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Author has written 20 stories for Thomas the Tank Engine, Toy Story, Great Mouse Detective, Looney Tunes, Wizard of Oz, Loonatics Unleashed, Curious George, Hotel Transylvania, Tangled, Sherlock Holmes in the 22nd Century, Space Jam, and Wicked.

I haven't written about myself because I was really shy and nervous at the time. So hi there! I hope you loved reading my stories. They are all based off on cartoons and movies I love. But I find it really hard to write them all when I don't know what to say or write. My mom says its due to the stress of being an author and she may be right. I guess a lot of authors go through this when writing stories.

What do I say about me? Well, I love to travel to different places and seeing so many different things. My brother loved to go to Pennsylvania because he loves a Day Out with Thomas. I do too, but its the scenery of the Amish country and the fun times we have down there. Sometimes I go to New York with my mother and sister to see a Broadway show. On my birthday, we ate at Planet Hollywood for lunch, went to see The Lion King on Broadway, and rode the Ferris wheel at Toys 'R' Us and sat in the Toy Story seat. It was the best day of my life. But one of my favorite places to visit is Disney World, its where I spent my childhood vacation with my family. Those were wonderful memories that I will cherish forever. Back in 2011, we went to Disneyland in California and it was just as good as Disney World, I even got the highest score on Toy Story Mania. During the year of 2016 October I traveled to Disney World for a week's vacation.

Anyway, my favorite TV shows and movies are mostly Disney, Hotel Transylvania 1 & 2, Space Jam, Loonatics Unleashed, Static Shock, Batman the Animated Series, Detective Conan/Case Closed, Lupin the 3rd, Wizard of Oz, Legends of Oz Dorothy's Return, Thomas the Tank Engine, Ice Age movies, Balto 2/3, Zoboomafoo/Wild Kratts, Sherlock Holmes, My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic, Curious George movies 1/2, Wallace and Gromit, the Dick Van Dyke Show, and Steve Harvey's Family Feud. But I dislike Every Witch Way, Talia in the Kitchen, Violetta, H2O, Wolfblood, and the Powerpuff Girls movie. My favorite video games are Sherlock Holmes the Devil's Daughter, Zoboomafoo Leaping Lemurs, 102 Dalmatians Puppies to the Rescue, Toy Story 2 Action Game, Toy Story 3 Mania, and Harvest Moon animal parade. My favorite books to read are Number the Stars, Hotel Transylvania 2 novel, Vampirina Ballerina, Basil of Baker Street, 101 Dalmatians novel, some of L. Frank Baum's Oz books, and some Sherlock Holmes novels. And I like famous female heroines that travel to different worlds such as Dorothy Gale (The Wizard of Oz), Alice Kingsleigh (Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass), Wendy Darling (Peter Pan), Lily Stone (Thomas and the Magic Railroad), Casey Newton (Disney's Tomorrowland), Susan and Lucy Pevensie (Chronicles of Narnia). These girl protagonists inspired my own female OC in an upcoming Disney story as well her family and friends (only a few or some or most) have been inspired from TV shows or movies or anime I like or dislike but rather use them in a better light.

Title Coming Soon (Detective Conan)


Ryuu Nishino: A handsome, but mysterious vigilante who is an ally of Kaito and Jii. He is the male counterpart to Hana. He deduces the true identity of Kaitou Kid and often assists him, and Jii, in theft heists to find the Pandora. His goal to find it is to destroy it, like Kaito. Ryuu is known as the infamous Silver Knight, who is working with a group called Knighthood to destroy the Organization that killed his old rival/friend Toichi. Like Hana, he too suffered from an abusive childhood at the hands of his alcoholic mother, and he falls in love with Hana upon a Kaitou Kid heist. Ryuu doesn't show it but he truly cares for Kaito like a younger brother. Even though he thinks of Inspector Nakamori and Aoko as idiots, Ryuu shows respect for him and his daughter, having been friends with the Kurobas, and Ryuu even highly respects his adversaries such as Conan, Toichi, and Hana.

