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Author has written 21 stories for Thomas the Tank Engine, Toy Story, Great Mouse Detective, Sherlock Holmes in the 22nd Century, Looney Tunes, Wizard of Oz, Loonatics Unleashed, Curious George, Hotel Transylvania, Tangled, Space Jam, and Wicked.

I haven't written about myself because I was really shy and nervous at the time. So hi there! I hope you loved reading my stories. They are all based off on cartoons and movies I love. But I find it really hard to write them all when I don't know what to say or write. My mom says its due to the stress of being an author and she may be right. I guess a lot of authors go through this when writing stories.

What do I say about me? Well, I love to travel to different places and seeing so many different things. My brother loved to go to Pennsylvania because he loves a Day Out with Thomas. I do too, but its the scenery of the Amish country and the fun times we have down there. Sometimes I go to New York with my mother and sister to see a Broadway show. On my birthday, we ate at Planet Hollywood for lunch, went to see The Lion King on Broadway, and rode the Ferris wheel at Toys 'R' Us and sat in the Toy Story seat. It was the best day of my life. But one of my favorite places to visit is Disney World, its where I spent my childhood vacation with my family. Those were wonderful memories that I will cherish forever. Back in 2011, we went to Disneyland in California and it was just as good as Disney World, I even got the highest score on Toy Story Mania.

Anyway, my favorite TV shows and movies are mostly Disney, Hotel Transylvania 1 & 2, Space Jam, Loonatics Unleashed, Detective Conan/Case Closed, Lupin the 3rd, Wizard of Oz, Legends of Oz Dorothy's Return, Thomas the Tank Engine, Madagascar, Girl meets World, Rugrats movies, Curious George movies, Balto 2 & 3, Zoboomafoo, Wild Kratts, Sherlock Holmes, and My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic. But I dislike Every Witch Way, Talia in the Kitchen, Violetta, H2O, Wolfblood, and the Powerpuff Girls movie (but the animation is good). And I like famous female heroines that travel to different worlds; such as Dorothy Gale (Wizard of Oz), Alice Kingsleigh (Alice in Wonderland), Wendy Darling (Peter Pan), Lily Stone (Thomas and the Magic Railroad), Casey Newton (Disney's Tomorrowland), Susan and Lucy Pevensie (Chronicles of Narnia). These girl protagonists inspired my own female OC in an upcoming Disney story as well her family and friends have been inspired from TV shows or movies or anime I love such as Hotel Transylvania, Thomas & Friends, Wild Kratts, Case Closed, Girl meets World, and Kingdom Hearts.

Title Coming Soon (Detective Conan): Newcomers enter the scene. Right after a new and handsome, but brooding loner, student named Kurai arrives at Teitan High to fill in for the missing Shinichi, a gorgeous but fierce undercover government agent named Hana joins the Mouri Detective Agency in suspicion of their involvement with the BO. At that time, a mysterious vigilante called Silver Knight rescues Kaitou Kid from an attempt made on his life. The knight calls himself Ryuu, and he gains Kaito's trust and friendship having known his father. A beautiful and compassionate rookie detective joins the MPD. She turns out to be Takagi's childhood friend and first love, Riko, who wants him back but is dismayed that he's in relationship with Sato.

During their first case, Hana violently protects Conan from Kogoro's abuse and everyone is shocked to learn Hana and Riko are half-sisters, even learning their dark and devastating past. The running gag now is Hana protecting Conan from Kogoro. Kurai is introduced to everyone, but he prefers isolation. However, the two sisters become suspicious of Conan during the investigation, and after Conan decides tries to use Kogoro to solve the case, it becomes quite clear to the sisters that Conan is not whom he appears to be. But things go downhill when Riko is nearly raped by the culprit Conan identified and everyone in the police HQ becomes overprotective of her. Weeks later, Riko is handcuffed to Conan while trying to apprehend a suspect and the two have to work together to find him. After having told of her sister's suspicions of the child, Riko deduces Conan is truly Shinichi. After arresting the rapist, Riko promises to find information about the BO for Conan and her sister.

Meanwhile, Kurai assists the secretly devious Inspector Colonel Muto to expose the Miwako Sato's Line of Defense to Megure and Matsumoto and Sato, in order to get Shiratori suspended for once being the Chief Executive and causing Kobayashi to avoid him out of hurt anger, and have the Sato's Line of Defense disbanded and suspended/fired. However, Megure's wife Midori supports Takagi and Sato and convinces her husband and Matsumoto to let the couple be happy. The identities of Nightmare aka Jack Connery and Ruby Jones as Chat Noir have been revealed right after they are murdered. Kurai meets and falls in love with Akako, not because of her magic on him but because of his true feelings. The next day during a heist from Kaitou Kid, Spider attempts to kill him and Hakuba and Akako, but Kurai and Conan step in to save the day. Conan and Kurai deduce Spider's identity and convinces Kaitou Kid to help trick Spider and expose him to the police.


Ryuu Nishino: A handsome, but mysterious vigilante who is an ally of Kaito and Jii. He is the male counterpart to Hana. He deduces the true identity of Kaitou Kid and often assists him, and Jii, in theft heists to find the Pandora. His goal to find it is to destroy it, like Kaito. Ryuu is known as the infamous Silver Knight, who is working with a group called Knighthood to destroy the Organization that killed his old rival/friend Toichi. Like Hana, he too suffered from an abusive childhood at the hands of his alcoholic mother, and he falls in love with Hana upon a Kaitou Kid heist. Ryuu doesn't show it but he truly cares for Kaito like a younger brother. Even though he thinks of Inspector Nakamori as an idiot, Ryuu shows respect for him and his daughter, having been friends with the Kurobas, and Ryuu even highly respects his adversaries such as Conan, Toichi, and Hana.

