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hi guys

I'll try to give you guys progress on the chapters at least once every week from now on so that people will know that I didn't quit the story or anything.

oh and by the way, chapter 3 is out now!!!

Weekly update:

Mahou Shounen Ko-Gil chapter 4 first half: 100%

So here's what happened. I had typed around 10 thousand words but felt that it didn't seem quite right to end it at where it's at so I'm combining it with what I had planned for the next chapter.

I admit that it's taking longer than I had hoped but I suppose that just means that I should improve my writing speed.

Also, the fall quarter for my university has started now so I'm not quite sure how much time I'm going to spend on the chapter.

Though from previous experience, I seem to write more when I'm at school so we'll see how that works out.

Anyways, chapter 4 will be picking up where we left off in chapter 3 and it's the chapter that will lay the foundation for the rest of the arc.

You may even say that the story will truly start from chapter 4.

And before I forget, sorry for not updating my profile for a while. I sort of forgot to as I prepared for the beginning of new school year but I'll do my best to keep you guys up to date on the chapter progress!

Mahou Shounen Ko-Gil chapter 4 latter half: 100%

The chapter is done and I did say that I'll upload the chapter soon but I may have to hold off on that for a bit longer

I did want to proof read as soon as possible but university has been getting tougher as week went by so I had been very busy the past month or so

I do apologize for not updating about the progress for almost a month but to be honest, I haven't done much since the last progress update so you guys didn't miss much

at any rate I'll be uploading the next chapter soon I hope once my workload decreases somewhat

Mahou Shounen Ko-Gil chapter 4: currently in the beta stage

I have been busy with rl stuffs but it's finally done

most likely for the next few days, I will be going back and fixing grammar errors and facts from my previous chapters (though the plot will remain the same so you probably don't need to go back and read them again)

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