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Hiya guys!

So I don't really know what to say at this bit besides that there are loads of different stories which have gotten me interested and that whatever I'm in a phase about at that period of time is what I'll probably write about :P. I have tried writing a really long story once but I got bored half way through so I'll most likely stick to one-shots or short adventures. I am actually writing a story of my own so if I don't publish new stories very often, it will be because I'm working on my own creation.

I adore romance whether it's between straight couples or gay ones, I'm a sucker for mushy stuff. I also like finding never thought of before pairings so feel free to tell me about an interesting couple that you think will make a good story. I do like adventure stories too but since they are generally quite long, I doubt I'll write many stories like that. Another point is that I HATE unhappy endings so be prepared for a lovely fairy tale finale!

I am currently working on the Silurian detective trilogy (with breaks between stories though so that I can work on my own novel). The prologue, In need of a Doctor is complete so check it out if you liked Vastra and Jenny in "A good man goes to war" of Doctor Who. It is about how they met and the Silurian detective series involves all the adventures that I have thought up of before they help the Doctor rescue Amy. The first of the trilogy has already been started but I don't have many ideas for the other two so please give me any of your thoughts :)

What I'm interested in now (or was)

I adore the BBC's Merlin mainly due to my love of Arthurian legends too besides the TV series being absolutely awesome and full of brilliant actors. I am also a huge Merthur fan but my stories might not necissarily be the same as that because I also find pretty much all pairings from that programme adorable so there should be plenty of variety.

Recently, my bezzie introduced me to the joy of Drop dead diva. That show is amazing! Seriously reccomend it for a giggle. I noticed few fanfictions for this show though and to be honest my brain can't think of any at the moment but who knows what I will write in the future.

Doctor Who is absolutely fantastic. Makes my saturday night perfect. I have started a brief beginning for a story involving the Doctor, Amy and Rory on an alien planet and how they discover the dark powers of the Dagger of Life. If I ever publish this here then it will be after the Silurian detective series. Probably more of short adventure stories here since I don't really see Doctor Who as a programme full of romance in my opinion but you never know.

Supernatural is a really good programme and even though they're brothers, Sam and Dean would make a nice couple. I'm not a fan of incest though so I might say one of them is adopted but then again I might not.

My favourite film of all time is Stardust. It is such a fairy tale film with a great quest and brilliant characters. I just love it! A few ideas come to mind when I watch it so hopefully they'll do the same if I attempt to write a fanfic of the film.

My favourite author is Trudi Canavan who writes the best fantasy stories in my opinion. I prefer the Age of the Five trilogy more than the Black magician series or any other books set in that world. Unfortunately, from when I last checked, there wasn't a single story for it here of which I am very disapointed because it is such a fantastic world which could be explored many times by any fans. I also have a fair though ideas so hopefully the Age of the Five trilogy by Trudi Canavan will get its own section on fanfiction because it certainly deserves one.

I have read Chronicles of Ancient Darkness series by Michelle Paver. It is most definetly worth a read and I have a plot forming for a short fic that is set after the final book which I will probably create.

Avatar: The last airbender is absolutely amazing. I mean the anime not the film. I don't enjoy films where they fail to pronounce the characters names correctly :( the guy playing Sokka was cute though. I would love to write a book 4 of my own but I would want it to be quite long and since I get bored easily, I wouldn't want to drag you into a story only to not finish it :( when The legend of Korra comes out next year, I should hopefully become in an Avatar mood again but have matured enough to write longer stories :) that doesn't mean that I won't write some little stories though :)

Other books I enjoy are the Artemis Fowl series, the Old Kingdom trilogy, the Inheritance cycle and the Power of Five series. I may write fanfics of these books after I have given them a re-read and have gained a few ideas.

Anything else that I start to enjoy I will update here in the future :D

Oh and here's my Twitter!/AceyJacey

Thanks for reading! :D

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