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This is all very new to me, this writing for people other than myself. I just hope other people are less harsh as critics than I am of my own work. (I tend to write and re-write, then re-write again and even then I'm never satisfied. So if my chapters aren't coming quick enough, that is why.)

I have had a story in my head for more than two years now and if i don't get it out soon I'm sure my head will explode. Thus begins my story based in a world where there are heros such as Batman, and a scary city called Gotham.

My story originally began as a comic book, I wrote it panel by panel, complete with detailed descriptions for the artist, but alas, I am no artist and the only one I knew didn't do comic art. I was devastated, then I decided on a novel.

The POV of the story will cycle through different characters and seemingly unrelated events that take place are in fact related. A story arc in a comic book can take a full year to reach it's climax with many sub-plots in-between.

I know I may seem highly descriptive, but as I said, I began this journey writing a comic book and description of atmosphere is an important factor that needs to be conveyed to the artist. But since this is no longer a comic book I have had to set the mood with words rather than pictures.

Getting published is a pipe dream, I know this, but my story needs to get out, and here is the perfect place for it. So, to all of you who have read my first stirrings in writing, I thank you for your patience.

I would also love to see some reviews. Good, bad, ugly, I don't care. I would love some input. So please review!

To those that have reviewed, thank-you so much for your kind words. You have heartened my resolve to continue and complete this story. I sincerely hope you enjoy the forthcoming chapters.

I always try to check out the work of those who review me, just sayin'.


New profile updates begin below:


Jan. 6, 2013

Happy New Year!

I just want to say... Dec. 21... the worst Apocalypse Ever!

Yes I'm back and writing again but I feel a rewrite coming. I've been working on Awakening again, expanding it and going back even farther, but until I have a more cohesive story I won't be altering what I've already posted. It has little to do with Batman, at least at first and the finished story may not even see a posting on this site.

I have also been working on finishing Book 4: Fever and have already begun the next story. Yes I jump around from scene to scene, it's probably why I feel the need to rewrite all the time.

Dec. 10, 2012

Season's Greetings!

Still technically on hiatus. don't have much time to write at the moment and this is sort of a busy time of year. I have been working on my story when I have the time but new chapters won't be posted until the new year. I want to have a few finished chapters done before I start posting again.

Nov. 7, 2012

On Hiatus. The real world just won't leave me alone!

Oct. 22, 2012

I have realized I am introducing a lot of new characters in Book 4 and reintroducing some minor characters from previous parts of the story (Books 1 through 3). I hope it isn't becoming an information overload but all the characters play a role in the development of the main characters, Bruce, Victor and Shay. Book 4: Fever includes a lot of transitional events that have to happen before future events can logically unfold.

I've also included a rather obvious plot link to Awakenings in Fever Dreams (chapter 4).

Sept. 27, 2012

Book 3: Hunters is finished and the story will continue in Book 4: Fever which I will begin to publish chapter by chapter within the next few days, (I'm just polishing up the prologue).

I am seeing a whole lot of hits, (views and visitors) on my stories but not so much with the reviews. Thus, I can only assume I'm doing okay with this story... no news is good news, I guess. But I would really love some feedback, suggestions questions and even critiques and I'm asking here because I'm getting quite a few hits on my profile too.

Sept. 23, 2012

A few days ago I started a Community, "The Gotham City Crew".

I know it seems like I'm blowing my own horn but I put all my own stories in there but I have included a few others that I have found to be very well written with interesting concepts.

I find communities act like a filter, as only the better stories become included in a community. I still read random stories from the master list but I also browse the communities quite a bit.

Sept. 19, 2012

I've been going through my notes and have discovered that Descention will go into the triple digits in chapters if I write it in one long story. So, I decided to re-edit it and chop it up into smaller stories that might be easier to swallow.

To those of you reading and following the story up to chapter 21, the first two books; Asylum and Combustion will have the same content, for the most part. I did change a few minor things but you shouldn't have to read them again, unless you want to. ;-) The third book will have all new content except for Book 3's prologue; I moved one of the parts from an earlier chapter, (12) and turned into the prologue of book 3.

