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Hi, well, I'm not quite sure what I should put for my profile... To start I guess I could tell you my real name, which is Noel (as in like the song, The First Noel...). I'm 14 and entering the ninth grade... joy (said on a VERY sarcastic tone). I have tendencies to be very sarcastic and bitchy. You could say I'm a bit of nerd or geek. I'm sort of obsessed with anime and a TCG called Magic: The Gathering. I'm also a gamer chick, lolz.Oh, and a few other personality traits: loud, annoying, obnoxious, creative, different, nice, caring, and at times DEPRESSED (or as others have told me, emo :/ I really don't see how... is it cuz I like to paint my finger nails black and tend to wear skinny jeans and random t-shirt's from Hot Topic???)

Favorite genre of music: Rock (including most types of it, just not the soft stuff...)

Favorite book genre: Fantasy (its one of the best, but a VERY close second is romance but not the cheesy shit with all the ridiculous, unrealistic crap. That just pisses me off.)

Favorite Video Game: Fable II or LOZ: Twilight Princess

Favorite Band: (right now at any rate) Asking Alexandria

Favorite Song: (I don't have one... I like too many... lol)

Favorite Youtube video: The Ultimate Showdown

Favorite Anime: Bleach


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