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Hey, how are ya doin'? :)

I am Viral Tone, if you haven't guessed.

My previous account was RedZorua, so no, I am not a plagiarist.

A tad about me...

Growing up, I was always surrounded by intelligent people, who knew the world well- I was very fortune for that, even though it was frustrating. To tell you a distinct age of when I began writing would be a lie; I don't know when I began. It's just always been there. I suppose that isn't a bad thing. But I've always been inspired by many of the great men and women not of my time. Niels Bohr, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, Saint Jeanne D'Arc, to name a quaint few.

What else is there to tell? One of my favorite books is 'The Fault In Our Stars' by John Green; my favorite Disney movie is Lilo & Stitch; I am currently seeking out colleges- Columbia and MIT are rivaling my attention- and my favorite 'food' are Twizzlers. I cannot go a day without coffee (Starbucks preferred), and my favorite place on Earth is either the Tivoli Gardens or Harvard Yard. I love cinnamon-flavored things (Atomic Fireballs and chai among them), and I have quite the plot-skipping-sydrome when I write...

Anyway, on to the actual writing. Allons-y!



A rebooted fanfiction that I've just restarted, and is one of my more intellectual works, dealing with morality and Cybertronian sciences, than action/adventure. It is third-person POV, as many of my stories are, and take place on-Cybertron, around the end of the Golden Age. I've taken the history used out of "Exodus" by Alex Irving, so kudos to him for writing such an informative novel. My main characters are the mechs Novic and Viratone (see what I did there?), and the plot-line very much revolves around the differing caste-systems of Cybertron during the Golden Age era, and the rising rebellion of Megatronus. A full, official summary will be posted as soon as I complete more.

The Inferno:

A dystopian, post-apocalyptic novel, it takes place hundred of years ahead of today, and follows the partial-amnesiac Cybertronian femme Nitra Vectora, a victim of the needless cruelty of her faction-leader, Megatron. It is a third-person POV, and takes place in multiple places, but concentrated mostly in Europe. During her exodus on Earth, Nitra encounters the survivors of a planet-wide attempted genocide of the human race, and some of her own species; Decepticons, for the most part. Joined together by the dregs of warfare and the struggle to mend the shattered Earth, Nitra Vectora's band of survivors must undertake a final stand for Earth- braving a prophecy lost to time, foretelling the end of all.

Full Summary:

Nothing rises here. Nothing lives, nor dies, without His signal.

His Harbinger creates itself, in the wake of fire, prepared to become the chaos of the Autobot usurpers.
And so it was written, in the Covenant of Primus, that the Harbinger would become the climax. And in the climax, darkness would fall, The Inferno would rise.

Today's playlist:

Includes a lot of earthy alternative music, and a few scattered TI (techno-instrumental) songs.

Radioactive by Imagine Dragons, Amsterdam by Imagine Dragons, Between Two Points by the Glitch Mob feat. Swan, Rerezzed by the Glitch Mob, Now by Paramore, Renegade by Paramore, Danish Way to Rock by Nephew, Hjertestarter by Nephew, Grade 8 by Ed Sheeran, My Boy Builds Coffins by Florence And The Machine.

Well... This is awkward.

Thanks for stoppin' on by! I appreciate it. Come by again, anytime; my door is always open.

Technically... my profile is always open.

See you!

Viral Tone

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