Hana Fujita: A beautiful but hot-tempered government agent who works undercover at the Mouri Detective Agency. She's very popular among her co-workers, but in reality they fear her for her explosive temper, her extremely big mouth, and her very dangerous fighting skills. Hana can be quite a bully to people whom she considers idiots (such as Kogoro, Sonoko, and Yukiko, etc.) and she often has a sarcastic sense of humor, making humorous wise cracks. Deep down she's been suffering from an abusive childhood at the hands of her father (she considers Kogoro to be like her father whom she hates) and she is willing to protect Conan from anyone who berates or abuses him, mostly Kogoro whom she enjoys beating, because she knows how it feels to be abused. Hana doesn't like to show it but she truly cares deeply for others, including her younger half-sister, and despite their quarrels Hana has developed a little crush on Kogoro. Hana has even deduced the true identity of Conan, so she often assists him in an investigation. She behaves as a second mother figure to Conan, Ran, or the other kids and proves to have good parenting skills. She shares a close relationship with her half-sister, Riko. Hana married Ryuu and gave birth to a boy named Akito.

Riko Bengo: Hana's younger half-sister and police detective at the Tokyo Metropolitan Police District, Riko is the complete opposite of her sister; polite, gentle, soft-spoken, passionate, and timid. Extremely beautiful and the second most popular among the male members of the police department. However, her fragile and shy nature have made her a target towards criminals and this caused her superiors to be very protective of her. Riko is a childhood friend of Takagi and dated him since high school, but he was forced to break up with her thanks to her sadist father. Upon reuniting with Takagi and wanting him back, Riko is heartbroken when she learns Takagi is dating Sato. She will not tolerate the other officers bullying Takagi due to his relationship with Sato and her personality immediately changes, quick to defend those close to her by becoming cold and capable of sharp anger like her sister or when in the line of duty she can be as dangerous as her sister. Because of this, she is nicknamed the Siren of the Japanese Police; beautiful and deadly. She shares a close relationship with her half-sister. Riko is the only police detective to know Conan is truly Shinichi after working together with him while stuck in handcuffs and escaping later capturing the serial rapist, but it pains her to hide this info from her allies at the department. Riko is a fan of Lupin the 3rd and later falls in love with him while having a secret affair with him.

Kimiko 'Kimi' Kudou: The daughter of Shinichi and Ran, the older sister of Makkusu, and the granddaughter of Yusaku and Yukiko, and Kogoro and Eri.

Kazuma 'Kazu' Kuroba: The son of Kaito and Aoko, and the grandson of Toichi and Chikage, and Inspector Nakamori.

Makkusu Kudou: The son of Shinichi and Ran, the little brother of Kimi, and the grandson of Yusaku and Yukiko, and Kogoro and Eri.

Miyako 'Miya' Kyogoku: The daughter of Sonoko and Makoto, the niece of Ayako, the cousin of Ayako's daughter, the grandniece of Jirokichi, and the granddaughter of Shiro and Tomoko.

Hiro Hattori: The son of Heiji and Kazuha, the older brother of Naomi, and the grandson of Heizo and Shizuka, and Ginshiro.

Naomi Hattori: The daughter of Heiji and Kazuha, the little sister of Hiro, and the granddaughter of Heizo and Shizuka, and Ginshiro.

Akito Nishino: The son of Hana and Ryuu, the nephew of Riko, the husband of Orino, and the father of five kids.

Eizo Hondou: The son of Eisuke and Masumi, the brother of Yuki, the nephew of Hidemi and Shuichi, and the grandson of Ethan and Tsutomu.

Yuki Hondou: The daughter of Eisuke and Masumi, the sister of Eizo, the niece of Hidemi and Shuichi, and the granddaughter of Ethan and Tsutomu.

Sakura Hakuba: The daughter of Saguru and Keiko, and the granddaughter of Superintendent General Hakuba.

Akemi Tsuburaya: The daughter of Shiho aka Haibara and Mitsuhiko, the niece of Asami and Akemi, and the granddaughter of Mitsuhiko's parents, and Atsushi and Elena.

Miharu Takagi: The daughter of Wataru and Miwako, and the granddaughter of Sato's mother and Masayoshi.

Mamoru Shiratori: The son of Ninzaburo and Sumiko, the niece of Sara and Kotaro, and the cousin of their son.

Emika Chiba: The daughter of Kazunobu and Naeko.

Daisuke Haneda: The son of Yumi and Shukichi.

Tamiko Yamato: The daughter of Kansuke and Yui.

Norio Morofushi: The son of Taka'aki.