Hana Fujita: A beautiful, but hot-tempered, government agent who works undercover at the Mouri Detective Agency. Sometimes she can have a playful teasing nature toward her allies. She's very popular among her co-workers, but in reality they fear her for her explosive temper, her extremely big mouth, and her very dangerous fighting skills. Hana can be quite a bully to people whom she considers idiots (such as Kogoro, Sonoko, and Yukiko, etc.) and she often has a sarcastic sense of humor. Deep down she's been suffering from an abusive childhood at the hands of her father (she considers Kogoro to be like her father whom she hates) and she is willing to protect Conan from anyone who berates or abuses him, mostly Kogoro whom she enjoys beating, because she knows how it feels to be abused. She doesn't show it but she truly cares deeply for others, including her younger half-sister, and despite their quarrels, Hana has developed a crush on Kogoro. Hana has even deduced the true identity of Conan, so she often assists him in an investigation. She shares a close relationship with her half-sister, Riko, whom Hana considers the only family she's ever had.

Riko Bengo: Hana's younger half-sister and police detective at the Tokyo Metropolitan Police District, Riko is the complete opposite of her sister; polite, gentle, soft-spoken, passionate, and timid. Extremely beautiful and the second most popular among the male members of the police department. However, her fragile and shy nature have made her a target once to a serial rapist and since then her superiors are very protective of her. Riko is a childhood friend of Takagi and dated him since high school, but he was forced to break up with her thanks to her sadist father. Upon reuniting with Takagi and wanting him back, Riko is heartbroken when she learns Takagi is dating Sato. She will not tolerate the other officers bullying Takagi due to his relationship with Sato and her personality immediately changes, quick to defend those close to her by becoming cold and capable of sharp anger like her sister or when in the line of duty she can be as dangerous as her sister. Because of this, she is nicknamed the Siren of the Japanese Police; beautiful and deadly. She shares a close relationship with her half-sister whom Hana considers the only family she's ever had. Riko is the only police detective to know Conan is truly Shinichi after working together with him while stuck in handcuffs and escaping later capturing the serial rapist, but it pains her to hide this info from her allies at the department. Riko is a fan of Lupin the 3rd and falls in love with him.

Kurai Morioka: A handsome and brooding newcomer who attends Teitan High. He starts off as a cold-hearted loner who refuses to associate with other people. But after getting involved with Conan and Kaito and others, Kurai starts to take a deep interest in them, especially Akako, whom he is in love with. But in the start, Kurai attempts to sabotage friendships and relationships by revealing secrets and lies, due to having been bullied as a child and often got into fights to defend himself. However, Kurai is revealed to be a member of the Black Organization, but is said to be the boss' favorite alongside Vermouth. Kurai has been hired to kill Sherry and whoever stands in the way. This is why he is skilled in Kendo martial arts. As the story progresses and after participating in many more cases with Conan and Kaito and others, Kurai begins to slowly open up and care deeply for other people. It is revealed that Kurai is a fan of Bram Stroker's Dracula. After discovering Haibara is Sherry, Conan is Shinichi, Kaito is Kaitou Kid, and Akako is a witch, Kurai's guilty conscience gets the best of him. Will he betray their secrets or stay loyal to his newfound friends?

Title Coming Soon (Every Witch Way): Two best friends, a mermaid named Maya and a witch named Juliet, are in love with two boys: Maya to Daniel, Juliet to Jax. But when she gets into trouble just for defending Daniel, Maya blames Mia for turning Daniel against everyone and blames Emma for being a coward and an unfaithful girlfriend and blames the T3 for their pranks. Juliet hates Emma for stealing Jax from her and, aware of the trouble Jax caused in the past, wishes to make everyone see whom he really is in order to make him hers. But the two girls get unexpected help from a teen vampire released from his prison with his family named Edmund (who falls in love with Emma and wants to get rid of Jax because a prophecy is said the Chosen One will become the soul mate). Eventually, the alternate life is gone thanks to Juliet so to make sure they are avenged and keep both Daniel and Jax in their alternate lives since their alternate lives were a living hell thanks to Emma. Emma shows Edmund around the school while introducing him to her friends as he introduces Maya and Juliet. Alex, a teen werewolf who is a childhood love of Mia arrives to win her back and eventually agrees to participate in Juliet's plan. Edmund gets Jax in trouble by Maya's doing to show him how it feels, but after another prank caused by the T3, Maya is given detention when she stands up to Mr. Alonso to protect Daniel when accused of being an accomplice. This is filmed by Juliet in order to discriminate Mr. Alonso and the T3, caught on camera.

