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Fenschway = a lowly and humble minion of the Writing Muse doing battle against the Gods of Boredom while struggling to learn the proper fen shui balance between pathos, joy, and pure bullshit for enjoyable storytelling

9/26/2016 ... my writing will be on an extended hiatus due to family health issues ... I do hope to continue my stories someday but please accept my apologies for the delay ...

1/27/2016 ... TGC is down for a rewrite

I will return to updating Starry Starry Nights where some VERY interesting Marvel characters do appear in the next outlined chapters ... and I'm also outlining the next few chapters to the House of L... these are tentatively titled ... "Cabin Fervor", "Frosty Animosity", "Nesty Habits", "Danielle Cage Rage", "House Louse" (Deadpool crashing the prison's opening day transfers), "Nexus Hex Us" and "Feral Peril"... as I say these are tentative ... and maybe not necessarily in order and not all that are planned ...

re: The House of L

... I have started a complementary companion piece to my "Starry Starry Nights" X-Men/ Sekirei crossover entitled "House of L" ... the new piece will be dealing with the near future interactions of Logan with female Avengers, X-Women, and their ever nefarious female foes such as Mystique, Typhoid Mary, Lady Masterminds, Ms. Sinister, Titania, Red She Hulk, Madam Hydra(s), Chimera et al ... Starry and House story lines will run in conjuncture with each other until both pieces come together in one grand finale ... I hope ... this kind of epic planning/outlining is something new for me and and a pretty big chunk to bite off at once and do it right ... especially since comic fans can be pretty intense about their favorites deviating much from their canon character

... mild spoiler alert ... the main premise of "House" is that in the near future and adjacent to the Jean Grey Academy, Logan will be forced by circumstances, old loyalties, and a new government to build and run an insane asylum/hospice care/prison for mutant/human females designated as extreme security risks to the new government's peaceful status quo ... and of course none of the homicidal, suicidal, and rebellious/revenge plotting inmates like their new designation, forced internment, care managers ... nor each other ... ummm ... think AvX v Foes ... all with permanent PMS and menopausal issues on steroids ... and Logan, trying to keep his head down in his little lake cabin retreat between the two institutions, is caught in the middle of each daily and nightly crises ... the old and greatly troubled/conflicted Canucklehead Wolverine faces each one with his usual cigar chomping and beer drinking total lack of tact and savoir fare ... nuff said ... hope it enjoyably goes the way I envision ...

re: The House of L ... AND ... Starry Starry Nights

Author's note:... since both stories have multiple Marvel and Sekirei characters ...going into great depth of each will be nigh impossible and make the plot drag too much ... a really neat and fast cliff note search of my Marvel characters on should help for their origins, backgrounds, story arcs, issues appearing, powers, personal stats, and especially images ... i.e. from chapter 2 ... type Ava'Dara into the site's search box and click on large right side image to access a nice gallery ... you can also find Jessica Jones' Alias and Pulse detective series at the top of her page ... search "X-Women 2010" ... for a quick image of the somewhat controversial one shot issue involving Storm, Rogue, Kitty Pryde, Rachel Grey, Psylocke, and Emma Frost on their "Greek" and Madripoor vacation "adventure" ... for more info and images and even reading character relevant comics .. then I guess an in depth internet search is your friend ...

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