Title Coming Soon (Every Witch Way) I know I hate this show but this idea came out of my brain


Dax Mivoa (Nick Robinson): The amalgamation of Daniel and Jax, their names and their surnames mixed together. His family is a mix of both boys' families, for example; his family is wealthy hence living in a manor, his father is a wizard, his mother is a human, Tommy and Robbie and Melanie and Jessie are all younger siblings while they're still pranksters Jessie is the only witch in the group, he is a member of the Sharks, he's allergic to butterflies, he's a childhood friend of Andi, he creates bunnies for Emma, he dates Emma, he's unfairly misunderstood by Francisco, he sings and plays the guitar, he has a fear of birds, he rides a motorcycle, he drives a car, and the color of his magic is dark blue. His father is the amalgamation of Richard and Jake while his mother is the amalgamation of Christine and Liana.

Clara Walker (Shanna Strong) A girl who loves Daniel and hates the people who wronged him. Her sister and father are from the Magic Realm, but she's okay with not having powers because she wants to lead a normal life like her mother.

Charlotte Walker (Katherine McNamara) The older, vengeful, and manipulative sister of Clara who's determined to be the Chosen One.

George & Helen Walker (Aaron Eckhart & Audrey Moore) The parents of Charlotte and Clara. George is a wizard while Helen is a human. George is the chief lawyer of both the Magic Realm and also the mortal world.

Eriq Sibilo (Dylan Minnette): As a vampire/wizard hybrid, he has wizard powers and the powers/abilities of a vampire. He falls in love with Emma and wants her to be his bride. He gets Jax into detention to teach him a lesson and proves to be a worthy match. He sympathizes with Daniel and Diego about being misunderstood.

Zack Campbell (Tanner Buchanan) The new kid, a bully, and a new member of the Sharks. He likes Emma but she hates him.

Orazio & Salina Sibilo (Peter Facinelli & Penelope Cruz) Orazio is a vampire and Salina is a witch.

Queen Andromeda (Samantha Jacks): Beautiful and wise, Andromeda is the long lost ruler of the Magic Realm. She is compassionate, maternal, benevolent, but also fierce and protective of her subjects in the face of danger. She is capable of showing harsh anger if someone in her court or anyone else disobeys and bring chaos. She has a magic mirror that shows events past or present.

Superintendent Stevenson (Jama Williamson) The harsh yet grateful superintendent of Iridium High, and of the school the T3 attend.

Henry Smith (Ty Wood): He is a teenage ex-kanay who is dating Violet and is friends with Clara.

Violet Bennett (Tiera Skovbye) She is a teenage kanay who is dating Henry and is best friends with Clara.

Edward & Brenda Bennett (Brent Bailey & Annie Tedesco): The parents of Violet, both of them are churi-kanays whom refuse to associate with witches despite the ban between witches and kanays being lifted.

Fergus & Nancy Smith (Johnathan McClain & Kari Coleman): The parents of Henry, both of them are churi-kanays whom wish to make amends with witches.

Wild Kratts (Title Coming Soon)

Riley Lowell - A girl who idolized the Kratt Brothers when she was a child. She has a father named Linus and younger brother named Oliver. She admired them since Kratts' Creatures when she was a toddler. Her favorite animals are lemurs due to Zoboomafoo and became an Animal Helper. She became a tween leading up to her teen years around Be the Creature. She became a member of the Wild Kratts team at age eighteen. Right after she married, she became a young mother to Emily (named after her late mother), Chris and Martin (named them after the Kratt Brothers).

Peter - Riley's childhood friend, another animal lover and became her boyfriend, later husband.

Max - The new (mechanic or doctor?) of the team. Charismatic and snarky, he sometimes provides comic relief when making jokes. Max is shown to have a crush on Aviva and often sides with her when arguing with the Kratt Brothers, or gets very concerned when she's in trouble.

Frankie Huntley - A childhood bully of Chris and Martin. His father poached or hunted animals, illegally, for a living, so he follows in his father's footsteps. Frankie is even worse than the villains the Wild Kratts deal with, such as threatening to harm or kill the creatures or people close to the Kratt Brothers. He is the leader of a group of thugs who assist him in poaching or hunting animals.

Evelyn Olsen - A new villain, a scientist who experiments on animals for selfish reasons. Some of them happen to be her henchmen; men/women transformed into hybrid animal monsters. Beautiful and seductive, she manipulates people to put their trust in her. She is in a relationship with Frankie.

Batman, the Next Generation (BTAS/TNBA/JLU/BB): A 'what if' sequel to Batman the Animated Series/The New Batman Adventures. Gotham will not be a futuristic city, even if there will be sci-fi events. Terry and several characters do not exist, except some like the schoolmates and villains etc.

