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I'm young, but not too young. I'm pretty, but not beautiful. I'm sweet, but not a pushover. I'm a bitch, but don't act bitchy. You know, your regular, everyday, average woman trying to make it in today's crazy world.

Here is a link to the cover art for my fanfiction piece, Daylight:

Daylight FAQs:

From time to time, I get asked the same questions over and over about my story, Daylight. Therefore, I have put together a list of Frequently Asked Questions to help ease the curiosity of some of my more avid readers. Enjoy! PM me if you have a question that's not listed. I am not on here all the time, but I do answer any questions I get.

1. Is Castlewood, South Dakota a real place or a fictional one?

Castlewood, SD is indeed a real place. Castlewood is a city in Hamlin County, South Dakota. The population was 627 at the 2010 census. There is also really a Castlewood High School, and their mascot really is the Warriors. (No, I have never been there. I just did a lot of internet research to find out everything I could about the place. I took a literary license on some things--like the Winter Formal. But, I tried to keep the street names and other small facts in the story as close to the truth as possible.)

2. Why did you set the story in Castlewood?

I picked Castlewood as the setting for my story because I was looking for a place that would have a heavy snowfall, would be somewhere in the middle of the US and a good day or so ride from Forks, Washington and the reservation. Therefore, I settled on South Dakota. I was looking for a town with a small population where a vampire family could conceivably come in, purchase a lot of land, mind their own business, and would be left alone. I figured Edward, Bella and the rest would want a place like this for their little girl's first try at public school. (You know, in case she screwed up and accidentally ate someone or something.)

So, once I picked South Dakota, I ran a search for towns in South Dakota with a population of less than 800. Castlewood was on the list. As my favorite book is Castles by Julie Garwood, my attention naturally gravitated to that name. I did some research on the city, loved what I found, and the rest, as they say, is history.

3. Why did you have to ruin this story by putting in a sex scene?

To have a sex scene or not? That was indeed the question. It was something I debated a long time. I am firm believer in character-driven, free rein stories. By this, I mean that it is an author's job to create the characters and breathe life into them. Then, once this is accomplished, the author sets up the story as well as the premise and let the characters take it from there. As an author, it is my job to make sure that the characters stay in character and that the plot unwinds at a nice pace that takes the character on the journey they are supposed to take. But, other than that, how a character reacts to something happening, what decisions they make based on this, etc., are as much in the hands of the character as I can make them. Not my hands, the character's. The things that happen along the way, therefore, as sometimes as much of a surprise to me as they are the characters. (That is not to say that I don't plan ahead. I do. It just means that, if something I didn't plan on has to happen because it is what would really happen in life, I'm going to follow through on that.) It's sometimes a chaotic way to write, but it gives me a better, more realistic story overall. In the end, this has always been the way I write. Other authors, of course, write differently.

So, with all of this in mind, I told myself that if my characters were in a place in their relationship where they would realistically have sex and the opportunity presented itself, I was going to write it. Now, I know that Stephenie Meyer did not write real sex scenes for her story. However, the main reason she did not do this has nothing to do with the characters. It had to do with her religious background, her own set of morals and values, and her comfort level of writing that kind of stuff. Morals, values, and religion are all wonderful things. I have them as well. However, when it comes to writing, my own personal morals, values, and religion do not--to my mind--have a place in the story I am putting together. The characters I create do not always share my beliefs. They have their own. Therefore, it would be ridiculous for me to make them follow mine.

Lastly, one of the biggest complaints to come out from the Twilight saga is that, when the reader finally gets to Breaking Dawn and the wedding, you get no love scene. All the buildup and there is no love scene. WTF? Since I was attempting to write a sequel that answered the questions leftover from the saga and filled in the plot holes, I decided that another issue that needed to be addressed was the lack of a real sex scene. Therefore, when Jake and Nessie were at a place where they would have sex, I realized it was my job to write a sex scene. So, I did.

I apologize if I offended readers or if they were not able to enjoy the story as much without it. I deliberately only wrote the one major sex scene and made it its own chapter. Thus, those who don't want to read that are welcome to skip it. I am not saying that all stories like this need to have sex scenes. They don't. Books like Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, The Lord of the Rings and the Percy Jackson series all feature teen romances without sex scenes and do very well. But, Daylight needed one. Therefore, it got one. (And for those who think I wrote porn, I would encourage you to read some of the other fanfiction pieces on this site. Then, you will know what porn is. What I wrote is light stuff compared to that.)

