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Author has written 64 stories for Final Fantasy I-VI, X-overs, Fullmetal Alchemist, World Ends With You, Gunslinger Girl, Dissidia: Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy IX, Final Fantasy VIII, Final Fantasy XII, Rurouni Kenshin, Shall we Dance?/ダンス?, Bastion, Final Fantasy X-overs, Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift, Trigun, Final Fantasy Agito XIII, Planetes/プラネテス, Threads of Fate, Misc. Games, Final Fantasy X, Persona Series, Final Fantasy XV, Misc. Books, Princess Tutu, Secondhand Lions, and Game X-overs.

For those who are wondering:

CG is not dead, just a busy adult. Thank you for your continued support and patronage. Hope still flies.

"You were always free to choose happiness, the mistake was in thinking a choice must only be made in a moment instead of across a lifetime."

-The Chronic Guardian

I like to think that I'm not just your average fanboy. Following the above statement, I suppose I'll let my writing prove whether or not that's true. As for what I write... frankly, I'm all over the map. I don't tend to strongly associate myself with any one fandom and have a wide variety of tastes. And I do mean wide. Because I approach things from a different angle you'll probably find anything from Advent Children to Strawberry Shortcake here. What remains constant isn't the medium, it's the thought. However, the following are fandoms that I gravitate towards for more than one fic:

The World Ends With You(TWEWY): A modern day supernatural setting involving the Reapers, a mysterious organization proctoring the Game, and the Players, those chosen to play the Game. Seven days, seven missions, and innumerable monsters known as Noise stand between the Players and continued existence. The first hard part? In order to play, the thing most important to you gets taken as your entry fee. Memories, dreams, your best friend, whatever it is, it's on the line and the only way to get it back is winning. The second catch? The only choice you have is play or face erasure. These testing grounds will either groom champions, or breed death. Either way, the world ends where you let it, so push those horizons as far as they'll go.

My stories here will mostly be chaptered fics chronicling different Games and the battles won and lost therein. I'm not afraid to use OCs, but I can promise you there will always be some connection to the original cast. Think of it as the natural expansion set. After all, Neku can only play the Game so many times, right? I think it's fitting to give someone else the spotlight.

Current Fics:

Hybrid:Mixed Feelings. A story about the girl, "Hype-chan," from the secret ending of -Solo Mix-. Where did she come from? What does it mean? These are my speculations mixed into a Post-Game/TWEWY2 type story with OCs and CCs used as deemed necessary. Projected 28 chapters in length. [Ongoing]

Concept art can be found Here, on my deviantArt Page.

Hybrid:First Snow. Sort of like a follow up to Intrusion, First Snow is a fluffy little one-shot in which Amber needs some cheering up and Rueban is actually trying. [Complete]

Hush. A post-game Gift Fic for Amulet Misty, a legendary TWEWY writer in the making. Is it fluffy? Yes. Is it romantic? Yes... I think. Is it Neshiki? Most totally yes. Revel in that moment after the future goes dark, 'cause that's when the quiet candle of hope lights up to say there's still a chance. [Complete]

02-Priorities. Post-game. When life gets complicated, you've got to figure out what it is that's most important. Money? Trust? ...Amusement? While Joshua may have leaned towards the last one, his true agenda still lay true with his priorities. [Complete]

09-Intrusion. Hybrid AU/EU. No day is normal when you spice it up with a little Eiji Oji flair. [Complete]

DECK: J0KER. Deckverse AU. When one of Deck's foreign divisions goes silent, a fifth "Suit" is formed to investigate. Features characters from Hybrid, Hyoxjnn's X Days, Crow's Gamble's Choose the World you See, Bugzii's EpicJamsandwhich's Streets of Shibuya, and EeveeGen9988's A Fall into Honor. Also includes From the Underground Up exclusive characters. You've been warned. [Complete]

06-Deck J0KER Private Match: Speed. A companion story to Deck: J0KER, this piece revolves around Yutsui Koizumi and her life journey through J0KER over the years. [Complete]

09-Another Game. Kind of a joke, this story is set in the "Another Day" universe and follows the adventure of Kaori, a walk-on from Hybrid, as she searches for a way to not suck at Tin-Pin. Will joining up with Pokoni's secret Tin-Pinja group be enough to face off against Shooter and his Kindred Spirit Slammurai? Will Kaori become more than just a fan girl? And why the heck is Rueban wearing a Hawaiian shirt!? Tin-Pin, yours is a mysterious world... [Complete]

Upcoming Fics:

From the Underground Up. A prequel expansion of Hybrid about the OCs Yutsui Koizumi and Renkuko Tanaka and their roles in watching the UG change from when the current Composer ascended the throne to the day he sought its ruin. Planned events include the Composer's Ascension, The Coming of Coco and Kariya, The end of a Partnership, and Reapers' Honor. Will not commence until after Hybrid is complete.