As of today Goddess: Descention will no longer exist in it's previous form. I hope the changes I've made make the story easier to follow.

If anyone has any questions, do not hesitate to message me.

September, 2012:

Finally the Firebug story arc is finished! That one had a mind of it's own. I hope those who are faithfully reading Descention enjoyed it.

The story will be taking on a creepier and more psychological vein from here as my main OC as well as the main villian of this book is introduced with more descrpition and background. There will be other new faces as well as some familiar ones introduced in the coming chapters.

The plot will become more complex and I will be switching POV's from character to character. Plot points that were only touched upon in earlier chapters will become more and more clear as Batman and his allies unravel the insidious schemes that surround them.

I know I have a few faithful readers and I thank them for their loyalty and valuable comments and reviews.

August 30, 2012:

I've been doing a lot of reading of other stories on this site lately and I have come to the conclusion that I suppose I should mention something of when in the Batman chronology my Goddess story takes place:

A special note should be made here: Consider my world one of the infinite earths. I know a lot about the Batverse but not everything. I try my best to follow the true comic story line but I know mistakes will be made but that's the beauty of infinite earths... One earth's mistakes are anothers logical timeline. Isn't imagination fun? I'll call my world Earth 42, just because I can.

Dick is already Nightwing and has moved away, Jason is dead and has not come back as the Red Hood as of yet. Tim exists as Robin but as far as I am concerned he was mostly only a part-time hero along side Batman and if he makes an appearance it will be perpheral at best. (I have to admit I never did like Robin in the comics and if I had voted way back when the readers actually chose whether he (Jason) lived or died I would have voted to axe him. But I also have to admit I like Dick as Nightwing much more than I did as Robin.) Barbara is Oracle and is still bound to her wheel-chair. Damian exists as well, but he is still a young child and has disappeared with his mother and Bruce does not know where they are. The JLA exists, in it's infancy and Batman is not yet a central component though he does consider them allies and has finantially supported the JLA project along with others. I'll get more to that later in the story.

To me Batman is a loner, it is part of his brooding existence, and personally I find him more interesting that way. He has many associates and people he cares about and trusts but he keeps them from getting too close. It is his nature and it is a defensive mechanism that not only protects those he cares about but it also protects himself. He is a man with an enormous capacity for compassion but he is also a person who has lost so very much and that has created a great deal of pain. That is why he hides his feeling behind the cowl and the Bruce Wayne mask he wears in public. The real man behind the masks is the real mystery and perhaps it is Alfred who is the only person in the world who has seen his real face.

Hmmm that was good, forgive me if parts of that passage finds it's way into my story. ;-)

August, 2012:

For those of you who read Awakening and are waiting for Anna to make an appearance in Goddess: Descention, she will be introduced in chapter 12. Sorry about the wait but I had timeline issues and other events in the story that had to come first. Yes, this story is pretty much mapped out beginning to end, all 4 books (Awakening included). As I said above, it was supposed to be a comic book.

I would also like to say I am well aware that there are quite a few original characters, most of which will be introduced in the first book. I know it seems like quite a few, but bear with me, they all have their parts to play in the grand scheme.

July, 2012:

Things have changed a bit. I have finished the prequel Goddess: Awakening as a separate book and am posting it one chapter a day, it will be much shorter than the main story: Goddess.

I will also try to reduce the size of the chapters; I guess 7000 words are a bit too many in one go, sorry about that.

I've had to change the rating of Goddess to T, it's getting kind of violent and don't want to offend anyone but, the story is going where it's going. It's a dangerous world out there.

I know my writing is dark and a little ominous, but Gotham is a dark and dangerous place. I must admit as fun as it is writing Batman it is equally interesting to delve into the minds of his enemies. I will write a Joker story at some point but I am waiting on that. I want a little more experience in writing before I tackle him and I need time to develop an inspiring plot. I must do the iconic Joker justice!

I see some people are still reading my story and i have to apologize for my hiatus. Unfortunately life does sometimes interfere with writing and I have been unable to continue my story but I will finish it.

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