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My real name, for fear of consequences real and imaginary, I will not mention.

I own nothing.

My religion and political leanings are, likewise, secrets. My characters and I do not share the same views. I'm considerably more cynical than they are combined. On the other hand, knowledge may overlap because I can only write what I know. I've worked in war zones and sites of genocide. They suck in ways most people with internet access cannot begin to fathom. They are most emphatically not scenarios in which a young hero overcomes all odds to kill a thousand goons and one evil baddie and get the girl in the end. Yet, conflict on that scale is the subject of many stories, and usually for entertainment. In my stories, I hope to show that wars have tangible consequences.

In the army, since July, which should explain a lot about my stories not being updated.

I live nine months out of twelve in Cambridge, Massachusetts. I'm a student of history and applied mathematics in econ.

I'm male. I'm not an aspiring writer or anything.

I'm started writing on fanfiction.net because it was exam period, I was bored, everyone was studying, and a friend of mine recommended a story on fanfiction.net.

What else in a profile...

English is, technically, my second language. Spanish my third. I lived in English speaking countries most of my life. My ethnicity and mother tongue are secrets, mainly because I don't want that knowledge to prejudice readers.

I'm in the army right now, which should explain something about why I'm not updating.

For native English speakers who don't know grammar.

Your = your grammar sucks. It is a possessive. Your genes suck. Your education was below elementary school level. It does not mean 'you are.'

you're = you're an idiot if you can't tell the difference between 'your' and 'you're.' It is a contraction of 'you are.' You're an idiot. I hope you have some kind of a learning disability that excuses your idiocy, because you're truly the lowest of the low if you're of voting age and can't tell the difference.

Affect = your horrendous grammar affects your grades.

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Compliment = if someone looks nice, compliment him/her. The compliment costs you all of five seconds.

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Their = Their crimes are truly heinous ones.

' = This is an apostrophe. It is not used to indicate plural/singular. It's used to indicate how uneducated you are. It's used to contract or show possession. There're many people who do not know what it's used for. Unfortunately, such uneducated shits are likely to produce more children than educated people are. I would love to believe that this is because your educational system has failed you, but you have no excuse if you have access to internet. Intelligence is half genetics and half environmental.

A vs An = really? I hope you die alone, mainly because I don't want you to have children. Just in case anything was unclear: "A dinosaur murder-raped one of your primate ancestors in the ass and said ancestor suffered an internal hemorrhage. Unfortunately, said ancestor caused humanity misfortune by spawning an infant before having the decency to die."

Would've = If your parents knew how retarded you were going to be, they would've aborted you (contraction of would have, and not would of you imbecile. The same goes for could've and should've. God knows why fanfiction is telling me could've and should've are wrong). Just to be clear, 'would of' doesn't exist, and neither does 'could of'. Ditto for 'should of.' If English is your first language and you're of voting age and did not know that, your educational system has failed you. You have failed yourself. We are not born equal, and your parents' genes have clearly failed you.

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Bring to and take away. You bring something towards something. You take something away.

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I hope it helps ESL people as well. Just read it without the bite which is meant for the hillbillies. By the way, you can sometimes ignore grammar in writing when it helps your writing. However, that's usually for sentence fragments, missing commas, and so on rather than misuse of simple terms like those listed above. Calling people out on sentence fragments in literature is something idiots would do. The stuff listed above, on the other hand, are very objectionable.

Remember, folks, democracy does not mean that "my ignorance is as good as your knowledge is." It just means you're an ignorant and illiterate scum who doesn't have the mental capacity for basic reading comprehension skills necessary for all civilized beings. Your ignorance only means you have failed to be an informed citizen. Democracy only means that a high school dropout over the age of eighteen from Mississippi gets the same voting rights a forty year old trauma surgeon who served in Iraq has. That's when democracy becomes rule by the mob.

Down Syndrome is not a crime, but you should get help. Now.

Some of the best treatment centers in the U.S. for Down Syndrome patients are:


Down Syndrome Program
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Down Syndrome Clinic
The Kennedy Krieger Institute
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Down Syndrome Clinic
Nemours/Alfred duPont Hospital for Childern
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Harvard Business Review on grammar

Above is a good read on the subject of why poor grammar reflects poorly on you in real life as well as on the internet. Notice how the comments claim the author is an elitist conformer. Notice how most of them have such poor grammar that it's hard to take them seriously.

Of course, if you're screwing up such simple concepts as those listed above, you probably can't read it. I'm comfortable with that. I'm pro-death penalty, though not in the U.S. where it costs more to execute than to send people to jail for life. I'm also pro-abortion, if only because I tire of the misogynistic shits who label all women as objects instead of actors (actresses, as the case may be). I'm consistently pro-death for those who cannot adhere to simple rules of grammar after nearly two decades of life in an English-speaking country. I'm pro-natural selection and I hope native English speakers above the age of eighteen who cannot read and comprehend the article linked above will continue living their miserable lives in God knows what trailer park hovel with minimum wage jobs. God knows how you're getting internet in your trailer.