At long last, Juliet changes a few things on film to cover up magic and the clips are released on the internet which suddenly goes viral and leads up to the TV news. It exposes not only Daniel and Maya getting wrongly blamed for things not their fault, but also Mia's true colors, Jax's manipulations, Maddie causing trouble, the pranks of the T3 and H2O, but Juliet purposely exposes the clones convincing everyone to assume it is done by science and not magic. This causes an angered school Superintendent to have a meeting and to not only fire Mr. Alonso from his job but forces him to apologize to Maya and Daniel. Jax gets expelled because of the clones and Edmund secretly hypnotizes Emma to reveal Jax's trouble making ways and hypnotize Jax to admit what he had done. The police are called to arrest Mia after she is expelled as the video replaces her forcefully using drugs on Daniel instead of the spider as well as her manipulations and lies. Bigelow sends the T3 and the H2O to a boot camp to punish them for their pranks as he believes people will get hurt and even chastises Mr. Novoa, Mr. and Mrs. Miller, for being bad parents and not disciplining the T3 and Jax. Mr. Miller bans Daniel from seeing Mia as everyone now considers her dangerous and evil, while the Superintendent bans Emma from seeing Jax so he can never clone her add to his having it out for Jax deducing he has been a bad influence on the Alonsos and only believes Emma has been manipulated to like Jax. But Emma and the gang (except Daniel) are given detention for not reporting these incidents or suspension for going along with these incidents.

The dinner party goes well (with Jax trying to ruin things but failed by Juliet and is grounded by his dad), but after finding out Mr. Alonso was never sorry, the Superintendent eventually bans Mr. Alonso from the graduation ceremony. Despite being distrusted by her dad and forbidden to date again, Emma defies her dad and shows Edmund around Miami to make him and his family feel more at home, with help from her friends. Andi comes back on break bringing her friends along and told of what happened. Mia is soon bullied and harassed by people everywhere and people even avoid her as they believe her to be a criminal, yet Alex comes to her rescue but the Witch Queen saves them. When government agents arrive at the Novoa home because of the clones, Jax and his dad are forced to leave the mortal world and Jax is forced to attend WIT's Academy and become the mentor of Emily and Ethan. Maya and Juliet make their moves to win over Daniel and Jax and their families. Samantha finds out about Ruby's wrongdoings and stops being her friend, but Samantha is allowed back to WITs Academy with her wits, while Ruby and Mia are forced to attend witch's boot camp and become friends.

Even the Witch Queen (who had been thought deceased thanks to the now resurrected Warlock and rescued by Juliet's parents) is not pleased with what the Witch's Council has been doing in her absence and fires Desdemona. Suddenly, Edmund and his dad go on feeding frenzies and kill Malas Manos, Liana Woods, and Principal Torres. Edmund nearly closes in on Ruby and Mia, who is suddenly protected by Cameron and Alex, thus winning Mia over. After saving Edmund and his family, Emma realizes her feelings for the vampire. Meanwhile, Maya feels guilty for everything she and her friends have done, so to make it up to Emma and the gang, she invites them to her sweet sixteen birthday party at the beach. All goes well, until Mr. Alonso is finally and purposely shown the truth about his daughter's magical heritage and, angered by his daughter's lies and everyone's lies and blames magic for interfering with their lives and blames magic for the loss of his job, demands to move out of Miami to get away from all the lies and the magic. Everyone tries to change his mind but the Superintendent convinces him not to move because graduation is around the corner. Mr. Alonso agrees, but only after Emma graduates they will move out of Miami. But he unknowingly allows the Warlock a chance to abduct Emma and Edward. Everyone blames Mr. Alonso, but once the identity of the Warlock is revealed everyone teams up to find and rescue the two Chosen Ones and destroy the Warlock.


Maya Hubert (Shanna Strong): Maya is a fiery and compassionate red-headed girl who believes in righting the wrongs. She displays this when she often defends Daniel, her crush, from any wrong doings he is blamed for. She teams up with her companions to expose his innocence and 'avenge' him, as she calls it. Maya is a mermaid and transforms whenever she touches water, and she is Juliet's best friend. Maya strongly dislikes Maddie, Emma, Mr. Alonso, the T3, and Mia believing them to have hurt or ruin Daniel, thus she blames Emma and Mia for taking away her soul mate. But she cares deeply for Daniel and would do anything to protect him. As a mermaid she has powers and abilities, such as hydrokinesis, hydro-cryokinesis, hydro-thermokinesis, gelidkinesis, invisibility, siren singing, and swim speed.

Mrs. Hubert is played by Emily Churchill.

Alex Norris (Curran Walters): A werewolf who has been Mia's friend since childhood, but got separated with Principal Torres' attacked. Alex has been searching for Mia for years, and just when he found her he's heartbroken to learn she loves Daniel, until he learns of her motives of to separate him from his friends. Because of this, Alex is willing to help Maya and the gang keep Mia apart from Daniel after hearing how Mia stole him away, on the condition to not hurt him. Alex attempts to win Mia's love, even risking his life. As a werewolf he has powers and abilities, such as enhanced sense of smell, enhanced strength, speed, agility, pain resistance, claws, teeth, devours things or living beings whole, and if angered his eyes turn lupine yellow and his canine teeth enhance and releases a blood-chilling roar mixed with a wolf's growl. He has a mother and a father, and seven siblings.

