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Author has written 4 stories for Dalemark Quartet, Ella Enchanted, Harry Potter, and Misc. Books.

January: School is killing me...and I've umm...worked myself into a plot hole with my Ella Enchanted fic. XD But amazingly my Eyes of a Slytherin fic is coming along quite nicely...I'll post it sometime...soon. :D As soon as I finish the first few chapters.

Thanks to all my reviewers! I'm afraid I've been extremely busy with homework and school. Especially with a very long essay on Macbeth...which hasn't been fun. But anway, I'm almost done with chapter three and hopefully will be able to finish it by the end of next week and get it up before winter break. I'm wishing for a snow day tomorrow so I'll have more time to work on everything. After all...school is such a waste of time. Its better to be writing fanfiction than being in school. ;)

Okay, I've decided to put off the Elvenbanestory since, although it is my favorite, the Harry Potter and Ella Enchanted fics seem more popular (all of them are a lot of fun to write though! lol). So, I'll be updating those regularly at best (unless I suffer from writers block) and at worst it may take a couple weeks...heh.
Now to find some time to actually do my schoolwork...ugh.

Story status:
Lady in Waiting: Chapter 3 in progress...slowly being finished...slowly...
Through the eyes of a Slytherin: Chapter 2 still waiting to be uploaded. Chapter 3 now finished and waiting to be edited.

Fandoms: Pretty much anything fantasy,DWJ (HMC fanfics mostly bore me though, LOTR, harry potter, Dragonlance (I'll admit...I'm a raistlin fan), Halfblood chronicles (Dragons are sooo cool!), the avater (TV show), star wars...and much more.

Join the Dreams of Reality Forums! (Mainly for Harry Potter fans but really anyone can join. :D )

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A Lady in Waiting reviews
Set when Ella's mother was a girl. Living as a servant in Eleanor's house, Daria acts as a messenger for Peter and Eleanor while they try to keep their romance a secret from Eleanor's mother. Add a prince, a jealous manservant, and another curse
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