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Author has written 46 stories for Spider-Man, Dragon Ball Z, Transformers/Beast Wars, Green Lantern, Batman, and Flash.

Hi everyone, just wanted to say hope you enjoy the fics! As always, comments and questions are welcomed. I do this for fun, so hopefully everyone will have fun reading! I am also listed at various other fanfictions (adultffnt, makebelieve archive, Master/Apprentice Obi wan Qui Gon site, Transfictions net, More than Friends: A Superman/Batman Archive, Saiyan Hideaway, 4th floor the Asylum Archives, A Stack of Stuff, Eve's Dragonball Z World). At the Master/Apprentice Obi Wan Qui Gon site, I have a Lifestyles of the Dark and Famous series where Qui and Obi are lords of hel. At some point I will resume that series.

(UPDATE: after being on a bit of a hiatus, I will be working on my various series, so everyone please be patient.) 4/1/11

5/2/11 UPDATE I tweaked the KAOS 3 PROFILES page in WING SHIFT which includes more minicons. Currently I am working on the next chapter of Wing Shift. It will include a funny version of Megatron who has an idea for the eggs! And Thundercracker will have his reunion with BlackBolt!

5/17/11 UPDATE As always, here is the place to come for ongoing info! I am still working on the next chapter of WING SHIFT, and am also writing a few scenes for a future chapter down the road. And the baby minicons will be main characters. You will love them! Also on the table is the next chapter of STOPLIGHT as things heat up at the barbecue for Hal and Barry! Down the road will be Rooftop Spyder, and more House of Vegeta. And based on demand, I may do a sequel to Service for One, which I had originally planned to just be a one shot. Not sure about that one yet, but stay tuned.

7/28/11 UPDATE

Good news! The next chapter of WING SHIFT will be posted soon. BlackBolt is happy and Megatron is still crazy! And the missing Ravage is found. And will those durn eggs hatch already?!

8/1/11 NEWS!

For those of you late to the party, Chapter 46 of WING SHIFT is now posted. Title is the New Breed. This monster just keeps on rolling! If you are following the fic STOPLIGHT, the next chapter is in the works.

Check out the various series:

Rooftop Spyder series (Spiderman)

Monkey Moon series (Monkey Shines) (Dragonball Z)

House of Vegeta Series (Highlights, Chronicles)

The Chi Chi Series (Dragonball Z)

A GL one shot featuring Alan Scott (Sentinel)

Blood Bonds (in progress) a Batman/elseworlds vampire series

The Yamcha Series (Dragonball Z)

THe Egg Series (DBZ)

Various DBZ one shots

Blue Dreams with Bruce and Clark (Batman/Superman)

Transformers / Wing Shift (in progress and out of control!)

New StopLight series underway starring Barry Allen (Flash), and Hal Jordan (GL) with a few shocking cameos!

I don't do cliche characters! Always looking at a new angle and trying to keep it real.

And I'd like to thank everyone for all the recent kind reviews and opinions I've gotten! It has definitely energized me into working on my fic again after a long layoff. I have unfinished chapters lying everywhere but I am working on everything as I go! I plan to work on Wing Shift, Rooftop Spyder and Stoplight primarily right now.


Several of you have requested about the continuation of several fics. Again I have to apologize, life has thrown a few curves and I've been so busy there's been no time. However, I will be having some free time at the end of this year to work on fics. For you Monkey Moon lovers, I'm still undecided about how to continue it, whether to take the saiyans off planet or do a future shot with an adult Gohan. Stay tuned. I also intend to continue Blues at War, with both supermen fighting over Bruce. And I may change my mind about the one shot, Service For One. And I WILL be getting back to my latest hot series, Stoplight featuring Hal Jordan and Barry Allen. I have some steamy ideas for those two! And in the Rootop Spyder series, a certain Mr. Parker will find having too much 'spider juice' can be a real problem! As always, come here for updates everyone.


Hard to believe it's been so many months since my last update! But there's news...currently I am working on the next Chapter of WING SHIFT, so you transformer fans get ready! Megatron makes mayhem with the eggs. I've had some problems logging into my account which bogged things down for awhile. Starscream and Skyfire pay their first official visit to Kaos 3, and you'll find out just how crazy those decep warriors are! And minicons are craziest of all!


Yeah, I know. Promises, promises. But once again life threw me a few curves. However, I'm back on the keyboard now. Currently working on the next chapter of STOPLIGHT with Flash and GL...should be done in a few days, the chap is well underway. Next up will be the chapter of WING SHIFT that's been sitting on my desktop these many months. I fully intend to continue this saga and all its craziness. The dbz stuff will be on the backburner for now, as well as Rooftop Spyder.


