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I, Ana Cardic, do solemnly swear to review all the fics I enjoy, regardless of the number of reviews, its age, or anything else.

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Heh, heh. Anyone out there? Didn't think so... If you are, however, waiting, lurking and silent... then read on.

Le stories:

I've recently started THE MERMAID'S DAUGHTER -- it's a rewrite of "A Fish Out of Water," which was pretty awful. Hoping this one is better. I actually have no idea where I'm going with it, so please, throw ideas at me! The more reviews I get the better it'll get, so review!

CELESTE: May be continued. But not for a while. I've got two other novels novel in the works right now, in addition to all my stuff, two to three times as long as this one, respectably, and at least one absolutely must be finished by the beginning of March. When it's done, though, maybe I'll be able to come back and work on this one a bit more. Or maybe not. We'll see.

POLITICALLY CORRECT CINDERELLA: Yes, it's pretty bad. But it was the first thing I ever posted here, and I'm kinda nostalgic towards it.

All my other stories -- primarily fluffy Harry Potter fics -- have been deleted. I don't think anyone was reading them, and they're the kind of written-when-I-was-thirteen stories that I prefer to hide when I have a choice, so they're safely archived in the depths of my computer where they won't be so accessible to public consumption.

Obligatory explanation of username: It is, quite simply, the word "anacardic," which means "of or pertaining to cashews." I think that is one of the coolest words ever, and so it's now my username. Maybe it'll be on the covers of my books someday, lol.

Cheerio! Remember, reviews are always welcome.

Ana Cardic

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The Mermaid's Daughter reviews
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