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Author has written 20 stories for Thomas the Tank Engine, Toy Story, Great Mouse Detective, Looney Tunes, Wizard of Oz, Loonatics Unleashed, Curious George, Hotel Transylvania, Tangled, Sherlock Holmes in the 22nd Century, Space Jam, and Wicked.

I haven't written about myself because I was really shy and nervous at the time. So, hi there! I hope you loved reading my stories. They are all based off on cartoons and movies I love. But I find it really hard to write them all when I don't know what to say or write. My mom says its due to the stress of being an author and she may be right. I guess a lot of authors go through this when writing stories.

What do I say about me? Well, I love to travel to different places and seeing so many different things. My brother loved to go to Pennsylvania because he loves a Day Out with Thomas. I do too, but its the scenery of the Amish country and the fun times we have down there. Sometimes I go to New York with my mother and sister to see a Broadway show. On my birthday, we ate at Planet Hollywood for lunch, went to see The Lion King on Broadway, and rode the Ferris wheel at Toys 'R' Us and sat in the Toy Story seat. It was the best day of my life. But one of my favorite places to visit is Disney World, its where I spent my childhood vacation with my family. Those were wonderful memories that I will cherish forever. Back in 2011, we went to Disneyland in California and it was just as good as Disney World, I even got the highest score on Toy Story Mania. During the year of 2016 October I traveled to Disney World for a week's vacation. Last month during October 2017, I went back to Disney World with my father and brother this time, for some bonding with my dad since he and mom split up and we live in different homes.

Just to give everyone a warning. Chairman Ajit Pai and the FCC have voted to take away net neutrality! Save our internet by calling Congress. Although my sister tells me to relax and my mother warns me not to stress because this is the fourth time an idiot tries to take over the internet, and people are banding together to save net neutrality online or public protesting. Please help the internet. Thank you.

Anyway, my favorite TV shows and movies are mostly Disney, House of Mouse, Hotel Transylvania 1/2/TV/3, Tim Burton's Dark Shadows, Space Jam, Loonatics Unleashed, Static Shock, Batman the Animated Series, Detective Conan/Case Closed, Lupin the 3rd, Monster High, Wizard of Oz, Legends of Oz Dorothy's Return, Thomas the Tank Engine, Ice Age movies, Balto 2/3, Zoboomafoo/Wild Kratts, Sherlock Holmes, Curious George movies 1/2, Wallace and Gromit, the Dick Van Dyke Show, and Steve Harvey's Family Feud. But I dislike Every Witch Way, Talia in the Kitchen, Violetta, H2O Just Add Water, Wolfblood, Just Add Magic, and the Powerpuff Girls movie. My favorite video games are Kingdom Hearts, Epic Mickey, Sherlock Holmes the Devil's Daughter, Zoboomafoo Leaping Lemurs, 102 Dalmatians Puppies to the Rescue, Tangled Wii Game, Toy Story 2 Action Game, Toy Story 3 Mania, and Harvest Moon animal parade. My favorite books to read are My Sister the Vampire, My Brother the Werewolf, Number the Stars, Hotel Transylvania 2 novel, Vampirina Ballerina, Basil of Baker Street, 101 Dalmatians novel, some of L. Frank Baum's Oz books, and some Sherlock Holmes novels.

102 Dalmatians (animated sequel to 101 Dalmatians and 101 Dalmatians 2 Patch's London Adventure).

This second idea came out of my brain, making an animated 102 Dalmatians version to the live action version. A sequel to both 101 Dalmatians and Patch's London Adventure. Plenty of differences, like the dogs get more screen time than people do and character descriptions.

Dipstick has become an overprotective father to his three puppies, including Oddball, because of his traumatic childhood past involving Cruella DeVil.

Oddball is trying to get spots because she feels like an outcast and is teased by her cousins (from her dad's really big family's side) due to her pure white appearance. She wants to have spots so she could fit in with her family.

Patch is now a TV wonder dog after Thunderbolt retires and he takes Oddball under his wing, understanding how it feels to be left out and teaches her how to be a one of a kind wonder dog. He also has a family of his own.

Lucky is married to a female Dalmatian named Gay and is the father of four puppies, one of them named Clover.

Instead of a puppet theater at the park, it will take place at Cherry Tree Farm for a Dalmatian Family Reunion for crazy puppet-napping attempt by Oddball. Pongo and Perdita get to meet their grandchildren. Roger and Anita have a baby boy.

The Jungle Book 2 (new version) This idea had popped out of my brain. The original Jungle Book 2 was terrible, but after some rewrites and changes I think it would have been better like this.

New Characters:

Wise Shaman: The elderly village shaman.

Buldeo: A boastful, arrogant, greedy and superstitious hunter who dislikes and distrusts Mowgli. He is another antagonist of this story, representing the dangers of Man, just like Shere Khan represented the dangers of the jungle.