Edmund Sibilo (Nick Robinson): A teen aged vampire from the 19th Century, imprisoned along with his family in a ring, but released thanks to Juliet, Maya, and the Witch Queen. Edmund's last name is Spanish, like Emma's, and he's part Romanian hence his accent and his smooth hairstyle similar to Dracula's (his idol). Like Emma, he too is a Chosen One of the vampire world while Emma is the Chosen One of the witch world. He's aged 116, making him resemble an ordinary teenager. Because of a prophecy that said two Chosen Ones of both witch and vampire will unite to not only destroy the warlock, and save the world but to form a love so strong, Edmund is desperate to win Emma's love and greatly dislikes Jax, so he's determined to expose his manipulations with help from his closest friends in order to turn everyone against Jax. Edmund shows respect for Daniel and Diego because of the poor ways they are treated reminds him how humans poorly treated him in the past, but he slowly warms up to Andi, Katie, Sophie, Tony, and Mac despite being humans. Edmund is very protective around Emma and loves her dearly. He often behaves like a charismatic gentleman, having grown up in the 19th Century, but he can be cold and sarcastic. As a vampire he has powers and abilities and the color of his powers are bright blue, such as super strength and speed, mind reading, animal shape shift, telekinesis, flight, hypnosis, immobilization, wall walking, and clairvoyance, but if angered his eyes will turn red, his fangs will grow longer, and he will let out a blood-chilling roar.

Bernardo & Stella Sibilo (Armando Riesco & Annie Tedesco): Edmund's father and mother. Once freed from their prison, the family settles in Miami and have Edmund attend Iridium in order to protect and get closer to the Chosen One. Bernardo sticks to old fashioned tradition and is not used to living in a modern world. Stella embraces the modern world and is constantly trying to teach her husband how to fit in and behave like ordinary couples. Both parents are protective of their children, and will defend them if anyone insults of hurts them. They have the same powers and abilities as any vampire.

Principal Phoebe Parker (Samantha Jacks): An attractive woman who becomes the new principal of Iridium after Mr. Alonso is fired. Unlike Torres or Alonso, she is kinder and will never harm anyone and never jumps to the wrong conclusions. However, she becomes another one of the humans to discover the existence of the Magic Realm, yet she wishes to have it removed from school so as to not cause anymore trouble and to keep the students and staff safe.

Juliet Beaumont (Tiera Skovbye): A French witch who is best friends with Maya. Juliet's parents are loyalists to the missing Witch Queen, and after desperate years of searching they have found her and restored her as the rightful ruler of the Magic Realm. Juliet is extremely beautiful and friendly, but she has a cold attitude towards Emma for stealing away her soul mate, Jax. She is the brains of the exposing of troublemaking liars and doesn't hesitate to bash Emma for being unfaithful and a coward, or publicly denounce Mia as a boyfriend stealer, and she can easily pull on the crocodile tears to gain sympathy and pin the blame on the people she hates. Juliet's powers are cherry red. She does have a nicer side when she hangs out with Maya, goes out on a date with Jax, and she uses her powers to make kittens appear to win Jessie over.

Queen Andromeda (Jane Osborne): The beautiful, wise, compassionate, and ever powerful witch in all the realm. She is immortal but appears to look young and beautiful. After losing in a battle with the warlock, Andromeda has been forced into eternal slumber but is freed by the Beaumonts. The Witch's Council used to be her advisers in the past. Andromeda has great patience and a playful side, but her patience has limits as she is capable of fiery anger at the Witch's Council turning Jax into a kangaroo and causing chaos, overthrowing Emma or whatsoever to her, evil witches, forbidden spells being used, snobby and rude attitudes, and dislikes the feud between witches and kanays. She has no grudge on the humans such as agreeing to relocate the entrance of the Magic Realm out of Iridium for Parker's sake.

Superintendent Bigelow (Chico Benymon): The superintendent of all the schools in Miami. He plays his role once he watches the TV news about all that has happened in Iridium, without the use of magic of course, having taken care of by Juliet. Bigelow becomes very temperamental and abusive, such as criticizing Mr. Alonso for taking a level in jerkass or harshly punishing students without proof or a reason and has him fired, but not before he threatens to have him banned from attending Emma's graduation as a punishment if he doesn't apologize to Daniel and throw a dinner party to show the apology. Bigelow even becomes distrustful of Jax and Mia, because he accuses Mia of putting Daniel on drugs and has it out for Jax illegally creating clones and for his manipulations and trouble causing, so he files two restraining orders to keep Emma and Daniel away from Jax and Mia to protect them, even goes so far to call the police. Bigelow also dislikes pranks as he forces the T3 and the H2O to a rebel children's boot camp to punish them for ditching their schools to prank people at Iridium or cause millions of dollars on damage to hurt someone. Yet he has a nicer side as he apologizes to Daniel's family for what Daniel has been through and lets him off detention from here on out, but he resumes his harsh behavior as he gives detention to Emma, Maddie, Diego, Katie, and Sophie, and expels Jax and Mia from Iridium. He is shown to be grateful to Juliet and the gang for 'revealing the truth' and decides to install security cameras and place security guards around Iridium so to ensure the incidents will not repeat, which will cause problems for Emma and the gang, and the Magic Realm. He has a school supervisor who makes sure how things run in Iridium under the Superintendent's rules.

Nelo and Nora Sibilo (Stuart Allan & Joelle Better): Edmund's little brother and sister. The twins attend the same school the T3, formerly, attended. They are willing to help their brother win Emma over, but they despise the T3 and Jessie blaming their brothers for stealing away Edmund's true love. Both children are vampires with the same amount of powers and abilities. Nelo and Nora prank the T3, H2O, Jessie , Ethan, and Emily to teach them all a lesson. They are vampire versions of Merida's little brothers, but they are easily busted by their parents and brother. The twins embrace the modern world and they like Emma as a sister, and as their babysitter, and hope that she marries their brother in the future, hence the soul stones.

