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Author has written 11 stories for Hetalia - Axis Powers, and Kirby.

Name: you can call me Weaver, Weirdo, or Russia. Age: Old enough to know better- young enough to not care. (I am old enough to be on FF, people.) Gender: As far as I know I'm a female... Odd quirks about me: I suck at math, horribly. So if your expecting me to do your math homework don't expect a good grade.

Texas, (one of my OC's) tends to appear to me and talk to me when I'm bored, or whenever I want him to. I know he's (probably) not real but I still tend to argue with him.. about everything (political or not). He's kind of my inner delinquint/brother I never had and tends to suggest things I wouldn't do in reality.

I probably have ADD or something like that considering that I'm distracted by an invisible anime charecter in and out of class.


Teacher: "Okay, now Weaver I'd like you to read the Ghettisburgh Address."

Me: "No, Texas... I know you like football but you can't play it indoors." *mummbling to air*

Friend: ... *looking at me as if I'm mental... which I probably am*

End Example.

So yeah, right now he's sitting next to me reading what I'm typing over my shoulder. It's getting really annoying. -_-;

NO MATTER HOW MUCH I SAY I HAVE A SIBLING, I DON'T. It's true, they're just a close friend I refer to as a sibling. But I have a bunch of friends with siblings, so I kind of get the jist. -_-

What I like to read/watch: ... Hetalia. Anything historical that helps me write. I love Soul Eater, Mushi-Shi, Miazaki fims, Wolf's rain, baccano!, Ouran Highschool Host Club, Sayonara Zetsobou Sensei (just the manga), Bleach, Chii's Sweet Home, and pretty much anything Japanese related. Sgt Frog is my new obsession, but I still love Hetalia.

Music: If you know me (which I doubt you do) you know that I love steampunk, and classic jazz. I love Abney Park (look it up if you don't know what it is) Red Hot Chili Peppers, OK Go, and Cold Play... Ever have that feeling where your forgeting something?

The crap I am writing now adays: I am currently writing about Hetalia- Axis Powers and would be pleased if you guys PM'd me for suggestions- I will not write lemons, limes, smuts and I suck at writing fluff. They are a no-no for me. Also- romances, not that I don't like them it's just I suck at writing romances. blah.

Some (more) random facts about moi: I am against segragation, racism, sexism, ageism, religion-ism (forget what thats called J) and any other 'ism' that puts people down or at a disadvantage. I am sorry if you are one of those people who are bullied or beaten for stupid reasons.

I am also probably the most pesimistic hippy you will ever meet. Ever. I go on rants about how much humanity is a cess pool for the worst kinds of stuff an- I'm doing it again schiesse... *head-desk*

I also play saxaphone (Tenor&Alto), piano, recorder, and I like to (though I'm not very good) play African drums- like the djembe. (odd couple of instruments eh?)

I have a strange impulse for whatever I'm into (Including Hetalia) to imediatly look up the historical accurasy of the subject and then correct them. It's really starting to get on my nerves though.

I can speak English fluently. (Captain Obvious to the rescue!) I understand some Spanish, Japanese, Latin, and German. I can also swear fluently in German- other than that I don't know that many languages.

If you are a friend or fan of Sweey's please copy and paste this to your profile to give her support and add your name to the list. NightimeWhispers, Crispy Pink, Worldsweaver,

My OC's: Yes. I do throw in OC's when I deem it neccisary. Here they are:

TEXAS: The fool in the hat. Is known for his awful drinking habits, BBQ, and being a computer geek.

Apperances: He practically worships a tattered old hat, given to him by Spain in 1519, he wears it everywhere(Funerals, weddings, meetings etc). Dirty blonde short hair, styled somewhat like Spain's (think Iggy but darker and a little longer). And large grey-blue eyes, representing the endless-looking Texas sky. Slightly think eyebrows. Wears a loose white or blue shirt. Also jeans and hiking boots. Always carries twin M1911s. Has a scar on the bridge of his nose(representing the Alamo). Has a tattoo of the word: "Teyshas" on the his wrist, and probably has a bunch of other tattoos from his time with the Karankawa. (Teyshas means friend in Caddo [Native American]- So Texas means 'friend'. Thats why Texas's motto is friendship..which if you think about it doesn't make much sense considering how Texas acts towards most). Is a height of about 6'1"- (there are so many tall people in Texas it's not funny. O.e). He has a cowlick (that represents Houston) and I usually draw him with a piece of wheat or hay sticking out of his mouth. If you can't imagine that picture the lovechild of England, France, America and Spain. -_-

Actions: Always trying to annoy America and the rest of the world (he still holds a grudge about being annexed) but is terrified of France. Surprizingly good at working with electronics (Texas holds the HQ for Dell Computers and in Roundrock and EA Games somewhere else). Texas hospitality only applys to girls (usually- New York and he wind up butting heads over a lot of diffrent subjects).But with other men he might act anti-social and won't ask for help. Kind of a loner. He also gripes about New York, but probably doesn't mind her. He and Wyoming despise each other and go to great lengths to agrivate each other/push each other in front of moving vehicles.

Though he hasn't admit it and will deny it if you ask, he likes Brightfrost's Indiana.

SUSANNE: The German Jew in WWII. Germany's sweetheart, and/or good friend.

Appearances: Long biege/olive hair and lavender eyes. Clothes vary. She is about 5'4".

Actions: While she was alive she was always Germany's friend. The person he depended on to comfort him when he's come back from a stressful meeting with the Furhur (or Italy). She is a kind, light-hearted charecter that seems to be saddened by almost nothing. She and Germany seem to be polar opposites but they work well together. Unfortunatly Germany doesn't know she is Jewish until Italy gets jealous and shortsigtedly rats her out to the Nazis. You can probably guess what happens next.

FLORENCE (Italy): The trickster. He has a sharp tongue and mind.

Appearances: Short, dark brown hair with a cowlick. Normally wears a tan short-sleeved shirt and jeans, he's thin and around 5'10". He has light brown eyes resembling his country; Northern Italy. (Which is strange considering he was born in 60 BC and Italy was born/unified later...)

Actions: Used to work as an assassin for the Medici. (during the 17th/16th century Florence was really violent and full of assassins) So he is nimble and quick, he knows parkour. He's kind of shady and quiet when he wants to be but is know for outburts of anger from the mafia side in him. He's intellegent from following around Leonardo da Vinci for a time, he's also known for being the home of a lot of famous and infamous people including: Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Niccollo Machiavelli, the Medici, the Auditores (yes they are real, just google them.) and a lot more.

If you would like to use any of my OC just ask and I'd be happy to let you use them. just: ASK FIRST.


Profile border police: Beyond this point is a strange phenomenon called: "Worldsweaver randomly copyied and pasted stuff to her profile that reminded her of hetalia or that is supporting something that she thinks is good or is just to freaking funny to ignore." or: WRCAPSTHPTRHOHOTISSTSTIGOIJTFFTI.

You have been warned.


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Just to warn you guys: A lot of the stuff I write about often concernces history and I try and make it as realistic as possible. So I am not racist. But some of the things you might read about might offend people. I'm sorry!

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