Thuu: An albino Indian cobra, known as White Hood.The guardian of the treasure beneath the ancient ruins, home of King Louie and the bander-log. She has no fangs nor poison due to her old age.

Tabaqui: A cowardly yet cunning golden jackal who is the leader of a group of scavenging jackals. He idolizes Shere Khan, along with his pack, and is determined to get revenge on Mowgli. He now serves as Shere Khan's eyes and ears of the jungle.

Disney and Pixar's Coco (a love story)

I have seen some trailers and clips of the new upcoming movie, Coco, and this idea came to me for OCs and a love interest for Miguel Rivera, and for a Romeo and Juliet romance between Miguel and my OC. When the movie comes out, I shall write the story.

The Molina family live in the same Santa Cecilia town where Miguel's family resides. The Molina clan own a restaurant, and it's more popular than the Riveras' shoemaking business because the Molinas love music very much. But they're in an ancient feud with the Riveras, not just their different opinions on music, but their ancestors, Ricardo and Dolores, had a falling out with their former friend Imelda. The Molinas don't hesitate to insult or bully any member of the Rivera family whenever they cross paths, since they carry the torch of hate for the Riveras with passion. They're not bad people, since they treat the villagers and their music with respect and will defend anyone from the Elena's temper. Julina, a 12 year old girl, and her grandma, Isabella, are the only members of the Molina family who never pick a fight with the Riveras because they're Miguel's only friends in secret who understand his dreams to become a musician. When Miguel has disappeared to the Land of the Dead, Julina goes with him and on her own adventure to find him and end the feud of their families. In the end, Miguel and Julina help Coco remember her father Hector by song in front of their families while revealing the truth about Hector and Ernesto. The two families make peace and become friends.

Julina Molina: She is 12 years old and Miguel's best friend in secret who later becomes his girlfriend. She shares his passion for music and singing. She dislikes her family's cruelty to the Riveras, but she also dislikes the Riveras for refusing Miguel's passion for music. When Miguel goes to the Land of the Dead, a very worried Julina runs away to go find him and will end up in the Land of the Dead herself. Frustrated over the families' feud and their unsupportive nature, Julina loses faith in family and believes a family is not a family when they don't love you or not support your dreams. But Miguel changes her mind after learning the truth about Hector and Ernesto. She has a pet monkey named Ghita, who became her alebrije in the Land of the Dead, but has a gross hobby of throwing her droppings at people, once at Elena and second at Ernesto's guards.

Isabella Molina: She is Julina's grandmother and matriarch of the Molina clan. Opposite of Miguel's Abuelita Elena, Isabella is supportive and gentle and is very accepting of music. But she has her own temper as she dislikes Elena lashing out at people who sing or play music. She discovered Julina's secret friendship with Miguel, but decided to keep her lips sealed because Miguel loves music and she's aware of Julina having a crush on Miguel. Not only does Miguel learn how to play guitar by Ernesto's video, Isabella became Miguel's music teacher in secrecy. When Miguel runs away after Elena smashed his guitar, this enrages Isabella so much that she smacked Elena right in front of her family, but her actions have driven Julina away and caused her family to start a brawl with the Riveras, leaving Isabella feeling incredibly guilty. When the families start fighting over the children's disappearance, Isabella breaks up the fight by stating that it is their own fault that Miguel and Julina have vanished and persuades the two families to put aside their differences to search for the children. When Miguel and Julina return, she assists in allowing them to play for Coco and to prevent the families from interfering. In the end, Isabella has made peace with Elena, who has become her best friend.

Antonio Molina: He is Julina's father.

Teresa Molina: She is Julina's mother.

Gabriel Molina: He is Julina's grandpa and the patriarch of the Molina clan. Gabriel enforces the hate on the Rivers and is often seen picking a fight with Elena, and often protects people with instruments from her wrath. He attempts to get her arrested for her actions several times. He is known as Abuelito by the family. By the end of the film, Gabriel is moved to tears when Miguel sung to help Coco remember Hector and is shocked to learn the truth about Hector and Ernesto, so he makes amends with Elena and the Riveras.

Hugo Molina: He is Julina's uncle.

Carlotta Molina: She Julina's aunt.

Pablo & Belinda Molina: They are Julina's cousins. They serve as bullies toward Miguel and his cousins Abel and Rosa. Julina is not afraid to stand up to them or step on their feet or knee them in the gut. However, they have grown nicer and have become friends with Miguel and his cousins at the end.

Eduardo Molina: He is Julina's deceased great-grandfather.

Francesca Molina: She is Julina's deceased great-grandmother.

