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January 2015

A lot has happened since I posted the last chapter of Ta'veren. The biggest thing is that I got myself a job. It was just a few days after I posted the last chapter, actually. I thought back then: "Hey, I can do this. I can work on making money, and work on writing fictions." -Wrong!- Turns out that a full-time job robs you of your time, and energy, and most of your positive thinking. You end up in a limbo where you no longer have any time, and neither you have any substantial amount of money.

So, when I continued writing and managed to write a few pages, when I turned back to re-read, I realized that my writing style had morphed into a pessimistic shitstorm. A bad thing for a fiction.

I do WANT to keep writing, though. I enjoy writing. It's just that I'm the kind of person that needs free time, unencumbered by some schedule or such, and that's something that I don't have. I don't know how long you'll have to wait for this. I truly don't. I just know that I want to write it.

Still relatively a new guy :)

I have been prowling fanfiction in search of good read for the greatest majority of my time here. However, I have finally decided to dish out something of my own. I'm afraid I will not be one of those regularly-updating authors, mostly because I have everyday obligations, and I'm sorry. I also feel that it's better to wait for a long time on an update, than have a badly-written chapter every few days. I am not a native English speaker and I do not have a beta reader, so I hope you will forgive any grammar mistakes you might find in my work.

There are few sections here on where I like to prowl for nice stories. One is Alien vs Predator, and the other is Wheel of Time. It bothers me to say, but Wheel of Time section appears to have been dying down recently. I hate that, because Wheel of Time offers an immense universe and immense possibilities for fan fictions, most of all because many things were left unused. But that's just my opinion.

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