The Warlock (?): The true antagonist. Long ago, in fierce battle with Andromeda he trapped her in eternal slumber, but he too was imprisoned. Once he was accidently freed, his ghost searches and takes over a new body to put his goals and plans into action. The name of the person whose body he has taken over is a mystery.

The New Adventures of the Wild Kratts:

Riley Lowell

Voice: Tara Strong



Birthday: Born in 1992, she first met the Kratt brothers at ages 3 to 4 during the time of their show Kratts' Creatures, she became an Animal Helper from ages 7 to 9 during Zoboomafoo, when Be the Creature came out she turned 13 to 15, and finally when she got a job as a member of the Wild Kratts crew she is age 18, nearly 19, but nearing her early twenties she married her childhood friend Peter and became the mother of three children, naming them after the Kratt brothers and her late mother.

Family: Henry Lowell (father), Isabel Lowell (mother deceased), Oliver (younger brother)

Occupation: Wild Kratts kid (formerly), Animal Helper, Member of the Wild Kratts Team

Friends: Chris Kratt, Martin Kratt, Zoboomafoo, Allison Baldwin, Jackie, Amy, Aviva Corcovado, Max, Koki, Jimmy Z, Peter, Grace, Charlie, Tania Kratt, Laura Kratt, Wild Kratts kids

Enemies: Frankie, Zach Varmitech, Zach bots, Donita Donata, Dabio, Gaston Gourmand, Paisley Paver, Rex, Evelyn Olsen

Likes: Animals, helping or rescuing creatures, the Kratt brothers, traveling the world in the Tortuga, hanging out with Leila, dating Peter, kayaking, manta riding, surfing, snowboarding, hang gliding, rock climbing, scuba diving, swimming

Dislikes: Villains, creatures in danger, Chris or Martin being overly protective of her, her dad unsupportive, her brother's rudeness, Aviva bossing her


Voice: Jeff Bennett



Occupation: Mechanic of the Wild Kratts Team

Friends: Aviva Corcovado, Chris Kratt, Martin Kratt, Koki, Jimmy Z, Riley Lowell, Tania Kratt, Laura Kratt, Wild Kratts kids

Enemies: Frankie Huntley, Zach Varmitech, Zach bots, Donita Donata, Dabio, Gaston Gourmand, Paisley Paver, Rex, Evelyn Olsen

Likes: Aviva, helping or rescuing animals, playful teasing, jokes, building, his motorcycle, surfing, hang gliding

Dislikes: Villains, creatures in danger, Aviva in trouble or in danger, the Kratts upsetting Aviva





Family: Father, Mother


Friends: Riley Lowell, Grace, Charlie, Chris Kratt, Martin Kratt, Aviva Corcovado, Max, Koki, Jimmy Z

Enemies: Frankie Huntley, Zach Varmitech, Zach bots, Donita Donata, Dabio, Gaston Gourmand, Paisley Paver, Rex, Evelyn Olsen



Grace & Charlie

Voices: Cree Summer




Friends: Riley Lowell, Peter, Chris Kratt, Martin Kratt, Aviva Corcovado, Max, Koki, Jimmy Z

Enemies: Frankie Huntley, Zach Varmitech, Zach bots, Donita Donata, Dabio, Gaston Gourmand, Paisley Paver, Rex, Evelyn Olsen



Tania & Laura Kratt




Family: Chris Kratt (Tania's husband), Aidan and Nolan (Chris and Tania's sons), Martin Kratt (Laura's husband), Gavin and Ronan (Martin and Laura's sons)

Occupations: Mothers

Friends: Chris Kratt, Martin Kratt, Aviva Corcovado, Max, Koki, Jimmy Z, Riley Lowell, Gavin, Ronan, Aidan, Nolan

Enemies: Frankie Huntley, Zach Varmitech, Zach bots, Donita Donata, Dabio, Gaston Gourmand, Paisley Paver, Rex, Evelyn Olsen



Frankie Huntley





Friends: Evelyn Olsen, Zach Varmitech, Zach bots, Donita Donata, Dabio, Gaston Gourmand, Paisley Paver, Rex

Enemies: Chris Kratt, Martin Kratt, Aviva Corcovado, Max, Koki, Jimmy Z, Riley Lowell



Evelyn Olsen





Friends: Frankie Huntley, Zach Varmitech, Zach bots, Donita Donata, Dabio, Gaston Gourmand, Paisley Paver, Rex,

Enemies: Chris Kratt, Martin Kratt, Aviva Corcovado, Max, Koki, Jimmy Z, Riley Lowell



Disney Story Coming Soon: A twelve year old American-Japanese girl (named Kaida aka Kaidy) living with her sisters and an overprotective dad in a rich but sheltered life, inherits her late mother's crystal necklace since her childhood, only to discover its magical powers and abilites. She uses them for good and to help people and animals, and to get out of the house most of the time. But she keeps this a secret from her father due to his annoying smothery love and overprotectiveness and control-freak tendencies, thus acting cold near him and shut him out of her life. One day, the girl discovers her late mother's family whom her dad stopped communicating since her mom died. One evening, on her twelve birthday when the girl invites the relatives to her party, a harsh fallout starts within the family by the revelation of the crystal, but a mysterious storm hits and the girl's family and friends are taken away. The girl is transported to a strange but wonderful world called Disney, a place where her mother had been to in the past. After befriending the Toon characters she encounters, the girl learns that she is the key to saving Disney's incredible worlds and to stop an evil villain who is responsible for her mother's death and her father's hatred against Toons. As she ages to a teenager, she attends high school and struggles with reality and meets four new girls wanting to befriend her, but the girl fears replacing her Toon friends and rejects them. However, a new evil rises and these four girls have secrets: they live double lives. One a witch, second a vampire, third a mermaid, and fourth a wolf. These four girls' secret lives share a connection to this new villain, so the girl decides to allow them to accompany her on her second journey to save her Disney friends. One of these adventures includes a prequel to how Kaida's parents met and how Maria got caught up in Disney and the reason why she was killed. The last adventure includes the girl reaching age eighteen to a young adult and once again is called upon to rescue her friends from another villain.