Ricardo Molina: He is Julina's deceased great-great grandfather. The former patriarch of the Molina clan, he was best friends with Imelda and her lover, but had a falling out when Imelda banned music and so then on carried a torch of loathing for the Riveras in death. He is shown to be shocked when Miguel and Julina are in the Land of the Dead. Like Imelda, he has an antagonistic bitter side over the Riveras and towards Hector for being the cause of their feud. Ricardo would only give Julina his blessing if she stopped seeing Miguel, but Julina stubbornly refuses. But when Miguel reveals Ernesto had poisoned Hector to keep him from going home, Ricardo realizes Ernesto is the true cause for the feud and reluctantly agrees to help Hector. He ended his feud with the Riveras and became close friends with Hector and Imelda again in the end. His alebrije is a large eagle named Araceli, whose counterpart in the living world is a parrot.

Dolores Molina: She is Julina's deceased great-great grandmother. The former matriarch of the Molina clan, she was best friends with Imelda and her lover, but has a falling out when Imelda banned music and so then on carried a torch of loathing for the Riveras. She is shown to be excited to meet Julina when she stumbles into the Land of the Dead. She becomes open-minded when she sees how much Julina cares for Miguel and supports her decision to not go home with the condition of not seeing Miguel anymore, and is willing to put aside her loathing and team up with the Riveras to retrieve Hector's photo from Ernesto. She compliments Imelda for her singing on stage, ending their feud and becoming friends again in the end.

Title Coming Soon (Detective Conan)


Ryuu Nishino: A handsome, but mysterious vigilante who is an ally of Kaito and Jii. He's the male counterpart to Hana. He deduces the true identity of Kaitou Kid and often assists him, and Jii, in theft heists to find the Pandora. His goal is to find it and destroy it, like Kaito. Ryuu is known as the infamous Silver Knight, a thief who steals valuable artifacts or jewelry and keeps for himself, to destroy the Organization that killed his old rival/friend Toichi. Like Hana, he suffered from an abusive childhood at the hands of his alcoholic mother and killed her. He falls in love with Hana during a Kaitou Kid heist and often flirts with her during heists or rescues her if she's in danger. Ryuu truly cares for Kaito and treats him as if he were his own son. Even though he thinks of Inspector Nakamori and Aoko as idiots, Ryuu does care about him and his daughter, having been friends with the Kurobas, and he especially highly respects his adversaries such as Conan, Heiji, Hakuba, Toichi, and Hana. But he dislikes Akako, due to her being a witch.

Hana Fujita: A beautiful but hot-tempered government agent who works undercover at the Mouri Detective Agency. She's very popular among her co-workers, but in reality they fear her for her explosive temper, her extremely big mouth, and her very dangerous fighting skills. Hana can be quite a bully to people whom she considers idiots (such as Kogoro, Sonoko, and Yukiko, etc.) and she often has a sarcastic sense of humor, making humorous wise cracks. Deep down she's been suffering from an abusive childhood at the hands of her father (she considers Kogoro to be like her father whom she hates) and she is willing to protect Conan from anyone who berates or abuses him, mostly Kogoro whom she enjoys beating, because she knows how it feels to be abused. Hana doesn't like to show it but she truly cares deeply for others, including her younger half-sister, and despite their quarrels Hana has developed a little crush on Kogoro. Hana has even deduced the true identity of Conan, so she often assists him in an investigation. She behaves as a second mother figure to Conan, Ran, or the other kids and proves to have good parenting skills. She shares a close relationship with her younger half-sister, Riko. She has a niece named Mika Iwao from her foster family.

Riko Bengo: Hana's younger half-sister and police detective at the Tokyo Metropolitan Police District, Riko is the complete opposite of her sister; polite, gentle, soft-spoken, passionate, and timid. Extremely beautiful and the second most popular among the male members of the police department. However, her fragile and shy nature have made her a target towards criminals and this caused her superiors to be very protective of her. Riko is a childhood friend of Takagi and dated him since high school, but he was forced to break up with her thanks to her sadist father. Upon reuniting with Takagi and wanting him back, Riko is heartbroken when she learns Takagi is dating Sato. She will not tolerate the other officers bullying Takagi due to his relationship with Sato and her personality immediately changes, quick to defend those close to her by becoming cold and capable of sharp anger like her sister or when in the line of duty she can be as dangerous as her sister. Because of this, she is nicknamed the Siren of the Japanese Police; beautiful and deadly. She shares a close relationship with her half-sister. Riko is the only police detective to know Conan is truly Shinichi after working together with him while stuck in handcuffs and escaping later capturing the serial rapist, but it pains her to hide this info from her allies at the department. Riko is a fan of Lupin the 3rd and later falls in love with him while having an affair with him, but they broke up after he left Tokyo. She has niece named Mika Iwao from her foster family.

Every Witch Way, my version (I know I hate this show but this idea came out of my brain)



Full Name: Rosa Isabel Alonso

Nicknames: Rosa (by everyone). Rosy (by Cassie, Francisco, Monica & Alba). Girlfriend (by Jax). Beach Buddy (by Jax). Wolf Girl (by Emma). Dragon (by Maddie). Angry Wildebeest (by Andi). Miss Alonso (by Agamemnon).

