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Hello, wandering visitor

Errrrm...nothing much to say, except that I love yuri and suffering characters. And I'm off in my own world 99% of the time.

And because of that I come up with plots and never have the time to actually write them so feel free to use those if you want, just ask (I can help and give more details/ think up more ideas too) ! Most are pretty generic I know...and only NanoFate now that I think of it, the rest would belong to fictionpress.

In no particular order :

-One shot : Ought to be new year's eve, the Harlaowns are invited by the Takamachis. During the evening Fate got a bit too much champaign to drink and...kisses her best friend. Of course it's going to end well.

-High School AU : Quattro catches Fate/Nanoha tearing a love letter destined to the other they found in the other's locker (sticking out or something) and forces her to become her guinea pig...could become pretty gore.

-Multiple chapters story : During a mission Fate fails to protect an evacuation ship, which explodes when she pushes the button to disconnect the bomb. Having seen many families die before her and somewhat because of her, she develops a Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and worries her kins. Can focus on Fate and her family and/or the terrorists case.

-Short story : Fate/Nanoha suffers from her feelings towards the other and during a mission, still thinking about them, wishes to forget all about them since it's too painful to watch from the lines. A Lost Logia grants this wish and the drama begins : each time she starts so develop feelings towards the other she forgets about her again. Different reactions depending on who forgets.

-Multiple chapters story : two friends who meet up afters many years, and end up on the wrong sides of the battle. Something dealing with mother and sister committing suicide, healing with friends and new family, the disappearance of a dear friend and the reunion in the middle of a transaction between mafia groups, where Nanoha has been forced to work as a medium and Fate works for the FBI (TSAB whichever). Doesn't end well. At all.

Complete AU : medieval setting and really long (several parts planned) : Story of two girls who met, saved each other and went through life together. They traveled around the world and saw more than anyone could ever hope to. Their actions weighted on the destinies of several kingdoms, and they came to rule more than one because of their actions. [Global summary because it's really too long.]

-A curse keeps them apart even after reincarnation (doomed love, great...I said it wasn't original) but gets less stronger with time and generations. One of them moves to the same city and school as the other and it gives them a headache. So they both end up in the infirmary, to worsen even more.

-Fate/Alicia story, Alicia was made believe Fate was dead (have to make up something with Precia) but someday Fate's new family moves to Uminari and she ends up in Nanoha's class where everyone is astonished to see her resemblance to some peculiar senpai.

-One shot or slightly longer : A week at the beach with the group of friends, where boys are interested in girls (incredible *rolls eyes*), Fate is a bit possessive and Nanoha doesn't notice anything and accepts the boys invitation. Leads to some drunk youth mistake (or not. But it's yuri) and some broken heart(s ?). And Hayate slaps Nanoha because she deserves it.

-For once already a couple, they go on vacation but the company lost their luggages. And there were some pretty important objects in them. Like rings, because Nanoha (she's the one to ask for once) didn't want to take the chance that Fate could see them through the x-rays. And the restaurant reservation is the upcoming evening. Cries and laughter.

-Silly fluffy plot : they want to have a child together (not my cup of tea but well...), but under the condition that Fate is here from the beginning (I can't bring myself to make Fate the birth mother. That'd suit her though.). But of course she has to leave after three months. Only to return right on time to soothe her wife. And then gets court-martialed because she disobeyed orders and defeated the enemy all by herself.

-Sequel to Domino Effect : where Scaglietti and and co are revealing their plans. And making everyone suffer. Warning : gore and distressing.

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