The Lockharts: Kaida's family, very wealthy and dominant.

Kaida Lockhart is a headstrong, curious, independent, innocent, compassionate, loving, soft-spoken and gentle (but mostly hot tempered) and a little bit of an attitude if angered, protagonist of the series. Her father often calls her Kaidy as a cute nickname when she was a child, which annoys her, but learned to accept it when her friends call her that for short.

Kaida's father is the handsome but overprotective helicopter father who's sarcastic and charismatic and fatherly and quirky, and he is the youngest of two siblings. In the beginning, he was clumsy and awkward but he became more attentive, focused, inclined, and also a passionate, intelligent, mischievous, fun boy when he first met Maria and when he had plenty of adventures with his own circle of friends, but he had a strained relationship with his father due to how strictly and harshly he raised him. He was very much in love with Maria and her death left him devastated, but once he met Erika (unaware she's Maria's sister), he falls deeply in love with her. He adores his daughters and treats them like little girls, but he's very protective of them and would do anything to protect them, even lie to them, especially Kaida, whom he doesn't see eye-to-eye and tries desperately to win her over because of her resemblance to her mother, but she treats him coldly and is aware of what he does to 'protect' his girls is out of selfishness and unreasonable.

Kaida's uncle is the firstborn child of Draven and Amelia who marries and has three kids who are Kaida's cousins, and he often teases his younger siblings like all big brothers do and is shown to be a fun, comedic uncle to Kaida.

Aunt Amelia Lockhart is the middle child who seems cold and mean due to a misunderstanding to an incident to a fallout in her youth in the family, and while she appears to have a non-friendly relationship with her family, she secretly gives Kaida advice to shun her father when she was a child and in return Kaida bonds with her aunt when it comes to her father.

Grandpa Gordon Lockhart and Grandma Glenda Lockhart the parents of Amelia and Kaida's father and uncle, Gordon is shown as cranky and sarcastic and raised his three kids strictly, but he actually loves them dearly, yet he has been set against their youngest son marrying Maria but he later showed regret after Maria was killed. Glenda is an affectionate person yet she is very firm when it comes to a fight or a disagreement.

Lillian Lockhart, aka Lilly, is the older sister of Kaida and their younger sister. She inherited her dark burgundy hair from her late mother. Even though Lilly can be bossy and mature and she has a bit of an attitude, she's as adventurous as her sisters. However, her father's protective and controlling nature makes her feel imprisoned in their own home, sometimes being tricked and lied to by her own father turns her against Kaida, who's the only one to know their father's plans and Kaida shuns her sister as much as she shuns her father. But after learning too late of her father's lies and treachery, Lilly is determined to apologize and make up with her sister. Lilly has two best friends named Heather and Yolanda.

The younger sister of Kaida loves gymnastics and animals and sweets.

Maria Miyuki Lockhart is the mother who passed on when Kaida was a child. Her marriage to a Lockhart brought two different families together, but after her death it drove them apart. She once owned the necklace her daughter would someday inherit to help those in need. She was close friends with Mickey and the gang, and even her death left them in despair.

The Miyukis: Kaida's Japanese mother's side of the family, another wealthy family.

Aunt Erika is Maria's younger, kinder sister and love interest of Kaida's father who becomes his second wife and second mother to Kaida and her sisters, and a mother of a newborn son. She acts as the voice of reason to people and a second mother to Kaida when they first became acquainted.

Ronin Miyuki is Maria and Erika's brother and the firstborn child. His name means 'samurai without a master' and it suits him perfectly. Ronin is close to his younger sisters and he has married with a family of his own. He is Kaida's uncle.

Grandpa Benjiro Miyuki and Grandma Barbara Miyuki the parents of Ronin and Maria and Erika. Both parents were set against Maria marrying into the Lockhart family and have never contacted the Lockharts after Maria died. Benjiro is the head of the family and the business (whatever it is I can't make one up). Barbara is a fantastic artist and she comes from a Japanese/American family but looks more Japanese.

Sakura is the wife of Ronin and mother of Luna, Jona, and Terra. She is Kaida's aunt.

Other Characters:

In the prequel, Kaida's father has five best friends growing up with him, and each of them has grown up to have families of their own. Michael, Joseph, Patrick, and Allison. Their kids have become Kaida's friends and allies.

Kaida's childhood friend who has been spirited away and used as a pawn by Maleficent to hurt or kidnap the Disney princesses. This only makes his family disappointed in his actions and Kaida is certain she can save her friend, but she must save someone else used as a pawn to Maleficent.