Damian Wayne - The sixteen year old son of Bruce Wayne (Batman) and Selina Kyle (Catwoman), the older brother of Helena, and the grandson of Thomas Wayne and Martha Wayne. (I didn't like how they portrayed Damian and I wanted to change it). Damian took up the Batman mantle when his parents are nearly killed by Powers and his assistant, thus becoming the new Batman from here on out. Damian has inherited both of his parents' blue eyes and black hair, but he has his mother's pale skin color. I intend Damian to take after Terry's character.

Mar'i Grayson - The fifteen year old daughter of Dick Grayson (Robin/Nightwing) and Kory Anders (Starfire/Koriand'r). Mar'i is also known as superhero Nightstar, and she is very romantically involved with Damian.

Duela Dent - The sixteen year old daughter of Harvey Dent (Two-Face) and Grace Lamont, the older sister of six year twins Luke and James. (I hated how they portrayed Duela so I wanted to change her character). Duela has inherited Harvey's skin color and hair color, and inherited Grace's good looks and long hair. Duela blamed the Thorne family for ruining her father's career, yet she blamed Harvey for dragging the family name in dirt, so she decided to atone her father's crimes by becoming a costumed vigilante to get revenge against Thorne's son, the new crime boss, and to become a crime fighter. (No, it's not a Joker costume nor a bat). Due to his past as Two-Face, Harvey Dent has become overprotective of his family, especially toward his headstrong daughter. Duela's romantic relationship with the new Batman, in her alter-ego, is mirrored to the Batman/Catwoman relationship.

Rodney Young - The fifteen year old son of Barbara Gordon (Batgirl) and DA Sam Young. He resembles a male version of his mother in her youth and he wears glasses. He will be known as Oracle in the Batman family.

Benjamin 'Benny' Duquesne - The sixteen year old nephew of Kathy Duquesne (Batwoman), and grandnephew of Carlton Duquesne. He became a member of the Batman family as Hawkfire, nicknamed Flamebird.

Cassandra 'Cassie' Cain - The sixteen year old daughter of David Cain and Sandra Wusan (Lady Shiva). She's the best friend and confidant of Duela. She became a member of the Batman family as Black Bat to atone her parents' crimes.

Todd & Annie Drake - The son and daughter of Tim Drake (Robin) and Stephanie Brown (Spoiler). They're named after Jason Todd and Annie (from TNBA episode Growing Pains). As soon as they learn their dad is involved with the Joker, Todd and Annie don their own vigilante costumes as Bluebird and Sparrow to save their father.

Jonathan 'Jon' Samuel Kent aka Van-El - The sixteen year old son of Clark Kent (Superman) and Lois Lane, and the older brother of Kara. His cousin is Chloe Olsen (the female counterpart to Clark Olsen). His aunt is Lucy Lane and his uncle is Jimmy Olsen. His adoptive paternal grandparents are Jonathan Kent and Martha Kent, his biological paternal grandparents are Jor-El and Lara, his paternal great-grandfather is Sul-Van, and his maternal grandparents are Samuel Lane and Ella Lane. Jon has a girlfriend named Mei Lai, one of the people who knows he's the son of Superman. Jon took after his father's personality and his mother's violet eyes. He easily befriends Damian, unlike the shaky first meeting their fathers had years ago.

Disney Story Coming Soon: A series of adventures of a twelve year old girl, who lives in a sheltered life with her sisters and her overprotective father ever since the tragic death of her mother. But her life changes when she learns she has strange powers and right after a storm tears apart her homeworld she, along with a friend, are transported to another world. Most of these adventures are based off from Kingdom Hearts to travel from one Disney World to the next, and some of her own adventures involve in her homeworld.

The Characters:

? Lazar / Meela Lazar/ Zoe Lazar / Draven Lazar / Gordon Lazar / Glenda Lazar / Lilith Lazar / Valden Lazar / Camilla Lazar / Imogene Lazar / Maria Miyuki Lazar / Erika Miyuki / Ronin Miyuki / Benjiro Miyuki / Emiri Miyuki /

Annemarie / Ryan / Nicole / Kayla / Brandon / Floyd / Sophia / Cory Greenway / Veronica, Ashley, and Heather /

Lucinda / Ruby / Martha /

Jeffery / Albert / Dora / Helga /

Emma / Francisco / Isobel / Daniel / Maddie / Priscilla /

Hotel Transylvania Vampire Chronicles (rewritten): Just to give everyone a warning, again I'll change Hotel Transylvania 1 and 2 by not having Mina's father as the villain but make Malcolm and Gladys her parents and thinking of changing Dracula's mother's name. The entire story will be separated into two stories. No, nobody tried to steal it I made sure of it and double checked, it's just that a close friend of mine from has a similar Hotel Transylvania story and characters and ideas to mine so to respect her I plan to change my story.

