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Hello people of FF. I am rose's_turn. I hope to one day be an author but until then, I will use you as practice. Like little test mice to my treacherous experiments! WHAHAHAHAHAHA!!

{L}et's {S}tart {W}ith {T}he {B}asics

I am a: boy

I am: 14, I mean 15 years old... I feel so old! T_T

I like to: read, write, listen to music, sleep(a lot), drink soda, take long showers, stuff my face with food, draw, color, watch TV, be awesome...That's most of it.

Like to eat: cookies!!!!!

Likes: chocolate( if I could I would marry a chocolate bar just cause I'm hungry), food, eating, eating and watching tv, eating chocolate while watching tv.

Dislikes: weird noises at night, waking up, having writer's constipation, gravity, chunky peanut butter, forgetting what to do when it was fresh in your mind, not having enough sleep, not knowing what to put next on lists

Weird Stuff: I don't like to review until I've read everything. _

{S}tuff {I} {W}rite:

Glee- PucKurt/Klaine, PucKurt/Furt

P!ATD- Ryden. Rywall

Us of TARA- I don't see how anybody wouldn't like this show. I looooove it! But this site lacks Tara fans. Oh well.

Guess-starring Sam- If you may know, I have an alternate writing persona( Samuel Brendon Ross Urie) and he may visit some of my stories. He is currently Puck's boyfriend in Quibblo Love Story.

{S}tuff {T}hat {I} {L}ike:


Panic! At The Disco:

--Ryden- Brendon Urie Ryan Ross= Hot

*Glee:(noun)- the most bad-ass modern day musical on TV!!!!!


I like reading glee fics only because I can not get enough PucKurt. The way people write them makes them a perfect couple! _ I'm in the middle of writing one too.


Who else can't resists the adorable gay couple known as Klaine? It's just so fairytale-ish and so happy! _

Kam AKA Kurt & Sam

It's so obvious why I would read a Kam. It's just how it's suppose to be. Love at first sight almost.

Furt (brotherly and orally XD)

Although, brotherly Furt is sweet and smushy. Some step-brother to step-brother isn't bad either. XD

On to the next one!


Heroes is the most amazing show I've ever watched! It only got suck-ish at the end since no one wants to be evil no more. :( I barley noticed this until now but the guy who plays Elle's dad is in Glee! How could I have missed that!? I only have one favorite pairing because it was the only one I've read.


It's obvious why I would like this too. Good and evil make up and maybe end up in each others' bed. _ It's so fluffy! Ew! Bad thought! lol

Am I obsessed with Glee? Just a little. lol

{M}y {D}arren {C}riss {O}ath:

In the busiest traffic or the emptiest halls,

I will find you sweet curly haired one,

Just because you look good with those lips,

I am in love with Darren Criss!

lol _

Copy and paste if you love Darren Criss!

{M}y {C}hris {C}olfer {O}ath:

In crowded malls or empty changing rooms,

I will walk Earth's runway for you,

Even if it's impossible cause you're older,

I will always love Chris Colfer!

HAha L

Copy and paste if you love Chris Colfer!

{M}y {M}ark {S}alling {O}ath

When you're in class and mind your biz,

I can't help but to stare at that strip,

You make me feel like I've been falling,

This is why I want a Mark Salling!

I messed up a little.

Copy and paste if you love Mark Salling cus he's hot! lol

{M}y {C}ory {M}onteith {O}ath

On spongebob roller costers or Canadian campsites,

I will never keep you out of my sight,

Weather your Canadian accent makes people crack up,

Cory Monteith will be my high school crush.

Copy and Paste if you love Cory Monteith!

All I need now is a Brendon Urie one... Hmmm.

{M}y {B}rendon {U}rie {O}ath

Coming S00n

{R}andom {S}tuff



I bite!













BananasPixie Dust=Magic Bananas!


[I] [l] [i] [k] [e]

[b] [e] [i] [n] [g]

[a] [w] [e] [s] [o] [m] [e] [!] [>:}D]

I was trying to make the Born This Way shirts. :)

--\ /--

l Gleek l--
--l l--
--l l--

[Friday--March 28th, 2014*

I know it has been a while, but I haven't had time to get my hands on a computer, but now I have my own! Yay!

I am now 17 and ready to blow your minds with my work. I feel like I should edit my past work, but I'm just too lazy.

I'll see what I can do.

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Bad Boys Must Be Punished by Gleek4Life216 reviews
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Kurt is betrayed by the one person he thought he could trust. He breaks, leaving Finn to pick up the pieces. Furt brotherly love. mentioned Blaine/Karofsky. AU. TRIGGER WARNING: CONTAINS SELF-HARM. I don't own Glee. COMPLETE
Glee - Rated: T - English - Hurt/Comfort/Tragedy - Chapters: 6 - Words: 7,758 - Reviews: 17 - Favs: 43 - Follows: 29 - Updated: 1/5/2012 - Published: 5/17/2011 - Kurt H., Finn H. - Complete
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The Portal Games reviews
It's the experiment of the century. Observe the uncontrolled result of twelve test subjects, chosen by faith, bad luck and a computer, make there way through the under ground laboratories of Apeture Science. Dissect their every move from your seat and predict who will survive the life size puzzle where they won't only need to stay alive, but also kill another's.
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Random drabble about PucKurt. Not really what you'd normally read. Sorry for the suckish summary.
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