Something Like Laughter. After years of watching everyone around her accomplish their dreams and succeed, it's time for her to fulfill the potential everyone saw, but no one told her about. A post-game almost-AU starring the character you undoubtedly see in this role. Projected to appear during From the Underground Up.

Of Airbrush Pens and Woven Hope. A crossover that was destined to be! Or atleast, that's how Joshelmeyer sees it. May never show up, but it's definitely a thought worth thinking (if you're interested in going off the deep end, that is). "Welcome to Kinkan town, you have seven days..."

Kingdom Hearts(KH): Kingdom Hearts (aka: Crossovers Done Right 101) is the controversial mash up of Square Enix and Disney, bringing the deepness of thought from the Final Fantasy series into the brightness of spirit found in the broad Disney universe. The result? One seriously confusing canon that's as much speculation as it is cold, hard facts all framed by your childhood being overrun by monsters like the Heartless, Nobodies, Unversed, and Dream Eaters. Still, it's enjoyable and thought provoking (not to mention fun) and opens the doors for all sorts of conversations. How much you let it affect you is really your choice, but if you dive through the cheesy outer layer there's enough there to ;make you wonder whether or not Final Fantasy is truly the Square flagship after all.

All my fics here tend to be oneshot snapshots of different aspects and projected canon. Really, unless you've played the games, they probably won't make sense.

Current Fics:

Search for a Hero. A possible suggestion as to what Cloud's deal is in the Kingdom Hearts universe. Could be followed up with other Final Fantasy speculations, but for now it's just a standalone thought. [Complete]

The Fourth Parallel. A sort of contemplation on the various trios in KH and a possibly implied connection. [Complete]

Where the Lost Heart Wanders. A fic about the character the audience forgets when he meets the one the game does. At first glance it may seem very "if you don't get it, then sucks for you", but I promise that it was simply meant to be a poetically roundabout way of stating my theory on where Repliku ended up and why.[Complete]

08-Remember Me Then. A reflection of Ansem the Wise told in poem format. [Complete]

12-Wishes and Wayfinders. A short little glimpse of Terra, Ven, and Aqua post Birth By Sleep. After all is said and done, what happens now? [Complete]

Upcoming Fics:

Gunslinger Girl(GsG): Gunslinger Girl is an oddly compelling series about afflicted adolescent girls recreated into cyborg assassins to fight against the separatist Padania movement. It lacks the usual tongue in cheek humor (any humor at all, for the most part) that is associated with anime and paints a somber picture of darkness and innocence in stark contrast. Like all anime that I consider to be the best, the conflict isn't just whether or not they can defeat their foes, but what they become in the process. There aren't many "happy" moments, but there are small triumphs and glimpses of joy that sing all the sweeter after wading through darkness so deep it just makes you numb. As the opening theme pleads, "When it feels like I can feel once again, let me stay a while, soak it in a while". This isn't a story of happy go lucky girls trying to figure out whether or not a guy likes them, it's a story about the worst mistakes of humanity thrown on a small girl and finding out what keeps her going anyway. It's a story about what's left when the smoke settles, and the pertinacity of the human spirit. For "Although her body is mechanical, she is still an adolescent girl".

Offshooting from this is my own concoction: Dual Trigger, a crossover saga incorporating various Final Fantasy persona into universe. It is meant to maintain the spirit of the original but may diverge given the presence of new villains who also have an interest in experimental technologies. Keeping in mind that "humanity" is a main theme in the original though, I think it'll turn out alright.

All my works here, no matter what else they may be, attempt to capture the poignant, hopeful undertones that I perceive as present in the series.

Current Fics:

The Day She Didn't Die. Observes the transition between season 1 and 2 of the Gunslinger Girl anime with attempted explanation for the changes in animation style. Because I perceive inconsistency as funny, this story is classified as humor; but you don't necessarily have to read it that way. [Complete]

Dual Trigger: Aria di Mezzo Carattere. Originally the first volume of Dual Trigger, this is a telling about the inserted Vincent/Aria fratello and the beginnings of the de Sica case. [Down for Maintenance]

The Years Unlived. A standalone one-shot crossover about Rico crossing paths with a wizened veteran who has also had his share of heartaches. Post-action reflections and a little "sibling" fluff in the end. Written from a Omnibus Volume 2 standpoint with snippets of end knowledge, so read it as an AU. [Complete]

