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HI!Eva Cormac here... Wait a second... do I know you?

Well, let me tell you, I already love YOU. Yes you.

Unless you haven't read my stories. Then your just a creeper.

If you are a creeper, YOU HAVE CREEPED TO NO AVAIL!!! There is NOTHING for you here, so LEAVE! GET OUT! NOW!!!!


Percy Jackson series, Kane Chronicles, anything by Rick Riordan, really.

MAXIMUM RIDE!!!! (Anything by James Patterson :P)


Gideon Trilogy

Mortal Instruments Series

The Books of Ember

The Underland Chronicles

Ranger's Apprentice

Hunger Games Trilogy

Keys to the Kingdom Series

Kingdom Keepers

The Cronus Chronicles


Trylle Trilogy

Daniel X

Gone series


I Am Number Four

Relic Master

woahhh... what a mouthful!



Twilight Zone


My Babysitter's a Vampire (hot canadians... let's just say I think they make up for Justin Bieber)

Nine Lives of Chloe King

ohhh, and it's not a show, or a movie but... AVPM and AVPS are freaking GENIUS!!! I even forgive Darren Criss for being on Glee. He is just that awesome. and to all you haters... IT'S MALFOY'S FAULT! THAT LITTLE S*!!! :D thanks, Hermoingo-boingo... UMBRIDGE LOVES HER CHIRRENS ENOUGH TO KILL DEM! Pigfarts...RUMBLEROAR! DADDY, YOU CAME TO LOVE ME!!!!! :p

Proud Supporter of...






Sarah& Ethan


Nobody judge me... but I like Merlin&Arthur pairing :) awesome slash couple!


Merlin&Freya... she will be back!

Cerys&Will (relic master- not too popular of a book)

Sam&Astrid... actually, scratch that. I am now beginning to hate Astrid with every fiber of my being.



KALE! yes, Kale, Katniss and Gale... deal with it.

HATE these couples...



Brian&Chloe... that's right Brian, leave. You can't even kiss her, you BUTT-TRUMPET! let alek have her :D

Katniss&Peeta. HA!! You two don't even get a cool nicknamee HA! >:D

If you disagree with me, feel free to send me spiteful, hateful, evil PMs. I will happily reply saying thank you for your kind words and laugh as your face twists at strange angles, confused out of your mind.

Love, Eva Cormac

~Run from society, and when society catches up with you, sucker punch it in the face.

If society hits back, beat it with a stick.

~Nothing is worth hurting yourself over. NOTHING is worth killing yourself over!!!

Look at me, with my pretty bracelet and tiara, I'm a fucking princess!

This shit iss easy peasy, pumpkin peasy, pumpkin pie MOTHERFUCKERS!

Heroes are just ordinary people that do extraordinary things.



--Farnk Iero

MCRmy unite!!!!!!!

Killjoy name: MorningMotivation


We have a very homo class:

Teacher talking to class, pointing out all the guys* Homo, homo with glasses, sweet homo, homo with a broken arm, annoying homo, late homo... YOU ARE ALL HOMOS!

Watching MERLIN:

GWEN (On tv): He's getting hotter!


I like fruit:

Mangos ;P

Waterpark time:

Jiggle boy, rainbow shorts, blondie, jacob gorgeous, hippie band, pinky, speedo man, PDA swimsuit picker, and last but certainly not least... NOEL CONCRISS!!!!!!



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