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I really like the internet. It gives me fanfiction. Anonymity makes me feel safe.

Harry Potter





Queer As Folk


Black Swan



Doctor Who

True Blood

The Hunger Games

The Dead Poets Society


These are just a few different fandoms that I read in. Believe me, there are many, many more.

I consider myself to be a prolific reader; I don't think that I really enjoy anything more than reading and music.

Harry Potter was what first got me into fanfiction, and my horizons were broadened out from that point onwards.

I really love it when things are well written and original.

I'm a true slash-reader at heart. It's what I can relate to best.

I have a lot of pairings that I love, but I figure that there's not all that much point in writing them all down, I mean, the likelihood that someone's reading this anyway is very little, but I thought I'd do it anyway.

I'm on twitter, you can find me under


My gmail is prettyporcelainlace@

I'm very friendly, I promise!

I thought I'd do a little bit here which'll change every now and again and be updated with various different reviews or thoughts etc, it most likely won't always be centred around books, perhaps film, art or music etc, could be on anything particularly influential that catches my eye and I feel the need to comment about. Not that I expect it to be read... But just in case I guess. I'd like to know if you've read it though :) just for my own interests sake? Drop me a quick PM if you have done?

Recently read: Great Expectations by Charles Dickens

This book, in my quite honest opinion, is utterly flawless. I don’t remember the last time that I read a book and was left reeling after most pages, chapters and sometimes just in the middle of a single sentence. It’s not just the plot, or the characters, the character’s interactions and mannerisms, it’s so much more than that: it’s the words, how they fit on the page, how they sound in my head, how meticulously chosen they are to convey such a point so perfectly. It leaves me breathless. I love it.