Dual Trigger: Condizionata Complementare. A collection of background tales for the altered universe. The more I write, the more I realize that some of this is simply using Dual Trigger as my lens for the GsG universe. First volume's arcs are as follows (with X's marking completion) I'm considering breaking these up into their own short stories but for now they're lumped together as a collection for easy access. Current arc: Jose (chapter 1 of 3 complete). [Ongoing]

[X]Cyan (Gozen/Kiri/Kuru Hi) ]Jose (Fratello/Distanza/Cielo) ]Hilshire (Vormund/Partner/Schuler) ]Lauro (Solo/Potenza/Spaccatura)

Dual Trigger: Reunion dei Giorni Valentine. Features the Valentine family plus Zack in a slightly fluffy, contemplative look into what it means to move forward. Nearly directly post "Aria di Mezzo". [Ongoing]

03-Dual Trigger Extra: Un Partito di Te. A Laguna and Quistis oneshot featuring Laguna's inability to grasp the atmosphere of the SWA and the quiet benefits therein. [Complete]

06-Dual Trigger Extra: Brodo di Pollo por il Cyborg. A story about a scullery maid in the SWA who watches the quiet lives of the Cyborgs and wonders what waits for them at the end. [Complete]

05-Dual Trigger Extra: Spettri. A Jecht and Breska oneshot occurring in the new canon. This story takes place outside the SWA and focuses on the reflective thoughts of a man who carelessly plots his own destruction. [Complete]

11-Dual Trigger Extra: Apologia. A Terra and Cyan oneshot in the new canon focusing in on Terra's broken conditioning. A conscience is an awfully inconvenient thing for a Cyborg to have...[Complete]

Upcoming Fics:

Dual Trigger: Soto la Pelle. Cyan and Terra's introduction into the new Dual Trigger canon. When a conflict breaks out in Eastern Europe, the SWA starts sending in agents to extract a certain Dr. Estheim in the area rumored to be working on a breakthrough technology. However, what starts as a simple extraction mission quickly turns into a logistical nightmare as the fratelli are cut off from their support units and must fend for themselves while trying to find a way back home. The resulting conditions will test whether or not Cyan's convictions run true, or if they disappear just beneath the skin.

Dual Trigger: Così Lontani da Casa. A new and improved opening to Dual Trigger focusing on the induction of the Laguna/Quistis fratello.

Dual Trigger: La Guerra dei Lioni. War is brewing in Italy. The Padania in the White North and the Camorra in the Black South. This isn't simply a matter of us against them though. As the SWA agents will soon discover, both sides are only pawns in a bigger plot.

Dual Trigger: Dalla Polevere Alla Polvere. A follow up to Aria di Mezzo that looks into the de Sica case. Lauro/Elsa centric.

Flightless. A non-crossover Ferro centric fic about her original purpose in Section 2. Won't come out until after Dual Trigger: Dalla Polvere Alla Polvere

Scrap Book(Everything Else)


Thorn's Edge. An AU Final Fantasy II story about an organization created to stop Palamecia before the world goes to pot. Going is slow because I didn't exactly plan this one out the best. However, it has not died, it has simply been put on the back burner for now. Don't give up hope! We shall persevere. [Ongoing]

The Pre/Invention of Final Fantasy IV. A mega crossover in which various characters will experience and attempt to fix the Final Fantasy IV universe. Planned characters include but are not limited to Drogan Klauser, Solid Snake, the Baudelaire orphans, Axel, and Princess Mint. Will they be enough to transform this tale into something more interesting? Only if they survive the infuriating nuances. Next Chapter: Drogan Klauser and the wonderful world of Chocobos. [Ongoing]


Ex:Change of Heart. A piece concerning the Monster Raven from Princess Tutu encountering the unexpected principle of equivalent exchange. Roughly one page of the psychological conflict within a two dimensional villain as he is introduced to depth. [Complete]

Ain't Never Caught a Rabbit. My idea of a songfic! In which Barret and Red XIII go hunting and a fifties Rock sensation is referenced. My shortest fic to date and basically an elaborate setup to get to a groan worthy punchline. [Complete]

Twelve Shots of Summer (2014 Misc. Collection):

01- Taste of Life. A FFIX reflection on Quina. There are many lenses to look at life through; even the most simple shouldn't be left unheard.

04- Tenacious Stray. A FFXII character chronicle on Gabranth. From the quiet Landislan countryside to the resurrected deck of the Sky Fortress Bahamut, Noah clung to life. What else could he do? After all, Basch had betrayed him first.

