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Total Revision: Profile Updates, poll closing, fanfiction rewrites/updates and new stories to be posted.

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Letter of Apology

I write this as an apology to all those who have read my stories and favor them. What I have done in the past three years, not updating and my Hostage stunt with 'Heat' was poor on my part. As a fanfic junkie I know what it's like to loose faith in the author who never updates, who forgets and neglects their fics.

For those of the you who have waited for these stories I want to make it known how much I am greatfull for your faithfulness. I know what I've done is wrong and I'm with you.

From now on I promise to only publish a story when it's done. Should I fail to follow through on my promise you are more than welcome to call me on it.

Here on out I will keep more up to date on my stories and polls, to have a better work ethic for this following.


Danny Hellcat


To my readers:

Two months have passed since the new year. In that time I have published a rewritten Heat and wrote up an apology for my past track record here. Now I need your help.

I've seen that a few are saying I'm not holding up my promise. Let me make it clear, I DID NOT say I would rewrite all of them at once. When I made this goal I only had time to write up one and I took the fic with the most reviews and rewrote. In keeping with my promise I am NOT posting any fics till they are completed. That where I need you guys. When I was in school I started writing up chapters and posting them without thought of where I wanted the story to go. Now I need help mine where the stories on the incomplete fics should go. So please send me ideas, thoughts, anything!

In the meantime I am working on other fanfictions.


Danny Hellcat


To my readers:

For any that notice the changes I've made to my fic's blurbs about Rework/ Open to Suggestions and Up for Adoption. Some of these stories I'm no longer familiar with some of the source material. Others when I started I was a 16 year kid who was jumping into the story without my thought about what the story was or the where the plot was going. So I'm hoping anyone who wants to to adopt a story all I can ask is do better than me.

Also anyone who reads The Dark Heir you may have noticed I deleted a chapter or so from it. I did that because I noticed I copied from the Harry Potter book and I don't want plagiarize it.

And in reference to my last writing here from last year about not publishing everything right away: I think I didn't hold myself to a standard. While I haven't been doing nothing for the past year I haven't published anything in the past year other than the rewrite of Heat and that was a bit rushed. I am working on other stories and have made progress on them, a new fandom caught my eye and I got into several fic ideas for the Glass Scientists (A great webcomic for those who like Jekyll and Hyde, at least what I think.) and I'm happy to say that a crossover for Star Trek 2009 and StarGate SG-1 should be done and published before the end of the month. Currently a day behind schedule for it but I should make my deadline for it.

Danny Hellcat

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