4. Why didn't you have a scene where Edward freaked out about Nessie and Jake sleeping together?

I get this question A LOT. The simple answer is that Edward had already given his blessing to the match, and he's had seven years to get used to the idea. Most of all, the initial sex between Nessie and Jake happened while Edward was gone. It was a done deal by the time he got back. And since he knew the Volturi were on their way to try to kill the entire family in a few weeks' time, Edward wasn't going to make it all worse by standing in the way of his daughter's happiness. (That is not to say he was thrilled about this. What father is? But at the end of the day, he wouldn't have had some kind of knockdown, drag out over it either.)

Most of all, this scene--while really funny--would have done absolutely nothing to further the plot or enrich and develop the characters. If anything, it would have been a step back for Edward's character.

5. Why didn't you have Leah and Nahuel end up together?

First off, Leah hates vampires. Yes, she tolerates them because of circumstances, but that doesn't mean she's going to want to fall in love with one (even a half-vampire). Second, vampire venom is deadly to werewolves. Nahuel--as established in Breaking Dawn--is venomous. This would, therefore, be a problem. Thirdly, in order for Leah to settle down and have children, she would have to stop shifting. (As we find out in Breaking Dawn, she has stopped menstruating because she is a werewolf.) She would also have to stay away from vampires in order to do this. I would assume this would mean half-vampires as well. So, she could be with Nahuel, but she couldn't have children and she would have to be very careful to stay away from his bodily fluids--all of them. (Yes, I meant the bodily fluid you thought I meant.)

Most important: I put the characters on the page, and Nahuel and Leah had zero chemistry in that capacity. So, even if I could somehow work out a way to get over all the obstacles I mentioned above, the characters would have to want it for it to work out. Simply put: They didn't. When I introduced Dawn, however, she nearly fell over herself trying to get to Nahuel. She's a vampire, she's immortal, and she thinks Nahuel looks great in a loincloth.

6. Everyone else seemed to get their happy ending but Leah. Why didn't you have her get married and have kids, too? Don't you like her?

Of course I like Leah. I respect her a great deal. However, as I mentioned earlier, settling down would be quite difficult for her. Unlike her pack brothers, Leah would have to stop shifting in order to have children. Leah has always struck me as a woman who loves being a wolf. The freedom of it fills a void in her life left by the heartache of losing Sam. It gives her a higher purpose to focus on. I think shifting would, therefore, be very difficult for her to walk away from.

Also, I have never been the kind of person who believes that a happily ever after has to equate to marriage and a couple of kids. In real life, people don't always couple up. Some people spend their entire existence unmarried and childless and still have completely fulfilled lives that leave a mark on mankind. (Examples: Jane Austen, Mother Teresa, and Queen Elizabeth I of England.) I've always imagined Leah fit more in the ranks with these impressive women.

7. Do you know what kind of creature Nessie's and Jake's son, Cullen, is?

Yes, I know what Cullen is. I created him. I planned for him to be in existence even before I knew about Constantine attacking or the Volturi coming after the Cullens.

8. Is Cullen, a werewolf, a vampire, a human or something in-between?

What is he? I'm not telling. I decided it was better to not wrap everything up too tightly in the perfect bow. Therefore, I left it up to the reader to figure out what Cullen would be. All the clues are there to help you with this (including clues Stephenie Meyer left in the Twilight saga). Happy reading! (I will tell you this much, though. He is not a mere human.)

9. In the addendum to your story entitled "The Story Behind the Story," you mention the bet with your friend, Jane, and how she was writing a story about Jake and Nessie too. Is there any way you can post the link to that story?

Not going to happen. Sorry! As I said in the piece, Jane does not want to be identified. Therefore, I am going to respect her privacy and keep her real penname secret. Moreover, she has already taken down the story because she found that she didn't want to finish it, and her fans wouldn't stop bugging her about it. So, if you were hoping to play judge in our little author contest, you are out of luck.

10. Are you going to write a sequel to Daylight?

No, I have no plans to do so. To my mind, this was a one-time deal. But one can always hope, I suppose. :)

Thank you for reading!

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