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Well hey guys I'm C00K53Y. Sorry for the crazy name but that's just me. I suppose I should tell you about myself. I'm 17 and live in the UK. For as long as I remember I have loved video games and reading and writing fiction. So this is why I think fan fiction is brilliant. I did used to write on forums but this is where I really have taken off again. I've actually been writing for over a year now. Woooh. Milestones. However, I'm on my exams so I won't be posting anything special. With a large five (what was 3) part Kingdom Hearts Fanfiction going on. With a few side stories that are related. As well as this, I have a Doctor Who fanfiction beginning, and it'll be a long one. So yes, a lot of work. But I love doing this. :D And please, if you have anything to say, drop me a review. Positive or Negative, both are really helpful. One positive and one negative thing about myself, that I should say to begin with. I have a really complex and crazy imagination. It helps me come up with these complicated stories that will hopefully have you on the edge of your seat. That's the positive. The negative, I have a slight problem with grammar. I am getting better, and for now you'll notice that I improve through out my first fanfiction. In fact in the newer Doctor Who fanfiction, there should be very few if no mistakes at all. :D

Kingdom Hearts fanfiction Stuff

I have a link to my deviantart gallery, which has pictures of the key blades that I created in the fanfiction. Take a look if you want. Although im not the greatest artist. But I'm not terrible. Tell me what you think:

Also for those that may want to know what Ray looks like... Ray is my profile picture. Well what i imagined him to look like... yeah took a basic template off the internet and changed it quite a bit to get that... I'm better with a mouse than i am with a pencil but even so its not amazing. Tell me what you think if you wish. I dont know where but I'll leave that to you. Thanks.

For all those that really enjoy what I write, or are just nosy in general, I have a blog. Full of mindless ramblings, and a couple of important things to do with the fanfic. Not to great, but it's just my place to vent my feelings and thoughts... Link Below.

As well as this, for those that have been with me for a long time, my 3 part fanfiction has now turned into a five part. And now has a name. It is obviously named after the third book in the series. :) It may be a simple name, but the others have been pretty simple too, so I'll stick to that. :)

Doctor Who Fanfiction

Nothing to say right now, but give me some time, I'll be able to ramble for days. :D

Oh wait I have one thing. I will eventually make a book cover for it so that it stands out. :D As right now it looks like my Kh one too much. :L I'll get right on that.

Order Of What I have Written:

Main Kingdom Hearts Fanfiction - Endless War [I have recently changed this from a originally planned T rating to M. Mainly because of the violence that is often in my writing. And after reading the terms again, I can't put that in a T. I hope I do not lose readers because of this. As the only reason is the violence. Nothing else. ]

- Kingdom Hearts: The Lost Keys

- Kingdom Hearts: Point of War

- Kingdom Hearts: Endless War

- Kingdom Hearts: [To be named and written]

- Kingdom Hearts: [A fifth part to be written and named. This will most probably be mostly fluff, as it'll close down the series and answer any question that will be left unanswered]

Side Projects (Kingdom Hearts)

- The Heart of a SOLDIER. Does tie in with the main fic, but not entirely important.

Doctor Who Fanfiction

- Of Savagery and Insanity. [The first 'series' I will write, of many hopefully. It depends on how it is recieved :D ]

Also, I'm always looking for more to write, and one day may think of doing a joint project. I've been inspired by two friends to this. It would be a great laugh. :) So drop me a message if your interested, or if you have any ideas. Thanks Again. And once again, I hope you enjoy anything I write. :)


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