Hotel Transylvania: Broadway Musical: An idea that came out of my brain to write a Broadway version of Hotel Transylvania (Vampire Chronicles, of course).

Mina Van Helsing-Dracula is the tritagonist in Hotel Transylvania and a supporting character major character in Hotel Transylvania 2. She is a 27-year old human barmaid/heiress who tags along with Johnny and stumbles upon a monster hotel. By the second film, she has turned 34 and is the Countess of the hotel. She is the daughter of Henrik and Minerva Van Helsing, the niece of Malcolm and Gladys Harker, the second wife of Dracula and the mother of their daughter, Angela. Through Dracula, she is the daughter-in-law of Vlad and Vasilissa, the stepmother of Mavis, the stepmother-in-law of Johnny, and the step-grandmother of Dennis.

Voice: Drew Barrymore (adult), Livvy Stubenrauch (young)

Personality: After the death of her mother, Mina lives with her overprotective father, Henrik Van Helsing, who was a descendant of the vampire hunter, Abraham Van Helsing. At the age of 18, she ran away from home to the tavern of her late mother's relatives. At the age of the 27, she fell in love with Dracula, who was the man who saved her life when she was a child. Mina is kind and friendly toward monsters and her fellow humans. She treats Johnny like a little brother, but won't admit she is protective of him. She's also supportive towards him and Mavis. And she's never been overprotective towards kids. Although she gives the nickname "control freaks" to those who are too protective towards their kids, like Dracula and Mavis, but Mina still loves her family.

Physical Appearance: Mina has fair skin and wavy curls of long dark brown hair, and ochre green eyes. She wears a black sleeveless vest with a white t-shirt underneath, and blue pants with black walking shoes.

Birthday: 1985

Occupation: Heiress, Barmaid, Mother, Countess and Assistant Manager of Hotel Transylvania

Home: Van Helsing Mansion (formerly), the Bats in the Belfry Tavern and Inn (formerly), Hotel Transylvania

Relatives: Abraham Van Helsing (ancestor), Henrik Van Helsing (father), Minerva Van Helsing (mother, deceased), Malcolm and Gladys (uncle and aunt), Peter and William (cousins), Hannah and Ellen (cousins-in-law), Emily and Lizzie (nieces), Dracula (husband), Mavis (stepdaughter), Jonathan (son-in-law), Angela (daughter), Dennis (step-grandson), Vlad (father-in-law), Vasilisa (mother-in-law), Loughrans (in-laws), Lydia (sister-in-law)

Allies: Dracula, Mavis Jonathan, Frankenstein, Eunice, Wayne, Wanda, Murray, Griffin, Dennis, Angela, Theodore, Mike and Linda, Malcolm and Gladys, Vlad, Vasilisa, Blobby

Enemies: Quasimodo, Esmeralda, Henrik, Bela, Bat Cronies, Vlad (formerly)

Likes: Traveling, romance, her husband Dracula, freedom, spoiling her daughter and grandson, her monster friends

Dislikes: Overprotective parents, Twilight, Dracula (formerly), Malcolm and Gladys (one sided), her father's controlling nature, her family's tradition, Dracula's lies, moving away, Angela in danger

Trivia: The name Mina Van Helsing is used in Young Dracula and 1979 Dracula and Abraham's Boys.

Her voice actress, Drew Barrymore, worked with Adam Sandler in other movies.

Her child voice actress played Young Anna from Disney's Frozen.

The names of her family (Malcolm, Gladys, and Peter) were all named after her family members from Penny Dreadful. William's name came from NBC's Dracula, formerly the name of Mina's father.

Mina and Dracula's romance takes after Belle and the Beast.

She is named after Mina Harker from Bram Stroker's Dracula but her last name is Van Helsing.

She had acrophobia (a fear of heights) after nearly falling off a cliff as a child, but she overcame her fear thanks to Dracula.



Dracula - Dracula is Mina's husband. Dracula and Mina first met many years ago when Mina was a child after Dracula saved her life. Upon reuniting in her adulthood, Dracula and Mina got off to a rocky start as Dracula did not like her at all simply because she was a human. Even though Dracula secretly held feelings toward Mina because they had zinged and how she slightly resembles Martha. But after they fall in love, and realizing they had zinged, they grow to care for each other. By the end of the first movie, Dracula marries Mina and become the parents of Mavis and Angela. In the second movie, Dracula is very protective of Mina, due to the loss of his first wife, and he's very much in love with her.

