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I know how interested you all are in me, so go ahead on and read the following... -_-

S'up my fellow FanFiction lovin' homies! I'm Night Lion, but you can call me Moonlight and/or Britt. :D I'm 15 years of age (birth date is; December 10th [1998]), and I'm in love with anime/manga and One Direction (God, I am so damn intresting). Yepper-doodle doo! I also love drawing as much as writing, so check out my DeviantART account! (I don't get on there anymore, though, so there's nothing recent that I've drawn. D:)

I like to write mostly fanfiction, but I also have written several poems (which can be found on Movellas). None of them really... rhyme, though, so... ; My dream job - or, JOBS, rather - would definitely be; A writer. A manga-ka. :3 An artist. And an animator (I've always wanted to create video games and animated films). Only problems are (1) I don't have any motivation XD, and (2) I suck at coming up with ideas. XD

I'm learning a couple songs on the piano (mostly Over Again by One Dee)... You care. And when I DRAW I DRAW: ANYTHING. Anime-style people; Animals; Realistic humans; Draaggoons/Mythical creatures; Poop; Fan art of any kind! I draw anything I feel like (certainly doesn't mean it'll turn out... b/c... most of the time... it doesn't. ;).

My favorite animes are: Fullmetal Alchemist/FMA Brotherhood; D. Gray-Man; My-HiME; Anglic Layer; Fruits Baskets; Ouran High School Host Club; and *SO* many more!!

My favorite mangas are: FMA; My-Otome/Arashi; Girl Got Game; Legal Drug; Fushigi Yuugi; Confidental Confessions; and a sheet load more that I can't think of at the moment. Fo' realz; a *sheet* load. *facepalm*

My favorite 1D member is Loueh The Tommo Tomlinson! He's meh future lovah! XD I ship: Larry, Zouis, Niam, Nouis and LiLo. I don't think it's possable to love the lads anymore than I already do - I'm dying to meet them and go to their concert! ...One of these days... (Top two most favorite songs from; Up All Night: Same Mistakes, Stole My Heart. Take Me Home: Over Again, I Would. But I have countless more! :DDD)

I don't really have a lot of favorites when it comes to musicians, but here's a few whom I love almost every song I hear: One Direction (OF COURSE!... Mostly b/c I love *them* XD); t.A.T.u; Maroon 5; Ed Sheeran; and Justin Timberlake. :) I usually only like a few songs from every artist I happen to hear... I don't *usually* look people up to hear other songs that aren't played on the radio (because you obviously give a damn). /:\ (

AND ERMIGAWD, MY FAVE BOOKIES ARRRE: The Hunger Games trilogy; Sherlock Holmes (The Sign of Four, The Adventures of); Facing the Lion; Frozen Fire; Unwind.

I love the television so don't ask for favorites other than animes (b/c I knew you would! The sarcasms' getting old...) but movies are amazing and I have so many faves regarding 'em!! (BY THE WAY - I'LL WATCH ANYTHING WITH ROBERT DOWNEY, JR. IN IT. :D) I perfer cartoons over live-action (TV show-wise) but there are several "dramas", sitcoms, and "reality" shows I like...! (I *love* BBC's Sherlock. O.o) Such as (I'm telling you my favorites anyways... What the hell is wrong with me... I need to do school...); Under Da Dome. AGT. The X-Factor (where 1D was born, babeh!). Touch. Doctor Who? XDDD -_-. Elementy. Grimm (though I'm not allowed to watch it anymore... :'(). Everybody Loves Raymond. The King of Queens. How I Met Your Mother.

As for cartoooooons: (1999-2004) Spongebob Squarepants; Invader ZIM (Imma haz Gir bracelet! :D); Avatar: The Last Airbender; The Legend of Korra; Fairly Odd Parents (before Poof -_- Goddamn that Poof...); (older) Family Guy; (older, too) The Simpsons. Bob's Burgers is funneh... Although the latter three are more... "adult" cartoons (though I watched Family Guy when I was 5 XDD).

I as well love video games... I used to play them none stop when I was younger, but recently (like... for two/three years XD) I hadn't played them very much at all... But, just picked up a controller several days ago and I'm hooked. XD

Favorite games: Spyro (The Legend of Spyro(s)); Star Fox Adventures; Sonic the Hedgehog (Heroes and Unleashed), Batman (Arkham Asylum). Limbo's sweet. ;3 I have an affinity for Spongebob Squarepants video games (those are seriously great! XD). Halo (3 and Reach), OddWorld (Munch's Oddysee). And as for PC games I enjoy the Nancy Drew series, The Sims, Zoo Tycoon, and a couple of the Sherlock Holmes games by Frogwares. XDD (I'm such a nerd.)


You should see a lot of one-shot yaoi (1D and anime - More likely 1D than anime ;) from me and, at the moment, a multi-chapter Larry Stylinson fic. I hope you enjoy my writings enough to add me to your Favorites and Follow me!! Thanks!



17 - Larry Stylinson/One Direction. Rating: T-MA (WIP)

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Burnin' Love - Nouis Horanson. Rating: MA

Loved You From The Start - Niam Horayne. Rating: MA

Escape - Mild 1D bromance/Louis. Rating: T

Blood Of a Rose - Mild Larry/One Direction. Rating: M

What A Way To Relax - Larry Stylinson. Rating: MA


Kodokuna Tamashi - D. Gray-Man. Rating: Pending

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