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07 November, 2004:

The front door bursts open as two women walk in, loaded down with travel and shopping bags.

"Yikes, we've been gone for a while!" one of the girls commented, sneezing as some of the dust swirls around them.

"I'll say! But then, vacations are the best! Well, okay. So this one wasn't, but I feel better than ever and ready to go! This place needs to be cleaned though. . ."

"...You can do it." The first girl drops her bags and looks around. "Ah, home sweet home..."

"Hn. Prat." The girl pulled one of her two braids in front of her, extracting a black 13 inch wand out of the end. She cast a quick cleaning charm. "Ah. That'll do for now!"

The other girl looked around. "Nice...it'll do."

"Allie. . . We need to redecorate as well. Oh well." She turned around. "Oh. Right. The readers." She grinned.

"Yeah, yeah." Allie turns to the readers and grins. "Hi, all! In case you can't tell, we're back--after a VERY long vacation." She looks around at the bags littering the floor.

"Again, I wouldn't exactly call that a vacation."

She waved her hand dismissively. "Yeah, yeah."

"Anyway, we are back, and we've learned some new tricks!"

"You can say that again!" Allie pulled out a wand and muttered a quick spell, instantly cleaning herself and Harm up.

"Thanks! I needed that! Well, for those of you who don't know us, I'm Harmonie, better known as Harm!" She flicked a braid and struck a pose, making a V with her fingers.

"Well, one of us had to do it." The other girl winks at the audience. "And I'm Aliera, better known as Allie."

Harm stuck her tongue out at Allie. "Let's see, our current project is a funnels Harry Potter story. It's panning out to be rather long if the storyline in my head realizes itself."

"'If' being the key word in this sentence," she stage-whispers to the audience with a mischievous look on her face.

Harm glared at her. "I HEARD that. I'm sure that it will. It's being pretty stubborn! It's only changed 4 times so far! That's like a record!"

"Point, considering we changed the GW storyline more than that."

"The fundamentals of this won't change much, they are pretty firmly set. At least, I think so."

Allie nodded. "Pretty set, yeah. Might tweak it a bit, though."

"Yeah. . . the whole Hermionie thing is the biggest tweak I think. but we don't want to give anything away!"

Allie slapped a hand over Harm's mouth. "We'll just...hush now. Enjoy!"

~*~The AHHA Writing Team--Aliera e'Kieron and Harmonie Firefly!~*~

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