Angela - Angela is Mina and Dracula's daughter. Due to being raised in a strict household, Mina allowed her child to have all the freedom she deserved and often spoils her with treats or special outings. She doesn't try forcing Angela to try finding her inner monster, instead being happy with whoever she ends up being. Despite her family's constant pressure that the hotel is too dangerous a place for Angela to live, Mina refuses to abandon her home and her family.

Mavis - Mavis is Mina's stepdaughter. Mina instantly became friends with Mavis, bonding over their controlling fathers. Mina encourages Mavis to stand up to Dracula and leave him, later regretting it after learning about Martha's demise. Because Mavis never knew her mother, since she passed away when Mavis was a baby, Mina shows plenty of motherly qualities toward Mavis and gives her advice when she needs it. By the second movie, Mina is Mavis' stepmother and while she disapproves of Mavis' parenting skills, the two are close.

Jonathan - Johnny is Mina's son-in-law. After rescuing Johnny at a cliff she nearly fell from as a child, a concerned Mina accompanies the young slacker in the spooky forest. She acts like a big sister figure towards him, scolding him for his reckless actions or protecting him from any danger. Nevertheless, Mina and Johnny have a good relationship.

Dennis - Dennis is Mina's grandson. Mina adores her grandson very much. She spoils Dennis like any grandmother will spoil her grandchild, just as much as she spoils Angela and wishes to give him freedom from his overprotective mother.

Mina's Family - Mina had a close relationship with her late mother, but she hated and despised her obsessed monster-hating father thus abandoning him. Mina loves her Uncle Malcolm and Aunt Gladys, but it's implied they aren't close. Like Johnny, Mina was sort of the 'black sheep' of the Van Helsing family, never carrying a hatred of monsters.

Vlad - Vlad is Mina's father-in-law. Mina never met him due to a complicated relationship between Dracula and Vlad, but is told of how cold Vlad can be and she can relate to Dracula of not having a good childhood. At first Vlad hated Mina when he discovered she was a human, especially after learning her connection to Van Helsing implied he's aware of the Van Helsing and Dracula feud, but soon learned to accept her as his new daughter-in-law after watching Mina assist in defending the hotel, and Dennis and Angela.


Frankenstein - Mina is astonished to first meet the infamous Frankenstein's monster and they become friends.

Eunice - Eunice first met Mina in the lobby, mistaking her for Martha or a relative of hers. Eunice became fast friends to Mina, giving her advice on how to hook up with Dracula. Eunice felt upset when Mina was revealed to be a human, however, she realized what a good person Mina is and became her friend again.

Wayne - Mina is astonished to first meet the infamous werewolf man and they become friends. She is treated as an Aunt to Wayne's kids.

Wanda - Wanda immediately got along with Mina in the hotel's spa and helped Eunice to give Mina advice to win Dracula over. Wanda felt shocked when Mina was revealed to be a human, however, she was the first to back up Mina's character, realizing what a good person Mina is and became her friend again.

Murray - Mina is astonished to first meet the infamous mummy and they become friends.

Griffin - Mina is astonished to first meet the infamous invisible man and they become friends. Griffin seems to harbor a crush on Mina.

Angela "Anzhelina" Van Helsing-Dracula is the half-human/half-vampire daughter of Dracula and Mina, and the tritagonist in Hotel Transylvania 2, making her a dhampira because she is a combination of a human and a vampire. She is also the granddaughter of Henrik and Minerva (her maternal grandparents) as well as Vlad and Vaslisa (her paternal grandparents), the younger stepsister of Mavis, and the aunt of Dennis.

Voice: Meira Blinkoff

Personality: Like Dennis, Angela is a sweet girl, who loves adventures, even though she has a little bit of an attitude. Angela really loves her family in both of her parents' side. If she saw her family and friends got hurt, she easily gets angry and immediately attacks. She also seems to understand what's going on around her more than the grown-ups think, such as the adults argument about her and Dennis being normal or monsters, and the reason why they are moving without anyone telling her. Like her mother, Angela hates her dad and sister's protectiveness and often prefers her mother to be around instead.