Jefferson, aka Jeffery, is a dark haired happy-go-lucky, optimistic boy who's been Lilly's childhood friend and acts and talks like s surfer dude. Kaida likes him a lot and finds him funny. Lilly's father, however, does not due to a shocking reason. Jeffery may appear to be clueless and stupid, but he's a loveable handsome dork who's a lot smarter than he looks and he highly respects and cares toward people. Jeffery also has a crush on Lilly, who returns the feeling, but Kaida is determined to keep them together and keep her interfering overprotective father out of the way. His parents' names are Dora and Albert.

The fourth girl, the witch, is the new kid in school. Half Spanish and half American, this girl is shy and raised by a very strict family (whom Kaida loathes deeply), but when it comes to falling in love and learning to control her magic, she becomes much stronger and independent.

Hotel Transylvania 1 & 2 (original story): Based off on original story script and my original ideas for my OCs, Hotel Transylvania 1 and 2 will mostly have my OCs from Vampire Chronicles, but the first one will have more OCs such as teen aged friends for Mavis:

Elsie, voice: China Anne McClain; Elsie is the daughter of Frankenstein and Eunice. One of Mavis' childhood friends and is her closest friend, much like their fathers being the closest of friends. Elsie loves fashion and has a brash attitude, taken after her mother.

Wilfred and Wilma, voices: Mitchel Musso and Emily Osment; The two eldest children of Wayne and Wanda, and the only ones who respect their parents unlike their younger chaotic brothers. Both are childhood friends of Mavis. Wilfred has entered an early relationship with a white she-werewolf named Wynona and have a daughter named Winnie, who also respects her granddad.

Tuck, voice: Kyle Massey; Tuck is the son of Murray and Cleopatra the Mummies. One of Mavis' childhood friends, Tuck is his father's son who loves to party and food and girls and music. He has a crush on Elsie.

Billy, voice: Ross Lynch; The son of Griffin and Carroll the Invisible Man and the Invisible Woman. One of Mavis' childhood friends, Billy is seen wearing nerdy, round-like glasses and a bowtie.

Victor Corbin, voice: Liam Neeson; The head butler of the staff at the hotel, a warlock. But he's secretly scheming to overthrow Count Dracula and become the new hotel manager, after having lost someone special to him in the past by humans, mostly Abraham Van Helsing.

Hotel Transylvania: Broadway Musical: An idea that came out of my brain to write a Broadway version of Hotel Transylvania (Vampire Chronicles, of course).

Mina Van Helsing-Dracula is the tritagonist in Hotel Transylvania and a supporting character major character in Hotel Transylvania 2. She is a 27-year old human barmaid/heiress who tags along with Johnny and stumbles upon a monster hotel. By the second film, she has turned 34 and is the Countess of the hotel. She is the daughter of Henrik and Ellen Van Helsing, the niece of Malcolm and Gladys Harker, the second wife of Dracula and the mother of their daughter, Angela. Through Dracula, she is the daughter-in-law of Vlad and Vasilissa, the stepmother of Mavis, the stepmother-in-law of Johnny, and the step-grandmother of Dennis.

Voice: Drew Barrymore (adult), Livvy Stubenrauch (young)

Personality: After the death of her mother, Mina lives with her overprotective father, Henrik Van Helsing, who was a descendant of the vampire hunter, Abraham Van Helsing. At the age of 18, she ran away from home to the tavern of her late mother's relatives. At the age of the 27, she fell in love with Dracula, who was the man who saved her life when she was a child. Mina is kind and friendly toward monsters and her fellow humans. She treats Johnny like a little brother, but won't admit she is protective of him. She's also supportive towards him and Mavis. And she's never been overprotective towards kids. Although she gives the nickname "overprotective control freaks" to those who are too protective towards their kids, like Dracula and Mavis, but Mina still loves her family.

Appearance: Mina has fair skin and wavy curls of long dark brown hair, and almond brown eyes. She wears a black sleeveless vest with a white t-shirt underneath, and blue pants with black walking shoes.

Birthday: 1985

Occupation: Heiress, Barmaid, Mother, Countess and Assistant Manager of Hotel Transylvania

Home: Van Helsing Mansion (formerly), the Bats in the Belfry Tavern and Inn (formerly), Hotel Transylvania

Relatives: Abraham Van Helsing (ancestor), Henrik Van Helsing (father), Ellen Hutter Van Helsing (mother, deceased), Malcolm and Gladys (uncle and aunt), Peter (cousin), Amber (cousin-in-law), Veronica and Jessica (nieces), Dracula (husband), Mavis (stepdaughter), Jonathan (son-in-law), Angela (daughter), Dennis (step-grandson), Vlad (father-in-law), Vasilisa (mother-in-law), Loughrans (in-laws), unnamed relatives on her father's side, Lydia (sister-in-law)

Allies: Dracula, Mavis Jonathan, Frankenstein, Eunice, Wayne, Wanda, Murray, Griffin, Dennis, Angela, Mike and Linda, Malcolm and Gladys, Vlad, Vasilisa, Blobby

Enemies: Quasimodo, Esmeralda, Henrik, her father's relatives, Bela, Bat Cronies, Vlad (formerly)

Likes: Traveling, romance, her husband Dracula, freedom, spoiling her daughter and grandson, her monster friends

Dislikes: Overprotective parents, Twilight, Dracula (formerly), Malcolm and Gladys (one sided), her father's controlling nature, her family's tradition, Dracula's lies, moving away, Angela in danger

Angela "Anzhelina" Van Helsing-Dracula is the half-human/half-vampire daughter of Dracula and Mina, and the tritagonist in Hotel Transylvania 2, making her a dhampir because she is a combination of a human and a vampire. She is also the granddaughter of Henrik and Ellen (her maternal grandparents) as well as Vlad and Vaslisa (her paternal grandparents), the younger stepsister of Mavis, and the aunt of Dennis.

