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Author has written 3 stories for Sisters Grimm.

Well, i have been on fan fiction for about 2 year maybe less, but I got my profile like a year ago. Anyways, I guess I will tell you a bit about me.

Name:My name is Sam. \

Age: i am 15 years old.

Birthday: Sept. 15

Gender: Female

Height: 5"5'

Eye and Hair Color: Dark Brown

Country: United States Of America!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Siblings: An older sister and a younger brother( all 1 year apart.)

Favorite Books: Sisters Grimm, Flipped, Hunger Games, Pool Boy, A Christmas Carol, Diary of a Wmpy Kid, Dork Diaries, Diary of a Young Girl: Anne Frank, Eggs, Face on the Milk Carton, Ella Enchanted, ET cetera, ET cetera. The list goes on and on people. Also I have a new one... Percy Jackson, I've read it everyone and it is good!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Least Favorite Book: None

Favorite Tv Shows: Americas Next Top Model, The Tyra Show, ICarly( I actually thought that this would be a bad show, but it's really good,) Any kind of Disney Channel Games, SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS of course, and even though I'm older I still like to watch Dragontales. i Like the Total Drama Series and The Regular Show.

Favorite Actresses: Sandra Bullock, Emma Stone, Jennife Anniston, Julia Roberts, etc.

Favorite Actors: Vince Vaughn, Owen Wilson, Adam Sandler, Chris Rock, Josh Hutcherson, etc

That is all I can say, even though I probably bore you! Well, bye.

My Favorite Quotes:

“There's no half-singing in the shower, you're either a rock star or a opera diva"

"An open marriage is nature's way of telling you that you need a divorce."

"Stay alive," - Haymitch, Hunger Games

"And may the odds ever be in your favor," - Effie Trinket, Hunger Games

"Keep your paws off my fiance, you flea-ridden stray!" - Puck, Sisters Grimm

"Puck stopped his drumming [on his belly] for a brief moment and grinned at Sabrina.
I hear they have a lot of plastic surgeons in New York City. If I were you I'd make an appointment for that face as soon as you get there," he quipped.
Sabrina scowled and shook a fist at him. "Keep it up, stinkpot, and you're going to need a plastic surgeon yourself."
Puck winked. "No need to get all mushy on me, Grimm."- Puck and Sabrina, Sisters Grimm

"Puck turned to Sabrina. "What is she doing down there?"
Hiding, I guess."
Puck leaned down and poked his head under the seat. "I found you."
Ms. Smirt shrieked.
Puck lifted himself up to his full height and laughed. "She's fun."
He leaned back down and she screamed again. "I could do this all day. Can I keep her?" - Puck and Sabrina, Sisters Grimm

"I mean, if you could have a wizard grant a wish, would you waste it on going to Kansas?" - Michael Buckley

"Trickster, love will be the end of you." - Sisters Grimm

"Do not argue with an idiot. He will drag you down to his level and beat you with experience."

"I want to die peacefully in my sleep, like my grandfather.. Not screaming and yelling like the passengers in his car."

"If I agreed with you we'd both be wrong"

I'm going to tell you a few things about me:

I like the indoors and dislike the outdoors.

I cry when Titanic comes on.

Whenever I read a story, I review.

I'm really nice and funny all the time.

My best friends a boy.

I love to read.

If I find a good book and there's a movie I will do anything I could to find the movie.

I am a middle child and don't get a lot of attention.

I like to make new friends.

I get off topic quickly.

I reread over everything I write.

So you know a bit about me.

Okay whenever I feel bored I guess I'll just right here and if anyone is reading all of the things I put here, you can be my friend!!

Okay, you know what I don't get, how I never have seen a guy on fanfiction and if there are they don't show themselves. I think that's pretty sad. So if you know a guy or are a guy message me, I need to know if there's one. So please!!

I have a facebook account, but I don't put it on since I don't know anybody. I was going to put it on, but my profile picture is not my best, so when I change it, I'll put it on here..

Here are my favorite couples:

Puck and Sabrina (Sisters Grimm)

Julie and Bryce ( Flipped)

Brandon and Nikki (Dork Diaries)

Mackenzie and the Toilet, Lol (Dork Diaries)

Katniss and Peeta(Hunger Games)

Annebeth and Percy(Percy Jackson)

That's it, I know, I am pathetic.

I really want to start getting into Harry Potter, so if anyone reads it and is obsessed, can you tell me a bit about it. I would really appreciate it.