Birthdate: 1999

Resides In: Miami, Florida

Occupation: Witch. Student.

School: Iridium High.

Family: Emma Alonso (Sister). Francisco Alonso (Father). Maria Alonso (Mother, Deceased). Monica Castillo (Maternal Aunt). Alba Castillo (Maternal Grandmother). Geraldo Castillo (Maternal Grandfather). Elena Castillo (Ancestor).

Romances: Jax Novoa (Boyfriend/In Love With). Daniel Miller (Friend/Ex-Boyfriend).

Portrayed By: Rebecca Black

BIO: Emma's sister, born on the same day as her, and Francisco and Maria's second daughter. Rosa wears a headband so people can tell her and Emma apart. She is headstrong and a tomboy, opposite of her sister. While she's more independent than her sister she's not afraid to speak her mind and stick up for herself, and she cares about her friends and believes in doing the right thing. This is demonstrated that she hates Francisco for convincing Jax to break up with her for her sister and for his unfair treatment toward Daniel, so she refused to attend her dad's birthday with the family and is the one who revealed the existence of witches to Francisco and cleared Daniel's reputation, during a pretend argument with Emma to get their dad's attention. Rosa is very much in love with Jax because they share a lot in common, but she was easily jealous/heartbroken when her sister gets romantic with him. Both she and Cassie hold grudges against Emma, accusing her of stealing away the boys they love. While there are times she shares a close relationship with her sister, Rosa loathed Emma for stealing Jax from her and would never let her forget it, like dating/comforting Daniel to make her jealous, telling everyone at school how her sister and father broke up her and Jax to gain sympathy and turn them against Emma, or stealing a pair of shoes from a store to frame Emma. Nevertheless, Emma broke up with Jax because she didn't want to lose her sister, so she apologized to Rosa and helped her get revenge on Jax. She's also a strong fighter, such as her vicious rivalry with Emma over Jax or in combat with evil witches and evil kanays. The color of her powers is pink. She is best friends with former Panther and Maddie's sister, Cassie. Rosa has an allergic allergy to bunnies yet she tries to love them for Jax's sake.


Full Name: Cassandra Van Pelt

Nicknames: Cassie-Winky (by Ursula). Cassie (by everyone). Cass (by Rosa). Princess (by Ursula). Miss Van Pelt (by adults). BFF (by Rosa).

Birthdate: 1999

Resides In: Miami, Florida

Occupation: Witch. Student. The Panthers (formerly).

School: Iridium High.

Family: Maddie Van Pelt (Sister). Ursula Van Pelt (Mother). Victor Van Pelt (Father, Deceased). Lydia Van Pelt (Paternal Grandmother). Mortimer Van Pelt (Paternal Grandfather). Philip Van Pelt (Adoptive Brother, formerly). Minerva Van Pelt (Ancestor).

Romances: Oliver Smith (Boyfriend/In Love With).

Portrayed By: Shanna Strong

BIO: Maddie's sister, born on the same day as her, Victor and Ursula's second daughter. A member of the Panthers, but she turned on them due to Maddie's rude and bossy attitude, and long after she first met Rosa. She is the opposite of Andi's tomboy nature, making her shy and girly, and the opposite of Maddie, kindhearted and sensitive. She often disobeys her sister and grandmother to hang out with Rosa. Cassie dislikes her mom's disapproval of dating an out of control inventor turned meta-human. As the series develops, she becomes more dependent and won't hesitate to stand up to bullies. She has a crush on Oliver and was jealous of Emma, so Rosa often helped her in attempts to win over Oliver. Despite her jealousy toward Emma because of Oliver's crush, Cassie would never want to hurt Emma, unlike Rosa. She stopped being friends with Rosa after she framed Emma for stealing shoes, but the two reconciled after Emma broke up with Jax. She becomes Oliver's assistant and great confident, but she's also Rosa's partner in her adventures or in her schemes. The color of her powers is light green.


Nicknames: Aunt Monica (by Emma & Rosa). Mona (by everyone). Miss Castillo (by the Witch's Council).

Resides In: Miami, Florida

Occupation: Aunt. Guardian. Witch.

School: Iridium High.

Family: Maria Alonso (Younger Sister). Alba Castillo (Mother). Geraldo Castillo (Father). Emma Alonso (Niece). Rosa Alonso (Niece). Francisco Alonso (Ex-Brother-In-Law). Elena Castillo (Ancestor).