Hot news for those of you following the STOPLIGHT series with Hal Jordan/Barry Allen. A new chapter will be posted today. Look out for it. And I am also working on the next chapter of Wing Shift. Stay tuned.


The next chapter in STOPLIGHT is already underway. Also, I've received some requests about VEILS OF NIGHT with Simon Hurt and Batman. If interested in seeing this continue, PM me. Interested in all ideas about possible story direction! Morrison has said Hurt will return, so anything can happen! Wing Shift lovers, be patient. I have an incomplete next chap that I will be working on soon.


The last few months (real life) were pretty rotten and I wasn't in any mental state to write. But things are looking up now. And there's news! RIGHT NOW I am working on a new fic, called Celestial Sensations featuring Batman and Phantom Stranger! It is well underway and is turning out much longer than I expected. I hope to have it posted in a few days. Next up will be the current chapter of WING SHIFT, which has been sitting on my desktop for too long. More details as I have 'em. And all you folk who recently read my stuff, thanks for the kind reviews! I also am excited for the next chapter of STOPLIGHT. Will Barry get those treatments, or will a friend interfere? And will Ollie's curiosity get him hammered? Stay tuned...


HOT NEWS. My Batman/Phantom Stranger fic is turning into a BIG one. Already at 220kb and still going! For you PS fans, I've got some seriously wild twists and turns! This version of Phantom Stranger is a little bit of the "classic" and a LOT of the NU52 version (no, not Judas). And Bruce is such a slut! He's got everyone wrapped around his little finger...but then so does Stranger! And you'll never guess the surprise that's sprung on everyone! I am looking to post this whopper in a few days. It's freaky, it's wild, it's weird! Stay tuned for CELESTIAL SENSATIONS.


Okay, this is seriously insane. CELESTIAL SENSATIONS is getting out of control! Now at 307kb and still going. I plan to cap this sucker soon, then beta it . BE WARNED, there are a lot of characters in this one, and you see a side of both Bruce and PS no one knows! Finally finished all the 'hot' parts, so its back to the story stuff! I'm hoping to wrap this one up in a week, catch a breath and then work on WING SHIFT. Stay tuned.

4/29/13 CELESTIAL SENSATIONS is now posted. Look for it in the Batman/comics/General/Drama section. Next up, working on the next chapter of WING SHIFT. More to come.

5/1/13 Just a note on CELESTIAL SENSATIONS. I've separated the Chapters and cleaned them up, including all the proper italics and bold that disappear when posted. This site drives me crazy with that! Enjoy, and please give reviews. As always, here is the place to be for all updates and information!

5/3/13 I plan to do another chapter or two on CELESTIAL SENSATIONS. Stay posted. Much like Wing Shift, this story is taking a life of it's own with me.

5/6/13 The next chapter for CELESTIAL SENSATIONS is now posted. It's called REDUX: REVELATIONS. Bruce finds out the truth about The Stranger and his nature!

5/7/13 The newest chapter of CELESTIAL SENSATIONS is in the works. It's titled REDUX: PILLOW TALK. More layers of the Stranger's history stand revealed. And a surprise visit! Stay tuned.

5/12/13 Chapter REDUX: PILLOW TALK of CELESTIAL SENSATIONS is now posted.

5/14/13 Working on the next chapter of WING SHIFT. Will Megatron finally get caught, or will the eggs hatch first? And what about those Source power deceps on Kaos 3? Also fleshing out an idea for a supplemental story to CELESTIAL SENSATIONS that will focus on the Phantom Stranger's relationship to his hell family, and a mystic mission they go on. Early stages of that just yet.

5/19/13 CELESTIAL SENSATIONS rolls on...a new chapter is now posted called SECRETS OF A QUEEN. What is shaping up to be a giant secret? Enter...Tala! a classic enemy of the Stranger, and more! What does she want? What does she already have? Catch clues and hints!

5/21/13 Still more CELESTIAL SENSATIONS coming! What secret does Tala hold that might win her the prize? The House of Loethe is due for a shock, as the truth of the Stranger's marriage is revealed! And does Tala have equal bargaining power to win the Stranger once and for all? Will Bruce accept this next stunner? Next up: NIGHTMARE PAST.

5/27/13 Hope everyone enjoyed their holiday! I did, with some good barbeque! Well, NIGHTMARE PAST is gonna be another whopper...I'm looking to wrap it up and beta by Wednesday. Tala puts her plans in action, and the Stranger visits the ancient realm of Chaos for answers! It's sex, lies, and immortal politics! The royal house of Loethe is in uproar, and Bruce just wants some good lovin'! And has the Stranger been deluded about himself all this time? Stay tuned...same Bat time, same Bat channel.

