.”-Shego
“I thought it was the bear that did you in.”-Isabel
“You’d think the bastards would be asleep in such cold weather.”-Shego
“Well, I suppose we all learned a lesson that day.”-Isabel
“All? It was just you and me.”-Shego
“I’m sure that bear learned not to mess with us.”-Isabel
-On a Short Leash, sequel to Walking the Line

"What do you want to eat?”-Shego
“Of course. What if there isn’t any pasta?”-Shego
“I’d still want pasta. It just would mean I’m not getting any.”-Kim
-On a Short Leash

"How exactly is Chiyo-chan supposed to annoy an anime character?"-Yomi
"I dunno. She's smart, she'll figure it out."-Tomo
-The Falcon and the Hummingbird (azumanga daioh fic)

"Do you trust me?”-Ino
“Then kiss the goddamned pillow.”-Ino
-Practice Makes Perfect? by nighinvisible

"Hijacking a thread about Dawn's lovelife to discuss May's body = creepy as ever but comfortingly predictable. Ahh, fandom."-Jo-Jo
-obviously a thread about dawn's lovelife. and yes, this is pokemon. the show is interesting, so long as one skips about thirty seconds of every two minutes. its actually kinda fun.

"Hijacking a thread about Dawn's love life to discuss people hijacking a thread about Dawn's love life to discuss May's body = instant Off-Topic award win."-Shooting Ristar
-same thread, several posts down

"It strikes me how slightly ridiculous it is to debate the sexuality of a ten-year-old girl."-Dent21
-same thread, several pages later, although i think this could apply to so many animes...coughcardcaptorsakuracough(though i dont think anybody bothers to debate about tomoyo...)

"Ah...another of my original characters. Fuu-chan (unofficial name) was based off a strange smudge on my geometry teacher's projector screen back when I was a junior. Well, the head was the smudge. I just added a body."-funakounasoul
-deviantart commentary on pic of fuu-chan

"Further proof that the world revolves around Setsuna, or at least the part of it that my writing belongs to."-Cloverfield
-authors notes for fic Petals, and the Sword (negima fic)

"Who sings in the middle of a restaurant?"-Setsuna
"Well, apparently we do."-Konoka
-For Everything, There is a First Time by OkashiraShinomori (side note: is it proof youve been reading too much konosets fluff when you wanna write secchan instead of setsuna?)

"You haven't paid for any tuition or other fees for any of the 60 years you have been in school here. Being dead is no excuse. You owe 142,624,492 yen."-eh...meant to be a school official, i guess...its aimed at sayo-chan from negima
-slate, on a what not to say to sayo-chan topic

"Your existence is a fantasy!"-Chisame-san (who else?)
-negima manga, chapter 138

"I will give him a round house kick to the face...with gracious professionalism."-Nitroxextreme
-sig on chiefdelphi

"Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent. It takes a touch of genius -- and a lot of courage -- to move in the opposite direction." -Albert Einstein
-sig of Andrew Blair on chiefdelphi

"It must be nice to be young..."-Evangeline
"Please don't suddenly start pretending to be old, Master."-Chachamaru
-Negima chapter 52

"But I like it in the gutter. You meet all sorts o' interestin' folk down there."-Mudge
-sig on a forum

"Preemptive strikes: bad foreign policy, good shipper policy."-The Incarnation (with random japanese characters in the name. well, they might not be random. i cant tell.)
-that thread on dawns lovelife that i quoted many moons ago

"Weird ships for pokémon? All the straight ones."-Stormchaser Raijin
"Except anything with Brock. He's like the token straight."-Blackjack Palazzo
"Oh yeah, forgot about him."-Stormchaser Raijin
")laughs( Token straight guy. That is Pokemon shipping fandom in a nutshell."-shedinjask
-odd shippings thread for pokemon

"You sure you don’t wanna say that sentence again while you’re mounted on your white pony, riding off into the sunset? That might add some fun effect to the whole thing.”-Asuna
“Hey! He’s an ivory stallion alright? Not a white pony!"-Ayaka
-All the best intentions by phanyom.ryder

"So, we were going to discuss them behind closed doors, cloistered away with our knowledge, and do absolutely nothing to apply it in a helpful and meaningful way?”-Elli
“That’s what academics do!”-Mary
-Operation: Eye Candy by Rhianwen, whom i love dearly for read or die and harvest moon fanfics

"Oh, wait, I'm outraged."-WRTD
-journal entry on dA about the new kh games (which i never actually heard about...huh) and how she dont wanna buy a psp just to play one of em. somethin like that.

"I'm like a bendy straw, I'm not straight, so everyone likes playing with me!"-Michi
-michiness's sig on dA

"Where it all seems hopeless, love blooms anew again.”-Michelle
“But you’re not in any relationships.”-Nancy
“I have my friends and books and all I need right now. And if anyone wants to sweep me off my feet… well, I’ll just enjoy it when it happens.”-Michelle
“And if they end up hurting you?”-Nancy
“Then Anita will probably kill them before I can even react. And Maggie will dispose of the body, and that will be that.”-Michelle
-Paper Valentines, rod fic

“The true future rests in the hands of those with the foresight to provide a sack lunch for themselves.”-Dimentio
-The Count's World, Episode 2 (Super Paper Mario fic)

"Silence is golden and duct tape is silver. Both look nice together, keep that in mind."-WRTD
-email, in which i was very silently and smugly lording it over that i was on spring break :P

"With all the murder cases you’ve been to at least one must have involved some sort of lethal head adornments.”-Ai
-Shonen Stories, collection of stories about the shonen tentei from detective conan

"Who knew taunting small children could be so fun?"-narrator
-same as above

"Only the educated are free."-Epictetus
-huh. for once, the gmail random quote generator pulled a good one out.