Here is something else you should know about me: I check my emails every 5 minutes, I get a lot. I absolutely love it when I get a message. I get all excited, but I am especially happy if I get a review since I see it on my messages. If you ever want to message me, I'll reply a couple minutes afterwards, most of the time.


When people are mean in there comments. I mean some people are very sensitive and then you write something mean and it hurts them. I dislike that.

When someone is reading a whole story and decides when there done with the story, they hated it an write a bad review. Like when you look at the reviews you see someone wrote : this is so stupid, I hated it, on chapter 24. I dislike that!!!!!!!!!!

Im going to tell you a little more about me.

Im more of a boy than a girl. i'm like really into to video games. i love call of duty Black ops, i play it with my brother and i am absolutely in love with WRESTLING, i just love everything about it. I used to watch it when i was young and my favorite wrestler was THE UNDERTAKER, man i was obseesed with him. I also like Need for Speed, but i dont play it as much.

Im kind of obseesed with fairytales. Guess what i learned. From my favorite to least favorie.

Snow White wasnt woken up by a kiss, but a piece of the poisoned apple was dislodged when some men dropped her coffin.

In Ponocchio, the cricket didnt really stay with Ponicchio on his entire journey, but Pinocchio actually killed the cricket on page 5 of the book.

There are some more that i forgot, but just message me if you want to know more.

I really like funny jokes, okay heres one.

Three guys are stuck on a deserted island, when one of them finds a lamp on the beach. He picks it up and gives it a little rub and a genie pops out. The genie looks at the three guys and says: "I normally give three wishes, but since there are three of you, I will grant each of you one wish."
Well, the first guy is sick and tired of being on the island, so he wishes to go back home. POOF!!! He disappears. The second one said he, too, is tired of the island, and wishes to go home. POOF!!! He too disappears. The genie then turns to the last guy and asks him what his wish is.
"Gee," he says," I'm awfully lonely here by myself. I wish my friends were still here!"

To me, this is honestly the best non-perverted joke ever. Right.

Well, right now i have two stories for the Sisters Grimm. Check them out.

A Blast From the Past- In Progress

Aloha Hawaii- Complete

So, i seem to like these so i thought i would try it out.

Name: Sam
Gender: Female
Age: A Number
Screen Name: RockstarGurl4444
Birthday: August 28
Job: Nothing... Yet
Status: Happy... For now
Parents Still Together: Nope... Why Do You Care???
Siblings: Yep
Pets: No, my dog just passed away...
Drinker: I would hope not..
Virgin: I would hope so...
Drugs: That's Disgusting


Hair Color: Very Dark Brown
Is it Dyed?: Nope..
Eye color: Brown
Height: 5"4'
Style: Today... Casual
Glasses/Contacts?: NOPE
Freckles: I don't think so...
Shoe Size: 10 in woman... DAMN I HAVE BIG FEET!!
Piercings: they closed... Thank god
Want More?: never in my life
Braces?: SADLY, NOT!
Overall Best Feature?: Everywhere is my best feature...
Overall Worst Feature?: NOTHING AT ALL...
Do you get most of your traits from mom or dad?: mom
LIKES/DISLIKES: That's a long list...
Favorite Color: YELLOW
Worst Color: Pink:(:(:(
Favorite Number: 16
Favorite Animal: A dog; pitbulls
Least Favorite Animal: A bird, one of the most annoying animals ever created!!
Favorite Flower: You Choose
Favorite Food: I love everything:):):):)
Worst Food: Nothing at all:(:(
Favorite Junk Food: CHEESE IT'S
Worst Junk Food: All types of candy...
Favorite Restaraunt: Olive Garden
Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Chocolate
Favorite Candy: None
Favorite Alcoholic Drink: I really don't know any... That's a good thing:):)
Favorite NON Alcoholic Drink: Gatorade
Favorite Genre of Music: Rap, Rock and Pop
Worst Genre: Country
Favorite Band/Artist: Nicki Minaj, Eminem, Brittany Spears... Weird
Worst Band/Artist: Taylor Swift, that's all
Favorite Song: Secrets, by One Republic and Moment 4 Life by Nicki Minaj
Worst Song: Too many to write..
Favorite Radio Station: KTU
Favorite Book: Sisters Grimm, Hunger Games and Percy Jackson
Worst Book: I never heard of such a thing...
Favorite Type of Movie: Comedy is the best then Action
Worst Type of Movie: Sci-Fy( if that's how you spell it:))
Favorite Movie: In Time and The Hangover
Worst Movie Ever: can't think of one...
Worst TV Show: Pix 11 News... Boring:):)
Favorite Season of the Year: Winter
Worst Season: Summer (weird right?)
Best Friend: Larry