Physical Appearance: Angela is a little girl with bronze brown hair and blue eyes, a combination of genes she inherited from both her parents, except she has her sister's bangs and her hair color is lighter brown than her mother's chocolate brown hair. She wears a violet short sleeve shirt underneath a dark blue overall upcycled dress, long white socks and light blue strap-on shoes, and a fuchsia bow on her head. She wears a snow white nightdress with a tiny pattern of ballerina shoes when going to bed. At her party, she wore a pink and black vampire dress and a little vampire cape. On the road trip, she wore a black dress with long angel-like sleeves, and a little vampire cape.

Birthday: June 13th 2014

Goal: To grow her Vampire fangs (succeeded)

Home: Hotel Transylvania

Relatives: Dracula (father), Mina (mother), Vlad (paternal grandfather), Vasilisa (paternal grandmother), Henrik (maternal grandfather), Minerva (maternal grandmother, deceased), Mavis (stepsister), Jonathan (brother-in-law), Dennis (nephew), Malcolm and Gladys (maternal great-uncle and great-aunt), Peter and William (uncles), Hannah and Ellen (aunts), Emily and Lizzie (cousins), Loughrans (in-laws), Lydia (aunt)

Allies: Dracula, Mina, Mavis, Jonathan, Dennis, Winnie, Theodore, Malcolm and Gladys, Vlad, Vasilisa, Frankenstein, Eunice, Wayne, Wanda, Murray, Griffin, Blobby, Mike and Linda, Werewolf Kids

Enemies: Bela, Bat Cronies, Vlad (formerly), Emily and Lizzie (formerly), Troy and Parker and Connor (formerly)

Likes: Adventure, her mother spoiling her, Theodore, Kakie the Cake Monster, Batman

Dislikes: Her father and sister overprotective, moving away, her family and friends in danger

Trivia: Due to her heritage as the daughter of a vampire and a human, Angela is a Dhampira, a half-vampire/half-human hybrid however the term was not used in the second film.

Angela shares her love of superheroes, like Batman, with Dennis.

Angela is named after the central character from Dracula's Daughter, Banana book, by Mary Hoffman.

With the exception of having blue eyes like her dad, Angela looks just like her mom. The large bow in her hair, even in bat form, makes her slightly take after Vampirina Ballerina, written by Anne Marie Pace.

As a baby, Angela was taught the words "Bleh, Bleh-Bleh" by her mother, Mina, to annoy her father, Dracula, and they were her first words.

Taking into consideration humans are not immortal, and Angela is half mortal and half immortal, she will most likely live a very long life, likely long outliving his current maternal relatives.

Angela's nickname by Dracula, Anzhelina, is considered Russian by fans.

Angela strongly resembles Renesmee from Twilight, with the exception of blue eyes.

Angela (being half human) does not burn in daylight, but she dislikes the sunlight and prefers nighttime. This is likely due to her vampire heritage.

Being the daughter of a Dracula and a Van Helsing, due to being archenemies, Angela may be considered special.

Her child voice actress, Meira Blinkoff, is the older sister of Dennis' child voice actor, Asher Blinkoff.


Family and Friends

Dracula - Dracula is Angela's father. Since Angela was born, Dracula vowed to always protect her. Even though Mavis has grown up, it doesn't stop Dracula's attachment and protective nature toward his youngest daughter. Angela adores her father dearly, but she's very irritated by his disapproving her friendship with Theodore or his overprotective nature.

Mina - Mina is Angela's mother. Due to being raised in a strict household, Mina allowed her child to have all the freedom she deserved and often spoils her with treats or special outings. Angela favors her mother over her father and sister because of this and the two are close. She doesn't try forcing Angela to try finding her inner monster, instead being happy with whoever she ends up being. Due to how much she loves living at the hotel, Mina refuses to abandon her vampire family and move out, knowing that Angela loves living at the hotel and hates the idea of leaving.

Mavis - Mavis is Angela's half-sister. She's shown to be very protective of her little sister as much as she is protective of Dennis, such as making her dad baby proof the entire hotel and only feeding her healthy human foods, mostly fruit and has her sleep most of the night. Although Angela lover her older sister, she hates her sister's protective nature.

Jonathan - Jonathan is Angela's brother-in-law. Not much is shown but it's clear Johnny is very fond of Angela.

Dennis - Dennis is Angela's nephew. Even though she is his aunt, Angela have a sister/brother relationship with Dennis due to having the same birthday. The two of them have a much closer relationship than with their family or friends.