-the thread of debating of dawn's lovelife returns!

"Any magical girl can wave her wand and shoot rainbows at the monster of the day. Very few can convert it into a cannon and rain fiery death from the heavens in a lightshow that puts the most lumescant final fantasy summons to shame."-Dragnfly@Gamefaqs
-thread about magical girl lyrical nanoha and the super awesome technomagic within

“You cannot seriously expect to be able to waltz in there and demand to fight the King.”-Zelda
“I wasn’t really planning on waltzing, you know. I prefer marching. It’s a much more manly dance.”-Link
-The Legend of Zelda: The Chameleon Stone (so freaking awesome, it will make your heart happy to be a zelda fan in my opinion)

"Later that night, as Natsuki rested contented next to a very sleeping and very naked Shizuru, she couldn't help but think that courage is a funny thing. As most people know it's not the absence of fear, but to know the fear and still charge forward. Of course, if courage has an ally called "recently awakened libido" then it could just knock fear unconscious and do as one please."-narrator, i suppose...
-Irony and Courage by DarkBlueMint i believe, mai hime fic (come on, its shiznat! even non shoujo ai fans should know shiznat!)

"She felt emo now. Clearly, tea was required."-narrator (shizurus thoughts/feelings...maybe? its about her, at any rate)
-The Kyoto Hunt by Ange Sinistre (mai hime, yet again)

"Toph is in fact well-educated in the manners and bearings of high society--she merely chooses to ignore them."-Wikipedia article on toph

""Wails of Anguish!
Cries of Terror!
The swarming hordes gnash their teeth
and beat the ground with their feet.
But the Page is no more,
Quoth the Raven,

The search for satisfaction may yet continue,
Click this trite phrase to peruse other treasures on this site."-error message
-found when trying to find something on populli.org

"Yay! I love good Luna. I wish I could write good Luna. I'm scared to try, though."-dgriswold
"It's really easy, actually. Just think of really random things that most people wouldn't ever say out loud and hey presto, you've got her dialogue."-charactereyes
-Puzzle Pieces (story of charactereyes's) comments on livejournal

"I'm the queen of England, I'm the queen of England!"-Girl 1
"I'm Queen Latifah! I'm Queen Latifah!"-Girl 2
-camping trip with brownie girl scouts. and this is seriously what they were saying while playing together. it amused.

“Where are we?”-Tris
“Bad headache.”-Sandry
“We’re at Bad headache?”-Tris
“No-I have a bad headache.”-Sandry
-It Was Deemed a Good Suggestion by IceEmpressZerai

"Are you craving puppies?"-google ad
-gmail banner thingy. and yes, it seriously said that.

"Grief is grief, whether it’s for a young West Point graduate from Montana, or a dark-haired woman who always smiled at the barista at her favorite coffee shop."-narrator type person?
-The Lives We Touch

"I've tried to kill off Tuxedo Mask in Sailor Moon many times. But no matter how many times I tried to kill him, he gets resurrected so I only get angrier."-Kunihiko Ikuhara (you know, mastermind behind both sailor moon and utena, among many other things im sure)
-interview that was mostly on utena, but touched on other subjects. oh, and hes joking here, by the way. i think...

"During some of your American appearences (specifically Anime Central in Chicago), when asked about Nanami's egg in Utena, you replied "It's better that you didn't know." Could you explain why it's better that we didn't know?"-Interviewer
"That's because it hides the secret to why humans exist on Earth. It's too terrifying that I can't tell it to you. That's why you shouldn't know either."-Kunihiko Ikuhara
-same interview, and i love this guys sense of humor

"The Manga is pretty different. There's no Nanami, Juri is straight... it's like Bizaro world."-Denni
-very deep thread about the symbolism of utena (well, not this part...)

"The past is our definition. We may strive, with good reason, to escape it, or to escape what is bad in it, but we will escape it only by adding something better to it."-Wendell Berry
-The Past is a Foreign Country (discworld/monstrous regiment fic)

"The past is a foreign country; they do things differently there."-L.P. Hartley
-same fic

"The tax collector must love poor people, he's creating so many of them."-Bill Vaughan
-googles quote of the day

"I would never die for my beliefs because I might be wrong."-Bertrand Russell
-google quote of the day

"I need to find Mr. Pratchett and complain- I can't read on the T anymore, the giggling causes the other passengers to look at me funny."-Jesidres
-commentary on pic on deviantart of carrot reading a certain saucy book (scene taken from jingo )

"I know what you're thinking, punk," hissed Wordy Harry to his new editor, "you're thinking, 'Did he use six superfluous adjectives or only five?' - and to tell the truth, I forgot myself in all this excitement; but being as this is English, the most powerful language in the world, whose subtle nuances will blow your head clean off, you've got to ask yourself one question: 'Do I feel loquacious?' - well do you, punk?"- Stuart Vasepuru, 2006 Bulwer-Lytton Fiction Contest
-chief delphi, the game hint #1 forum for 2009 game

"Everything we produce is made of: Duct Tape, zip ties, and hope" - Christion Allison 1458
-same forum, several pages later

"We are all Fish out of water.
Programmers = LabVeiw sic
Electrical = Module system
Mechanical = They always have something new ;D"-hihihiflcl81pig
-same thread again (i just like this one cuz im the main mechanical component for my team... ;;)

"Since the dawn of the internets, it has been used for two main things. Porn, and looking at kittens."-Anonymous (just like everyone else...)
-Phoenix Wright Kink Meme on livejournal (yeah, phoenix wright has officially taken over my life...)

