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Name: Dracalas

Gender: Male

Age: Dont feel like telling you

Hobbies: Watching Anime, Writing, Games and other stuff

Anime: Naruto, Bleach, Full Metal Alcemist, Gundam and many more

Favorite Pairings: NarutoXOC, NarutoXFem Kyuubi, NarutoXYugito and others.

Pairings I Dislike: NarutoXHinata, NarutoXSakura, NarutoXIno, practicaly most people from the leaf village, but there are some who are cool. I dont hate yaoi, but I do not seek it out.

It would be very appreciated if someone could please help me find a english-Japanese Translator so that I can translate Jutsu and skill sets I made up, so I may put them In my fanfic's.

Favorite Naruto Characters






Fourth Hokage Minato


Disliked Naruto characters:

Nearly everyone from the leaf village



Canon Sasuke

OC profile (Who has shown up in crimson lightning and in any of my other fics)

Name: Raiden

Age: Unknown

Back Ground: Raiden was an orphan from a different continent and had traveled to the elemental countries. he noticed that alot of there shinobi were quite weak as in the continent he lived in there shinobi were more powerful.

Raiden was known to have created the most powerful technique in the world, even rivaling the flying thunder god, as Raiden could turn into lightning itself and was practically unstoppable when he used the technique. It was named Lightning force. There were people who could defeat it, such as Yondaime Hokage, Madara and others.

Name: Titus

Age: Unknown

Back Ground: Titus was a person who had trained in the arts of chakra and found out tht he had a chakra which could rival Tailed Beasts. Soon he became something close to an unstoppable monster when power started to get to his head.

It took the Rikudo sennin with the Jyuubi sealed inside of him, along with both of his sons and an army of seal experts trained by the Rikudo to seal him away. Titus's power is said to rival the Jyuubi's chakra.

Updates: Crimson lightning is on pause, as I am figuring out some more things for the dragon tournament (Mentioned in chapter 5) but I should have a chapter out in maybe three days maybe four but I will put one out: 5/08/11

Crimson lightning will be on hold for a bit since I have been caved in with work, but I will try to get in a chapter: 17/08/11

I am bringing in a new fanfic, I am also typing up another chapter of Naruto of the Akuma Clan, but I lost all of the OC profiles for Crimson lightning so I will have to type them all up once again: 20/08/11

I am very sorry for not bringing up a chapter of Naruto the Crimson Lightning but I am working on it, it will be about 5000 words for the next chapter and I will soon bring a new Naruto fanfic: 8/09/11

I am contemplating on making a bleach fanfic, since I am quite a big fan of the series and manga, please tell me what you think of this?: 12/09/11

I have been feeling burnt out lately, so I am taking a break from fanfiction. I need to catch on sleep, since I am writing this at 5 in the morning: 11/10/11

Rant Area:

Reason Why I do not like Hinata:

I am going to tell you the reasons why I do not like Hinata (These are my opinions on Hinata, you may think different and that is your own opinion, I am only stating my own).

1. Hinata is the equivalent of a fangirl.


She stalks Naruto around most of the time and fantasizes about him.

2. Hinata has hardly ever helped Naruto, the only time I saw her help was when she battled Pain/Pein, but I think that she was the trigger to which Masashi Kishimoto used her to activate Naruto's Nine tails state.


Naruto nearly went four tails when Gaara was killed, and when he thought Sasuke was dead, meaning that he would probaly go into that mode if one of his friends was put in that position.

3. Hinata is very shy and when Naruto tries to talk to her, she usually faints or blushes and stutters, meaning that Naruto would have trouble even starting a relationship with Hinata if he ever did. People say that opposites attract but that is not necessarly true. Also if it becomes one of those fics where Hinata gets trained by Anko, wouldn't she become more mary sue.


Naruto comes back from his training trip and says hi to Hinata (Don't think that is accurate) and she faints upon seeing him.

These are some of the reasons why I do not like Hinata, this is my opinion and if someone likes the NarutoxHinata pairing then I will respect that, everyone has a different opinion.

Reasons I do not like fics where Naruto is beaten and tortured by villagers but he stills wants to protect the village:

1. I feel that if Naruto was tortured and beaten by villagers, then would he not want revenge, I know things in my fanfics can be ridiculous, but how could someone just forget the horrors that a village has done, also with the Kyuubi been sealed in Naruto, would that not fuel the hate that Naruto would feel if he was beaten all the time. Now I still read these types of fics but cannot help but think what I would do if I were put into such treatment. That is another of my opinion's, people have different but this is mine.


There is no such thing as good and evil. There is only power and ambition (Dracalas)

Only the weak do not obtain all opportunity's of power layed before them (Oni)

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