Voice: Meira Blinkoff

Personality: Like Dennis, Angela is a sweet girl, who loves adventures. Angela really loves her family in both of her parents' side. If she saw her family and friends got hurt, she easily gets mad and immediately attacks. She also seems to understand what's going on around her more than the grown-ups think, such as the adults argument about her and Dennis being normal or monsters, and the reason why they are moving without anyone telling her. Like her mother, Angela hates her dad and sister's protectiveness and often prefers her mother to be around instead.

Appearance: Angela is a little girl with bronze brown hair and blue eyes, a combination of genes she inherited from both her parents, except she has her sister's bangs and her hair color is lighter brown than her mother's chocolate brown hair. She wears a violet short sleeve shirt underneath a dark blue overall upcycled dress, long white socks and light blue strap-on shoes, and a fuchsia bow on her head. She wears a snow white nightdress when going to bed. At her party, she wore a pink and black vampire dress and a little vampire cape. On the road trip, she wore a black dress with long angel-like sleeves, and a little vampire cape.

Birthday: June 13th 2014

Goal: To grow her Vampire fangs (succeeded)

Home: Hotel Transylvania

Relatives: Dracula (father), Mina (mother), Vlad (paternal grandfather), Vasilisa (paternal grandmother), Henrik (maternal grandfather), Ellen (maternal grandmother, deceased), Mavis (stepsister), Jonathan (brother-in-law), Dennis (nephew), Malcolm and Gladys (maternal great-uncle and great-aunt), Peter (uncle), Amber (aunt), Veronica and Jessica (cousins), Loughrans (in-laws), unnamed relatives on Grandpa Henrik's side, Lydia (aunt)

Allies: Dracula, Mina, Mavis, Jonathan, Dennis, Winnie, Edvard, Malcolm and Gladys, Vlad, Vasilisa, Frankenstein, Eunice, Wayne, Wanda, Murray, Griffin, Blobby, Mike and Linda, Werewolf Kids

Enemies: Bela, Bat Cronies, Vlad (formerly), Veronica and Jessica (formerly), Troy and Parker and Connor (formerly)

Likes: Adventure, her mother spoiling her, Edvard, Kakie the Cake Monster, Batman

Dislikes: Her father and sister overprotective, moving away, her family and friends in danger

Vasilisa "Lisa" Cneajna Maria Musat-Dracula is the wife of Vlad and the mother of Dracula in Hotel Transylvania 2. She is the paternal grandmother of Mavis and Angela, the mother-in-law of Martha and Mina, the grandmother-in-law of Jonathan, and the maternal great-grandmother of Dennis.

Voice: Maggie Smith

Personality: Vasilisa was once the human princess of Moldavia during the 14th century, but she was cursed to turn her into a vampire by a witch, who was banished by her father, the king. She was (mistakenly) abandoned by Vlad when he found that she was formerly a human. She stayed in her own castle for hundreds of years, until she showed up in Dennis and Angela's birthday to defend her family from her husband. Vasilisa is kind, supportive, helpful, and wise. As a mother, she knows what is right and what is wrong. She calls Dracula baby or other pet names, as he does for Mavis and Angela. She also held a close bond towards Mina after Vasilisa saved her from Vlad's bat cronies, and discovering that Mina is married to Dracula. She also felt hurt when her father wants to exterminate her when he found out she was now a vampire and married a vampire and had a child with on, and she thought Vlad abandoned her for being formerly a human, thus leaving her cold, bitter, and resentful towards him. But she was also very forgiving as she forgave Vlad for treating her so badly years ago and learning Bela had kept her presence a secret from Vlad and tried to kill her behind his back.

Appearance: Vasilisa is an extremely old vampiress with pale skin and wrinkles, blue eyes, white hair in a pompadour style, talon-like nails painted black, a small hawk-like nose and long graceful features. She wears a black cape with red inner lining and an elegant black long dress with a black choker with a ruby gem.

Occupation: Human, Princess of Moldavia (formerly), Vampiress, Queen of Vampires

Birthday: 1394

Home: Moldavia (formerly), Castle of Vladimir Dracula

Relatives: Alexander the Good Musat Prince of Moldavia (father, deceased) Rimgaile Anna Elizabeth Gediminds Princess of Moldavia (mother, deceased) Vlad (husband), Dracula (son), Lydia (daughter or stepdaughter?), Martha (daughter-in-law, deceased), Mina (2nd daughter-in-law), Mavis (granddaughter), Angela (granddaughter), Jonathan (grandson-in-law), Dennis (great-grandson), Loughrans (in-laws), Van Helsings (in-laws), Harkers (in-laws)

Allies: Vlad, Dracula, Mina, Angela, Mavis, Jonathan, Dennis, Frankenstein, Eunice, Wayne, Wanda, Murray, Griffin, Blobby, Mike and Linda, Malcolm and Gladys, Winnie, Edvard, Monster friends

Enemies: Vlad (formerly), Bela, Bat Cronies, Her father

Likes: Her family

Dislikes: Vlad abandoning her, Human's persecution on vampires, Vlad's technique to terrify children to get their fangs out, Banished by her parents

Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

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