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Author has written 20 stories for Fullmetal Alchemist, Bleach, Fairy Tail, Hetalia - Axis Powers, and Blue Exorcist/青の祓魔師.


Hi guys, Neko here!

Also I'm accepting pairing request in my Ichigo Uke Arrancar Diary. Any pairing is allowed, also their will be a seperat story for this seires. Where I stop uke diary and do a Shinigami segment, meaning a Requested Shinigami X Arrancar Ichigo, and it has to be a YAOI pairing. So please leave me lovely reviews AND pairing request - w -

Also here are some of my fav anime shows: Bleach, FMA, Fairy Tail, Durarara, Naruto, Hetalia, Soul Eater, Black Cat, XXX Holic, Tsubasa chronicle, Black Butler, Baka and Test-Summon the Beasts, Loveless, Fruits Basket, Code Geass, Kekkashi, Gravitation, Wolf's Rain, 07-Ghost, Shugo Chara, Death Note, Final Fantasy, Sengoku Basara Samurai Kings, Pokemon, Vocaloid, Ouran High School Host Club, Sukisho, Junjou Romantica, Sekaichi Hatsukoi, and Love Pistols. You might see some work from me base off of any of these animes/mangas. They are pretty interesting to, so they were esay for me to get into. If you want to make a specific story request just pm me the details :3

OH! And thankfully I have found a lovely beta, yay!

On other note I have been having some mix ups with my document files, so if you see anything out of place please pm me!

Also!! I have some Fan Art! Yay! Credit to Hostile Silence for my Philosopher in a Bottle fanfic! You rock H.S.!



Favorite Constant Ukes No Matter What:

Ichigo Kurosaki

Edward Elric

Naruto Uzumaki

Natsu Dragneel

Feliciano (N. Italy)

Date Masamune

Pairings I seem OK with... :

I have plenty, especially in Bleach, but I'm gonna TRY to keep it at a minimum...

Bleach: Grimmjow x Ichigo, Shirosaki X Ichigo, Starrk X Ichigo, Ulquiorra X Ichigo, Nnoitora X Ichigo, Ggio X Ichigo, Kensei X Ichigo, Kenpachi X Ichigo, Renji X Ichigo, Shuhei X Ichigo, Shuhei X Renji, Byaku X Ichigo, Aizen X Ichigo, Gin X Shirosaki, Isshin X Ryuken, Urahara X Shinji, Nnoitora X Shinji, Byakuya X Renji, Ilfort X Szayel, Gin X Kira, Shuhei X Kira, Kon X Ichigo, Gin X Hitsugaya, Kokuto X Ichigo, Aizen X Grimmjow, Shunsui X Ukitake, Mayuri X Ishida, Ikkaku X Yumichika, Komamura X Ichigo, Chad X Ishida, Isshin X Ichigo, Kaien X Ichigo, Renji X Hanatarou, Akon X Shuhei, Aizen X Gin, Grimmjow X Ulquiorra, Urahara X Ichigo, Urahara X Kon, Zangetsu X Shirosaki, Nnoitora X Grimmjow, Shirosaki X Tensa, Hyorinmaru X Muramasa, Hyorinmaru X Ichigo, Hyorinmaru X Hitsugaya, Starrk X Grimmjow, Muramasa X Ichigo, Muramasa X Shirosaki, Aizen X Shinji, Aizen X Urahara, Senbonzakura X Byakua, Senbonzakura X Ichigo, Shirosaki X Kon X Ichigo

*Don't look at me like that, I said I would try, besides most of those pairings are so CANON in the actual anime! O w O*

Full Metal Alchemist: Mustang X Edward, Envy X Edward, Scar X Edward, Ling/Greed X Edward, Hughes X Edward, Havoc X Edward, Alphonse X Edward, Ling X Alphonse, Hughes X Mustang, Greed X Edward

Naruto: Sasuke X Naruto, Itatchi X Naruto, Itatchi X Sasuke, Sai X Naruto, Kiba X Naruto, Kakuzu X Hidan, Kakashi X Iruka, Kakashi X Sasuke X Naruto, Orochimaru X Naruto, Gaara X Naruto

Fairy Tail: Gajeel X Natsu, Gray X Natsu, Laxus X Natsu, Loke X Natsu, Zeref X Natsu, Jellal X Natsu, Cobra X Natsu, Loke X Gray

Hetalia: Germany X Italy, America X Japan, Spain X Romano, France X England, Hong Kong X China, Russia X Lithuania, Latvia X Sealand, Prussia X Switzerland, Denmark X Norway, Sweden X Finland, Turkey X Greece, Cuba X Canada, Russia X China, Poland X Lithuania, Germania X Roman Empire

Durarara: Izaya X Shizuo

Soul Eater: Stein X Spirit, Giriko X Justin

Black Cat: CreedXTrain, Sven X Train, Charden X Train

XXXHolic: Doumeki X Watanuki, Haruka X Watanuki

Tsubasa Chronicle: Kurogane X Fai

Black Butler: Sebastian X Ciel, Claude X Sebastain, Alois X Ciel, William X Grell X Knox, Undertaker X Ciel, Undertaker X Grell, Sebastain X Grell

Baka and Test: Yuji X Akihisa, Yuji X Hideyoshi, Kota X Akihisa, Kota X Hideyoshi, Toshimitsu X Akihisa, Yuji X Kota

Loveless: Soubi X Ritsuka, Kio X Ritsuka, Seimei X Ritsuka, Youji X Natsuo X Ritsuka

Fruits Basket: Yuki X Kyo, Hatsuharu X Kyo, Shigure X Ayame, Ayame X Kyo, Hatori X Momiji, Kakeru X Yuki

Code Geass: Suzuka X Lelouch, Mao X Lelouch, Lloyd X Suzuka, Li X Lelouch, Schneizel X Lelouch, Gino X Lelouch, Lelouch X Rolo,

Kekkaishi: Gen X Yoshimori

Gravitation: Yuki X Shuichi, Tatsuha X Shuichi, Hiro X Shuichi, Ryuichi X Shuichi, Tohma X Yuki, Claude X Shuichi, Claude X Hiro, Hiro X Suguru

Wolf's Rain: Tsume X Toboe, Tsume X Kiba

07-Ghost: Ayanami X Teito, Frau X Teito, Mikage X Teito

Shugo Chara: Ikuto X Tadase, Kukai X Tadase, Kukai X Nadeshiko, Kukai X Kairi, Kairi X Tadase

Death Note: L X Light, Teru X Light, Matsuda X Light, Aizawa X Light, Mello X Matt X Near, Kyosuke X Light, Reiji X Light, Kyosuke X Reiji, L X Mello X Near

Final Fantasy: Vincent X Cloud, Sephiroth X CloudReno X Cloud, Snow X Hope, Rude X Reno

Sengoku Basara: Motochika X Date, Yukimura X Date, Kojuro X Date, Motochika X Date, Sasuke X Yukimura, Takeda X Kenshin, Nobunaga X Date, Toyotomi X Date, Toyotomi X Takenaka, Kojuro X Takenaka

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Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

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