Portrayed By: Shelly Bhalla

BIO: The older sister of Maria, sister-in-law of Francisco, and the daughter of Alba and Geraldo. She dislikes Francisco (blaming him for making her sister distance herself from her family because witches are forbidden to fall in love with mortals) and she dislikes Jax (who is the cause of Emma and Rosa's estranged relationship). Monica is the guardian of Rosa, and she has a close relationship with her two nieces, although she can be stern whenever the two girls quarreled or if its a different problem. At first, Monica didn't want Emma and Rosa to be with Daniel and Jax for the same reasons that made her hate Francisco; Daniel is a mortal and Jax caused a rift between the two sisters. While Monica grows to accept Daniel, she still distrusts Jax and she still hates Francisco, but she eventually made peace with Jax. This is demonstrated when she slapped Lily in her face for being pleased about the breakup cause the Witches' Council would take away Emma's powers if she didn't, and she even slapped Francisco for being happy about the breakup, but she was happy that Rosa dated Daniel to make Francisco unhappy. The color of her powers is fuchsia. She tells her nieces how their parents first met; when Francisco attended Iridium in 1988, while Maria and Monica attended the WITS Academy that same year. By mistake, Maria left her scarf at the school library and Francisco first met her when he returned it to her. Her parents rejected their relationship because he was mortal, which caused Maria to distance herself from her family. There were times when Monica and her parents got to visit their nieces when they were children, but right after Maria had died, Monica and her parents had stopped visiting Emma and Rosa until they reached their teenage years. Monica and Maria were close friends with Lily and Desdemona back when they were teenagers.


Nicknames: Ollie (by everyone). Mr. Smith (by Francisco). Meta-Boy (by Ursula). Mr. Failure (by Maddie).

Birthdate: 1999

Resides In: Miami, Florida

Occupation: Student. The Sharks. Inventor. Meta-Human.

School: Iridium High.

Family: Mrs. Smith (Mother).

Romance: Emma Alonso (Former Crush). Cassie Van Pelt (Girlfriend).

Portrayed By: Froy Gutierrez

BIO: Oliver is a glasses-wearing, highly intelligent student and inventor of Iridium High. He's attracted to Emma, but is jealous of her attraction to Daniel. He dislikes Tony because he likes Emma, which brings hilarious arguments between them. Eventually, he became Rosa and Cassie's friend. Oliver attempts to impress Emma with his inventions or by joining the swim team. An amazing inventor, he can craft new tools or gadgets using common household items. He uses his intelligence to create different kinds of inventions. He's socially awkward and his bossy nature often rubs his classmates and adults the wrong way. In Season 4, Oliver succeeded in building a time machine called the Bandit of Time, which gave Emma and Rosa a chance to go back in time to see how their parents first met, but Rosa had to prevent Emma from stopping their mother's death. In Season 2, Oliver begins to develop strange powers; electrical abilities due to an invention Rosa and Cassie helped him create. He becomes Daniel's friend during his state of transformation, and the boyfriend to Cassie after learning she had a crush on all this time.


Nicknames: Grandma (by Maddie & Cassie). Monster-In-Law (by Ursula).

Resides In: Miami, Florida

Occupation: Grandmother. Guardian. Witch.

Family: Victor Van Pelt (Son, Deceased). Maddie Van Pelt (Granddaughter). Cassie Van Pelt (Granddaughter). Mortimer Van Pelt (Husband). Ursula Van Pelt (Ex-Daughter-In-Law). Minerva Van Pelt (Ancestor). Philip Van Pelt (Adoptive Grandson, formerly).

Romance: Mortimer Van Pelt (Husband).

Portrayed By: Christina Pickles

BIO: The grandmother of Maddie and Cassie, the mother of Victor, the mother-in-law of Ursula, and the wife of Mortimer. Upon learning the girls have discovered their powers, Lydia dropped by to reveal the truth and begin her guardianship. Lydia is Cassie's guardian and they have a close bond. Just like Monica loathes Francisco, Lydia dislikes Ursula and blames her for Victor's death. She often throws hilarious or sarcastic insults toward Ursula. She helped Cassie control her powers in order to steal Emma's powers as the Chosen One during the next eclipse, even using Cassie's friendship with Rosa to get to Emma, but Cassie wanted nothing to do with her plan because she likes Emma and Rosa. At first, she didn't want her two granddaughters to date a kanay and a meta-human, but she eventually grew to accept them. The color of her powers are jade green.


Nicknames: Mom (by Andi). Lolo (by Ursula and Francisco). Mrs. Cruz (by everyone).

Resides In: Miami, Florida

Occupation: Secretary. Mother.

Family: Andi Cruz (Daughter). Mr. Cruz (Ex-Husband).

Portrayed By: Paula Christensen & Artie O'Daly (Mr. Cruz).