"So today I saw an episode of "The Fairly Odd Parents" on TV, and of course, considering I was watching a completely innocent children's cartoon, I thought of the Phoenix Wright Kink Meme! :D"-Anon
-Phoenix Wright Kink Meme

"In kink meme, all anon are female. Any anon not female must be subjected to gender-bend."-Anon
-Phoenix Wright Kink Meme

"Nick does seem to get hit by everyone and everything. I mean, Pearly knocked him out after the MaskDeMasque trial. It's like his face just attracts hands and objects, like some kind of pain-magnet."-Anon masquerading as someone...edgeworth? not sure...or maya...
"whoa, PEARL TOO? thats awesome! :)"-young!Larry anon (i think...)
"In that case, how about we have Kristoph Gavin punching Phoenix Wright's face instead? According to the information you have generously shared, that kind of scenario seems more likely, doesn't it?"-Kristoph anon
"coulr Pearl beat this Kristoph dude up after that? that would be cool. :)"-young!Larry anon (i think)
"...I'd like to inform you that it would definitely be "not cool". No little girl would be able to "beat up" Kristoph Gavin."-Kristoph anon
"you havent met Pearl then, dude :)"-young!Larry anon again
-ic_igiari, aka the phoenix wright ic kink meme - everyone pretends to be the phoenix wright characters participating in a kink meme, which is why im not entirely sure who all the anons above are

"If Edgeworth was truly trying to create a diversion to stall for time, it was probably the most effective diversion created in a courtroom. If he was loosing it, it was the most amusing thing Phoenix had seen in months."-narrator? yeah, that person...
-Unexpected Turnabout from the phoenix wright kink meme where edgeworth decides to strip in the middle of the de killer case

"Something about lesbians just makes me break out the Photoshop tricks. Also DAMMIT FRAN YOU EMOTIONALLY-REPRESSED BRAT YOUR FACIAL EXPRESSIONS ARE HARD TO DRAW"-anon
-Phoenix Wright Kink Meme (i dont know why this quote amuses me so much, it just does...)

"May Mia live on as the righteous Goddess among defense attorneys she always was- and let us forever acknowledge her D-Cups of Justice."-hobo!feenie
-another kink meme fic, but you know you wanna make that toast, too

"You're gayer than a fruit-cake wrapped up in Yuletide cheer."-Maya
-An Offer She Could Refuse (kink meme fic, of course )

"Make love, not war."-Anon one
"And, in the case of the kink meme, please feel free to use any props, positions, or method of intercourse to do so."-Anon two
-kink meme discussion thread, cuz the amount of wank people were piling on the meme made some people need to discuss it

"Demons of untidyness! Fear me! I have come, with the mop of justice and the sponge of truth! I shall cleanse you from this home! Let it be sanctified with the sweet scent of the Emperor's soap!"-Shinji's thoughts, i believe...
-Shinji and Warhammer 40k

")run into each other("-Shinji and Pen-pen
"Emperor penguin?"-Shinji
"Hail! )salutes("-Shinji
"Wark! )raises fin("-Pen-pen
-Shinji and Warhammer 40k

"My other oversized foam weapon is THE LORD."-hm...Faye impersonating a larping nun? lets go with that...
-Questionable Content, my newest obsession

"Behold your new form, machine spirit!"-Shinji
"Be blessed in the name of the Emperor. Be blessed by the anger of the machine spirit. May your bite bring His rage, may your roar echo His wrath."-Space Marine
"Um... I'm going to use it mostly to chop wood."-Shinji
"Chop wood in righteous -anger-, then. In the Emperor's name, may they be -torn- into pieces suitable for re-assembly! Let them come together in praise of his Will!"-Space Marine
"... I USED to sound like that, you should know. Some people would ask, WHY Chaos? Why? Why risk disfigurement and mutation? And I answer; look at -those- and ask yourselves; why in the hells NOT?"-Chaos Marine
"I would shoot them."-Space Marine
"Yes, yes... that tends to sum up their reservations. Whereupon I would STAB them. They would FEED the Gods of Chaos either way."-Chaos Marine
-Shinji and Warhammer 40K (shinji just engineered a chain sword out of a chainsaw, so you know)

"You know, until I came to Tokyo 3, the words 'impromptu free verse sparring session' have never really occured to me."-Maya
-Shinji and Warhammer 40K (theres something fantastic about this fic in that moments like this completely make sense in context)

"This troper believes that this one of the only Universal human trait: regarless of what culture you've been brought up in, even if you were raised in a wooden hut in the middle of the rain forest and had no contact with "civilization", when given a sheet a bubble wrap, you WILL be popping some and enjoy it."-random troper
-TvTropes article on Guilty Pleasure

"Dammit, Ayanami, you almost hit me! Watch where you're aiming!"-Asuka
"Rest assured, Sohryu, I was aiming at you."-Rei
"Oh. So the thing doesn't read ahead moves that aren't deliberately aimed at it. That's... interesting. )dodges( WHAT THE FU-Kirishima!"-Asuka
"What? It works."-Mana
"... oh you bitches are just enjoying this, aren't you?"-Asuka
-Shinji and Warhammer 40K (...im almost done! the obsession will pass...eventually...)

