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Hello! Based on the characters I have, some people may know me from other sites, but please, just call me Erii!

My main interests are focused around Pokémon. I've always wanted to make stories and put them here. They will be based on the Pokemon fandom, yes. I generally write clean stories, and try to do the best I can when I write. I hope that people may enjoy my stories. Some may be based on roleplays I have with other people from other sites who are my closest friends. I hope to possibly make friends on here too! I love to roleplay, so don't be afraid to ask c:> I shall put up small bios of my characters, and if someone's interested in roleplaying with me, just let me know.

Even so, I may write stories for other series. I'm planning on making a fic for Gregory Horror Show, in which I just got into very recently.

Writing is just a small hobby of mine. I'm more of an artist if anything, but ever since I started to roleplay literately, I noticed my writing had improved by a lot, so I wondered, "What if I actually made my own stories with this?" And here I am.

I never, ever put cannon characters into my stories such as the ones from the anime, manga, videogames, et cetera, I'm more of an OC (own / original character) type of person. Hopefully that will be okay.

Now for some information!

Name: Erica (and that's all you're getting!)
Age: You have to figure it out yourself ;3
Gender: Female
Personality: kind, generous, Sensitive, anti-social (in real life!), easily depressed (depends)
Favorite Colors: Black, Red, Purple
Favorite Pokémon: Darkrai
Other favorite Pkmn: The duskull chain, Grovyle, Shaymin (mostly Sky Forme), Jirachi, Celebi, Riolu, Froslass, Claydol

Although I have favorites, I actually love all Pokémon. Since I am a fan at heart, I generally will love any of their creations no matter what.

Main characters:

Name: Adeline "Marie" Blackheart
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Personality: sweet, kind, caring, helpful, somewhat jumpy/paranoid (it depends)
Pokémon owned: Togekiss (F), Dragonite (F), Leafeon (F), Lugia (considered male, is young), Lavora (F, is a fakemon), Dusknoir (M), Baltoy (considered male), Darius (M, Dusknoir character of a friend's)
Relationship: With Alentios (another character of a friend of mine)

Name: Goul "Trent" Noir
Age: 50
Gender: Male
Species: Gijnka Dusknoir
Personality: serious, diligent, focused, caring (for loved ones), strong, determined, self-reserved
Moves known: Dark Pulse, Shadow Ball, Shadow Punch, Hypnosis, Confuse Ray, Giga Impact
Relationship: Widowed, but still loves his wife either way

Name: Keiimei
Age: 102
Gender: Male
Species: (dead) Darkrai
Personality: somewhat silly, kind, laid-back (for the most part), can be serious when needed to be
Moves known: Thunder, Focus Blast, Focus Punch, Spike Cannon (because of an accessory he wears), Shadow Ball
Relationship: None

Name: Terokiin
Age: ???
Gender: Male
Species: Darkrai
Personality: a bit crazy, silly, has an ego, ladies man
Moves known: Thunderbolt, Dark Pulse, Shadow Ball, Dark Void
Relationship: None, but has a crush

Name: Bendetta
Age: 30
Gender: Female
Species: Dusclops
Personality: extremely shy, self-reserved, timid natured
Moves known: Pursuit, Shadow Ball, Will-o-wisp, Curse
Relationship: None, but has a crush

Name: Warrior
Age: 40
Gender: Male
Species: Dusclops- Rampardos/Infernape/Golett/Cofagrigus splice (aka, a thing. *shot* )
Personality: sadistic, cold-hearted, intelligent, clever
Moves known: Bulldoze, Hex, Earthquake, Telekinesis
Relationship: Not possible

Name: Nox
Age: Unknown, possibly in the 400s
Gender: Male
Species: Dusknoir
Personality: anti-social, neutral, emotionless (for the most part), a bit hostile
Moves known: Mean Look, Double Team, Toxic, Dark Pulse
Relationship: Not possible

Now, these may be my mains, but I have TONS of other characters. Just to let ya know. ;3 Thank you for reading!

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