BIO: Lolo is the mother of Andrea 'Andi' Cruz. She became friends with Francisco since their daughters are friends, and she doesn't like Monica fighting with him. She's a close friend to Christine and Rick because Daniel and Andi are childhood friends. Lolo always wishes Andi would act more like a girl instead of a tomboy and she doesn't like her daughter involved in sports, such as swimming. But when Andi was put under a spell by Maddie to act like a panther, Lolo was pleased her daughter began acting like a girl until Andi behaved rudely and said nasty things towards her and Emma, to which Lolo realized Andi is better off being the tomboy she misses. When Emma broke the spell, Lolo punished Andi for her bad behavior and began supporting her daughter in sports. She doesn't like Andi's zombie boyfriend Philip nor does she like Lydia's rude behavior towards Ursula. She works as a secretary for the Van Pelts but is unaware of their secret, until Season 4, Lolo prohibited Andi from seeing Emma after learning she and Ursula are witches because the Sanchezes exposed them and she resigned as secretary. But she has a change of heart when Andi risks her life to protect Emma from Liana and also realized the Sanchezes lied to her about the witches when their true colors is revealed by threatening to hurt her daughter when she defends Emma.


Nicknames: Sibley (by Mia & Priscilla). Kanay (by others).

Resides In: Everglades (Currently). Vero Beach, Florida (Formerly). Miami, Florida (Formerly).

Occupation: Kanay. Student.

Romance: Mia Black (Girlfriend/In Love With). Emma Alonso (Ex-Girlfriend/Enemy).

Portrayed By: JT Neal

BIO: A British rebel churi-kanay who's been Mia's best friend since she released him from his imprisonment inside a ring that Principal Torres trapped him in for centuries. He despises witches and assists Mia in taking down the Chosen One, Emma. While Mia gets her hands on Daniel, Sibilio charms Emma on pretense he likes her but only to cause more problems for her. In reality, Sibilio is in love with Mia and cares very much for her, willing to do anything to support or protect her. He despises Daniel, viewing him as an obstacles for Mia's love. When Emma started falling in love with him, Sibilio couldn't take it anymore and harshly rejected her so he could confess to Mia, while boasting to Emma his true goals. Sibilio punched Daniel in the face when caught kissing Mia and told him the truth about their plan to take down the Chosen One, although Daniel later thanked Sibilio for hitting him because it made him open his eyes. In Season 4, when Sibilio and Mia and Priscilla were taken away by Athena and Alba, Sibilio gets abducted by a family of witch hunters from the Everglades. Now Sibilio needs rescuing from the ones he had hurt. Like Mia, Sibilio turns on Priscilla once he sees how cruel she is toward Mia and stops her from harming Emma and the gang, but in process they lose their powers. After the Sanchezes were arrested, Sibilio assisted Mia in taking care of the Everglades zoo and to start a new life together and to try living a life without using their powers.


Nicknames: Mom (by Mia). Aunt Prissy (by Sibilio). Mrs. Black (by adults). Black Widow Spider (by Oliver).

Resides In: Vero Beach, Florida (Formerly). Miami, Florida (Formerly). Limbo (Currently).

Occupation: Mother. Guardian. Kanay.

Family: Mia Black (Daughter). Ignatius Black (Husband, Deceased).

Portrayed By: Audrey Moore

BIO: The mother of Mia. She hates witches and is determined to destroy all of them to avenge her husband, which drives her into madness. Priscilla disapproves of Mia's love for Daniel because she despise mortals not to mention kanays are forbidden to fall in love with mortals, which often leads to her punishing Mia. She even shares a mutual dislike with Rick against their kids dating because she believes Daniel (and Katie) is distracting Mia from their mission and Rick is aware of Mia's bad influence on Daniel thanks to Cassie. When she learns Diego is a kanay and is dating Maddie, Priscilla plots to make separate Maddie and Diego, as well as forcing Diego and his family to be a part of her tribe. When she learned that Emma and Daniel are falling in love with Mia and Sibilio, Priscilla purposely got Mia and Sibilio expelled from Iridium by exposing their devious tricks so they could focus on their goal, to keep the mortals away from them, and to teach Mia a lesson about disobedience. All she cares about is getting revenge on witches to avenge her husband and she no longer cares about her daughter's needs anymore. She wishes Mia will someday make Sibilio her boyfriend because she's aware of Sibilio's love for her. Once Mia and Sibilio began reforming in Season 4, Priscilla blames Emma and the gang for Sibilio and Mia's betrayal to their tribe and she vows revenge. This is demonstrated when she invaded and attacked the Alonso family during Francisco's birthday which he planned to redo after last time. She nearly destroyed all the witches and the mortals in the climax, but Mia and Sibilio put a stop to her plot, losing their powers in the process, and sends her cruel mother to limbo.


Nicknames: Grandma Alba (by Emma & Rosa). Mom (by Monica). Mrs. Castillo (by everyone).

Resides In: Magic Realm (Formerly). Miami, Florida (Currently).

Occupation: Athena's Advisor. Grandmother. Witch.

Family: Emma Alonso (Granddaughter). Rosa Alonso (Granddaughter). Maria Alonso (Daughter). Monica Castillo (Daughter). Francisco (Ex-Son-In-Law). Geraldo Castillo (Husband). Elena Castillo (Ancestor).

Romance: Geraldo Castillo (Husband).