Vlad - Vlad is Angela's paternal grandfather. When Vlad finds out that he has another granddaughter, he goes to the hotel and when he sees Angela still doesn't have her fangs, he thinks she is a "late fanger" like his son Dracula. So Vlad tries to "scare" Angela and Dennis' fangs out by possessing the kids' favorite monster, Kakie the cake monster. Vlad at first rejects accepting Angela for who she is (half-human), but after everyone's outbreak towards Vlad for his cruelty and after seeing Angela and Dennis defend their family and friends from Bela, he learns that it doesn't matter that she's part human and accepts Angela as a part of the family.

Mina's Family - Angela's maternal relatives from her mother's side. They love Angela, but like Mavis, they question if Hotel Transylvania is a safe place for her to live, mostly due to her lack of monster abilities.

Frank, Wayne, Murray, and Griffin - It is shown that Angela has a niece/surrogate uncle relationship with her father's friends, just the same as her sister does. The four were genuinely concerned when Angela, along with Dennis, didn't fly after Dracula tossed them over the tall tower during part of their monster training, and until Dracula actually saved the Dennis and Angela from hitting the ground, they kept pointing out how the two children weren't flying and kept urging Dracula to get them, and Murray got freaked out when the two children started getting too close to the ground. Angela even has a niece/surrogate aunt relationship with Eunice and Wanda.

Theodore - Theodore is Angela's friends, though she has a crush on him and he's considered to be her zing. She enjoys his magic tricks and hates her father's ill treatment towards him. While she says they are just friends, she does care about him greatly (as strongly as she cares for her loved ones) and seeing him hurt along with her loved ones hurt by Bela causes her to go into a rage and unlock her vampire powers.

Winnie - Winnie is Wayne and Wanda's well-behaved daughter. Not much is shown but Winnie considers Angela her friend and they have a good relationship.

Vasilisa "Lisa" Cneajna Maria Musat-Dracula is the wife of Vlad and the mother of Dracula in Hotel Transylvania 2. She is the paternal grandmother of Mavis and Angela, the mother-in-law of Martha and Mina, the grandmother-in-law of Jonathan, and the maternal great-grandmother of Dennis.

Voice: Maggie Smith

Personality: Vasilisa was once the human princess of Moldavia during the 14th century, but she was cursed to turn her into a vampire by a witch, who was banished by her father, the king. She was (mistakenly) abandoned by Vlad when he found that she was formerly a human. She stayed in her own castle for hundreds of years, until she showed up in Dennis and Angela's birthday to defend her family from her husband. Vasilisa is kind, supportive, helpful, and wise. As a mother, she knows what is right and what is wrong. She calls Dracula baby or other pet names, as he does for Mavis and Angela. She also held a close bond towards Mina after Vasilisa saved her from Vlad's bat cronies, and discovering that Mina is married to Dracula. She also felt hurt when her father wants to exterminate her when he found out she was now a vampire and married a vampire and had a child with on, and she thought Vlad abandoned her for being formerly a human, thus leaving her cold, bitter, and resentful towards him. But she was also very forgiving as she forgave Vlad for treating her so badly years ago and learning Bela had kept her presence a secret from Vlad and tried to kill her behind his back.

Physical Appearance: Vasilisa is an extremely old vampiress with pale skin and wrinkles, blue eyes, white hair in a pompadour style, talon-like nails painted black, a small hawk-like nose and long graceful features. She wears a black cape with red inner lining and an elegant black long dress with a black choker with a ruby gem.

Occupation: Human, Princess of Moldavia (formerly), Vampiress, Queen of Vampires

Birthday: 1394

Home: Moldavia (formerly), Castle of Vladimir Dracula

Relatives: Alexander the Good Musat Prince of Moldavia (father, deceased) Rimgaile Anna Elizabeth Gediminds Princess of Moldavia (mother, deceased) Vlad (husband), Dracula (son), Lydia (daughter or stepdaughter?), Martha (daughter-in-law, deceased), Mina (2nd daughter-in-law), Mavis (granddaughter), Angela (granddaughter), Jonathan (grandson-in-law), Dennis (great-grandson), Loughrans (in-laws), Van Helsings (in-laws), Murphys (in-laws)

Allies: Vlad, Dracula, Mina, Angela, Mavis, Jonathan, Dennis, Frankenstein, Eunice, Wayne, Wanda, Murray, Griffin, Blobby, Mike and Linda, Malcolm and Gladys, Winnie, Theodore, Monster friends

Enemies: Vlad (formerly), Bela, Bat Cronies, Her father

Likes: Her family

Dislikes: Vlad abandoning her, Human's persecution on vampires, Vlad's technique to terrify children to get their fangs out, Banished by her parents.

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