05- Sword Masters and Soup. A Rurouni Kenshin piece that talks about one of the odd but excellent corners of Kenshin's life that everyone enjoys but nobody seems to question: his cooking. What else would you expect out of Master Hiko after the mushroom incident?

06- Leading Strong. The first ever Shall We Dance? Fanfic. Essentially, just a refocusing of plot elements to convey a different climax. One of my better attempts at romance.

07- Spite. A Bastion story about Venn in the moments leading up to the Calamity. He knew if he pulled the trigger he'd be dead too, but by then he was a broken man. Any hope he had for walking out of this alive was gone. In its place was spite.

10- Splinters and Heartwood. Almost a "Giving Tree meets Final Fantasy" type crossover about a tree that grows swords and those that would seek its uncanny talents. May or may not be an allegory for Square Enix's series production developments.

11- Get Lost. A little Tactics A2 drabble about Luso and the gang actually hanging around for the Great Land Festival for once... and doing something that will ensure they never do so again.

12- God Save the Givers. A moment in Trigun's Nicholas D. Wolfwood's early life (anime ver). The world needs people who give, people willing to reach out to others and pour into them everything that they are. So why are those people always the first to die?

Twelve Shots of Summer (2015 Anthology):

Suzaku Memorium - Memories Etched in Crystal. A twelve-shot collection for the finally localized Final Fantasy Type-0. One shot for each main member of Class Zero (Ace-through-King) with notable appearances from Kazusa, Machina, Tiz, Joker, Dr. Al-Rashia, Izana, and a few OCs nobody asked for. This is essentially an exploration of the cast and the themes of war in Orience. Also contains the lost Dual Trigger One-Shot "Chicken Soup for the Cyborg".

Twelve Shots of Summer (2016 Misc. Collection):

01- Doing Daddy Proud. Basically a character study with Arvind Lavie as the subject. This one comes from Planetes, my favorite anime, and builds on the closing moments of Episode 18, which are some of my favorite in the series. What is a father, and what sort of legacy is he supposed to leave for his children?

02- I Believe, Therefore I Am. A fan fiction concerning Duke from Threads of Fate/Dewprism and his incredible abilities of mimicry. While this was originally planned as a chapter based saga, I adapted it into a one shot to fit within the TSoS standard.

03- Average Problems. A prosecution investigator, a Soul Sabre Ranger, a botanist out of her element, and a high school student walk into a restaurant. At the end of the day, what is it all for anyway?

04- Silence and Motion. A Star Crossing short story focusing on the sibling bond between Nikolai and Tani Koslov. For Airhead259.

07- Wandering at Dusk. [Posted on Fictionpress] Two men share a meal in the forest at dusk and discuss the meaning of life. Sometimes its hard to grasp what you can barely see...

08- Not by Blood. [Posted on Fictionpress] Aki Ryuen is used to living in her father's shadow. All her life she's run herself ragged trying to achieve the standard expected from Soul Sabre's greatest. When one of her father's former apprentices becomes her teacher, however, Aki will have to face the fact that she doesn't always measure up, and that her own greatness is not determined by her bloodline.

10- From the Far Shore. Jecht looks back on his life and ruminates on how his perspective has changed over the years. Things sure look different from the far shore...

Upcoming fics:

1. Listen, Learn, Live. Biggs, Wedge, and Jesse of Final Fantasy VII pay attention to an in game tutorial and change their fate as expendable side characters. Will not commence until after Thorn's Edge reaches Chapter 12.

2. The Misguided, Misread quest of Sephiroth. A collaborative fic that gives a whole new interpretation to the legendary villain of FF VII. Perhaps he wasn't so villainous after all...

3. Lady Beoulve and the Three Faces of Love. Final Fantasy Tactics trilogy about the three woman bearing the name Beoulve and their thoughts on what love is. Planned for After Thorn's Edge.

4. Father, Where art Thou? Final Fantasy VI Gau centric story about surviving the Veldt and learning compassion in a world of monsters. Planned for after The Pre/Invention of Final Fantasy IV.

5. Sketching the Memorial. A Bastion short story collection about Rucks' sketches and their personal significance. We don't all draw just from the imagination, a lot of it's got to do with the memories we stuck together on our own. Will appear sporadically when inspiration hits.

6. Legend of Zelda and the Clockwork City. Most people think things should remain right where they are in a nostalgic medieval setting. Me? I think Legend of Zelda could use a steampunk make over and a few plot twists. Will probably appear about the same time as Lady Beoulve.