Portrayed By: Sonia Braga

BIO: The mother of Maria and Monica, the mother-in-law of Francisco, and the grandmother of Emma and Rosa. Alba is a secret agent looking for the Queen until after she found her became her advisor. She hates Francisco because she wanted her daughter to be with a warlock and not a mortal, the same reason she repudiates Emma and Daniel's love and she repudiates Rosa and Jax's love because of his bad influence over her granddaughters. When Maria had died, she blamed her death on Francisco. Very serious, although she can be very funny. She has an elegant style to act and dress, almost like from another century. The Witches' Council fear and respect Alba, and she's ruthless in fights against wicked witches and evil kanays, or against witches and wizards that are nasty. The color of her powers are magenta. Alba often communicates with Monica to check on her granddaughters. In Season 4, she plays a major role in assisting the fight against Liana, Priscilla and Principal Torres, and telling Francisco the truth about witches when Emma, Rosa and Monica confess to him after Rosa was becoming fed up with him.


Nicknames: Witch-Hunters (by Athena). Kanay-Kidnappers (by Mia).

Birthdates: Brad born on 1998. Lara born on 1999.

Resides In: Everglades, Florida.

Occupation: Zoo keepers.

Family: Mr. Sanchez (Paternal Grandfather). Mrs. Sanchez (Paternal Grandmother). Bruno Sanchez (Father). Sara Sanchez (Mother). Brad Sanchez (Son). Lara Sanchez (Daughter).

Romance: Mr. & Mrs. Sanchez (Husband & Wife). Bruno Sanchez & Sara Sanchez (Husband & Wife). Brad & Lara are constant flirts to any boy or girl.

Portrayed By: Eduardo Ibarrola. Vivian Gomez. Ramiro Fumazoni. Kari Coleman. Ty Wood. Lilimar Hernandez.

BIO: The Sanchez Family lived and worked in the Everglades since Brad and Lara were born. It's their family business. Mr. and Mrs. Sanchez are the grumpy owners of the zoo. Bruno is the strict co-owner of the zoo and doesn't like Lara around boys. Sara and her kids work with the animals or drive the boat for tours or animal rescues. But its not entirely their family business. They're secretly a cult of witch-hunters, as well as kanay-hunters. Having come from a long line of exterminating witches or kanays, this family is very misguided, convinced all witches and kanays are completely evil and corrupt and planning a hostile takeover. They make it their mission to wipe out witches and kanays from the earth. They believe humans involved with either witches or kanays are either betraying their kind or manipulated so they attempt to save them from the so-called evil beings, such as exposing the secrecy of witches to Daniel's parents and Andi's mother so they can destroy them, and make them believe Daniel, Andi, or any of the human kids were abused victims of witchcraft. In the end at Season 4, the entire family is arrested by the police, who disbelieve their claims of witches and kanays as insane, and their entire zoo is left in the care of Mia and Sibilio.


Nicknames: Mr. Stevens (by everyone). Mr. Superintendent (by adults). Stevey (Principal Torres).

Resides In: Miami, Florida

Occupation: Superintendent of the Schools in Florida

Family/Romance: Mrs. Stevens (Wife).

Portrayed By: Dan Zukovic

BIO: The superintendent of Iridium High and other schools. Stevens dislikes the T3 and the H2O for their pranks, believing someone could get hurt by their pranks, and had them punished after Rosa and Cassie worked together to expose them in Season 4. He has zero tolerance for verbal abuse, hence he forced Francisco and Mrs. Jones to apologize to Daniel; right after Emma, Rosa, Monica and Alba finally tell Francisco the truth about witches and after Oliver defended Daniel from Mrs. Jones. In Season 2, Stevens agreed to help Monica keep Jax apart from her nieces, once she told him of his bad influence on her nieces. Stevens was tricked by Rosa when she framed Emma for stealing a pair of new shoes, but after Rosa was forced to admit her stealing, Stevens suspended her while he openly blames Jax, Emma and Francisco for her actions. In Season 3, Priscilla got Stevens to expel Mia and Sibilio on purpose by exposing their tricks and Stevens voiced his disappointment in both of them. In Season 4, Stevens was surprised to see Principal Torres had returned and demanding her job back. He almost gave her job back when he accused Francisco of calling animal control twice as prank calls or due to an overactive imagination and was becoming fed up with him, but after Monica and Lydia showed him how cruel and mean Principal Torres was toward the students, Stevens fired her and reluctantly allowed Francisco to stay as principal.


Nicknames: Her Majesty/Your Majesty (by everyone). Your Grace (by everyone). Your Highness/Her Highness (by everyone). Queenie (by Principal Torres).

Resides In: Magic Realm

Occupation: Queen. Ruler of the Magic Realm. Witch.