"I snapped, falling back on the old trial law adage: If the law is against you, argue the facts; if the facts are against you, pound the table and shout like hell."-Phoenix
-Turnabout, Scientifically Speaking (an actual trial fic by...um...dozepenguin? yeah, think thats it...)

"This thing was shaped by one girl's will and kept aloft only by her willingness to spit at the very logic of the universe. We're supposed to obey the UN, but never forget... we live only as long as we serve the purpose of one little lost girl's vengeance."-Captain Walter Shade (hey, they give a full name, i oughta honor that)
-Shinji and Warhammer 40K

"I am the eggplant. Coo coo cachoo."-Rei
-Shinji and Warhammer 40K

"Little do you realize that I've spiked your alcoholic ice cream with tang."-WRTD
-one of our emails, yes this makes sense in our lives, no it shouldnt make sense to anyone else

“Their minds, so eager to try and grasp truth’s noon…even though they barely stand its crescent moon.”-Dragomon
-Zero 2: Side Stories (ultra sonic and his oneshot stories in his revised universe for digimon season two, which is an excellent series)

“How did you know where I live? Or my Mom's name for that matter?”-Troy
“My minions are terribly efficient with the phone book.”-Donovan
“We're not the only Monroe family in town.”-Troy
“As the saying goes... third time is the charm! Your Uncle Daniel sends his condolences.”-Donovan
“Condolences for what?”-Troy
“Your imminent destruction!”-Donovan
-Magical Security Taskforce

"You have to understand I have good ideas, they just aren't legal."-i dont actually know
-friend told me about it through email, but it is apparently somewhere on deviantart

"May I remind you, Adrian, that I am Franziska von Karma. There are things in this world that I do not do, and some that I will not do. But there are very few things in this world that I cannot do.”-Franziska von Karma, of course
-Follow the Fool, an excellent franziska/adrian fic, and i mostly like this line just cuz fran sounds so completely awesome in my head saying it

"Friendship cannot be measured, metered, or marked. Yet neither can it be mistaken."-Anonymous
-Misfile (webcomic, rather interesting)

"I will beat you into submission!! )long pause( Haha, beat!"-my sister
-making eggnog (she was beating egg whites at the time...)

")giving reasons for liking scarecrow( Another reason for loving him is he's fucked in the head."-Rachel (friend person)
"Aren't all the Batman villains fucked in the head?"-Simon (other friend person)
"Yes, but there are different flavors of fucked."-Rachel
-dinnertime discussions of batman fanfiction stuff

"Love does not consist in gazing at each other but in looking together in the same direction."-Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
-phoenix wright kink meme again...man, feels good to be back (avoided until investigations came out to stop potential spoiling)

"Hey Diana, ever notice how Gant was based on Zeus and Apollo's father in mythology was Zeus? Aha aha aha..."-Pleady
"Oh Pleady! How you do go on! You're ever a delight"-Diana
"No, my dear Diana, YOU are the delight!"-Pleady
"My stars, we should photoshop a picture of those together in the name of humor and hilarity!"-Diana
"I am amused by this idea. TO GOOGLE!"-Pleady
"Oh... my..."-Diana
"That's... a chilling similari--"-Pleady
" >_> )checks("-Pleady
"But Diana, what if the truth is too much? People could get hurt!"-Pleady
"...then Grossberg have mercy on us all..."-Diana
-the conversation that led to the "gant is apollos father" proof...which is creepily well supported (can be viewed here if ff.net does not eat my link:

"Waitwaitwaitwaitwaitwait, go back down. I saw twincest down there."-Xavier
-looking at the kink meme (he hasnt actually played the games, but that matters little)

"I AM a woman...it's really complicated..."-Caitlin
-Caesar rehearsal (she plays casca, but as our director said, you could dress her up like rambo and she would still be female)

"I'm gonna say it!! Number eight on the list of lines I want to say at least once in my life! FIRE MAIN CANNON!!"-Hakase
-Negima chapter 281 (have i mentioned how much i love the insane awesomeness this manga has become?)

"There's an old adage in writing. If things feel slow, have the protagonists get attacked. (I wonder what literary fiction would be like if they tried this out. . . .)"-Brandon Sanderson
"[Editor's note: Pride and Prejudice and Zombies?]"-his editor, presumably...
-online annotations for sandersons book the hero of ages (the mistborn trilogy is pretty fantastic, i suggest you read it, especially if you love well thought out magic systems)

"You bow before the whims of the universe, then?"-Blushweaver
"What else would I do?"-Lightsong
"Fight it. Fight with everything, force the universe to bow to you instead."-Blushweaver
"That's a charming concept, Blushweaver. But I believe that universe and I are in slightly different weight categories."-Lightsong
"I think you're wrong."-Blushweaver
"Are you saying I'm fat?"-Lightsong
-Warbreaker (another book by brandon sanderson, its available for free on his website, which is crazy awesome)

"You're a very difficult person to manipulate, you know."-Blushweaver
"Nonsense. You just have to promise me that I won't have to do a thing, and then I'll do anything you want."-Lightsong
"Anything that doesn't require doing anything."-Lightsong
"That's nothing, then."-Blushweaver
"Is it?"-Lightsong
"Well, that's something!"-Lightsong

"When all else fails, use sexual innuendo."-Blushweaver

"My dear, did you just try to prove the existence of God with your cleavage?"-Lightsong
"You'd be surprised what a good wriggle of the chest can accomplish."-Blushweaver
-Warbreaker (...okay, yes there are tons of other characters in this book, but these two are the most fun!)

