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Author has written 2 stories for Harry Potter, and Twilight.

Hi, I'm Kyuzzang! I've been super inactive lately and I'm totally sorry to anyone who reads my stories (oh god, if there even is anyone), but I'm currently attempting to get everything straight and in order and onto ao3!


Hogwarts And The Seven Mysteries

Supernatural/Mystery, Harry/OMC


When Harry accepts the proffered DADA position at Hogwarts, he's unaware that the position holds more dangers than the obvious threat of the looming one-year curse. Harry's not even sure he'll be able to make it a whole year with such a dark entity so interested in his movements. Heck, he's not sure he'll even make it a month. As it stands, he's pretty ready to give up on the second day and just resign before the bloody curse can snatch the rug out from under him. How is Harry going to be able to cope with sniveling first years, incompetent third years, narcissistic seventh years and a demon with it's sights set on him?

If the eventual broken tables, partially destroyed towers and one very miffed giant octopus are any indication, however, then the answer is not very well at all.

Of Midnight, Monster And Melancholy

Horror, Drarry


Harry had known it was a fucking bad idea the moment he'd stepped one foot into the forest and a moth had rebounded from his forehead and into the tree beside him. Neville had said that he was just overreacting and they'd continued deeper into the dark forest, searching for some sort of root or weed that was required for some stupid potion. Neville was too frightened to do it on his own and Harry was too awkward to say no.

He'd only been working at Hogwarts as the DADA professor for a half a year, too. He'd come into the job with the intention of staying as a permanent staff member, as well. Now that the war was over, the DADA curse was supposed to have been lifted, right?

The forest seems to hold other ideas and Harry is going to have to fight with all his might to break the fabled DADA curse for the forest is regarded as Dark for many reasons. Maybe those ghost stories he heard in first year were true after all.

Whispering Leaves Drive

Drarry, Hurt/Comfort


Whispering Leaves Drive was a rehabilitation centre for the injured and addicted; a grief management centre for the damaged and broken. Harry’s been there for six months when Draco shows up, skinny and pale and haunted and damaged in ways he had never imagined.

Harry and Draco are put into the same grief management class.

Draco discovers that Harry is more than just the over-indulged golden boy he’d thought he was all those years.

Harry discovers that Draco isn’t as tough and stony and repellent of any kind of human connection as he’d believed.

Together they recover, healing each other’s emotional wounds one word at a time. And maybe, in their recovery, they discover things about one another that no one else ever has.

For instance, Draco likes the smell of lilac in the morning and the feel of expensive caviar against his tongue.

And Harry likes the comforting reassurance of a warm body lying beside him in bed when he wakes up from nightmares that seem unfaltering in their consistency.

The Stain On This White Carpet (Won't Come Out)

Comedy, Romance, Drarry


When Miranda Relezvous, a seventh year Ravenclaw (“Who knew?” George had said, bouncing slightly, “The smart ones’ll go for it too!”) becomes pregnant, the staff at Hogwarts decide to introduce a new compulsory class for the sixth years called Responsible Body Management.

The rules of the class are simple: a month with a magical fake-baby that makes crying noises and requires feeding and holding and care by the two people assigned to be its “parents”. The catch is that there has to be an even distribution of time spent with the fake baby between the two partners. The parent with the least amount of time spent with the fake-baby will fail the class.

A fail results in a four hour makeup-class on a Saturday with Dumbledore about the necessity of safe-sex application.

Basically, the story in which everyone hates their partners (except maybe they all really don’t) and nobody gets any decent sleep for a month.

Also the story in which Snape resents not only the screaming contraptions being carried around, but the bickering students carrying them and the sudden necessity for contraceptive potions (and Snape loathes doing extra work purely so that the students can procreate without consequences).

But mostly it’s the story in which Malfoy and Potter become Harry and Draco and maybe even a little more than that (and maybe even decent parents of the fake-baby that will henceforth be named mistake and more commonly that damned thing that won’t shut up and on rare occasions our baby).


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