Portrayed By: Samantha Jacks

BIO: Beautiful and wise, Athena is the long lost ruler of the Magic Realm. Once trapped in eternal slumber by Principal Torres, she was rescued by Rosa and Alba, and resumes her role as leader at once. In gratitude, she made Alba her advisor and gave her blessing to Rosa's idea to tell her dad about the Magic Realm. She is compassionate and benevolent, but she can be firm and protective. She dislikes violence, quarrels and the Council doing things behind her back. This is why the Witch's Council was disbanded because Athena fired them, but she fairly gave Agamemnon the job of headmaster at the WIT's Academy and allowed Desdemona to be Emma's guardian. She has a magic mirror that shows events past, present, and the future. The color of her powers is crystal white.

Wild Kratts (Title Coming Soon)

Kristy and Kathy - Two girls who happen to be the nieces of the Kratt Brothers and the daughters of their sisters Christine and Susan. The girls idolized their uncles since they were kids and since Kratts' Creatures when they were toddlers. Kristy's favorite animals are lemurs because of Zoboomafoo and Kathy's favorite animals are wild dogs because they have a pet dog, and they became Animal Helpers. They became tweens leading up to her teen years around Be the Creature. They became junior members of the Wild Kratts team at the age of eighteen or a few years younger or older. The Kratt Brothers behave as second father figures to them. Martin is the fun uncle to his nieces, allowing them to accompany the gang on their creature adventures. Chris is more concerned for his nieces, being very protective them whenever they tag along on their creature adventures. The girls also take after their uncles personalities; Kathy is humorous like Martin while Kristy is more serious like Chris.

Isabella 'Izzy' - The granddaughter of Zoboomafoo, a young lemur who becomes the Wild Kratts' mascot. She's as curious as her late grandfather about creatures and the world around them. She often sticks around with Kristy and Kathy or the Kratt Brothers on their adventures. Her close friend is Tark, a Labrador whose named after Ttark, the animated dinosaur from Kratts' Creatures.

Luke - The new mechanic of the team. He has short black hair in a flip and wears a light red t-shirt with a black jacket. Charismatic and snarky, he provides comic relief while making jokes. Despite his impulsiveness and teasing the Kratts sometimes, Luke is shown to have a crush on Aviva and often sides with her when arguing with the Kratt Brothers, or when he gets very concerned when she's in trouble. He does show a serious side when a creature or one of his teammates is in danger.

Victor Hunter - A childhood bully of Chris and Martin. His father poached or hunted animals, illegally, for a living, so he follows in his father's footsteps. Frankie is even worse than the villains the Wild Kratts deal with, such as threatening to harm or kill the creatures or people close to the Kratt Brothers. He is the leader of a group of thugs who assist him in poaching or hunting animals.

Evelyn Olsen - A new villain, a scientist who experiments on animals for selfish reasons. Some of them happen to be her henchmen; men/women transformed into hybrid animal monsters. Beautiful and seductive, she manipulates people to put their trust in her, using this to cause a rift in the Wild Kratts and later frame them for the crimes she committed. She is in a romantic relationship with Victor.

Disney Story Coming Soon: A series of adventures of a fourteen year old girl, who lives in a sheltered life with her two sisters and her overprotective father ever since the tragic death of her mother. But her life changes when she inherits a keyblade and strange powers, and after learning to control them with help from two aunts; Erika, the kind-hearted younger sister of her late mother, and Jacinda, the estranged malicious younger sister of her father. One night, a storm tears apart her homeworld and she is spirited away to another world, where she learns of her mother's past and Jacinda's dark secret, meets strange yet wonderful characters, and foil a sorcerer king's diabolical schemes. Most of these adventures I based off from Kingdom Hearts with that travel from one Disney World to the next idea but with minor differences, and some of her own adventures involve in her homeworld. Some other characters or adventures I plan to use or base off are from Valentino's books, Kingdom Hearts, Kingdom Keepers and Kilala Princess.

The Chronicles of Hotel Transylvania (rewritten): Just to give everyone a warning, again I'll change Hotel Transylvania 1 and 2 due to the upcoming Hotel Transylvania 3, where Ericka Van Helsing is going to be Dracula's love interest. Even though fans believe she will be the antagonist, I think she will reform and fall for Dracula. I have decided to use Elisa as the name for my OC and as for Ericka if she becomes good I'll ship her with an OC. The entire story will be separated into two stories.

Anyway, here is another Hotel Transylvania story I plan to write.

How To Zing (reintroduced): The original story was somehow deleted or erased on this website. I don't know why it vanished but I really liked it. So I thought about rewriting what I remember of the story and bringing it back. The only difference in there is it will be longer than the original, just to make the blooming romance between Dracula and Martha develop more instead of rushing into it, including the backstory of Dracula himself based on Bram Stoker's Dracula and to how Dracula first met his friends Frankenstein and his bride, the werewolf couple, the mummy and the invisible man, but also we're including Dracula's arch nemesis Abraham Van Helsing.

Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

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