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What's up, you guys?! So...HI! My name is Hailey, but I am usually called Himi-San. I got the nickname for the fact that sometimes (trust me, it's on short occasion) I act like bratty Himeko, from Demashitta! Powerpuff Girls Z...I'm like her though, trust me, it's only when I get supa-peeved off. So, you can call me either Hailey or Himi-San...or Hi-Chi (don't ask me where I got that one, but it's one of those nicknames). M'kay, now that I have introduced myself, how 'bout we get down to me stories, eh?

So, I love anime, and writing, and I love taking in reviews, 'cause I usually don't think my crap is that good. Honestly, I am half fangirl/half happy-time watcher. I don't know what a happy time watcher is...in my opinion, it's someone who watches and talks about anime/manga, without drooling over every word anyone says. The fangirl half, that comes out on certain things, like when you talk about, Soma Kukai...*faints* S-s-see? I faint, instead of drooling! Okay, let's get back to the stories. I will probably mostly be using Shugo Chara! the most for my fanfics, 'cause that is the easiest anime to work with, in my opinion. Now, I like all kinds of SC! couples, and some I just can't stand. My favorite would have to be RimaHiko, or Kutau. I like lots of Amu couples, I can deal with all of them, though NagihikoXAmu is definately on the bottom. And, sorry if I spell things wrong, I fuck up like that. Oh, and I forgot to mention that I cuss ALOT, so just beware of that in stories, 'cause I don't warn people, well, most of the time, I don't. I also like to use OC's or OOC's or OCC's...I forgot which one, but I'mma go with OC's. I will usually tell you at the begining of the story if there are any OC's...and I will list all of my OC's on me profile, which you are reading now.


Himi-San - The equivalent of myself. Haylee is her real name (no shit -.-). Himi-San has long, brown hair, and blue-ish, green-ish eyes. She is just like me, nice, but mostly distant and bitchy (Where'd The Brothers Go?, Wish Of Death)

Allison Yuki - Yaya Yuki's teenage wreck of a sister. Ali-Sama is her nickname, only used by Yaya. She has long, blonde hair, and dark blue eyes. Allison can be caring at times, but is mostly evil and mean, especially toward Yaya. (Can I Teach You?)

Callie Bride - The western-talking Nebrasken, the first in SC! to come from the U.S. She is totally western, along with her Chara, Nancy. They live for getting dusty and dirty of course! They're from the plains, and the ranch. What would you expect? (Out With The Old, And In With The New)

K-Chan - Himi-San's bestie! ^.^ She is nice about 2% of the time, though...she always smacks Dylan around, since he annoys her so much. She has long blonde hair, and big blue eyes. (Those Teens In New Jersey!)

Dylan/Blade - K-Chan's super fanboy. He is ALWAYS sucking up to her, acting as if they're dating...he can easily deal with all the beatings she gives him, which is kind of suprising. He has short hair, that spikes out (like Boomer) that's black and dark blue. (Those Teens In New Jersey!)

C-Chan - Mike's girlfriend. She is almost the same as K-Chan, only a little crazier...hehe, sorry C-Chan! She looks alot like Luchia from Mermaid Melody...but not EXACTLY. (Those Teens In New Jersey!)

Mike - C-Chan's boyfriend, and always the really weird one. He and C-Chan almost always have the same ideas, and always agree on things! He has spikey brown hair, and green eyes. (Those Teens In New Jersey!)

Okay, let's move on the some more stuff. Why don't we talk about the anime's I like to watch. I already told you that I like SC! but I also like Demashitta! Powerpuff Girls Z, Vampire Knight, Mermaid Melody Pitchi Pitchi Pitch, Ojamojo Do Re Mi, and definately some Kimi Kiss Pure Rouge. I love them all! It's always been a big passtime for me, watching anime. This is getting super boring right now...O.O I like faces, even though this is stories and not text talk.


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