Your inability to learn the basic laws of your native language within two decades makes me lose faith in humanity. Go do humanity a favor and kill yourself. Seriously, there isn't enough natural selection in this nation. I am uncomfortable with your learning curve, you retarded man-child. I sincerely hope you kill yourself before you produce an even more unfortunate and degraded descendant. If ever any of you people come to Boston, message me so I can pass you a kitchen knife to slit your wrist with. I would if assisted suicide was ever made legal in the state of Massachusetts.

My stories are not recommended for those who desire teenage wish-fulfillment in a morally black and white world with fairy tails and pixie dust aplenty. They are also not recommended to illiterates and uneducated shits. Age 16 after semi-decent education is recommended. If you're 16 and you don't know who Byron is, what bildungsroman is, what supply and demand is, your educational system or your DNA has failed you. I have neither the time nor the inclination to coddle those of grade school level education. Some say ignorance is bliss, but that's only because that bliss is the product of a lie. I hope they never learn and continue to lead lives of misery and insignificance.

Debt of Honor

Anyhow, my first fan fiction is titled "Debt of Honor", and it spans from a little before Rekka no Ken to a little after the coronation of Eliwood and Hector. Will it be long? Depends on your definition but in all likelihood, yes. What is it? Drama, adventure, and some romance.

What is it about? Well, it's Rekka no Ken. I'm sure not everyone agrees with me but the protagonist of Rekka no Ken is the tactician. If Rekka was Physics, the tactician would be force. If it was Calculus, the tactician would be the derivative. Rather than protagonist, I should really say the only variable of FE. By all rights, Eliwood's naivete should have gotten him killed.

There will be a few original characters, but most stuff will be canon. What isn’t canon is, I suppose, the relationship between the tactician and Lyn as well as the tactician’s story. The first chapter's first person and the rest in third person, mostly following the tactician.

Some background information: Sacae will be an amalgam of early Tokugawa era Japan and Genghis Khan era Mongolia in terms of culture and politics. Lycia will be Medieval Western Europe in terms of culture and politics. Etruria will be, for all intents and purposes, Louis XIV era France in terms of culture and politics. Bern will be more or less pre-Red October Russia/pre-end of WWI Germany in terms of politics. Enlightenment ideas are included. There are some obvious references to actual writers, all of them long dead. The economy is a hundred-two hundred years pre-Industrial Revolution, and so is the tech level. The Eliminean brand of religion, which dominates most of Elibe, is heavily modeled on Christianity. All roughly based, mind you, it’s not exactly the same. That said, the story will reflect reality as much as possible, but it will be as realistic as a world where dragons and magic exist with a feudal government system that lasted a thousand years can be. The tactician’s name is Kayleth, of the House of Winterfell. If you don't have HBO... get it, and watch Game of Thrones to see what the Middle Ages-Renaissance periods were really like.

I realize Enlightenment-era philosophy, theories, social sciences, etc don't come up in the feudal age, but bear in mind Elibe had feudalism a thousand years before FE6/FE7. The physical sciences aren't at that level because 1) that'd screw over the premise of Fire Emblem, and 2) because Elibe has magic, and feudalism that lasted a thousand years. Understanding of reasoning 2 probably takes a little college level history and introductory econ. Elibe is rather like Russia, I guess.

Unlikely to be a good fit if you're looking for a tactician who does everything right or a tactician from an alternate universe who bungles up most things. This tactician's morally ambiguous, to say the least. Recommended age sixteen and over, though most themes are fine for young teens. There is no sex, partly because I'm not confident in writing in a scene like that and partly because it distracts the plot from the major themes of the story. Readers may notice that, based on my likes and dislikes in stories, I'd despise Eliwood. Hardly. He's beneath my contempt as a protagonist. He's dull beyond measure.

I hope you enjoy, and if not, sorry for wasting your time.

My second story is Oedipus Rex.

It's not necessary to read Debt of Honor first, though it helps. Simply reading the intro in the first chapter would suffice.

It's the same world, same characters, set between FE7 and FE6.

I intended to kill off Kayleth and a lot of the cast in FE7 if I figured I don't have the time for this story, but this semester's somewhat easy.

Figures. My third story is To Right a Wrong.

It's written in much the same vein as my previous two stories but with more humor and a new bildungsroman character who is the complete opposite of Kayleth.

No more, lest it be too spoilery.

For those of you looking for my WH40K, Fallout, and Elder Scrolls stories, those three don't have endings. As such, updates will be slow.

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