"Anyways, where should we start to explain our connection to each other?"-Hayate
"Um, if we talk about it all, it will take too long."-Fate
"Well to start, we’re childhood friends since we were in elementary school, third grade."-Nanoha
"Yes, yes, ever since then we declared ourselves magical girls and went on to solve many cases/incidents, protect the peace in our neighbourhood and lavish/spread love and courage to all!"-Hayate
"Did we do that?"-Fate
"Um. Well, the end results were kinda like that…"-Nanoha
-Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS Sound Stage M The StrikerS (yeah, thats the title of the sound stage, and this conversation kinda explains the show magical girl lyrical nanoha)

"You put diphthongs in weird places!"-Krissy
-lunchtime conversation comparing a new yorkers pronunciation of the word dog with the standard american version ()

"How does Ayaka communicate with Zazie, who never talks?"-Interviewer
"It seems to be an obvious power of class representatives to understand the intentions of their classmates."-Ken Akamatsu
-some interview about volumes 28 and 29 of negima (dude, i think akamatsu is officially in my head pantheon of awesome people)

"The subtleties of that are confusing my poor, tired, kite-flying mind."-me
-dinner at some point - i think we were looking at one of the soviet russia joke type things

"Lambda is chaotic neutral. Bern is neutral evil. Lambda is all about having fun, and will do anything, good or evil, to have fun...which is why she switched to Battler's side. Bern likes being evil but won't do anything to be deliberately evil...rather, she just waits for opportunities. Neither would go out of their way to run you over, but Bern would probably back up over you afterwards."-shunkwugga
-youtube comments for umineko episode preview (...yeah, this is kinda why everyone loves these two... ;;)

“Why does this remind me of last weekend…..”-person one
“Because you were driving drunk last week while I was banging your mom.”-person two
“Mom jokes are gay”-person one
“Only if women tell them”-person two
“Well played, sir.”-person one
-my friends tumblr (which is apparently the new twitter. or the new livejournal. probably the new livejournal.)

"And you have to tell us how's come if you're from Japan, you could be Sammy's cousin and look like such a Jew."-Davy O'Dowd
"We're in Japan. We're everywhere."-Sammy
"Good point."-Davy O'Dowd
-The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay (fictional book about the beginning of the comic book revolution, and generally rather awesome)

"Approach city, scout and get food first. Ghost-sex doujins later."-Haruna
-Haruna's Most EroEro Adventure (fanfic about harunas time in the magical world before catching up with negi, mostly quoted cuz this sounds just like the girl)

"Any more great knowledge you'd like to impart to me tonight?"-Minako
"A good leader knows the strengths and weaknesses of those under her. Rather than crushing them for each of their failures, she will find a way to make them stronger."-Setsuna
"I was just kidding."-Minako
-The Cruelty and Fairness of Fate

"Why in hell do I do these things?"-Senator Hino (...huh, dont know if hes been given a name...)
"Because you're a power hungry, self-centered egomaniac who needs to cover his ass."-Kimiko
")glare("-Senator Hino
"I'm sorry. I meant to say it's because you're a selfless individual who's trying to make the world a better place for your fellow man. I keep getting those two mixed up."-Kimiko
-The Cruelty and Fairness of Fate

"How is going from being a boy band to a gangster rap group going to help you find the princess this time around?"-Mamoru
"Simple. Last time we sang cute little teeny-bopper, bubblegum pop love songs to her, and it took an entire friggin' season for her to show up. This time though, through the magical power of gangsta rap, we're going to get her to come out sooner through fear. We'll get our Princess to come back to us by threatening to bury a cap in her ass if she doesn't."-Yaten
-Mamoru Must Die! (honestly, i dont know how i havent quoted this before...i mean, come on, the magical power of gangsta rap...)

"I love you too much to listen to you angst."-Konoka
"Yes, Kono-chan."-Setsuna
-Egg Belly (setsuna gets konoka pregnant, but its mostly funny; also, more people should say this to their loved ones in anime)

"Isn't that strange?!! Innocent when they die, guilty as long as they're alive, almost like a witch's trial! ...Oh, right, the enemy's a witch. So everything's okay...?"-narrator (who im pretty sure is battler at this point)
-Umineko no Naku Koro Ni (episode 2 of the sound novel)

"Who's gonna work those penalties on me? They'd best bring their supper to do it. They'll be working a while."-Briar
"That would be the closest member of Winding Circle's Initiate Council or the Mage-council of the University at Lightsbridge. they set and enforce the laws for mages from the Endless Ocean in the west to the Heaven Mountains in Yanjing."-Rosethorn
"Then I'll go. They can come find me. I ain't their errand boy."-Briar
"The nearest member of both of those councils is me."-Rosethorn
-Street Magic by Tamora Pierce (i have a strange and sudden obsession with this series for some reason, and i think it might be rosethorns fault)

"Stabbing isn't an answer."-Briar
-Street Magic

"There are no more than 17 people on the island, but there are 40 scientists the next island over with typhoon-penetrating surface-to-surface missiles loaded with BERSERKER GAS!"-random troper
-Wild Mass Guessing page for Umineko No Naku Koro Ni