7. Cold, Hard Lines. A Frozen short story about Princess Elsa and her thoughts on art

8. The Legend of Lost Potential. A chronicling of where the Legend of Korra went wrong in this humble author's opinion. Killing the perfect villain after one season? Backstabbing your own universe rules? Apparently these crimes didn't occur to the creators whilest they butchered their own creation. Ah, well... there is yet Five Iron Frenzy, so not all reboots are bad.

9. The Legend of Jin. Another project I may or may not get around to. The Earth bending Avatar succeeding Korra is smart, tough, and not entirely convinced the world needs him. In an age were technological, social, and even spiritual advancement seem to negate the purpose of the Avatar, what's a boy to do? Especially when he hates the only Avatar available to give him guidance. Would probably feature a mix of returning and new characters like Korra did. If you feel like poaching the idea (What sort of person who reads profiles this length ever does that anyway?) feel free, but tell me so that I can go and check it out.

More Thoughts/ About Me:

"Jesus has in these days many people who love his heavenly kingdom, but few who bear his cross... Those who are always thinking about their own profit and advantage quite clearly love themselves, not Christ." -Thomas a Kempis, Imitation of Christ.

It's a long hard road to becoming a better author. Don't take criticism as an obstacle, take it as a gift. There comes a time where a writer must question: do they really love writing? Or do they only love the reviews? Being a successful writer is more than having people talk about you, it's about truly loving that which you were made to do.

I don't tend to write romantic pairings. Not to say there isn't chemistry between characters, but having them hook up is rarely what's on my mind. In most cases, it's safe to assume I ship canon. When ambiguous, (like where the heck Xion fits into the mix in Kingdom Hearts) I'll normally settle on friendshipping. In fact, the world could use more friendshipping. C'mon, people, Frodo and Sam!

Keeping people in character is something of a must for me in both my writings and when reading the writings of others. That's not to say I always succeed, but it's what I strive for. Making people go out of character just for my convenience just... doesn't fit right. To me, it feels like a violation of freewill that voids the story's content. Reasons must be traced, ideas must be expounded; and then, if the morph seems plausible, I will concede. Otherwise, expect criticism or silence. Such is my nature.

I, like most individuals, enjoy attention. Thus I extend a huge thank you to anyone who has favorited, followed, reviewed, or even had a PM chat with me. Know that it meant something. A nice chat, a comparing of perspectives, even a quick word of encouragement or correction can all go a long way. I continually accept revisional feed back (no matter how old the work is) and always appreciate it (no matter how far to the contrary it may seem). I am an optimist, thus I believe that no matter how badly you thrash my stories I will find some way to piece them back together again in a stronger form. Also, I welcome the thoughts of foreign language readers. Grasping a language requires practice, I'd be honored to offer you some.

Although it is very beneficial to talk to writers, I think the best resource is an articulate reader. Writers sometimes lose the joy of their craft by getting caught up in detail and can't enjoy that sense of wonder that readers feel when approaching a story without intending to "fix" it. Sometimes, I wish I could go back to those simple days...

I'm not opposed to suggestion. If there's something out there you want me to read (particularly if it's your own work) feel free to ask. Time and moral compass permitting, I'll do my best to comply.

Oh! I should also mention that I am very much attached to my Christian faith. However, I believe more than a simple statement is necessary for stuff like that. Actions do speak louder than words, right? Thus I aspire to exemplify my faith not through sermons but through the conflicts I seek to address. Don't think this means my stories will have "perfect" endings. Christianity was meant for the broken. Jesus came to the world to save it, not condemn it.

I also find it unspeakably hilarious that one of the terms of service for this site is no plagiarism. Don't you realize what fan fiction is by default? We are exploiting the work of another for our own ends. If it isn't using someone else's work, it's not fan fiction, it's an original work. I do have an idea of what they meant and I respect that but I still consider it as chuckle worthy to think about.

Thanks for the scrolling! That's about it. See you around, alright?

-Saturday, 18 JUL 2015: Profile hit one thousand views! Thanks to everyone who took the time to drop by. I may not be the best author in these parts, but you all make my work seem worthwhile. Aussil Ressora, friends.

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World Ends With You - Rated: T - English - Friendship/Drama - Chapters: 8 - Words: 28,643 - Reviews: 59 - Favs: 13 - Follows: 11 - Updated: 5/8 - Published: 10/7/2018 - Neku S., Yoshiya K./Joshua, Sanae H., Ken D.
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Roses remain unspoiled when guarded by many Thorns. This is a tale of the bravery, camaraderie, and trials faced by a small army that would dare to stop Palamecia before all should fall to ruin. [Currently on Hiatus, "forgotten but not lost"]
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