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Hi everyone and welcome to my account. To start off I'll tell you somethings about me.

Name:(You don't need to know that.)

Eye Color: Blue

Hair Color: Brown

Gender: Female

Personality: I'm very serious, energetic, creative and sporty. I try to mind my own business and not get into any drama.

Favorite Things: Pokemon (that includes anime and manga.), manga/anime, (such as RosarioVampire, Ouran High School Host Club, and fruit basket.) degrassi, running, sleeping (what I'm a morning person.), The Lord of the Rings, going outside, scary or comedy movies, making up things, and the color blue.

My Stories I'm Doing:

-The Girl with Fire: This story is about a young girl named Astrid who gets dropped into Middle-Earth and goes on a journey with the fellowship. On the way, she will face many challenges and secrets that reveal who she is, what she is, and her purpose in Middle-Earth.

Astrid has to be my favorite OC I made so far. I made her personality like her ability, dangerous and also peaceful. The idea of this story came to me when I watched the Lord of the Rings series and imagined her in the movie.

Oc Characters:

-Astrid Firehart/The Girl with Fire: A young woman who's spent most of her life in a prison because of her ability to manipulate fire and create her own body heat. She is strong and hard core who doesn't like it when people read her emotions like a book. She's the daughter of Firehart, a well-known demigod to the people of Middle-Earth, and holds Vamora, a dark god, magic inside her like a host. She's swift with a bow and can shoot arrows better than anyone else. Her eyes are the color of amber and her hair is long and dark. Her hair is normally seen in a braid. (Actress-Malese Jow)

-Bella/The Little Lily: A six year old girl who is Astrid's life. She has the ability to read and control minds and is intelligent for a girl her age. She's young and pure with a huge heart and thinks of Astrid as her only home. She has platinum blonde hair and blue eyes. (Actress-Kaitlyn Maher)


(I'll post some in the near future)

Fiction Songs in The Girl with Fire:

A Lily's Lullaby

I know a place, with real blue skies.

And the birds will sing to you,

As they start to fly.

Here we are safe, no one will hurt you.

Here we are equal,

And we always stay true.

Don't you shed one tear.

I will be right here.

I'll wrap you in my arms.

Protecting you from harm.

Shadows will begin to fade.

Our torture is far away.

Close your eyes and dream.

Sleep in the meadow next to me.

Here the grass is soft and clean.

Here we watch the growing trees.

Here the winds whisper in our ears.

Here the water is a mirror so clear.

Don't you shed one tear.

I will be right here.

I'll wrap you in my arms.

Protecting you from harm.

Here we watch the stars at night.

Here we are angels with hearts so bright.

Here is a place so great and new.

Here is a place when our dreams come true.

Don't you shed one tear.

I will be right here.

I'll wrap you in my arms.

Protecting you from harm.

Here your ears will hear the truth.

Here you'll sleep,

As I whisper, I love you.

Follow me on deviantart, I do a lot of artwork there. Same username btw.

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