"When you find a dog drenched with rain, do you have the habit of whacking it with a stick or something?"-Beatrice
"Nope. Unlike you."-Battler
-Umineko No Naku Koro Ni (episode three of the visual novel)

"In case you hadn't noticed by now, dear readers, Tsukuyomi scares me. She's pure unadulterated psychopathy wrapped in a deceptively cute package. It's like opening a Hello Kitty present and finding Dagon inside, somehow."-RedSavant
-bah, i was too lazy to catch the poster...someone discussing tsukuyomi on the onemanga forum topic about chapter 294 (which was epic awesomeness right at the end!!) (oh, and i found the story the quote was taken from, too - ThirtyOne, a set of well done drabbles about every single girl in 3A)

"Current Mahou Sensei Negima Questions: 153672246
Current Mahou Sensei Negima Question Answered: 2?
Our obsession in a nutshell."-Dessiato
-same topic

"If I had to name my greatest strength, it would be my humility. My greatest weakness: it's possible that I'm a little too awesome."-Barack Obama
-i found it on tvtropes, though he apparently said it at some charity event or something

"Channel your inner Patrick Stewart, and with elegant, sweeping gestures, a nice rounded vocal tone and crisp pronunciation, demand: "Pray tell, what manner of jack-assery is THIS?"-Neopatra
-surfing the internet for interesting linguistic studies/articles on swearing and its place in language (because phrases like shut the hell up can be incredibly fascinating)

"Also, I'm on chapter 13 on volume 2, and it so far has pretty much put all my previous theories into a blender, poured in milk, set it to high, blended for 5 minutes, and then drank it."-crazysjd89
"Beatrice likes doing that to people. )hehheh("-Sterling01
-Umineko forums (discussing turn of the golden witch)

"Mum, thanks for giving birth to me in a country where my chances of being raped and eaten by demons are quite low."-Ginny
"Anything for you, Ginny dear."-Molly Weasley
"Thanks Mum."-Ginny
-The Girl Who Loved (crossover between harry potter, sailor moon, and ranma one half, with about as much hilarity as can be expected in such a story)

"A martial artist's duty is to defend the weak. A martial artist's pleasure is to bust open twat face."-Ranma
-The Girl Who Loved

"How much do you want for Pixie Dust?"-Kimberly
"Eleven hundred."-Aaron
"One thousand one hundred."-Kimberly
"I mean ten hundred."-Aaron
"One thousand."-Me
"I mean nine hundred."-Aaron
"Nine thousand. No, wait, that would be nine hundred."-Kimberly
-playing Disney's Monopoly (aaron is seven and kimberly is ten, so explaining the intricacies of linguistic differences between one thousand and ten hundred can occasionally be difficult :P)

")paraphrased( So where are the Sam Adams?"-Mom
")paraphrased( I don't know."-Lucia
")wasnt paying attention(What are you guys talking about?"-me
"The Sam Adams."-Lucia
")look("-Mom, Dad, Lucia, Nancy
"It wasn't me! Maybe we have alcoholic squirrels."-me
"I would believe that sooner than I'd believe you drank them."-Lucia
-family conversation (apparently some of our beers disappeared within the last week, and no one knows what happened to them)

"None shall pass."-Black Senshi
"Unless they defeat you?"-Ami
"All who would pass, must fight me to the death."-Black Senshi
"Right. )turns to leave("-Ami
"Wait, you're just going to leave?"-Black Senshi
"I don't like the road that much."-Ami
-im pretty sure the title is A Senshi in Queen Rei's Court...you can get to it through the tvtropes fanfic recommendation page for sailor moon

"This is no more prevalent than at cons. Only there can a group of Stormtroopers sneer at a group of Naruto fans and mutter, 'Loser,'."-Ms. Fix-it
-im not sure if thats proper grammar in that last sentence...oh, right, this is from commentary on a graph at graphjam.com

"I want to rub Lady Gaga's tummy."-Petah
-conversation posted on tumblr

")Plants being burned("-...show?
"Nooooooo! Sorry, I sympathize with Poison Ivy a little."-me
"Oh yeah, totally."-Rachel
"Nooooooo!"-Poison Ivy
-me and my friend watching Pretty Poison (the batman animated series episode); note id never watched the episode, so i didnt realize that she would say it within ten seconds

"Jessica is as straight as a rainbow, and bats for the other team."-troper one
"That is rather unpleasant news. As a leading member of the school body, Jessica should play for her school's team, and not another team. I don't recall her school having a softball team, though."-troper two
-memetic mutation for umineko no naku koro ni on tvtropes

"When having a stake in your stomach is not your biggest problem you know you’re in deep shit."-Ssol
-animesuki post detailing their solution for episode three of umineko

"The murderer for the third chapter is Kyrie, obviously. The first twilight practically screams it from the rooftops: 'Hello, I was committed by someone who is perhaps a little too proud of her intellect, but hates getting blood on her hands!'"-troper
-wild mass guessing for umineko

"Good god, it's like a candy store went and exploded all over the UMG."-troper
-part of discussion that was originally on the wild mass guessing page for umineko (...i hang out there a lot at the moment, sue me...)

