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All my stories have been deleted. I think I might just delete this account because I have another account that I'm writing a story on. Sorry, but I don't have any of the stories on my computer; I can't do this series anymore. I am devastated, because my sister worked hard on those stories, and I was just starting to finish them. She is really pissed off, and so am I. But there's nothing I can do about it. Sorry about that, guys.

My other account: blamethenargles2

So, since I won't be finishing the Lupin, Black, and Potter stories, this is what happens:

Teddy and George get together at the Yule Ball after Teddy stepped on his feet while dancing a few times.

Dean asks Evangeline to the ball, but she had already said yes to someone else. Evangeline was waiting on Dean to ask her, but he waited to long.

Evangeline dances with Dean at the ball because her date ended up bringing another date to the dance, but they don't get together.

In fifth year, Sirius dies, making Evangeline an orphan, and making her unable to crack a joke for a while because she is too distraught. And she wants revenge against Bellatrix.

At the end of fifth year Evangeline finally realizes that she likes Dean, but Ginny confided into her that Dean had asked Ginny out and she wanted Evangeline's advice. Evangeline immediately wants to do the wrong thing and tell Ginny not to do it, but she realized that she was being selfish and told Ginny that if she liked Dean then she should totally go for it. She pretends to be happy for the both of them, but her heart aches every time she sees them together.

In sixth year, both Harry and Evangeline are distraught since the people they both have a crush on are dating someone else. However Dean and Ginny were having problems, and they break up the day before Slughorn's Christmas party. Evangeline tries to cheer up Dean, and they end up getting together in the process. Ginny and Harry get together as well and everyone's happy, except for Hermione and Ron, because of the whole Lavander situation.

In Seventh year, Teddy and Evangeline join Harry on his quest.

In Dumbledore's will, Evangeline is given a necklace that can turn the wearer invisible. She was also given his diary. Teddy was given a watch sort of like the one Mrs. Weasley has in her house, only you can teleport to the person you want in case of danger.

In seventh year, Teddy's parents have another baby, a boy named Andy.

During the final battle, Teddy's parents die, leaving Teddy and Andy orphans.

Also in the final battle, Teddy finds Fenrir Greyback trying to bite Lavender Brown. Teddy uses Reducto to launch him through the window behind him, killing him.

Evangeline ends up killing Bellatrix in revenge for her father.

At the back of Dumbledore's diary that told her not to read until they destroy all of the rest of the horcruxs it tells Evangeline that Harry is a horcux and he has to die if Voldemort was to be defeated. Obviously she is distraught and she wants to die alongside Harry. Harry told her that someone needs to live on to kill Voldemort, and it had to be her. She is crying but agrees. Harry leaves, but he doesn't realize that Evangeline was following him using her necklace to be invisible. She planed on killing Voldemort right after. However she was caught by one of the Deatheaters and was brought back to the castle as a hostage. She was to be used as an example of what happens when you defy Voldemort.

Dean is wounded in the fight and is brought to the hospital wing.

Evangeline who was so distraught since she thought Harry was dead, she didn't have the will to fight against the Deatheater that was holding her.

Harry comes back alive right when they were about to use the killing curse on Evangeline and saves her.

Voldemort is killed by Harry, obviously.

Nineteen years later, Teddy and George are married with two boys: Fred II, 13 years old; and Remus, 11 years old.

Nineteen years later, Evangeline and Dean are married with three children: Sirius, 12 years old; Dora, 11 years old; and Natalie, 6 years old.

Thank you people for reading the stories.

It means the world to me.

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