5/29/13 CELESTIAL SENSATIONS kicks it into high gear! NIGHTMARE PAST chapter is now posted. A pink dinosaur wants to be the Stranger's son-in-law; Elvis stops by to chat; and Stranger picks a fight with Archangel Michael, and decapitates some old men! Not to mention a cherub who likes to watch sex! Tala gets her DNA finally. Am I on crack? Or is this fic off the chain? Read and find out!

6/7/13 CELESTIAL SENSATIONS now has a WHOs WHO. Find out a bit more about the Hell family. Posted today!

6/14/13 Celestial Sensations will roll on to a new chap...will Uriel get another itch, and will Gindo hang around at Wayne Manor for a while? Loethe may have a shocker for the Stranger at the Palace, and fallout is guaranteed! And why is Tala going into seclusion? The Lords of Chaos meet with other ancients and gloat over potential futures. In progress. Bruce has doubts with Uriel on the scene, and might reminisce. Stay tuned!

7/19/13 Just wanted to thank everyone who recently has been following my stories! Currently I am still working on the next chapter of Celestial Sensations, called DOUBLE DARE. The Stranger may find himself in hot water with Bruce this time...and does a certain cherub have something to do with it? I've got so many unfinished series sitting on my desktop its crazy...but I plan to work on Stoplight and Wing Shift next. And happy thanks for the first review of Celestial Sensations! Many of you are quiet readers. Let me know what you think!

1/8/14 It's a new year! And now you can tweet me at KGURL@Pillhat. I've got unfinished chapters everywhere and I mean to get going! Always glad to share ideas and thoughts on fiction in general. And special thanks for those of you who keep reading, I feel guilty about not doing some stuff but 2013 wasn't a good year for me. This one will be much better! I have a funky ficlet rattling in my head about Spidey...and all the ladies who like him in marvel. Hmm...

4/30/14 Spring is here and my thoughts turn to fics! Stay tuned...there will be fresh stuff. Details as I go.


I want to thank those of you still reading my fics. I know I haven't delivered in awhile but trust me, I didn't fall down a black hole! When the new stuff is ready I will announce. Power to da peeples!


Happy new year, everyone! One of the reasons I've been "off" writing is that my schedule makes it tough to set aside time *sigh*. I've got so many stories sitting around unfinished it isn't funny. But I thank those of you that are "keeping the faith". I havent forgotten you.


UGH. The year is rolling on! I have to apologize to everyone for promising things I can't deliver right now. Currently I'm in the process of relocating and my job is very demanding. I can't believe it's been nearly two years since fics, but I fully intend to get back to things. Right now it's still looking like around 3-4 months before I can get serious again. For you folk who are new to reading my stories with recent comments, thank you and keep reading. There's a hefty library to go through! Keep the faith, peepul!


Want to thank everyone for the uptick in interest in my old stories!

Currently I'm in the process of selling and moving so I don't have too much time for the fics just now. I really need to get back to my stuff, though but there's too much stuff going on right now. Will keep posted, as always. My priority stories will be Phantom Stranger, Flash/Gh, HOV and Monkey Moon. And yes, I plan to continue the Rooftop SPyder series. And of course, WING SHIFT!!


I can't believe its been a year since I last posted, everyone. No new stuff yet, I just moved to a temporary address recently. When I get set up at my new digs I'll be back to the stories in my creative room. All thanks to those of you who are stilll reading my old stuff. When updates happen I will give a week's heads up. Meanwhile, enjoy the current stories. Thanks to those of you enjoying the library!


I want to thank everyone that still enjoys reading my old stuff. There's been so much going on personally I haven't had any time to write. However, I have several things planned by the end of the year (just moved recently). I won't promise anything until I have a clear idea of what will get finished when. But I do have a plan. And no, I haven't fallen off the face of the earth (lol). If any questions you can message me. I do have a teaser to reveal, a new pairing will be in the works for August Heart (Godspeed) and Barry Allen (Flash)! Date will be announced when I start that project.


Firecracker is BACK! After a stupidly long hiatus there is a fic in the works. Dragonball Lovers, this will be called GOKU THE DESTROYER and it is set after the tournament of power! Beerus is old, very old. Goku is struggling to control MUI despite his brief ability to gain the complete version. Does Whis have an ulterior motive? And what of Vegeta? Friends and family chime in at a momentous decision. Thanks to everyone for reading my stuff and reviewing in the meantime but trust me I'll try to make it worth the wait! Updates as I get 'em.

10/15/18 Still working on GOKU THE DESTROYER. First part with post tournament reaction well underway.

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