"I came here to tell ya something, and I'm not leaving 'till I do."-Minamimoto
"You got more curves than a triple integral."-Minamimoto
"Excuse me?"-Konishi
"And I think that we should integrate our curves so that I can increase our volume."-Minamimoto
"Minamimoto-sensei, this behavior is uncalled for and I must insist that it cease."-Konishi
"Keep wishin'. But you know what I wish? I wish I was your second derivative so that I could investigate your concavities."-Minamimoto
"Yo, Phones. What's he blabbin' about? I ain't understandin' half of it."-Beat
"Ugh. Beat, for once I wish I was as dense as you."-Neku
"Hahah! Keep wishin', Phones, 'cause you ain't never gonna be able to match me."-Beat
"Minamimoto-sensei - "-Konishi
"Are you a vector-valued function? Because I'd really like to see how much you flux when I curl you."-Minamimoto
"Yo, what'chu talkin' about? Keep talkin' gibberish and you're gonna end up in jus' as much trouble as Phones an' me."-Beat
"Let me put it in simpler terms for you zero-brained hectopascals. I wish I was her problem set so I'd be really hard and she'd be doing me on her desk."-Minamimoto
-Getting Schooled, twewy fic (duh) about neku and the rest in high school, where minamimoto is their math teacher and konishi becomes their principal (gotta love the high density of nerdy pick up lines)

"Who do you want?"-Will Du
"Dr. Robin Chen."-Shego
"Very well. But if you're using this just as an opportunity to go on a date-"-Will
"Come on, Will, Robin was one of Zita's friends."-Shego
"Uh-huh. And how does that statement answer whether or not you're trying to seduce her?"-Will
"It doesn't. It's supposed to remind you it's none of your business either way."-Shego
-POSSIBILITY ENGINE (yes, the title is in all caps, tis a fanfic on this site by...TempestDash, apparently)

"I cannot call to mind a single instance where I have ever been irreverent, except toward the things which were sacred to other people."-Mark Twain
-somebodys signature on the kp slash haven forums (gotta love twain...he would have totally been an internet dweeb like the rest of us if hed been alive today)

"I love how you (King in Yellow) write Kim and Shego to be completely emotionally retarded as a couple. It's exactly how I'd see the first few months of their relationship going."- Triple S
-sig on kp slash haven forums

"Depression is merely anger without enthusiasm."-Clayton
-motivational poster thread on kp slash haven forum

"Yo dawg, I heard you liked Dominion, so we put a Throne Room in your Throne Room so you can Village while you Village."-me
-while playing Dominion at our universitys gaming club (totally makes sense if you understand the game, and yes i have no shame)

"I sometimes get these vertical ones down the sides of my back."-Dan
"Those aren't knots, those are muscles."-Brianna
-lunchtime conversation

"We can be reasonable!"-Ryouko
"You're probably the most reasonable person I've ever had try to kill me. But I remember that time you _did_ stab me all too well."-Kyon
"No stabbing! Bad Ryouko! No class rep votes for you!"-Haruhi
"...you don't really think that's her prime concern, do you? Aside from which, did you even vote last time?"-Kyon
"It isn't. And no, she didn't. But, about being reasonable...?"-Ryouko
-Kyon: Big Damn Hero (intentionally troperrific haruhi fic)

"Okay, I'll admit, I had my doubts before. Mikuru the time traveler? Silly. Mikuru the cute and hilariously inept time traveler, relying on Kyon for support? Entirely plausible!"-Haruhi
-same fic

"Author!anon, I had to do things today and I can't do anything now except imagine hot F/A bathtub phone sex. It would be infuriating if it weren't so awesome."-anon
-comments for an incredibly hot fradrian fic on the phoenix wright kink meme

"Look at your comment, now back to mine. Now back at your comment now back to mine. Sadly it isn't mine, but if you stopped trolling and started posting legitimate comments it could look like mine. Look down, back up, where are you? You're scrolling through comments, writing the comment your comment could look like. What did you post? Back at mine, it's a reply saying something you want to hear. Look again the reply is now diamonds. Anything is possible with legit comments. I'm on a chair"-RisenSk8ters
-comments for one of the old spice commercial response thingies (the one for ellen degeneres)

"Yes, he is 50% wood, 50% chair, and 200% MOTHERFUCKING LOYALTY."-hm...didnt catch the name of the poster, sorry
-animesuki's umineko speculation thread (this concerns kanon, of course)

"im so canadian even my blood cells are red and white !"-thelilnevshow
-youtube comments for a cover of the end of the world by REM (left the spelling as is)

"Also, you have no idea how much of this I wrote not looking at the screen. I... it makes me incredibly uncomfortable to write this stuff, which is funny really, because for the most part I like it. It's just... I'm far too polite. It's like seeing my laptop naked, and it's two chicks having sex."-demondreaming
-author notes at the end of a smut fic

-reading through someones play-by-play (with commentary) of 2-4 (of phoenix wright, doncha know)

"Victorious should be mine. What, we get one episode a month? I'm doing a helluva of a lot more than that, and I'm drunk. On power. And alcohol. I call it POW!cohol. I own that. But that's about it."-demondreaming
-disclaimer for one of their fics

"Reviews are very important, you see, because writing is a lot like eating a pizza. It's great when you first get it, and you're all 'om nom nom' and it's hot and everything, but then it gets cold and you're like 'ugh... I no longer feel like eating this pizza. My enthusiasm for it has cooled'. And then you see it lying on the counter the next day and you're like, 'gross, this pizza is old and unoriginal, and I no longer know what to do with it'. Reviews are the microwave of this extended analogy. So keep my pizza delicious and review."-demondreaming
-author notes for a fic

