L'une Chaude
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L'une Chaude is bits and pieces of who I am. =] One of my dear friends, Karen Elaine DuLay, has taken to calling me "The Fair One" and I have made an appearance or two in her works.

L'une Chaude was the closest I could come to a translation in French of which Karen approved. =] So, there you go. My francophile-dom and lovely-lady-given nicknames have combined into one.

Yes, I am an active part in making things go wrong in my characters lives, and in those of a few of Karen's. (Sorry, Ru, my darling. ^.^)

No, I've not written anything for Fire Lily as of yet.

Yes, some day in the future I will ply my hand. ^.^

For now... Watch out for little snippets and drabbles as my mind runs away with me. In all likelihood, they will all revolve around our Fire Lily cast, but one never knows.

Please, don't hesitate to contact me! :D