Worst Enemy: Bat Man
Favorite Day of the Week: SATURADY
Least Favorite Day of the Week: Thursdays...
Favorite Sport: Fooball
Sport You Hate: None, yet.
One thing you cant get enough of: JOSH HUTCHERSON
One thing you hate more than anything: SCHOOL
LOVE LIFE: None Of your BuiSness
Are You Single? Yes...
If You're Single, Do you Like It? HELL YEAH
Do You Have a Crush On Anyone Right Now? NO...
First Kiss: ...
Can you drive?: Not Yet, but Soon.. Well, I'm close to it... A month or two away... Fine, In 3 years!
Do You Have a Car? no
Do you have a cell phone? Of course
Are you online a lot? Most of the day
Do you like gay/bi people? I don't mind them...
Can you speak another language? Spanish

Do you do well in school? That's What I Strive For...

Do you collect anything? Fortune COOKIES
Have an obsession? yes
Do you hate yourself? Why would I hate myself... what a dumb question?
Ever smile for no reason? Every second of the day... I'm a happy person
Talk to yourself? Only when I'm pissed... im strange
Do you have any regrets? Yes, the time I locked my dad out of the house when he forgot the key... not a good idea at the time

Believe in magic? WHO DOESN'T
Do you support gay marriage? As long as I'm not involved...
Do you trust people easily? Yep, that's one of my bad qualities...
Forgive easily? Yes...
Do you have a secret no one knows? Yes, who doesn't!
Do you get along with your parents? Now and then
What about other people? Most of the time
How do you vent your anger?: I take it out on my sister, which is bad but there no one else to yell at..
Do you like George Bush? I don't know I never met him...
Goal Before you die? To eat a million hamburgers... No onions!
Biggest Fear: GETTING SHOT...
Biggest Weakness: I don't keep my guard up...
Do you play an instrument?: EWW NO...sorry to all the people who do...
What do you want to be when you grow up? A physciatrist...


A bitch?: Never
A daydreamer?: Always
Shy?: Sometimes
Talkative?: all the time
Energic?: Not in the mornings
Happy?: When I'm not pissed
Depressed?: When I'm not happy
Funny?: all the time
Mean?: Sometimes... I know I'm a bad person, SHOOT ME
Nice?: most of the time
Trustworthy?: Definitely, I've kept numerous secrets and people always trust me with their stuff... most of the time... sometimes... once in a while!!!!!!!!!
Fun to be around?: Everyday
Loveable?: When aren't I
Easily Amused?: All day
Clumsy?: I'm very clumsy
Goodbye?: ADIOS
Did you enjoy this survey?: It was okay...
Was it too long?: Took Me a Year
Do you think it contained just about everything?: Just About Enough

Okay everyone... who wants to hear a funny story?????

So, one year me and my family traveled to Syria to see my moms family. And one day we went to the pool. So i was using the bathroom and over there, there arent any locks or knobs so you can close the door. You have to put a nail in a whole thing and thats how you lock it. so if you get stuck, you also cant go under because there is no open space. the door goes all the way to the floor. so i was using the bathroom and i accidently put the nail a little to deep. Soi was stuck. i tried really hard to get the nail out, but it wouldnt work. i tugged really hard and it finally came out. i was so happy that i ran to get my brother. i told him how i just got stuck in the bathroom and he wanted to see so i took him to the ladies bathroom (he was 7 and I was 8) and I showed him how I locked the door. Me being stupid, i put the nail to deep in and really couldnt get it out this time. We were so scared and we were screaming and crying like crazy for someone to help us. When nobody came, my brother said, "Samera, push me over the door," that probably wasnt the best idea since my brother was a bit chubby, but I quickly pushed him over the door. Then all of the sudden, my brother was to scared to get down. I stared to yell at him for making me push him up. Then i could here the lifgaurd come and he was yelling at my brother from the top. my brother jumped down and the lifeguard kicked the door open, breaking the nail. then he started yelling at us in a lanuguage we didnt even know, so we just ran past him and to my family. we told them what happened and nobody believed us so we just forgot about it and played all day.

So... thats my story!!!!

Anyone have an iPod/IPad/IPhone out there? Well, if you want to friend me on the GameCenter my username is... czeks21. I know it's kind of bad but it's hard thinking of a name:):):) if you want to... Just send a message saying who you are so i don't think your a stalker:):)

Well for all you Harry Potter fans, i finally watched the movies and they were amazing i LOVED every single one of them and my favortie character in the end was SNAPE!!!!! I love him soooooo much and im ready to read all the books:D

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