"Ami Mizuno, Sailor Mercury, is not simply looking forward to this, she is getting off on this. Ami will feel deep and visceral pleasure in crushing this demon beneath her booted feet, and will later remember this event and laugh in a way that makes others feel profoundly uncomfortable. Ami cannot wait for the day she learns a decent attack technique. Ami has deeply-concealed issues."-ShadowJack
-his commentary for the original series (this particular one coming from episode eleven - the creepy amusement park episode with the robotic animals)

"I am the caked paint that ruins the wash of Crime, the sunlight that fades the color selections of Injustice, I AM SAILOR MOON! And I'm gonna kick your ass!"-ShadowJack (well, sailor moon, really, i suppose)
-same commentary (episode 18)

"Linguistics is a cheap science. All you need is a pen and a plane ticket."-Professor Lotus Goldberg
-...well, i got it from an email, but shes also my own professor...

"Look, as her seneschal, I have a duty to see that the royal line is preserved, and more importantly I wanna be a flower girl."-Minako
-sadly, i dont know if that html will survive the archiving process...oh, and this is from the commentary of shadowjack watching sailor moon, episode 69 (hehe)

"The shadow girls are probably one of the most brilliant devices in this show. Utena doesn't just break the fourth wall; it builds a fifth and sixth wall so as to trick you into breaking them yourself, then punches you in the jaw while your distracted and rifles through your pockets for loose socialization."-Cruton
-rpgnet forums, where i watch revolutionary girl utena (name of thread, not my personal event)

"You have a noted deficiency in your linguistic skills, including a tendency towards vagueness and excessive use of metasyntactic variables in situations which warrant clarity beyond that which imprecise terms can provide. You might want to consider putting effort into remedying it."-Kei
"And yooooou have a noted deficiency in your... stuff! You might want to consider puttying effort into remedying it."-Iti
-NGE: Nobody Dies: Ichi's Birthday Party

"Whenever I get around to Haruhi, I'm gonna have to make sure to watch it in the more mind-fucking episode order. Linearity is for wimps!"-Shadowjack
-one of his threads where he analyzed evangelion

"Everyone was so worried about who was going to want to see this movie. I remember them being like, ‘How do you get guys to a ballet movie? How do you get girls to a thriller?’ And the answer is a lesbian scene. Everyone wants to see that."-Natalie Portman
-some magazine interview, i found it on tvtropes (and this is cementing my growing love for this woman)

Mr. Floyd quotes

Mr. Floyd is my older sisters (and now my) junior history teacher. some of these are cynical, others simply funny. have fun!

"Their idea of roughing it is using the wrong fork."-Mr. Floyd

"It's in her yard, it's not supposed to be, so she kills it."-Mr. Floyd
-history class, concerning his dog, i think

"Now God sits back, has a beer and a bag of chips, and is watchin' it happen."-Mr.Floyd
-in regard to deism

")joking( We beat the French! We're awesome!"-MF
-regard to French/Indian war

"Let's go back to talking about naked people"-MF
-regard to...whatever the subject was

"Well, I've been a guy most of my life..."-MF
-regard to class

"They got a flag out of the deal...and a nice song."-MF
-benefits of the french revolution

"We use the English system. The ENGLISH don't even use the English system."-MF
-regard to english/math system

"They're changing government faster than we change our underwear."-MF
-regard to the french revolution

"Everyone's got better food than Britain."-MF
-regard to guess what?

"They're wrong, but they're convinced!"-MF
-regard to...history...

"Typical American claim: It's all ours!"-MF
-regard to gee...i dont know...duh

"There's actually a simple explanation for this. )pause( Coincidence."-MF
-regard to...something coincidentally forgotton

"It's the forces of democracy versus the forces of darkness!"-MF
-regard to ww1 american opinion

"Bushes are good politicians."-MF
-regard to bush (presidents), but arent plants more fun?

"I won't be so cynical as to suggest a connection between money and politics."-MF
-regard to politics

"We tried to save the world once, and we found that the world didn't want to be saved. So, to hell with it, we'll just save ourselves."-MF
-ww1 us disillusionment

"Zero to sixty in three days!"-MF
-in regard to his first car

"I tell you, they don't make 'em like that anymore. )pause( For a good reason."-MF
-regard to anticommunist junk

"U.S. says black, France says WHITE!"-MF
-regard to frances arguments on every issue

"It's about ten miles east of nowhere."-MF
-something or other

"...arrest people for being gay without a license."-MF
-regard to something...

"We're exporting McDonald's."-MF
-regard to...mcdonalds...

"Californians run out and go, 'Ooh, lightning!'"-MF
-regard to thunderstorms and a californians...curiousity...-_-;;

"I think Patel is Indian for Smith."-MF
-regard to indian names

"Sumalia is a gangocracy."-MF
-regard to system of government

new junk stuff...

dm: cleaned up my profile a lot - a lot of the stuff that used to be on here was just unimportant. i am never getting rid of the quotes pile, though. still working slowly on something that may be on the internet eventually. wouldn't hold my breath, though. ciao!

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Legend of Zelda - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Drama - Chapters: 52 - Words: 226,595 - Reviews: 831 - Favs: 573 - Follows: 480 - Updated: 7/17/2012 - Published: 1/30/2007 - Link, Ganondorf
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